List of companies in Dubai Airport Freezone DAFZA

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List of companies in Dubai Airport Freezone DAFZA

This document may help the individuals looking for jobs at various companies in Dubai Airport Freezone-DAFZA Dubai.

You may also click on the following link for the company directory in DAFZA. 

I have tried my best to include most of the companies. However, few of the companies would have closed or relocated or new companies would have joined DAFZA.

Please exercise caution. This list of DAFZA is for guidance only. You may search the company names in Google to find their sites.

List of DAFZA Companies

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Sl NoCompany NameActivityTelephone
120:20 Mobile (UAE) FZETrade42995878
224H Logistics (Branch)Service2511592
3365 Days Freight Services FZCOConsulting42998800
43G Connection FZCODistribution42368836
53Top Aviation Services Ltd BranchTrade42533003
64 All logistics FZCOAssembly42991907
74P-Centric FZCOService44560833
877 Logistic FZCODistribution42991185
9A. Algeo Middle East (Branch)Import/Export42602816
10A.Z. Logistic FZEConsulting42993380
11ABB Industries FZETrade42993160
12Abbotswood Corporation (Branch)Service42533103
13ABBOTT LABORATORIES S.A.(Branch)Distribution42132700
14Able Logistics Group FZCODistribution42865888
15ABOURA METALS FZCOConsulting46091883
16Abu Sultan Enterprises (Branch)Consulting4
17Accessories FZETrade42991886
18Accord Customer Care Solutions FZCOAssembly42996288
19Accurate International Trading FZCOTrade42533093
20Ace Hardware Middle East FZETrade2522707
21ACE O.C.T.G FZCOConsulting42996260
22ACECO FZCOConsulting43356114
23Actavis (MEEA) FZEConsulting42146833
24Action Group S.A. FZEService42394404
25Activisys FZCODistribution42998804
26ADI Services FZEImport/Export42997701
27Advanced Electronics LTD (Branch)Assembly42990908
28Advanced Group of Middle East FZCOConsulting42991588
29Aecom GSS Ltd. (Branch)Assembly46091789
30AEG Power Solutions (Branch)Trade46091290
31Aeropeople Ltd. (Branch)Service42989977
32Aerotech Aviation FZCOService42994884
33Aero-technics FZCOAssembly42991778
34Afghan Integrated Support Services JV FZCOTrade42602848
35Afia Trading Services FZETrade
36African Cocoa International FZCOTrade42533352
37Agfa Graphics Middle East FZCODistribution42996969
38AHLSTROM SALES - MIDDLE EAST (Branch)Trade42533049
39AIC Ltd. (Branch)Assembly42996972
40Air Charter Service FZCOAssembly42149200
42Air Liquide Middle East & North Africa FZCOConsulting42993444
43Air Partner PLC (Branch)Assembly42996866
44Airborne Systems FZEConsulting42996900
45AIRBUS MIDDLE EAST FZEAssembly42996761
46Aircraft Technical Support (Branch)Distribution42997660
48Airline Management FZEDistribution42146808
49Aisin Asia PTE. LTD Middle East (Branch)Import/Export42993925
50AJ Logistics World Wide Services FZEConsulting42997799
51Akron Brass Company (Branch)Trade46091821
52Akshi Investment Limited (Branch)Consulting42996642
53Al Atlasi International LLC (Branch)Assembly-
54Al Barghouthi Logistics (Branch)Import/Export42500110
55Al Boraq Telecom FZCOImport/Export42533378
56Al Fahim Italia (Branch)Consulting42998871
57Al Gawf Trading FZCOTrade557784550
58Al Ingaz International (Branch)Import/Export4000
59Al Jallab Co. (Branch)Import/Export502827828
60Al Leewan Restaurant (Branch)Assembly42997791
61Al Maha Capital Services FZCOAssembly46091214
62Al Manal Development FZCOAssembly42990099
63Al Mashrig Trading FZEImport/Export42998878
64Al Nasser Trading FZETrade42533191
65Al Rais Travel and Shipping Agencies (Branch)Assembly43933333
66Al Ula FZCODistribution42045334
67Al Wakeel International FZEDistribution42994113
68Al Watani Telecom FZEDistribution42995599
69Al Yasra Fashion (Branch)Trade42522511
70Albayt Medical FZCODistribution42146344
71Albemarle Middle East FZEDistribution47017770
72Alcad Middle East FZEDistribution42146140
73ALES FZCOConsulting46091300
74Alhamrani Universal (Branch)Consulting43356814
75Alissar Flowers International FZCOConsulting42244655
76Aljadeed Cell Phones FZCOTrade42567696
77Alkor International (Branch)Consulting46091056
78All Body Solutions Inc (Branch)Distribution42045032
79All Day Mini Mart (Branch)Service43237911
80Alliance Distribution Services (Middle East) Pte Ltd BranchTrade97142602985
81Allied Technical Resources FZCOConsulting6091003
82Alloys Global Trading FZEImport/Export42522490
83Alok International (Middle East) FZEImport/Export42602737
84ALPHA 55 (Branch)Distribution42996556
85Alpha Middle East Holdings Ltd. (Branch)Assembly42949555
86Alternative Capital Invest GmbH (Branch)Import/Export44478950
87Alternative Solution FZCOConsulting42522688
88Amani GEMS FZCOConsulting42998419
89Amaryllis H and R FZCODistribution299 6972
90Amcan International Group FZCOTrade42062860
91AME FZCODistribution42997114
92AMECA Freight and Logistics FZEService42395374
93Amira Overseas FZETrade453354233
94Ammann NME FZEConsulting42991446
95Amparo Overseas FZEDistribution42367890
96AMX ME FZCOAssembly42045690
97Andean Arabian Flowers (Branch)Distribution42200920
98ANHAM FZCODistribution42045699
99ANINCO FZETrade43573111
100Anite FinlandAssembly42146502
101ANNAKA FZCOAssembly42993288
102Aperam Stainless Services & Solutions International (Branch)Trade42146915
103Apex International FZCOService42395174
104APEX International Group FZCOTrade42501996
105APK Integrated Service Solutions FZEService42093000
106Apogee FZCOService46091929
107Applebees UK LLC (Branch)Assembly42045589
108April Fine Paper Trading (Middle East) FZEDistribution47017752
109Aquarius Middle East FZCOTrade47017249
110ARA Offshore Sal (Branch)Assembly47017244
111Arab Business Machine FZETrade
112Arabian Air Travel Agencies L.L.C. (Branch)Assembly42045959
113Arabian Marketing Corp. FZCOConsulting42990350
114Aramex Emirates LLC (Branch)Assembly42865000
115Arcluce Middle East (Branch)Consulting47017307
116Ardevaz Diamonds FZEImport/Export42364702
117Arena FZCOImport/Export42533066
118ARINC (Branch)Assembly42996155
119Ariston Thermo SpA Middle East BranchDistribution9.71506E+11
120Arjowiggins Middle East FZEConsulting42045148
121Armstrong Floor Products (Branch)Assembly47017516
123Art of Trading FZETrade42223130
124ARTDECO Cosmetic Middle East FZETrade0
125ASA Shipping Company FZCODistribution42686894
126Asean International LTD. (Branch)Assembly46091665
127Ashland Industries Europe GmbH (Branch)Distribution47017131
128ASHRAF & PARTNERS CO. (Branch)Consulting-
129Asia Business Company FZCOConsulting42045846
130ASN FZEConsulting42997969
131asscom Middle East (Branch)Trade47030403
132Associated Air Charter FZCOAssembly97142993522
133ASSOCIATED SERVICES EXPERTS (Branch)Assembly42146975
134Aster Diamonds FZCOConsulting2997571
135ATA - Flight Safety Solutions FZCOService42994884
136Atlas Air, Inc. (Branch)Assembly42993633
137Atlas Medical FZCOTrade42996444
138Audi Volkswagen Middle East FZEDistribution42045888
139Aurion (Branch)Service42504150
140Avant-Garde Trading & Services FZCOTrade42602842
141Aventure Aviation Middle East FZCOTrade42533361
142Avet Middle East BranchTrade4253001
143AVIA TRUST FZEDistribution42993882
144Aviall Services, Inc (Branch)Trade42998980
145Aviation Services Management LTD. (Branch)Assembly42994259
146Aviatrans International FZCOAssembly42997663
147Avija Trading FZETrade42533030
148Axiom Process FZETrade42602631
150Aymex Petrochemicals Trading FZEDistribution46091092
151B and M FZCOAssembly42996968
152B/E Aerospace (UK) limited (Branch)Assembly42990042
153BAB GULF FZEDistribution42996988
154BaByliss International FZEDistribution4.70173E+16
155Bando Singapore Middle East BranchTrade42602242
156Banki Trading FZETrade0
157Bardawil Aviation Co. (Offshore) s.a.l. (Branch)Distribution42995885
158Bardawil Aviation FZCOTrade42995885
159BARNETTS MIDDLE EAST FZCOConsulting42045411
160Basell International Trading FZEDistribution42045970
161Basic Technology Solutions FZCODistribution46091181
162Bauer Dam Rehabilitation Company FZEService0
163Bauer Equipment Gulf FZEDistribution42555905
164Bauer International FZEAssembly04-2998108
165Beauty & Fragrance International FZCOConsulting42995799
166Beauty and Scents Int. FZCOConsulting42995512
167BEAUTY ITALIA FZEImport/Export42602819
168Belimo Automation FZEConsulting42998050
169Bell Flavors and FragrancesConsulting42602933
170Bemo Systems Middle East FZCOConsulting42990707
171Bene AG - Middle East (Branch)Distribution42045722
172Beneficial Trading FZCOTrade0
173BenQ Middle East (Branch)Assembly42991000
174Beone Mobilemart FZCOImport/Export42995490
175Berg Propulsion Middle East (Branch)Assembly47017615
176Betafence Middle East (Branch)Consulting46091999
177BFB Pharma & Technics Middle East FZCOConsulting46091027
178BIAMP Systems Corporation (Branch)Trade42820811
179Biologix FZCOTrade42997171
180BioPharma FZEImport/Export42533090
181Bisazza Gulf FZEConsulting42045252
182Blend Management Services FZCOAssembly42994097
183Blenz Coffee (Branch)Assembly46091346
184Blessings Telecom FZEConsulting42277340
185BLIC MIDDLE EAST FZEAssembly47017950
186Blucher Metal A/S (Branch)Consulting47017795
187Blue Bell Shipping L.L.C (Branch)Assembly42996723
188Blue Cell FZEConsulting42990822
189Blue Net FZEAssembly42369633
190BMG International FZCOImport/Export42555070
191Boeing International Corporation (Branch)Assembly42134700
192Boeing International Logistics Spares Inc. (Branch)Distribution04-299 5410
193BOLT FZCOTrade42602777
194Bombardier Aerospace Services Limited (Branch)Trade42500181
195Bommidala Enterprises Middle East (Branch)Consulting46091210
196Borets International FZEDistribution42146050
197Bornemann Middle East FZEService97142146508
198Borte Trading Limited (Branch)Trade43431515
200BP Exploration Operating Company Limited - BranchService43079243
201BrainLAB Middle East BranchTrade42698765
202Brainnox FZEAssembly42600700
203BridgeSol FZCOConsulting47017970
204Briggs & Stratton AG (Branch)Assembly42994944
205Bright Rock FZETrade0
206Brightpoint Middle East FZEManufacturing42990900
207Brightpoint Solutions FZEService42990900
208Brilliant Arabia Limited Company FZCOTrade44583630
209Brinks Global Services FZEAssembly42996936
210Bruker Middle East BranchService42991334
211Building Management Systems FZCOConsulting42991717
213C3 Automation (Branch)Distribution42996722
214CAE Aviation Training International Ltd. (Branch)Assembly42869119
215Cafe De Paris (Branch)Assembly43792440
216California Software Co. LTD. (Branch)Assembly47017003
217Camelot Oil & Gas Development FZCOService42997007
218Canatek FZETrade45233079
219Candans Mobile Phones FZEConsulting2997824
220Candy ME FZEConsulting42993808
221Caparo Testing Technologies Middle East (Branch)Service97142045574
222Capstone International FZCODistribution2045171
223Captains Freight Services FZCOAssembly2994466
224CARDZ FZETrade42504780
225Cargo Castle FZETrade42525123
226Cargo Solutions BranchService42200801
227Casio Computer Co. Ltd. (Branch)Assembly42993060
228Caspian Petrochemical FZEConsulting42045173
229Caterpillar S.A.R.L. Middle East (Branch)Assembly42996660
230Cell2all FZETrade42369868
231Cellogique International LLCTrade42998550
232Cellucom FZCODistribution42123190
233Cencom International Limited (Branch)Assembly42146136
234Centex FP LLC (Branch)Distribution97148856024
236Central Maritime FZCOTrade97142533024
237Cepheid (Branch)Trade0
238CESI MIDDLE EAST FZEService97142602340
239CEVA Logistics (Branch)Consulting48131555
240Chadwick Technology (M.E.) (Branch)Service42045686
241Chain International Transport Services FZEAssembly42045288
242Champion Technologies Middle East FZEAssembly42146121
243Chanel Limited FZEDistribution46014100
244Change Networks FZEImport/Export97142533055
245Chantelle Middle East (Branch)Distribution42995763
246Chapman Freeborn Aviation Services (Branch)Assembly42997029
247Charles Kendall Freight Limited (Branch)Assembly42996554
248Charmant Gulf FZCODistribution42991199
249Chartered Services FZCOAssembly42045532
250Chartis Memsa Holdings Inc. BranchService46014444
251Chatsworth Products International BranchService42602125
252Cheaper Skies FZCOService
253Chemonics International Inc. (Branch)Service504575229
254Chevron Phillips Chemical Global FZEAssembly47017708
256China Southern Airlines BranchConsulting42992491
257Christian Bernard Middle East FZCOConsulting47017343
258Clarins Groupe (Middle East) Ltd. (Branch)Distribution42996111
259CLAVEL SERVICES LTD (Branch)Import/Export42368302
260Clayford Holdings Corp (Branch)Assembly46091658
261Clestra Middle East (Branch)Import/Export42533358
262Clipper Projects Middle East BranchService0
263CMIE (Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy) (Branch)Service0
264CNB Inc. FZCOImport/Export42533114
266CNOOC Iraq Limited DME (Branch)Import/Export9.71402E+11
267COBA MIDDLE EAST FZCODistribution2146251
268Colour Diamonds FZCOConsulting42998285
269COMMERCIMMO FZCODistribution42146808
270Computer Sciences Corporation India Private Limited Middle East (Branch)Assembly42045542
271Comstor Middle East (Branch)Distribution42998860
272Concorde Square FZCOConsulting42991905
273Congo Gems FZEDistribution42991998
274CONRAC MENATrade42994009
275Consukorra Gulf BranchTrade42602725
276Continental International Commodity FZETrade
277Corex Holding (Branch)Consulting4.41225E+11
278Corrotherm International Middle East FZCODistribution47017454
279Cortem Middle East FZCOTrade42045298
280COSL Middle East FZEAssembly42602648
281Cosmo Global ME&A (Branch)Import/Export0
282Costa Coffee (Branch)Assembly44259000
283Coyne Airways FZCOAssembly42993922
285Credo Investments FZEDistribution43355092
286Crystalline Middle East FZCOConsulting42995626
287CSDEU B.V. ( Middle East ) Branch.Consulting42045266
288CSS Logistics (L.L.C.) (Branch)Consulting42995353
289CTI Group Inc (Branch)Distribution46091473
290CTP Holding FZEAssembly43416876
291Cushman & Wakefield (Middle East) FZEAssembly47017151
292CyberTech International Middle East FZEDistribution47017166
293DAFZA Investment FZEAssembly-
294DAHABSHIIL FZCOAssembly42146230
295DAL Group (Branch)Distribution46016555
296Dalkia Middle East FZEAssembly46091451
297Dallas Airmotive (Branch)Service2314416
298Daniellee FZETrade42993237
299Danimex (Iraq) FZCODistribution42997433
300Danimex (Middle East) FZCOTrade42997433
301DANZAS AEI (Emirates) LLC. (Branch)Distribution48104400
302Dassault Falcon Middle East (Branch)Assembly42993950
304DAXAR Multimedia Limited (Branch)Trade42991632
305DB Group FZCOTrade555844720
306DCFC Logistics and Distribution LLC ( Branch )Distribution42828513
307De La Rue Cash Processing Solutions FZCOConsulting2997872
309Delmatic Arabia FZCOTrade42566722
310Depar FZCOTrade9.02123E+11
311Derinton International FZEConsulting42990278
312Derivision FZCODistribution42990883
313Deutsche Babcock Middle East FZEAssembly46091186
314DEXIM INTERNATIONAL FZCOImport/Export42837134
315DFS Middle East FZETrade46018999
316DFS WORLDWIDE FZCOAssembly2990445
317DHL Express East Europe Middle East Africa (EEMEA) regional headquartersAssembly42924465
318Dialust Trading FZEConsulting42997545
319DICOM ME FZETrade42994426
320Diebold Middle East (Branch)Distribution42045014
321Digital Identification Solutions (Branch)Assembly42994146
322Digital World Computer Design LLC (Branch)Service42522907
323Dimple Jewels DMCC BranchTrade97144343038
324Distributed Medical Middle East FZCOConsulting42146406
326DN.G Fruit Promotion FZEAssembly42997785
327Dongbu Metal Middle East Representative office BranchImport/Export47017456
328Double A International Network Company Limited (Middle East Branch)Assembly42146253
329Dr. Kurt Wolff - Cosmetics (Branch)Distribution42996989
331DRILTOOLS International FZCODistribution42990038
332Dubai DOF Wakala I SPV FZEService44056123
333Dubai Express (L.L.C) Freightworks (Branch)Distribution42044526
334Dubai Flower Center FZEDistribution42163014
335Dubma Energy Services and Trading FZETrade42602444
336Ductsox - MENA FZCOTrade42602721
338Eastern SkyJets FZCOAssembly42995811
339Ebara Pumps Europe S.p.A Middle East (Branch)Assembly46091040
340ECCO Middle East A/S (Branch)Consulting42993885
341Ecolog Catering FZEService
342Ecolog Engineering FZEService
343Ecolog International FZEDistribution42994500
344Ecolog Logistics FZEService
345Ecostar International Holdings FZCODistribution46091497
346EDC ME FZCOImport/Export42533075
348E-FREIGHT INTERNATIONAL LLC (Branch)Assembly42865888
349EICUK Middle East (Branch)Assembly2993945
350Elaghil International FZCOImport/Export47017466
351Elecon Middle East FZCOTrade46091424
352Elegant Metering Solutions FZEConsulting42045617
353Elitecore Technologies PVT.LTD (Branch)Trade42149506
354Elro (Gulf) FZEConsulting47017296
355ElSaad Pharma LLC FZCOTrade42045834
356EMI Gems FZEDistribution42255771
357Emirates Group Security H.Q.Assembly04-2032592
359Emirates NBD Bank PJSC (Branch)Assembly04-2995550/2995959
360Emirates NBD Bank PJSC (Branch)Assembly47015370
361Emirates PostService
362Emperion Middle East (Branch)Trade42995855
363Empire Aviation Group FZCOAssembly42998444
364Endress + Hauser Instruments International AG (Branch)Distribution42535100
365Energy Solutions International Middle East (Branch)Assembly42995065
366Enjoy Bijoux FZETrade42996500
367Envio Trading FZETrade42525131
368Enzo Distribution FZETrade97142146202
369EPL FZCOConsulting42993301
370Epoka IT Middle East (Branch)Consulting46091828
371ERA ANALYTICS FZCOImport/Export42533045
372ES Recruitment LTD (Branch)Assembly46091500
373Essar Global Services FZEAssembly43649000
374Essar Steel Trading FZEConsulting48998506
375Estee Lauder Middle East FZEAssembly42123500
376Etaone Orient FZCODistribution42045431
377Eugen Seitz Middle East BranchDistribution97142602031
378EURO JET FZCOAssembly46091470
379Euro Telecom FZEConsulting42996767
380Euro-Asia Air Services FZEDistribution42045116
381Eurofragance Middle East FZETrade42522850
382Euromed FZEAssembly42996600
383European Business Centre FZCOService48135531
384Ever Gulf (Branch)Assembly44313220
385Evergreen International Aviation (Branch)Assembly42045386
386Evolving Technologies FZETrade42602854
387Execujet Middle East (L.L.C.) (Branch)Assembly46016300
388Exel Middle East FZEAssembly42045678
389Experts Shipping Services LLC (Branch)Trade04-3521515
390Expolanka Freight FZCOConsulting42990111
391Express Logistics FZEDistribution42990199
392Exterran Eastern Hemisphere FZEAssembly46027186
393Extron Electronics Middle East FZEConsulting4.29986E+16
394EZENTUS FZEConsulting42993441
395Ezetop Middle East FZCOAssembly42146318
396E-Zone International FZCOImport/Export42993900
397F&E LLC FZEService46033300
398F.M.E Group FZCOConsulting42997551
399Falcon Trade Corporation FZETrade42990116
400Fanar FZCOAssembly42291563
401Fardux Middle East FZCOTrade42555003
402FASSKA Middle East FZCODistribution42997588
403FAST CO FZCOConsulting42994655
404Fast Link Dubai FZCODistribution42997881
405Fast Link Logistics (Branch)Consulting42995572
406Fast Target FZEDistribution04-2827171
407FB Heliservices (Branch)Assembly42081276
408Fearnley Procter FZEAssembly46091985
409Federal Express International Inc. (Branch)Assembly42995000
410Fermax Middle East (Branch)Consulting2533369
411Figs n Olives (Branch)Assembly42045020
412Firestar Diamond FZEImport/Export42980441
413First Step Businessmen Services BranchService
414Fisher Scientific International (Branch)Assembly42045557
415Fiza Engineering Corporation (Branch)Assembly47017300
416FLAVORS (Branch)Assembly42998812
417Flawless FZEAssembly47017127
418Fleming Gulf FZEAssembly46091555
419Flow Middle East and Africa ( Branch )Trade97142602869
420Focus Middle East FZCOConsulting46091600
421Food Source International FZCOConsulting97142998829
422Forever Living Products FZEDistribution42994800
423Fossil (Europe) GMBH (Branch)Assembly42998208
424Foulad Metal Trading FZCODistribution42146248
425Frame & Associates FZCOAssembly2997595
426Frey Wille Middle East FZEDistribution47017164
427FRP Services & Company (Middle East) FZEDistribution42045050
428G3 Technologies BranchImport/Export42999839
429G4S International Logistics (Middle East) FZEConsulting42993772
430G4S Technology Limited (Branch)Assembly46091095
431Galaxy Worldwide FZCOConsulting47017366
432Gallagher Security ME (Branch)Distribution97142602145
433GAMA AVIATION LIMITED (Branch)Assembly46091688
434Gamma 5 Logistics FZCOService42991300
435Gap Insaat Dubai FZEConsulting48849147
436Gaston Middle East FZCOTrade42500288
437GAVA Airfarm Logistics FZCOConsulting42997544
438GBI FZCOTrade42502134
439GEA CFS Middle East FZEDistribution42045600
440GEMAT FZCOConsulting42997770
441General LED FZETrade47017901
442Genetec Inc. (Branch)Assembly42555150
443GET Group FZEDistribution42990686
444GET INTERNATIONAL FZCODistribution42990686
445Gewiss Gulf FZEDistribution42936000
446GFIVE MOBILE FZEImport/Export42364225
447Ghanim Bin Saad Al Saad & Sons Global Group FZCOTrade42566526
448GHS Middle East FZCOService42146321
449GI Pharma Middle East FZCOConsulting4
451Giesecke & Devrient FZEDistribution46017111
452Giesecke & Devrient Holding FZEAssembly42997610
453Glam Rock International FZCOTrade42045006
454Global Aviation Management Services FZEService46091278
455Global Business Solutions FZCODistribution42045400
456Global Engineering Systems FZE (Branch)Import/Export42533315
457Global Infrastructure Corporation BranchService42123800
458Global Integrated Security (Middle East) FZEAssembly42923000
459Global Jet FZCODistribution46091470
460Global Petro Tech FZCOConsulting47017888
461Global Power Source FZE (Branch)Import/Export42533322
462Global Services FZEAssembly42146073
463Global Strategic Business Consultancy FZCOAssembly42995903
464Global Supplies Middle East FZETrade42302999
465Globally Fresh FZCOConsulting42245722
466Globe Air Cargo FZEAssembly46091909
467Globe Oil FZEImport/Export42146429
468Globelink West Star Shipping (L.L.C.) (Branch)Consulting43974400
469GLOBRANDS FZEImport/Export43968904
470GLOCK Middle East FZEAssembly42995779
471Gloria Jeans CoffeesAssembly42973000
472Grand Stores L.L.C. (Branch)Trade42170700
473Grant Prideco Middle East (Branch)Assembly42996446
474Greatlinks FZCOConsulting420456326
475Green Systems ME FZCOAssembly505205427
476Green Technologies FZCOImport/Export42997764
477Greenway International FZCOImport/Export42991566
478Griffon Diamonds FZEImport/Export42368781
479Groupe SEB Export - Middle East (Branch)Service46091615
480GSM Global FZCOTrade97142533304
481GSM Telecom FZEImport/Export46091266
482Guerlain Middle East (Branch)Assembly42996230
483Gulf Agency Company (Branch)Trade42994954
484Gulf Gold and Jewelries Group FZCOConsulting-42990866
485Gulf Med FZEConsulting42997377
486Gulf Polymers Distribution Company FZCOTrade47017580
487GulfMed Services FZEService42602980
488Gunnebo Middle East FZEDistribution47017837
489Gurgen HouseFZCODistribution505588607
490Gutmann Systems Middle East FZCOConsulting42994224
491Habras International Ltd (Branch)Consulting42991941
492Hadid International Services FZEAssembly42997777
493Hakim & Khawatmi Co. (Branch)Trade2533084
494Hammer FZEDistribution42045640
495Hamon Cooling Tower Company FZCOConsulting46091675
496Handy Phone FZCOConsulting42993445
498Hansom International FZETrade46091663
499HANWA Middle East FZEConsulting46091894
500HAPCO FZEDistribution47017879
501HASSANS FZCOConsulting42993699
502Haulotte Middle East FZEConsulting42997735
503Hauyne FZCOConsulting42990039
504Havells Sylvania Dubai FZCOConsulting42998141
505Hawk Freight Services FZEAssembly42980980
506HC Trading (Branch)Distribution42045565
507HCL Infosystems MEA FZCOConsulting42997762
508Heat and Control Pty Ltd (Branch)Assembly4.47879E+11
509Heavyweight Air Express FZCOConsulting42997757
510HeavyWeight Air Express FZEService42997757
511Heinz Africa & Middle East (Branch)Consulting42993899
512HELLMANN WORLDWIDE LOGISTICS (Branch)Consulting48994111
513Hennessy Middle East (Branch)Assembly566254640
515Hetero FZCODistribution42045510
516Hetmak FZCODistribution42045510
517Hexaware Technologies Ltd. (Branch)Assembly47017298
518High Sealed and Coupled "HSC" FZCOConsulting04 - 2996833
519HIMATRIX MIDDLE EAST FZCOConsulting42504235
520HIRO Enterprises FZCOConsulting42146182
521Hoffmeister Lighting FZEService47017458
522Holt Lloyd International Ltd (Branch)Trade42602320
523Home Appetite FZETrade42998285
524Hongwei International FZCOTrade
525Horizon Telecom FZCOTrade42993355
526HOSPIRA (ME and NA) (Branch)Distribution42993990
527Hospira Enterprises B.V ( Branch)Distribution42996229
528Hot Brands International FZCOAssembly42863660
529Hoyer Global Transport FZEAssembly42146938
530HSBC Customer Service Unit (Branch)Assembly43906555
531HTC Belgium Middle East (Branch)Distribution43900635
533Hünnebeck Middle East FZEDistribution43245522
534Husky Injection Molding Systems (Branch)Distribution42667760
535Hutchinson Telecom FZCODistribution42991144
536Hydranautics (Branch)Assembly42146820
537HYDRO SERVICE MIDDLE EAST (Branch)Assembly47030407
538I4 TECHNOLOGIES FZCOConsulting42998818
539Iacobucci Middle East FZCOService42998836
540IB NET FZCOImport/Export97142999849
541IBC - International Business Company FZCOTrade97142602864
542ICAT FZCOConsulting42993315
543ICS Technologies FZCOConsulting2990733
544ICT FZCOImport/Export42522302
545Idemitsu Lube Middle East & Africa FZETrade42602961
546IDEX Middle East FZEConsulting42991095
547IGC Trading FZETrade0
548Iguzzini Middle East FZEAssembly47017825
550IMARA International FZCOAssembly43365566
551Imdad FZCODistribution42994504
552IMI Mobile Vas Ltd FZEAssembly46091692
554IMS Certification FZEDistribution46091171
555INDUSTEEL Middle East (Branch)Trade42146929
556Infinity Communications FZEDistribution42998119
557Infopro International FZCOAssembly2994497
558Infotech Enterprises Limited (Branch)Assembly65720903
559Infra Engineering Solutions FZCOTrade
560Init Innovation in Traffic Systems FZEAssembly47017287
561Instant Cash FZEAssembly42990011
562Integrated Packaging Systems FZCODistribution42996662
563INTER COSTUME FZCOTrade42314400
564Inter Service FZCOService47017183
565Interfruit FZETrade04-2997785
566Interlink Business Services FZCOService506118544
567International Air Services Inc (Branch)Consulting42990929
568International AutoSource-A division of OMSC (Branch)Distribution42394435
569International Marketing Service (Branch)Distribution42996884
570International Solar Oil Company FZEConsulting42602216
571INTERNATIONAL SOS MEA (Branch)Assembly46018888
572International Transport Services FZCOAssembly42993000
573Interpharmex FZCODistribution42993055
574Interturbine Aviation Logistics FZEDistribution47030419
575Interval International FZEAssembly42045360
576Intracom Middle East FZEDistribution42995777
577Investment Trading Group (Branch)Trade
578Irish Dairy Board Middle East (Branch)Assembly42602922
579Ishida Middle East (Branch)Consulting42991933
580ISIA International FZCOAssembly47017960
581IST Network BranchTrade97142045100
582ista Middle East FZEAssembly42146624
583ITAR For Investments (Branch)Trade40000000
584ITON Corporation FZCOAssembly42045518
585ITR Co., Ltd. Middle East (Branch)Consulting42994888
586ITW Australia Pty Ltd ( Branch )Assembly42045115
587ITW BUILDEX (Branch)Consulting42502382
588ITW Performance Polymers and Fluids Group FZEImport/Export0
589ITW Welding Products Group FZETrade42996621
590IVECO Regional Representative Office (Branch)Assembly42994935
591Jade Payments Mena LTD (Branch)Trade502587102
592Jampur International FZETrade42602628
593Japan Pulp & Paper Co. Ltd. Middle East Office (Branch)Consulting47017535
594JAS (Middle East) FZEAssembly42834273
595Jasmine Trading FZCOTrade
596JCB Sales LTD (Branch)Manufacturing43943514
597JCDecaux Dicon FZCOAssembly44398401
599Jekson FZEService42146042
600Jeppesen Uk Limited Middle East (Branch)Assembly42134700
601Jet Aviation Business Jets FZCOAssembly42994433
602JETEX FLIGHT SUPPORT FZCODistribution42124000
603JetEx FZCOConsulting42124000
604Jet-Ops FZEAssembly42045192
605Jezac Trading (Branch)Consulting97142501439
606Joelle FZCOImport/Export4
607Johnson & Johnson (Middle East) Inc. Service Center (Branch)Assembly44297288
608JORD INTERNATIONAL PTE (Branch)Distribution42993627
609Joud Telecom FZEDistribution42996766
610J-Power Systems Corporation Middle East (Branch)Distribution42602904
611JSF International FZCOTrade42602102
612JSM Middle East FZETrade42500499
613JSSI Limited (Branch)Service97142602727
614Jublee Logistics FZEAssembly42990868
615Juma Al Majid-Engineering Projects & Supplies Division (Branch)Distribution42715353
616Kaah Express Financial ServicesAssembly42602001
617Kaegi Trading Ltd (Branch)Service42533063
618Kahrabel FZEAssembly44570618
619Kanaha Restaurant FZCOAssembly42995150
620Kanegrade Middle East (Branch)Consulting46091609
621Karl Storz Endoskope - East Mediterranean and Gulf (Branch)Service42602255
622Karma Worldwide FZEImport/Export42602806
623KASB Petroleum FZCOConsulting43248000
624Katun Middle East (Branch)Trade42394264
625Kawasaki Heavy Industries Middle East FZEDistribution42146730
626Kaya International FZETrade42146289
627KB Enterprises Holdings Inc. (Branch)Trade48878818
628KCI Medical Middle East & Africa FZETrade42045420
629KEMA Middle East FZEImport/Export42993070
630Kemrock International FZETrade42395877
631Kenny Dee Gulf FZCOTrade
632KH Group - Gulf Region FZCODistribution42602429
633Khimji Ramdas Shipping BranchService42996141
634KHL Middle East (Branch)Assembly42996551
635Kibla Trading FZETrade44304566
636Kimia Pharmaceuticals FZCOConsulting42146177
637Kings Shoe Manufacturing Pte.Ltd (Branch)Assembly46091955
638Kingspan Ltd. (Branch)Import/Export97142602838
639Kintetsu World Express (Middle East) FZEDistribution2997706
640Kitz Corporation (Branch)Consulting47017524
641KJWW Engineering (Branch)Service42602251
642KMT GmBh (Branch)Distribution47017966
643Knauf AMF Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH (Branch)Service46091805
644Knights and Walker FZEConsulting42994001
645KNOC Middle East (Branch)Assembly42134000
646Knoll Middle East LLC (Branch)Assembly47017531
648Koch CTG Middle East FZETrade42146907
649KOFAX ME FZEDistribution42306800
650KongYeong Telecommunication Technology Co. Ltd BranchImport/Export42602866
651Korn - Ferry (Schweiz) AG (Branch)Import/Export42045777
652Kowa Company Ltd Middle East Representative Office (Branch)Consulting46091191
653KOYO MIDDLE EAST FZCOImport/Export42993600
654KREON MIDDLE EAST FZEConsulting46091356
655Krown1 FZC (Branch)Service97142555475
656KUEHNE + NAGEL LLC BRANCHService42993343
657L.M.S. Logistic Middle East Services FZCO.Assembly42045397
658L-3 Communications U.K Limited (Branch)Distribution46091905
659La Prairie Group AG (Branch)Trade97142602262
660Laodicea Heating Solutions Trading FZEImport/Export0
661Larsen Oil + Gas FZCOAssembly42990204
662Leaders Charter Services FZEConsulting47017440
663LED de LUX FZCOTrade42602755
664Leggett & Platt Middle East Inc. (Branch)Trade42501144
665Leica Geosystems FZEDistribution42995513
666Leisure Cargo FZCOService42869666
667Leki Aviation Middle East BranchTrade47030328
668Lenel Systems International Inc.a UTC Fire & Security Company(Branch)Assembly46091019
669Leschaco Middle East FZCOService42062852
670Link Aero Trading (Branch)Service
671Linkglobal Logistics International FZEAssembly42998831
672LIOS PARTNERS FZCOImport/Export43452006
673Liptis Middle East (Branch)Assembly42146223
674Lisec Middle East Ltd. FZEDistribution42994596
675Locatel MEA-AP FZCODistribution42991159
676Logix One FZETrade97142552591
677Logwin Air & Ocean Middle East LLC BranchImport/Export42993555
678Lotus Enerji FZEConsulting46091351
679Loyal Treat FZCOService42602889
680Loylogic Rewards FZEAssembly42045999
681LS Cargo Logistics Middle East FZCOService42045728
682LTMES FZEService42994443
683Lumexis International - Gulf, Inc. (Branch)Import/Export46091410
685Lutong Bahay FZCOService
686Lutron G.L. Ltd. (Branch)Assembly42991224
687Luxembourg (Overseas) Holdings S.A.R.L (Branch)Trade47017473
688Luxottica Middle East FZEDistribution42045611
689LVMH Fragrance Brands (Branch)Assembly42993991
690M & M Militzer & Muench BranchService42994229
691MACH Air Cargo FZEAssembly42994012
692Mach Flight Support FZCOService97142602330
693Macsons Trading FZETrade42233355
694Madison Holding FZCODistribution46091730
695MAFCO Shanghai EEMEA Ltd. BranchTrade42602707
696Magic Wok (Branch)Assembly42863660
697Magnetrol Middle East (Branch)Assembly46091735
698Magnolia GSD FZCOTrade47017360
699Magnum International Sales and Marketing BranchConsulting42384497
701Mahtaab Gostar International FZEDistribution47017234
702MAISON DE PRINCE LTD FZETrade97142517815
703Make Up For Ever (Branch)Distribution42996867
704MAN Truck & Bus Middle East and Africa FZETrade42991991
705Manav Enterprises Middle EastConsulting47017643
706Manhattan Global FZEService42602123
707MANN+HUMMEL Middle East FZETrade46091746
708Mansali & Partners FZETrade4
709Marazzi Group FZEDistribution46091900
710Marchon Gulf FZCOTrade506241096
711MARCURA EQUITIES FZEService47017756
712MARCURA FZEAssembly42997922
713Marla London FZCOConsulting42980293
714Marmi Group FZCOConsulting42997200
715MARWACO International FZEConsulting42045155
716MAS i FZCOConsulting46091419
717Maschinenfabrik Niehoff GmbH & Co. KG (Branch)Assembly42045153
718Masefield Middle East FZCODistribution42994662
719Maserati Middle East (Branch)Assembly47017650
720Mashriq Telecom FZEDistribution42990971
721Masteel Middle East FZETrade42552080
722Maui Jim Middle East FZEDistribution42991207
723Maviga Middle East FZETrade42994438
724Mayflex ME FZETrade47017982
725MBI Middle East FZCOTrade42996330
726McNally Design International M.E. FZCOAssembly46091506
727Meat & Livestock Australia (Branch)Service97144331355
728MEBS (Branch)Service42602244
729Med-El Medical Electronics - Middle East FZEDistribution42994700
730MEGlobal International FZEDistribution42923999
731Mehler Texnologies (Branch)Assembly42993033
732Meidensha Corporation (Branch)Trade42146692
733Mekano4 Middle East Prestressing FZCOTrade42602821
734Mena Scientific FZCOTrade42602833
735Mercury FZEAssembly46091218
736Mercury Petroleum FZCOImport/Export42501998
737Meridian Drilling Ltd. (Branch)Service
738Metabo (Branch)Trade47017325
739MFE Formwork Technology (Branch)Assembly47017032
740MGI LUXURY GROUP SA ( Branch )Trade42990988
741MGT Exports FZCOConsulting42998864
742Michigan Wheel Marine Middle East Africa & Asia FZETrade42045428
743MICROTEL FZCODistribution42993525
744Microtel Plus FZEConsulting42993525
745Middle East Duty Free Association (MEDFA) FZEAssembly42996663
746Mideast International FZCOConsulting42045800
747Midex FZCOAssembly42146808
748MIE (Overseas) (Branch)Consulting42045606
749MIL Overseas Limited (Branch)Assembly42923777
750MIMME FZEAssembly2602644
751Mina Petroleum FZETrade42991395
752MindsTec Distribution FZCOTrade42991654
753Mindtree Limited (Branch)Assembly42602400
754Mining Equipment Supplies Africa FZEService46091145
755MINT FZCOTrade42533346
756MIR ENERGY FZETrade42602411
757Mirage Leisure & Development International FZEAssembly48135151
758Missteen FZETrade4
760MiX Telematics Middle East FZEDistribution42045650
761MOHO TRADING FZCOImport/Export47017879
762Molex Premise Networks Middle East (Branch)Assembly42990430
763Monalisa Diamonds Corporation FZEDistribution42995010
764Monster Energy Europe Limited (Branch)Trade1895204100
766Moog (Branch)Service42602422
767Moorim Paper Co., Ltd. BranchTrade0
768Morex Inc. (Branch)Assembly46091603
769Mountain FZCOConsulting42602108
770Move One FZETrade42995069
771MS&D Co. FZCOTrade
772MSA Middle East FZEConsulting42146029
773Multimedya International FZEConsulting47017135
774Multivac Middle East FZEConsulting42991980
775Musco Lighting Middle East FZCOTrade47017539
776Music Master FZEConsulting2990244
777MyQ Middle East FZCODistribution42533009
778NAAM Electronics FZEConsulting2994030
779Nagase Middle East BranchTrade42991218
780National Air Cargo Middle East FZEAssembly42305500
781National Air Service (Branch)Assembly42995895
782National Grid Middle East FZCODistribution42994481
783National Rent A Car (Thrifty) - BranchAssembly04-3370743
784Natura Bisse International FZEDistribution97142993090
785NCSI (M.E.) BranchDistribution46091920
786NEC Netherlands B.V. (Branch)Service42993342
787Neeltra FZEImport/Export47017228
788NETGEAR, Inc. (Branch)Assembly46091860
790Neuro Technology Middle East FZEDistribution42995949
791New Vision FZEImport/Export46091346
792New Way Middle East FZEImport/Export0
793Newell Rubbermaid Middle East FZETrade42923444
794Nexen Petroleum International Co. (Branch)Distribution42044670
795NICRINOX FZEConsulting42990220
796NIDEK CO. LTD BranchAssembly0
797NIIT Antilles N.V. Middle East (Branch)Distribution97144211369
798Nikatel FZCOAssembly42991193
799Nilgiris International FZCOConsulting42298699
800Nipro Middle East FZETrade42996978
801NMT International FZCOAssembly42997560
802Noble House FZEDistribution42217222
803Nohmi Middle East (Branch)Consulting42602100
804Nordien-System/Innovative Catering Equipment Middle East FZCODistribution42045748
805Noreq FZETrade42602748
806Northwell (Branch)Trade507947630
807Novin Tejarat FZETrade40000000
808NSK Middle East (Branch)Assembly42045507
809NUTECH CHEMICALS FZCOConsulting46091700
810Nutriplus Commodities FZCOConsulting42200902
811Nuxe Middle East FZEConsulting47017819
812Nycomed Regional Office Middle East (Branch)Service42995570
813O & P Middle East (Branch)Service0
814Oase Middle East FZEDistribution42994847
815Oasis Trading Company FZEConsulting42995569
816OCB Oilfield Services FZCODistribution46091516
817Ocean Akad International FZETrade0
818Oceanic Gulf FZCOTrade97142602973
819ODC FZEAssembly46091217
820Oil Impex FZEDistribution42146418
821Okaya & CO., LTD., Middle East Office (Branch)Distribution42602915
822Oki Europe Limited (Branch)Consulting42045810
823OLEO WORLD FZEImport/Export42981925
824Oman Enterprises Group L.L.C. (Branch)Assembly-
825Oman Insurance Company(P.S.C) FZEAssembly2337777
826On Time Limousine LLC (Branch)Service43455777
827Onair (Branch)Distribution46027701
828ONESTO FZETrade42249122
829Onsite Occupational Health & Safety Inc. BranchService8127704408
830OPS GROUP LTD FZEAssembly46091011
831Opterna Middle East FZCOConsulting42997676
832Optitalia Gulf FZEAssembly42146244
833Orient Energy Systems FZCOConsulting42555120
834Oriental Sky FZEAssembly4299390919
835Orion Engineering and Aerospace Systems FZCOAssembly42997699
836Orion Holdings Limited (Branch)Assembly42045127
837Osho Ventures FZCOConsulting42146246
838Overseas Infratech Corp FZEService42517060
839PAC LP (PETROLEUM ANALYZER COMPANY LP) (Branch)Import/Export42947995
840Palm Aviation FZCOAssembly42993100
841PANALPINA AIR & OCEAN - BRANCHService48701111
842Panalpina Gulf (Branch)Assembly04-2996235
843Panasia International FZCOConsulting47017680
844Panasonic Avionics Corporation (Branch)Assembly42123100
845PARAMOUNT BED CO., LTD. Middle East Office (Branch)Import/Export42602025
846Paris Gallery (Branch)Distribution42372222
847Paris Gallery Regional FZCOConsulting42993850
848PARKER AEROSPACE (Branch)Assembly97147030413
849Pasta e Pizza FZCOService
850Paul Hartmann Middle East FZEDistribution42996996
851Paxchem Ltd. (Branch)Distribution42997303
852PCM Middle East FZETrade42045848
853Peace Land FZEImport/Export42533318
854Pedrollo Gulf FZEDistribution47017804
855Peregrine Development International Inc. (Branch)Service97142502103
856Perfumes Loewe Middle EastDistribution42991153
857Perini International (Branch)Assembly47017197
858Petronz FZETrade42997163
859PETROQUIP FZCOConsulting42045373
860Phoenix Avionics FZETrade42995650
861Phoenix FZCOConsulting46091333
862Pierre & Co. FZEConsulting42994220
863Pinkerton Agency FZEAssembly46091830
864Pips Technology (Branch)Distribution46091475
865Planet Optical Disc Ltd. FZEManufacturing42995050
866Platinum Corporation FZEConsulting42997779
867Plus 971 FZEDistribution42995021
868PMK Middle East FZCOImport/Export42990139
869Polar Electrical FZETrade47017173
870Precast FZCODistribution42045344
871Preferred Spares FZCOTrade42533040
872Premium Ingredients Middle East (Branch)Service9.71508E+11
873Priedemann FZCOAssembly46091510
875Primestar Energy FZETrade47017374
876Pristine Ventures FZETrade47017395
877Private Jet Charter FZCOAssembly42997878
878Profils Systemes Gulf FZCOConsulting47017957
879PROMOD SAS (Branch)Service97142522926
880Promopar (Branch)Assembly42602226
882ProWorkz International FZEDistribution42994659
883Pruftechnik Middle East FZETrade42146388
884PS International FZCOConsulting42990252
885PVG International FZETrade42994465
886PYD Middle East distribution FZCOConsulting42993069
887Quadrant Risk Management FZEAssembly46091970
888qualitair & sea fzcoAssembly42200205
889Quanta Electronics (Branch)Trade42314700
890Quest Qualitas FZCOTrade42533027
891R P International FZCOTrade
892Radiant International LTD (Branch)Distribution42533364
893Rainbow International FZCOConsulting43267272
894Rais Hassan Saadi Logistics (Branch)Service42994476
895RAPS Middle East FZCOImport/Export43860404
896Raycom Group Limited (Branch)Distribution42997122
897RCG (M.E) FZCODistribution47017800
898RDC Offshore Luxembourg SARL ( Branch)Service96638133500
899Real Global Resources FZCOConsulting46091599
900Recycle Point Pte Ltd (Branch)Service42146851
901Red Bull Asia FZEConsulting42995151
902Red Bull FZEConsulting42995151
903Red Entertainment Distribution FZCODistribution42997980
904Reference FZCOConsulting42146401
905Regus (Branch)Assembly04 2149500
906Regus Business Centre Trading FZCOAssembly211 5100
907Reichle & De-Massari MEA FZEDistribution42368761
908Reinhausen Middle East FZETrade42368451
909Revlon Middle East (Branch)Distribution42997505
910Rheem Manufacturing MEA FZEDistribution42525833
911RI Falcon Trading Company FZCOTrade
912Richemont (Dubai) FZEDistribution43300333
913Ricoh Europe (Netherlands) Middle East (Branch)Assembly42990041
914RIGSHIPS FZCOTrade42997885
915Rivoli Group (Branch)Consulting42996606
916Rixos FZEDistribution4299134343
917RKR Geblase and Verdichter GmbH (Branch)Import/Export-
918Robert Bosch Middle East FZEConsulting42123300
919Roche Middle East FZCOService43310100
920Rolling Stone FZEDistribution42995940
921Rolls-Royce International Ltd. (Branch)Assembly42994343
922Rosy Blue (Eurasia) FZEConsulting42995914
923Rosy Royal Minerals FZCOImport/Export
924Rowan Offshore Luxembourg Sarl (Branch)Service96638133500
925Roxul Rockwool Technical Insulation Middle East FZETrade42146282
927Royal Skandia Life Assurance Limited (Middle East Branch)Assembly42996656
928Rtel Logistics (Branch)Import/Export42533060
929Rudhra Energy International FZEService97142504522
930Russel Diamonds FZCOConsulting46091540
931S Retail Middle East FZEDistribution42602040
932S.I.T Distribution FZCOConsulting42936200
933S2M FZCOAssembly46091849
934Saba Middle East LLC (Branch)Assembly-
935Sabeti Wain Aerospace Ltd (Branch)Manufacturing42993099
936Sacmi Middle East FZCOConsulting42045745
937Safi Airways FZEAssembly42535300
938Safin Gulf FZCOConsulting04-2996199
939Safran Middle East (Branch)Assembly46091738
940Safwan Arafeh Group FZCODistribution97142045554
941SAGEMCOM BROADBAND SAS (Branch)Manufacturing42991898
942Salzgitter Mannesmann International GmbH (Branch)Assembly42045630
943Sama Aviation FZEAssembly42993324
944Sandisk (Branch)Assembly47017810
945Sangsin Brake - Middle East (Branch)Manufacturing42045198
946Sasol Polymers Middle East FZEDistribution46027500
948SAWA AIR AVIATION FZCOAssembly42981822
949SC Johnson Company Limited (Branch)Distribution42991330
950SCAME Middle East (Branch)Consulting42997533
951Schaefer GMBH Middle East (Branch)Assembly42045831
952Schenker L.L.C (Branch)Assembly42998188
953Schenker Middle East FZEAssembly42149124
954Schmitz u. Soehne BranchTrade529597103
955SCHUCO International KG (Branch)Assembly42045643
956SDV Middle East FZCOService47017688
957Seal Dynamics (Branch)Distribution97147030318
959Securtex ME FZCODistribution42995924
960seele middle east FZEAssembly42997899
961SEGERS AVIATION SA (Branch)Service42997742
962Sennar Plat Form FZCODistribution46091233
963SENNHEISER MIDDLE EAST (Branch)Consulting42994004
965SERCO-IAL (Branch)Assembly42162013
966Serge Ferrari (Branch)Import/Export46091440
967Serind FZCOTrade42314103
968Shafern In-Flight FZCODistribution42980910
969Shaft Sinkers FZEDistribution42045979
970Shanghai Axalto IC Card Technologies Co. Ltd (Branch)Distribution46091155
971Shapoorji Pallonji International FZEAssembly42993880
972Sharaf Logistics (Branch)Service42993971
973Sharan Energy FZEDistribution42146148
974She Moves Company (Branch)Trade
975Shepherd International LLC (Branch)Service43204647
976Shine International Trading FZCODistribution47017990
977Shinsho Corporation Middle East Representative OfficeTrade42997003
978Shirin Flowers FZCODistribution42245345
979SICMA Aero Seat Middle East (Branch)Distribution42996620
980Sidel Gulf (Branch)Assembly42997000
981Sievo (Branch)Service50000
982SIG Combibloc Obeikan FZCODistribution42996262
983Siha & Afia International FZCOImport/Export0
984SIKA FZCOConsulting42602133
985Silk Plaster FZCOTrade42146880
986Silkway Cargo Services FZEService42045116
987SIMLEASE FZETrade46091218
988Simmtronics Semiconductors Ltd. FZETrade42146009
989Simplex FZEConsulting42045151
990Sinochem Corporation Representative Office (Branch)Service42045245
991Siro Oil & Gas Engineering FZEImport/Export44574223
992Sisley Orient FZCOService04-6091230
993SKA AIR & LOGISTICS FZEAssembly42367801
994Skies FZEService4
995SKILL SET CONSULTINGAssembly47017336
996Skyline Air (Branch)Consulting42996393
997Skyline Freight & Logistics FZCOService42991500
998SKYLINK AVIATIONAssembly42146717
999Smith International (North Sea) Limited (Branch)Consulting47017514
1000Smiths Detection Middle East FZEDistribution42998222
1001Smiths Medical International (Branch)Assembly47017781
1002SMS Gulf FZEAssembly42045010
1003SNB Middle East FZC (Branch)Import/Export42602760
1004SOCOMEC MIDDLE EAST BranchImport/Export42998441
1005Sol Electronics FZETrade42999790
1006Solartech International Ltd FZEConsulting46091932
1008SonicWall B.V. (Branch)Trade46091755
1009Soprema Middle East FZETrade46091661
1010Sorin Group Italia S.R.L (Branch)Assembly42146940
1011Source International FZCOTrade42611246
1012Source IT FZCOConsulting42994333
1013Sparc Aviation Services FZCOService97147017012
1014Special Products MEA FZCOTrade561019432
1015Spectrum Aviation Services FZEService42993961
1016Speed Remit Worldwide FZCOAssembly42990775
1017Spice I2I Middle East FZETrade42602040
1018Spiders IT Trading FZEConsulting97142533300
1019Sprungli Middle East FZEConsulting42200704
1020SRX Trading (Branch)Trade42602155
1021Stago (Branch)Assembly46091546
1022Standard Technical Supply FZCOConsulting42807780
1023Star Cruise Management Limited (Branch)Assembly42995556
1024Starlight Airline FZEDistribution2998277
1025Starlight Maritime (Branch)Assembly97165575550
1026Statron Middle East FZCODistribution42045231
1027Steelco International Trading (Branch)Trade42555201
1028Sterling and Wilson International FZEConsulting46091050
1029Stone Bridge Trading FZETrade42533327
1030Straits Trading Company FZETrade47017254
1031Strategies International (Branch)Service42997376
1032Stratign FZCOConsulting42995886
1033SUBA SPA FZEAssembly42991888
1034Subex (UK) Limited (Branch)Consulting42146700
1035Subway DAFZA (Branch)Assembly43434202
1036Sufi Soap & Chemical Industries Private Ltd. (Branch)Import/Export42045577
1037Sumitomo Corporation Middle East FZETrade46017000
1039Sumitomo Rubber Middle East FZEDistribution42146959
1040Sundiam FZCOConsulting42995010
1041Superwide Exports FZCOConsulting2995997
1042Swift Telecom FZCOConsulting42991907
1043Swiss Moda FZEDistribution2990013
1044Swiss Time FZETrade04-299 5881
1045Swiss Watch Group FZEDistribution42996999
1046Symrise (Branch)Consulting42600300
1047Symtec FZCOConsulting42602206
1048Synthomer Sales GmbH (Branch)Consulting42994808
1049Systagenix Wound Management FZEDistribution42146070
1050T.Arkak Middle East (Branch)Trade42997267
1051T.N.T. (Branch)Assembly42955519
1052T.T.K. Middle East FZCOConsulting43682735
1053TAAZ FZCOService42602991
1054Tajuj Trading (Branch)Trade42602872
1055Takeda Pharmaceuticals FZCOService42995570
1056Taradiam Middle East FZEConsulting42996781
1057Targetti Sankey S.P.A (Branch)Assembly46091033
1058Targus Technologies FZETrade97142824347
1059Tarnon Gem and Diamonds FZETrade42602203
1060Tasc Aviation FZCOConsulting42936400
1061TATA Motors Ltd. (Liasion Office) (Branch)Assembly42045211
1062TAU Corporation (Branch)Service42602757
1063Tazweed Trading (Branch)Consulting42980383
1064Technal Middle East (Branch)Trade47017600
1065Technocare Solutions FZETrade43524162
1066Technoflair FZCOTrade2602884
1067Technoglobal Middle East BranchService42602718
1068Technostream Automation FZCODistribution42994111
1069Technostream FZCOConsulting97142994111
1070Tekfen Construction & Installation Co. Inc. (Branch)Assembly4
1071Teknoware Middle East FZCOConsulting42993622
1072TELE SIM FZEImport/Export47017350
1073TELEC FZEConsulting42994018
1074Telecom World FZETrade42997721
1075Telecommunication K Company FZETrade97142602143
1076TeleWorld FZCOTrade42369333
1077Telletec Mobiles FZEImport/Export42993681
1078TEMPUR International Limited M.E. & Africa (Branch)Assembly4
1079TENSATOR FZEConsulting42997228
1080Terramar Gulf FZCOConsulting42997770
1081TESA Middle East (Branch)Distribution42045700
1082Tetra Pak Technical Service ME FZEImport/Export46017600
1083TGP Trading FZCOTrade42602845
1084Thai Acrylic Fibre Co. LTD (Branch)Trade400000
1085Thales International Middle East (Branches) SAL Dubai BranchTrade42992808
1086Thales International Middle East FZEDistribution42992808
1087The Copyright Company (Bahrain) W.L.L -(Branch)Consulting42045183
1088The Eden Club FZEAssembly4609171112
1089The Forth Apple FZEImport/Export
1090The Green Office Company FZCOTrade42045512
1091The Himalaya Drug Company FZCOConsulting42045455
1093The Kernel FZCODistribution47017260
1094The Mobile and Electronics FZEConsulting46091427
1095The Phone Company FZCOAssembly42990717
1096THE YOKOHAMA RUBBER CO. LTD (Branch)Assembly46091870
1097Thomas And Betts Ltd. (Branch)Trade46091635
1098ThreeBond Co., Ltd Middle EastDistribution46091196
1099TI Management FZEAssembly42045288
1100Time Bridge FZCOAssembly42993300
1101TKJ FZEDistribution97147017500
1102TLD MEAI FZEService9.71501E+11
1103TMG Global FZCOConsulting04-2292425
1104TMK M.E. FZCOConsulting46091130
1105TMT First Middle East FZCODistribution42045397
1106TNT Airways BranchService42993975
1107Topcon Corporation Office (Branch)Assembly42995900
1109Topnet Distribution FZCOTrade42991162
1110Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation Middle East BranchImport/Export97146091434
1111Towell Security & Safety Solutions Company FZCODistribution47017415
1112Toyo Engineering Corporation Middle East Headquarters (Branch)Trade97142602438
1113Toyota Motor Corporation Representative OfficeTrade2993875
1114Toyota Tsusho Corporation Representative OfficeTrade42993590
1115Trade Airline International FZCOAssembly42146808
1116Tradex Arabia FZCOTrade42602785
1117Trans Global Middle East (Branch)Service42384188
1118Trans-Aero FZEDistribution42994055
1119Transera International Logistics FZEAssembly4032959716
1120Transvalair Middle East (Branch)Distribution42044510
1121Tri Color Gems FZE (Branch)Trade42314107
1122Trident Freight (Branch)Trade43936377
1123TRW Aftermarket Middle East (Branch)Service46091343
1124TSC Auto ID Technology ME Ltd. FZETrade42533069
1125Tubacex Middle East (Branch)Assembly47017212
1126Tulip Business Developers FZCOAssembly42997666
1127Tulip Diamonds FZEDistribution42997111
1128TUV Rheinland Middle East FZEAssembly42045321
1129TVS Global Automobile Traders FZCOImport/Export47017444
1130Twinkle International FZEDistribution42996941
1131TwinMOS Technologies Middle East FZEDistribution42996421
1132U Remit International FZETrade42602333
1133Ultra Electronics Middle East (Branch)Consulting97142602930
1134Underwriters Laboratories ME FZCOService97142602136
1135Union Group (Branch)Service42045424
1136Union Logistics FZEAssembly42996565
1137Unique Diamond & Jewellery FZC (Branch)Trade42314010
1138UNITECHNIK ICM FZCODistribution42146723
1139United Aviation Services FZCOAssembly2996633
1140United General Transportation & Clearance (Branch)Service65528415
1141United Marketing Enterprises FZEService0
1142United Metals & Foodstuff (Branch)Trade42602977
1143United Parcel Service (UAE) L.L.C. (Branch)Assembly43391939
1144United Technologies FZCOImport/Export42533306
1145Unity Logistics FZEImport/Export42509782
1146Universal Logistics FZEService42998511
1147Universal Resources FZETrade42602709
1148Universal Weather and Aviation FZEAssembly42995562
1149Upendo Flowers FZEImport/Export42201200
1150UPS Air Couriers of America LTD (Branch)Distribution46016888
1151UTI FZEConsulting42834990
1152UTTAM INTERNATIONAL FZEConsulting508726068
1153Vacon Middle East & Africa (Branch)Consulting42045200
1154Vanda FZEAssembly42146666
1155VANDANA FZCOConsulting2045045
1156VDSystem Middle East (Branch)Trade42602139
1157Vector Logistics Limited ( Branch)Import/Export46091481
1158VEKA AG (Branch)Assembly4.60915E+13
1159VENKYS (MIDDLE EAST) FZCODistribution4204513738
1160Ventura International FZCOTrade97142595311
1161Veritas- MSI Mid- East (Branch)Trade97142533313
1162Verotex Gulf (Branch)Consulting42990414
1164Vijay Diamond FZEDistribution42990036
1165Vimar Middle East BranchDistribution46091848
1166Vision Marketing & Management FZCODistribution551061262
1167Vision ME FZCOAssembly42395503
1168Visions FZCOConsulting42990850
1169Viskotech Facade Access services FZCOAssembly47017792
1170Vista Jewelry (Branch)Trade0
1171VISTAIR (Branch)Service42533341
1173voestalpine Tubulars Middle East FZEDistribution42996447
1174VSATPLUS FZCOTrade42504220
1175Vygon Middle East (Branch)Trade42995974
1176Wagner Middle East FZEDistribution4.29915E+14
1177WAHEED & WAHEED FZETrade42602878
1178Walk and City FZCOTrade42602982
1179Weber Aircraft LP Middle East (Branch)Assembly42996620
1180Weir Solutions FZEDistribution42996808
1181Wellard Rural Exports (Branch)Trade
1182West Wing Aviation FZCODistribution42146741
1183WESTERN MIDEAST FZCOAssembly42045282
1184Westlander Limited FZEDistribution42997778
1185WET Design (Branch)Assembly46091518
1186WGT FZCOTrade97142384830
1187Whitemoon Trading FZETrade507562345
1188Whyte International (M.E.) FZCOTrade42533349
1189Wide Action Middle East (Branch)Import/Export
1190Wilkhahn Middle East (Branch)Trade42045132
1191Winnington FZCODistribution47017206
1192WINOA Middle East & Africa (Branch)Distribution42947371
1193Wipro Limited BranchTrade42602112
1194Wipro Yardley FZEConsulting47017272
1195WNS Mauritius Limited ME (Branch)Consulting42522048
1196Woongjin Chemical Middle East (Branch)Trade46091963
1197WORKZ LOGISTICS FZEConsulting42994659
1198Workz Middle East FZEIndustrial42994659
1199World Diamond Distribution FZE (Branch)Distribution
1200Worldtex FZCOConsulting47017043
1201Worldwide Formations (Branch)Service43721184
1202Xtra- Link FZCOService42991660
1203Y.B.A Kanoo Cargo Services (Branch)Assembly42996466
1204YANTAI WANHUA POLYURETHANE Co, LTD (Branch)Distribution46091710
1205Zakiab Lubricants Ltd (Branch)Trade42566927
1206Zalvand FZCODistribution508568156
1207Zenith International FZEDistribution42045140
1208zisTRA FZEAssembly42994045
1209ZK Technology FZCOTrade46091310
1210ZMI Representative Office Middle East (Branch)Assembly42602223
1211Zodiac Seat Services Middle East (Branch)Assembly42996620
1213Zumtobel Lighting GmbH (Branch)Consulting42993530


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    Jefferin Jobu J

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    I am looking for an opening in Supply Chain domain and i have relevant qualification and experience in SCM.
    Presently i reside in Dubai on a 90 days UAE Visit Visa (convertible). If warranted i shall be available for a personnel round of discussion to present myself better.
    I have done my Masters in Logistics & Supply Chain Mgmt (from UK) and have 9 years of relevant experience in the areas of Purchasing, Forecasting & Inventory planning, Logistics, Warehousing & Inland Distribution.
    Am versed in whole supply chain functionaries with rich knowledge in operations and end-to-end supply chain.

    Areas of Expertise
    ♦ Sourcing (Local/Global)
    ♦ End-to-end Supply Chain
    ♦ Contracts Negotiation
    ♦ Logistics Operations
    ♦ Inventory Planning & optimization
    ♦ Forecasting & Scheduling
    ♦ Warehouse Modeling & Storage tech
    ♦ MIS Reports, ERP: SAP-MM

    Spearheaded a key position in corporate Supply Chain fn, handling vendor accounts for multichannel product sourcing & distribution for wide product range. Result oriented executive with proven track record for strategic positioning &optimizing sourcing platform thus leveraging bottom-line of operational improvements & productivity at reduced cost.

    Ø Expertise in tactical buying of raw materials/spares, MRO purchases, CapEx, Consumables, Chemicals & packing materials in adherence to sourcing policy.
    Ø Hands on: Order mgmt, Customs, Logistics, Inventory mgmt, purchase analysis, MIS reports, Vendor accounts / development / negotiation / evaluation / performance.
    Ø Incisive managing non-trade stakeholders: Customs agents, FF & handling operational ground staff.
    Ø Mentoring X-functional teams for adherence to process & monitor spends to meet sourcing targets.


    BENNETT COLEMAN & CO. LTD, Delhi, India
    Assistant Manager – Central Planning & Procurement Team, 01/2015 – Present

    MOMENTIVE PERFORMANCE MATERIALS USA Inc. Chennai, India -world leader in spl.chemical
    Global Replenishment Planner – Replenishment Team, 05/2013–11/2014

    BENNETT COLEMAN & CO. LTD, Delhi, India
    Senior Officer – Business & Commercials (Branch Ops), 07/2010–04/2013

    KH Exports Pvt Ltd, Chennai, India
    Senior Officer – Purchase & IMPEX, 06/2006–07/2008

    2010 M.Sc. (Logistics & Supply Chain Mgmt)– from Heriot-Watt University, UK (GB)
    2005 B.Eng. – IT from Anna University, Chennai
    2002 Diploma – IT from Directorate of Technical Education, Chennai

    Passport No : N3984922
    Mailing address : F-406, Nife Road, Fuj Al Murar St, Dierra, Dubai (UAE)

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    •Proficiency on materials movement for over 50 countries globally.
    •Logistics development and implementation, by assessing existing supply chains, customs clearance, procurement processing, and asset data base management and departmental procedures.
    •Proven competency in re-engineering, quality improvement, planning, implementation and continual assessment through management participation.
    •Commitment to professional growth and development with outstanding communication and presentation skills.

    Raju Prabhakaran
    Tel # 971504238521

  9. Dear Sir/Madam

    My name is Reuben Philip Varghese. I had completed my B-tech in mechanical engineering and worked as QA/QC engineer/Inspector for 3 years.I am certified for CSWIP 3.1. I have certificates of ISO Lead Auditor 9001:2015 HVAC DESIGN, Fire Fighting, Autocad, process piping in ASME B 31.3 ,Level 2 in RT, LPT, MPT, UT Primavera p6. I am at UAE on my vist visa. If there is any vacancy please call me on +971568896295. My email ID is [email protected].


  10. Looking for opportunities – Credit control and receivables manager position in the middle east region. (Immediately available)
    Competent senior Credit control manager with comprehensive experience of around 28 years in Credit control & Receivables management, Cash management, accounts payable, financial accounting & Business operations, logistic and inventory management and other Finance and Business management rolls.
    WORK EXPERIENCE -1988 to 2016

     Group Credit Control Manager (Dec 2010 to Sept 2016) Reporting to GCFO.
     Credit Control and Receivables Manager -UAE (July,2007 to Dec 2010) Reporting to BUH- GM -KOMATSU, JCB, BOMAG & LINKBELT.
     Manager – Credit Control & Receivables management (Dec 1998 to July 2007) Reporting to CFO & CEO (NISSAN-ARABIAN AUTOMOBILES)
     Divisional Accountant – Services & Spare parts and Vehicles (Dec 1996 to July 1998) Reporting to CFO (NISSAN)
     Chief Accountant (From 1993 to 1996) Reporting to GM
     Accountant (1988 to 1996) Reporting to FC

    Current Designation: Group Credit Control Manager (Dec ,2010 to Sept 2016) Reporting to GCFO.
    GROUP’S BUSINESS ACTIVITIES. (Credit portfolio above AED 2 Bio)

     Automobiles (Mazda)
     Engineering & Construction
     Trucks & Heavy equipment’s (JCB, KOMATSU, BOMAG, ATLAS COPCO &LINKBELT)
     General Trading (Food products- MIDDLE EAST)
     Hotels -5star (UAE & SRILANKA)
     Publishing & Printing (Khaleej Times)
     Computer Trading
     Travel & Tours
     Real Estate
     Car Rentals
     Machinery Workshops/Spare Parts Trading
     Rubber products (Retreading of Tyres, Rubber products & Conveyor Belts Etc.)
     Pressure vessels (construction)

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Suresh Menon

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    International Law Firm And Debt Collection Center , based in DUBAI .
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  12. I’m Sabari Giri Sankar, B.Tech graduate with 3+ years’ experience as an Hardware & Network Support Engineer, I have great knowledge in IT support and network maintenance, I hereby attached my resume please find it and kindly consider me for the vacancy.

    Mobile : +971543582181
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    Name : Suresh. K

    Age & Date of Birth : 52Yrs, 25.05.1964

    Contact Address : P. O. Box 2128,
    Dubai, U.A.E.

    Contact Phone Number : 04-2639962 (Residence)
    050-6537850/050 3185225
    [email protected]

    Languages Known – Read / Write : English, Hindi and Malayalam
    Speak Only Kannada, Tamil and Arabic (basic)


     B. Com from University of Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

     M. Com from Calicut University, Kerala, India.


    • Good working knowledge in Financial Accounting packages (AS400, Great Plains Dynamics and ORACLE FINANCIALS (ERP)

    • Worked a part of the complete implementation team. ( from software selection to final live system in operation)-CRM, FINANCIAL, HR, CREDIT/RECEIVABLES MANAGEMENT AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT.

    • Well versed in MS Word, MS Excel ,Power point, MS Access and hands on experience in data base query in AS400 and Brio Query

    • ISO 9002 Certified Internal Auditor

    WORK EXPERIENCE – 26 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN COMPUTERIZED ACCOUNTING ENVIRONMENT IN VARIOUS ROLES – specialized in credit control & receivables management and business operation activities.
    Business operational activities (whenever the Head of the units on vocation or business trips)Additional responsibility for Travel business operations, management and control.
    Personal Attributes
    • Willing to go extra mile
    • Able to work under pressure
    • Enthusiastic and Energetic
    • Flexible
    • Keen attention to details

    Current Designation: Group Credit Control Manager (From December 1st,2010)

    GROUP’S BUSINESS ACTIVITIES.(Credit portfolio above AED 2 Bio)
    • Automobiles
    • Engineering & Construction
    • Trucks & Heavy Equipments (JCB ,KOMATSU,BOMAG&LINKBELT)
    • General Trading(Food products- MIDDLE EAST)
    • Hotels (UAE & SREELANKA)
    • Publishing & Printing
    • Computer Trading
    • Travel & Tours
    • Real Estate
    • Car Rentals
    • Machinery Workshops/Spare Parts Trading
    • Rubber products (Retreading of Tyres, Rubber Moulded products & Conveyor Belts Etc. )
    • Pressure vessels (construction)

    • Manage the Credit and collections activities for group companies
    • Maintain the corporate credit policy as applied for all group companies.
    • Recommend changes in the credit policy to senior management
    • Create a credit scoring model for local entities
    • Manage customer credit files
    • Make and monitor the credit granting and updating process
    • Accept or reject the credit recommendations with further requirement to reprocess the credit request.
    • Personally investigate the largest customer credit applications
    • Personally visit the largest customers to establish relations
    • Prepare and monitor periodic credit reviews on monthly and annual basis
    • Setting and approval of monthly collection forecasts
    • Monitor the overtrade reports on a monthly basis
    • Monitor deductions being taken by customers
    • Manage relations with the sales departments
    • Establish and manage relations with credit reporting agencies and lawyers
    • Create and maintain a department organizational structure sufficient to meet its goals and objectives
    • Measure department performance with appropriate metrics
    • Provide for ongoing training of credit controller staff
    • Report to group management on credit issues


    • Effective and timely reporting of the collections activities for all the group companies.
    • Reduce the customer debtor days for the unit level.
    • Ensure that the credit granting and updating process is followed throughout the group
    • Make and recommend changes to the corporate credit policy as applied for all the group companies as required
    • Manage customer credit files and related credit limits
    • Maintain relationships with all major clients
    • Ensure that periodic credit reviews are performed according to policy
    • Create a first class collections environment
    • Monitor the overtrade reports on a monthly basis
    • Report department performance with appropriate metrics
    • Ensure that adequately qualified staff are engaged


    • To manage and create credit and collections department sufficient to meet the business needs


    • Daily interaction with the unit Credit Controllers and finance dept.
    • Regular interaction with the Financial Controllers and Sales staff
    • Regular Interaction with Group treasury.
    GROUP CREDIT CONTROL – Achievements (1st Jan ,2011 to 31st December 2014)

    • Prepared and implemented group credit & Receivables policy.
    • Credit approval DOA reassessed and 100% monitored the compliances.
    • Group provisioning policy.(implemented)
    • Control on group level credit exposure and risk analysis.
    • Dashboard report for each business units and Group level consolidation.
    • Group level Receivables monitoring system.(focused & periodical review)
    • 95% of old outstanding collected prior to year 2009.
    • Credit control – awareness to all staff.
    • No additional provision provided for the year 2011, 2012 ,2013 , 2014& 2015(for 7 business units)
    • GTHE- reversal of receivables provision (year 2010) AED.5 MIO. (Target achievement) and (year 2013-3 Mio)
    • 99.87% yearly target achievement.- (in terms of credit control & receivables collection)
    • Disputed receivables collected during last 4 years 22 Mio.(last 4 years)
    • Group DSO reduced from 123 days to 98 days.(year end 2011) & Year 2012 to 83 days .Year 2013-80 Days, Year 2014-81Days.& Year 2015-82 Days.
    • 5 business units 100% collection for last 3 years(2012,2013,2014 &2015 year balances fully collected )
    • Established Trade Debtors Provision policy revised as per Business activities.
    • Reduced receivables from 11 Mio to 3 Mio within 9 months (for Tours & Air Ticketing Business) .Year 2015- 1.2 Mio and all outstanding within 60 days.
    • Review and revision of credit limit/payment terms for all the Group companies. (100% completed.)
    • Conducted credit control seminars for all the credit staff.(26 seminars as a leading speaker)
    • Group level credit exposure and management system implemented.
    • Group level credit and receivables management techniques and system control implementation.(ORACLE )
    • Implemented invoice management system for all the business units.
    • Achieved healthy relations with major customers.

  14. From:-

    Email: [email protected]
    Mobile: +971521246183

    Subject: Seeking a challenging opportunity.

    Respected sir,

    I take this opportunity to introduce myself as a qualified trained professional four years experience as sales executive in ICICI BANK LTD and I worked with karvy computer pvt Ltd for one year as customer support .

    I have successfully completed my B.COM from Osmania University, India.

    I seek a challenging opportunity in your esteemed organization where I can use my knowledge and skills and contribute for the growth of the organization. I am very young, energetic, dynamic and industrious person. Given a chance I assure you that I will provide to be an asset to the company.

    I have enclosed my detailed resume for your kind perusal. Waiting for an early and positive reply, I remain.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Yours truly,

    Encl: As stated.

  15. Hi,
    My name is shaikh imran i search new job in free zone. Because i need job very urgent.
    Personal Statement:

    I have previous experience in corporate accounting and small business accounting.
    Seeking an environment where my knowledge and experience can be shared and enriched. Having zeal to do research in the field of Finance Domain. I would like to seek a challenging position in your esteemed organization, so as to prove my skills in my discipline. To achieve a challenging position and a respectable position in an organization where I am able to contribute according to my skills.

    Work Experience:

    Company: Phone Coast Trading LLC
    Address: Office No. 101, Ayal Nasir, Deira, Dubai. UAE
    Date: June 2014 to Till Date
    Designation: Accountant Executive.
    Job Description:
    • Post customer payments by cash & checks.
    • Maintain records by debits & credits.
    • Maintaining accounts by sales vouchers, purchase, payments, etc.
    • Maintaining receives & payment entries related to banking.
    • Prepare a commission report as per sales
    • I am in charge the company patty cash during my time Accounts.
    • Double-check accounting reports, verified invoices and various documents for accuracy.
    • Others Duties.

    Company: Aurangabad Polycontainers Pvt. Ltd.
    Address: Plot No. K – 127, Anand Mills, Ceat Road, Waluj, MIDC, Aurangabad – 431010
    Date: September 2011 to June 2014
    Designation: Finance Executive
    Job Description:
    • Working on Tally ERP
    • Preparing Excise Duty for the Company
    • Maintaining Purchase Orders
    • Calculations of Sales Tax
    • Preparing of Trial Balance Quarterly
    • Calculating and Maintaining Company Expenses

  16. Dear Sir/Madam

    I am Anvar Basheer, writing this cover letter for getting a job in DAFZA. I have more than 10 years of experience in sales and marketing in India and also have 5 months experience in banking field in Dubai. I am very well versed in business development, sales, strategic planning, relationship development, contract negotiation, revenue development, and market positioning.
    I am even ready to relocate. I would be very obliged to you if you arrange for an interview as soon as possible. You can easily contact me through my mail Id or my personal phone number mentioned above.

    Thanks for taking the time to consider my application.
    Anvar Basheer
    [email protected]

    1. Anvar,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  17. Dear sir
    My name is Deborah Chiwendu Agbara I’m from Nigeria, I’m here in dubai with my cancelation form and noc letter.I have in economics,diploma in computer desktop publishing and certificate from dubai in human resource management proffessional and AIPS certificate.I have professional experience in administration and I have computer skills windows xp 2006,2008,2012. My email is :[email protected]. and my number is 0558592449.I have just two weeks to search another job pls.its urgent.

    1. Deborah,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  18. Good day!

    I am AJUNE CONCINA, and I would like to work in a company as an Administrative Operation/Clerk office staff/Operation Assistant position or any vacant position that will fit to my qualification. I am available to fill this opening and can begin to work immediately after hiring. I am a degree holder in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a professional experienced in Public Service in the Philippines. I offer significant abilities and experienced in organizing, prioritizing, confidentiality of documents and detailed preparation of reports and other government transactions. I am also capable in building good relationship to the clients as well as to my co-workmates. I can manage necessary adjustment to meet deadlines, and effectively coordinate in fast-paced environment that makes my employers placing a significant degree of trust in me. Due to my strong since of responsibility and organizational skills. Since I am also the one who is updating our government document. I also assist Head Supervisor regarding of the Operational Activities in International Airport in the Philippines and reporting daily performance of the immigration officer.
    My ability to be an effective team player and an insightful individual has allowed me to maintain positive business relationships on and off the job. I am confident that I can make a positive contribution in the said company.

    Thank you and More Power!

    Contact# 0506671851
    Email: [email protected]

    1. Ajune,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  19. i am bsc Mechanical engineer from pakistan..i have two years experience from pakistan chaudry sugar mill gojra..i am hardworking,energetic and ready to accept challenges..i have good experience in operaions,maintance and quality control..i have good experience about hvac degree is attested from uae embaccy..seeking job for the post of mechanical engineer/production engineer/quality engineer/planning engineer/maintance engineer/site engineer/hvac engineer…plz contact me urgently..i am in dubai visit visa….mobile# 0501478242 email [email protected]

    1. Muhammad,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

    1. Zaheer,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  20. Dear All
    Having 5 years Professional Experience in UAE.
    Holding valid UAE Driving License.
    Currently looking for a Job.
    Ready to Join Immediate.

    Thanks & Regards

    1. Muhammad,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  21. Dear Sir/Madam
    My name is ALEN KURIAN. I am an Indian national, now in Dubai. I am residing here in a Visit Visa (Convertible) which expiers on 4th July 2015. I am looking for a IT related Job. I can join Immediately.
    My email address is [email protected] and my mobile number is 0562849587.
    I have 2 years of experience in Network/System Adminstration and I am Certified in both CCNA ( Cisco Id : CSCO12761485 ) and MCSE ( Microsoft Certification Id : 11436267 ).
    I am a B.TECH Degree holder in Electronics and Communication Engineering.
    I have professional experience in Network and System related devices, there maintenance, installation and operation including Virtualization Software’s: VMware and Virtual PC, Operating System: Windows XP, 2007, 2008, 2012, Maintaining switch VLANS, VTP, ether channel and Intervlan Routing, Working with Microsoft Outlook 2007, Updating and maintaining reports of Anti-Virus and Firewall.
    In addition to this I have good command in Cabling, CCTV Maintenance, Biometric , in Web Languages such as HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, also in other fields like Telecommunication, , MS Office, MS Outlook, Photoshop.

    1. Alen,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  22. Respected Sir,

    I Trust you are having Good Day!

    I am intent to write this letter for IT Desktop / Server Support Position. I have 9+ experience in IT system and Data Administrator Profile while much of my experience has been in TNQ Books and Journals.
    My responsibilities included Desktop End User, Windows Server AD, DNS, GPO, DHCP, Backup, Storage, VMware, IT Service desk, IT Asset Inventory, Disaster Recovery. I closely worked with Desktop Support, IT Asset, Backup and DR. The experience in this profile has always taught me to build up a strong relationship with all departments in an organization.


    MCITP , VCA DCV5.0, ITIL Foundation V3, BCI 25999(BCM)

    I believe that my experience is in perfect line with your current needs. I would be interested in speaking with you to discuss the value that my strengths and experience can bring to your company. I can be reached in confidence at the above mobile numbers or email address as I am on visit visa and Visa expiry on 10th JUN 2015.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thanking You!

    Yours Sincerely,

    Rathina Sabapathy G
    Tel: +971 50 952 0778 (U.A.E); +91 97909 12307 (India)

    E-mail: [email protected] / [email protected]

    1. Rathina,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  23. Dear HR Department,
    My name is Oriane Ohonmele, I have a Bachelors Degree in History/International Studies, i am a young, vibrant and hard working person. i believe in achieving set goals through hard work, team-work and commitment. I will certainly contribute my quota to the growth of this company.I have two years experience in Sales in UAE, and in my country Nigeria, i also have ability to learn new skills and concept and work effectively within multidisciplinary team.
    Please attach to this mail is my CV.
    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Oriane,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  24. I am seeking a job with an Army Institution Experience as seen as possible.

    1. Javed,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

    Email : [email protected] mob # 0506787912
    To be part of renowned companyand improve in various aspects and benefit the company in turn.
    The transferable and interpersonal skills earned from my previous work experiences can benefit me in my prospective work
    Ability to perform consistently to meet stretch targets
    Willingness to learn with an open mind
    Self motivated and enthusiastic
    Excellent good communication and interpersonal skills
    Ability to grasp things easily
    Innovative flexible and adaptability
    Hospitality and customer service skills
    Packed with good academic records

    Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education ( BSEED ) @ St.Michael College Philippines SY-2000
    Eligible / Board Passer for Licensure Examination for Teachers ( License # 0684359 )
    Master of Arts in Education obtained 21 units @Harvardian College Philippines ( 2001 )



    Manage and direct operations team to achieve business targets.
    Assist in developing or updating standard operating procedures for all business operational activities.
    Build strong relationship by addressing customer issues and complaints in a timely manner.
    Assist in employee appraisals, promotions, compensation and termination based on the performance review.
    Provide operational support and guidance to staff.
    Assist in developing operating and capital budgets.
    Monitor and control expense according to allotted budget.
    Manage work assignment and allocation for staff.


    To do quality control of sales at the desk , handled daily International and local reservations
    To give feedback regarding the fleet and competitors
    To give daily and monthly sales reports and turndowns
    Arrange and coordinate deliveries, collections, replacement and payment
    Follow up of LPO and payment of corporate and walk in clients
    Ensuring good relationship with hotel management and staff
    Handled customer service and complaint
    Opening and closing rental agreements
    Efficiently handled contacting of clients by phone to negotiate terms of agreements
    Receives inbound calls regarding various customer related services
    Proactively offers information on products and services using key techniques
    Maintains strict compliance to all customers verification procedures to reduce the risk of potential fraud
    Performs clerical functions and reception duties in an efficient, professional and courteous manner


    To assist in the day-to-day running of the Accounts Office
    To maintain records of invoices and creditors’ payments
    To maintain filing and invoice monitoring systems
    Prepares and presents reports to the management team
    Processing receipts, sales invoices and payments
    Answering the phone and reading/sending emails to clients
    Meeting and greeting clients when they come into the office
    Client engagement and answering enquiries


    Perform general clerical duties to include but not limited to: photocopying, faxing, mailing, and filing
    Meet and greet clients and visitors
    Answer telephones and transfer to appropriate staff member
    Supervises over talking to the clients and making sure that all the work is taking place in an orderly manner
    Acts as the whole and sole of the administration in the absence of the administrator
    Provides the administrator with the daily reports of what all things happen in the routine of work


    To clean and tidy an employer’s home and wash and iron the laundry.
    Doing physically tiring and exhausting work
    Having to care for sick, naughty or difficult children
    Feeding and caring for pets

    JUNE 07,2003 TO APRIL 15,2005

    Reports to classroom promptly , punctually and prepared
    Prepares lesson plans regularly
    Construct instructional and devices to facilitate the teacher learning process
    teaching all areas of the primary curriculum
    taking responsibility for the progress of a class of primary age pupils
    planning, preparing and presenting lessons that cater for the needs of the whole ability range within their class
    motivating pupils with enthusiastic, imaginative presentation
    organizing the classroom and learning resources to create a positive learning environment
    planning, preparing and presenting lessons that cater for the needs of the whole ability range within their class
    motivating pupils with enthusiastic, imaginative presentation
    maintaining discipline
    preparing and marking to facilitate positive pupil development
    meeting requirements for the assessment and recording of pupils’ development
    providing feedback to parents on a pupil’s progress at parents’ evenings & other meetings
    coordinating activities and resources within a specific area of the curriculum, and supporting colleagues in the delivery of this specialist area

    I look forward to meeting with you and learning more about the position, your objective and how I can contribute to the success of your department. I would welcome an opportunity to discuss my qualification and candidacy in further details

    Thank you for your time and consideration

    Marialey Diso

    1. Mariley,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:


    Dinesh R. Lalwani

    Dubai, U.A.E.

    Mobile No.:- +97155-3527192
    Email Id :- [email protected] & [email protected]


    As an Accountant with over 10 years of UAE experience, I bring with me a keen ability to manage accounts and remove any discrepancies. I am quite familiar with the major financial applications and software used in the Companies. Team work and meticulousness help me solve problems easily.

    Academic Qualification

    Commerce Graduation (B.Com) with 2nd Class from Pune University in year 2005-06.
    Higher Secondary Certificate (H.S.C.) with 2nd Class from Pune University in year 2002-03.
    Secondary School Certificate (S.S.C.) Nasik Board with 2nd Class in year 2000-01.

    Computer Proficiency
    Operating System : MS DOS, Windows 2000, XP & Windows 8.
    Application Software : Oracle ERP, Tally 6.3, 7.2 & 9.1 ERP, Quickbook & Peachtree
    MS Office (Word, Excel, etc)
    Application Hardware : Basic Knowledge of Hardware

    Present Experience
    Name of the company : Caspian Properties Brokers LLC.
    Contact No. : 04-4343753
    Place : Emaar Business Park, The Greens, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE
    Duration : May-2013 to till Date
    Designation : Senior Accountant.

    Previous Experience
    Name of the company : Viva Textorium LLC
    Contact No. : 04-3535323
    Place : Bur-Dubai (UAE)
    Duration : December 2006 to January 2013
    Designation : Accounts – Finance / Credit Controller

    Job Profile

    Senior Accountant / Accounts- Finance

    • Handled accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll departments.

    • Handling of Cash & Bank transactions.

    • Invoice entries and cross checking

    • Maintaining all types of Books of Accounts Both Manually and Computerized.

    • Preparing Monthly Expenditure Statements, Cash Receipts, Journal vouchers & Payments.

    • Outstanding of Debtors and Creditors Statements & Bank Reconciliation Statement.

    • Maintenance of Cash, Bank & Journal books.

    • Record payments and liabilities and other customer account information, using computer.

    • Prepared Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) & Tenancy Contract.

    Credit Controller

    • Having to make decisions as to whether to offer credit to a client.

    • Type letters of credit and related documents, using typewriter or computer.

    • Arranging the terms and conditions for any financial agreements.

    • Ensuring any payments are made on time.

    • Involved in the re-negotiating of agreements.

    • Updating customer records & ensuring that administrative records are up to date.

    • Identifying accounts that will require special attention or investigation.

    • Visiting customers and traveling to business meetings.

    • Sending out copy invoices, monthly statements and cash allocations.

    • Manipulating data on excel and running age debt reports (Debtors Ageing).

    India’s Experience:
    Name of the company : Ashok Chaudhari & Associates (CA firm)
    Place : Nasik, Maharashtra (India)
    Duration : March 2003 To November 2006
    Designation : Accountant

    Job Profile

    • Accounting of daily Sales, Purchase, Bank Reconciliation.

    • Finalization of all account.

    • Auditing and accounting of individual, proprietary concerns, Partnership firms with finalization.

    • Auditing and accounting of private companies with finalization.

    • Auditing as well as report preparation of concurrent audit of bank.

    • Auditing as well as report preparation of statutory audit of bank.

    • Experience in taxation and return filling of individual, preparatory concerns, Partnership firms and companies.

    • Experience in Sales tax and VAT

    • Experience in Project Work.

    Personal Details

    Date of Birth : 4TH March, 1984
    Languages Known : English, Hindi, Marathi and Sindhi
    Marital Status : Single
    Sex : Male
    Nationality : Indian
    Passport Particulars : No-K-4614416
    Issued at Dubai on 31-01-2012.
    Valid upto 30-01-2022.

    Visa Status : Employment Visa (June-2013 To June-2015)


    Reading Books, Playing Cricket, Chess & Table-Tennis.

    Place : Dubai

    1. Dinesh,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  27. Curriculum Vitae

    Anish John

    § E-mail: [email protected]
    § UAE Phone #: +971 526556570
    Permanent Address
    24 MIG Mukherjee Nagar, Dewas (M.P) India
    +91 9981221007


    To work with an organization providing ample opportunities to learn, avenues for growth & to use my knowledge to the best advantage of the company and grow alongside by dedicated efforts and potential.


    S.Kumar’s Ltd Dewas (M.P) India April 2012 — January 2015
    Electrical Maintenance Engineer

     Maintenance of Textile processing Machine,Jiggers,Stenter,Dyeing Machine etc
     Maintenance of 5 Tons Pet coke fired Thermax Steam Boiler

    Maintenance of Heatex oil Circulation heater.
     Maintenance of ETP, ETP RO and 2 x 500 KVA DG Set

     PLC programming of Siemens Logo ,Siemens 200 series, Delta DVP SV Series

     Making of ladder logic in various PLC software Siemens Simatic Manager, Step 7 micro Win,RS logix 500, Rs logix 5000, GX Developer.

     Programming of HMI

     Installation and Commissioning of AC Drive like ABB,Delta
     Retrofitting of Outdated panels

     Maintaining all breakdown records along with why analysis
     Handled team of 20 employees

    Gajra Gears Pvt Ltd Dewas (M.P) India September 2010 — September 2011

    Graduate Apprentice Trainee

     Maintenance of CNC, PLC and Conventional Machine

     Working knowledge of Controller like Siemens 802D, 840D and Fanuc 0i, 15M,18M

     Retrofitting of Outdated panels
     Maintenance of ETP , ETP RO 900KL

     Modifying and making new ladder, ladder logic.
     Installation and Commissioning of AC Drive like ABB,Delta


    Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics & 2006 — 2010
    Mahakal Institute of Technology & Science, Ujjain, India
    Obtained the Degree with 67.5%
    Higher Secondary — April 2006
    New Children Home H.S.School, Dewas (MP Board) MP India

    High School — April 2004

    St.Mary’s Convent Higher Secondary School, Dewas (CBSE) India


     45 days training PLC and SCADA training from Automation & Control System,Pune. India

     20 days PLC and SCADA training from M/s Sofcon India Pvt. Ltd.,Bhopal. India

     90 days Web development and Designing Training from Hsoft,Dewas ( M.P) India


     Industrial Training [45 days ] from TATA International Ltd,Dewas


     ProgramminglanguagePHP
     Word Processing:HTML
     Web Technologies:CSS
     Scripting Language: Jquery
     Database: MYSQL

     CMS: WordPress


     Name : Anish John

     Father’s Name : Mr. Sunny John

     Permanent Address : 24 MIG Mukherjee Nagar, Dewas,M.P India

     Date of Birth : 09 August 1988

     Marital Status : Single

     Nationality :Indian

     Hobbies : Listening music, Internet surfing

     Language Known : English, Hindi

     Visa: Visit Visa- Transferable (valid till 13th July 2015).

    Core Skills

    • Communication and interpersonal Skills,
    • Administrative and IT skill
    • Commercial Awareness
    • Organized
    • Diplomatic and Objective
    • Team work and supportive
    • Business Acumen
    • Sense of Fairness
    • Employees Management
    • Employees Orientation and Training


    I hereby declare that above mentioned particulars are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

    Place : Abu Dhabi ANISH JOHN

    1. Anish,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  28. Good day sir;

    Myself, Muhammad Ibrar , presently on employment visa in uae. I have 3 years experience of showroom incharge in dubai and 9 months experience as computer lab assistant.

    My academics and certifications include , Bechlor of arts and huminities

    I would like to enquire if your esteemed organization has any suitable vacancies within the merchandizing or sales man vacancy I have attached my resume for your perusal.

    If you find my skills and knowledge suits your requirements, I shall be glad to have a meeting with concerned personnel.

    Muhammad Ibrar
    Mobile : 0551256251
    Dubai, UAE

    1. Muhammad,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  29. Dear sir/madam
    please find out attached file.
    I Graduated and Completed professionally courses CCNA (R&S) CERTIFIED, CCNP (R&S) (SECURITY), MCITP (CERTIFIED MCP),CCHN (Hardware), ASP.NET, C AND CPP, WORD 2007 SPECIALIST,WEB DESIGN.
    Please accept this as my application for the job. I am on visit visa valid till june 21, 2015 and i am seeking for job.

    thanks and regards
    Dilshad cv
    [email protected]

    1. Dilshad,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

    Al-Quoz-4, Dubai (UAE)
    Mobile: 050-2712562
    E-mail: [email protected]


    3+ years experience as Jr. Accountant & Clerk(Data Entry) in Dubai handling all accounting activities that includes cash, bank, debtors and creditors transactions.


    1. Well Versed in Computer applications such as Windows XP, MS Word, Excel, Access & PowerPoint.

    2. English Typing Higher @ 45 words per minute.


     Taking orders, Preparing Delivery Notes and Raising Invoices
     Data Entry of payment, receipt, journal, sales, purchase ,debit note & credit note
     Maintaining Invoices/Receipts, Stores Issue Vouchers, Stores Receipt vouchers
     Follow-up the payments from debtors and controlling credit limits of the customer
     Maintaining ledger balances of customers
     Maintaining petty cash and recording all the transaction in petty cash book
     Preparing monthly statements of customers.
     Preparing sales turnover report, stock valuation report, stock history report, sales report, and salesman analysis for every month.
     Assisting in preparing salary schedule for staff every month
     Preparing Daily Sales report salesman wise and reporting the same to the Chief Accountant
     Office Administration and other routine jobs such as attending telephone calls, sending faxes, sending quotation, emails etc

    ACCOUNTS ASSISTANT – Pacific West Ship Supply Co.LLC, Dubai, U.A.E – Leading suppliers and stockiest of frozen and dry foodstuffs in the UAE.
    Period – Three Year – March – 2012 to till Now

    Responsibilities :-

     Handling petty cash, maintaining IOU and preparing petty cash vouchers
     Preparing debtors and creditors payment schedule
     Reconciliation of monthly statements with customers and suppliers
     Preparing Monthly cheque payments for local suppliers.
     Assisting in preparing salary schedule for staff every month
     Assisting in preparing Sales invoices
     Following up of collection from debtors
     Maintaining files that includes all staff details, Vehicle details, Company details
     Looking after PDC Payables and Receivables
     Entering the Accounts data in custom made package for Foodstuff Company.

    OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR – Government School at Chitwan-Nepal
    From October 2009 to September 2011.

     Administrative & Office Works
     High School & Higher School Students admission
     Collection of fees
     Periodical reports to higher officials
     Payroll for Teachers and Office Staff
     Loans & Advances to staff.
     Capital fund operations & Government fund dealings.
     Control of school assets
     Maintaining Receipts & Payment, Income & Expenditure accounts


    Age & DOB : 29 years, 03.11.1986
    Nationality : Nepali
    Address : P.O. Box.48676, Dubai, UAE
    Languages Known : English & Hindi
    Visa Status : Work Permit
    Passport. No. : 4880619
    Date of Issue : 31.03.2010
    Date of Valid : 30.03.2020
    Place of Issued : Palpa, Nepal
    Email : [email protected]

    Salary & Work Status:
     Aed. 2500+Accomudation: Last Draw Salary, Pacific West Ship Supply Co.LLc. Dubai as an A/C Asst.
     Aed. 3500+Accomudation: Expecting Salary, Any Company, As an A/C Asst, Clerk, Data Entry, Sales Asst., Store Keeper Etc.

    Having combined knowledge of both Accounts and Computers I am confident that I can perform well on both aspects.

    Expecting your favorable reply. Yours Faithfully,

    Thanking you, Mr.Santosh Aryal

    1. Santosh,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  31. Dennis A. De Guzman
    Phone No.
    Email: [email protected]
    Address: Jamal Abdul Nasser Sharjah, U.A.E


    Seeking challenging career in Social Development sector to get a position of responsibility, using my skills efficiency to communicate my ideas and views and commit myself for achieving organization objectives with the team effort and my positive attitude and performance.


    Derma & Health Cosmetics Trd / Al Hikma Group, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
    Position: Managing Assistant / Admin
    Start/End: August 17, 2014 to Present

    • Process Employee papers and Company Renewal
    • Manage and screen applicants
    • Supervise Pharmacy and Derma Management Activities
    • Supervise incoming reports and Monitoring Sales and Marketing Activities
    • Outsourcing Pharmacy and Derma Needs
    • Marketing Planning ( Strategies, Offers, etc )
    • Coordinate with suppliers and other departments
    • Responsible in answering queries and clients demand
    • Maintained confidentiality in all aspects of client, staff and agency information.
    • Established , maintained and updated files, records and other documents
    • Help building SOP, Policies and structure of the company
    • Follow up meeting requirements
    • Monitoring Sales and Marketing activities
    • Supervise events and prepare all the needed
    • Check New products and process advertisement
    • Clerical and Managerial works

    Al Janaien Al Mualaqah Elect & Device Trading L.L.C, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

    Position: Office Secretary/ Accounts
    Start/End: April 24, to July 31, 2014

    • Prepared and organized paperwork and other materials as needed for meetings, conferences, travel arrangements and expenses reports.
    • Maintained office scheduling and event calendars.
    • Composed, typed, and distributed meeting agendas and minutes, routine correspondences and reports.
    • Set up and handled incoming mail and office filing systems.
    • Collected and coordinated the flow of internal and external information.
    • Managed office equipment and office space.
    • Established the administrative work procedures for tracking staff’s daily tasks.
    • Handling and writing cheque’s
    • Receiving and processing all invoices, expense forms and requests for payment
    • Verifying calculations working with the Accounts system
    • Checking Stocks
    • Managing Website
    • Preparing Invoice, Receipt, Payment Vouchers

    10th May, 2013 to November 2013 Position: Office Assistant ( Medical Office )
    Veterans Regional Hospital, Records Section, Nueva Vizcaya, Phlippines

    20th June, 2012 to February 2013 Office Assistant / clerk ( Legal Office )
    Office of the Parole and Probation Administration, Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines

    4th April, 2010 to April 2012 Administrative Office Secretary
    Saint Mary’s University, Office of the Associate Dean and Services for Men, Nueva Vizcaya Philippines

    • Marketing Planning and Strategies
    • Knowledge of computing hardware and software
    • Interpersonal/human relations skills
    • Verbal and written communication skills
    • Accounting and bookkeeping skills
    • Ability to compose and edit correspondence
    • Ability to prepare reports and publications
    • Ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously
    • Ability to maintain confidentiality
    • Clerical and Managerial Works
    • Fluent in English
    • Good communication skills
    • Dependable & Goal Oriented
    • Strong work ethic
    • Productivity
    • Professionalism
    • Adaptable, can work independently or on a team
    • Good Interpersonal & Working Relation skills
    • Energetic

    Tertiary Level Bachelor of Science in Office Administration
    Saint Mary’s University, Philippines
    Secondary Level Nueva Vizcaya General Comprehensive High School
    Elementary Level Paitan Elementary School

    Personal Profile

    Date of Birth
    Height 5’5
    Citizenship Filipino
    Status Single
    Languages English, Tagalog
    Visa Status ( Upon Request )

    Dennis A. De Guzman

    1. Dennis,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  32. Dearest Sir / Madam,

    My name is Gerry Dapitan Lua, 37 years old from Philippines. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Theology and with my excellent knowledge in software computer application I believe that I am the right person you are looking for. My organizational skills and Leadership in sorting out problems and solving it is my greatest assets not mentioning my seven years experienced in the Middle East for “Administrative job” and my five years in “Document Controller”.
    For this reason I would like to make an appointment with you for a personal interview. In that event I would bring the best of my references.
    My enthusiasm and interest in being a part of your successful company makes me encourage more. I’m looking forward to your positive response.

    Objective: To succeed in an environment of growth and excellence and earn a job which provides me work satisfaction and self development and help me achieve personal as well as organizational goals.

    Thanking you.

    Respectfully yours
    Gerry Lua
    On a Tourist Visa

    1. Gerry,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  33. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Consider the below short synopsis and attached CV.

    With reference to recent opening in your organization, I am interested to apply for the same position. I am Electrical & Electronic Engineer and I have 2 years experience in Electrical & Electronic industry.
    I worked as Design Engineer, have experience in testing, troubleshooting/isolating faults repair/overhaul circuit board, worked on CCTV camera, Designing (PCB) printed circuit board and PLC Siemens S7-300.

    I am looking for a long term career in UAE with and I believe this varied exposure in a short duration has helped me to develop various skills and my candidature is just at the right time to travel learn & apply my skill set, thereby striking the right balance between exposure, knowledge, skills & wisdom, I understand that I have the calibre & the determination to move up and deliver more.

    I would appreciate the opportunity to interview with your organization, as I am certain that a face-to-face meeting would more fully reveal my positive attitude and ability to meet your expectations.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Currently I am in UAE till April 30 available for interviews.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Tanveer Ahmad
    [email protected]
    Mobile: 055-4077507
    Address: Near Al Nasseriya Sharjah UAE

    1. Tanveer,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  34. Dear Sir, Madam;
    I am writing to apply for Sales and Marketing/ Office Personnel As requested, I am enclosing a completed job application, my resume and three references.
    The opportunity presented in this listing is very interesting, and I believe that my strong technical experience and education will make me a very competitive candidate for this position. The key strengths that I possess for success in this position include:
    • I have successfully designed, developed, and supported live use applications
    • I strive for continued excellence
    • I provide exceptional contributions to customer service for all customers
    With a BS degree in Information Technology, I have a full understanding of the full life cycle of a software development project. I also have experience in learning and excelling at new technologies as needed.
    Please see my resume for additional information on my experience.
    I can be reached anytime via email at [email protected] or my cell phone, +971561504636/ +971558820713
    Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about this employment opportunity.
    Mohalidin L. Usman

    1. Mohaldin,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  35. I am looking for an opportunity for accountant position. I feel that I can be asset to your firm as my experience in accounting functions spans 2 + years, I have good knowledge in Accounting. My additional abilities are fluent in English,MS word, MS excel, power point.

    Yours sincerely:
    Aligeti suresh
    Mobile: +971 529118286
    Email: [email protected]
    Dubai (UAE).

    1. Aligeti,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  36. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am Pakistan national searching for Electrical Engineer Jobs on Cancelled Employment Visa.
    If any vacancy is available, please reply to my email with your company location, website or contact details, so that I can call you for arranging interview at your convenient date & time.
    I will be really thankful if you can also suggest me any other Contact or companies HR email ID to forward my CV.
    Thanking you for your time and consideration to keep my CV in your database.
    I now look forward to receive your reply soon!

    Mob: +971-529532880

    Electrical Engineer
    Dubai, UAE
    Mobile: +971-529532880
    Email: [email protected]
    Visa: Employment
    To enhance my skills and potential by working in an environment that is conductive to learning, hard
    work and creative thinking and I wish to apply academics knowledge and experience to challenging tasks
    leading to growth and development of the organization.
     5 years of experience in Electrical and Fire alarm projects in Pakistan and United Arab Emirates.
     Approval Engineer from Dubai Civil Defense (DCD).
     Currently working as an Electrical Engineer in one of the big Fire contracting company in Dubai,
     Electrical Engineer with graduated in Electrical Engineering (Electronics).
     Can work efficiently in site based projects and handles all the activities related to the site.
     Having detailed knowledge of home based electrical systems as well as industrial automation
     Experience of working with the FM team of Dubai Industrial City.
     Vast experience on Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting System.
     Significant experience in AutoCAD software.
     Proficient in using different Softwares and MS Office Applications.
     Strong interpersonal skills with experience in managing and mentoring other staff members.
     Ability to work effectively and congenially with employees; and
     Excellent in analytical, administration & problem solving skills.
    Electrical Engineer M/s. Al Boshia Technical Services L.L.C, (16th September, 2013 up to date)
    Company is the fire contractor of installation and maintenance of fire alarm and Fire Fighting system.
    My duties include:
     Working as a Project Engineer on maintenance of Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting system in the
    Phase-1, Phase-2 and Labor villages of Dubai Industrial City, a project of Tecom Investment
     Handing the site team on the DIC Project and maintaining the site in the good condition.
     Attending the project meetings and proposal presentations to the Client.
     Preparing daily, weekly and monthly reports of the site to the site management.
     Maintain HSE policy on the site as per the HSE recommendation.
     Designing of the different projects includes drawings and approvals from Dubai Civil Defense
     Preparing the BOQ’s, quotations, snag reports and Quarterly service reports of the site.
     Worked on the Cooper, GST, Zeta, firex and Bristol control Panels.
     Worked on the Bristol, Naffco and Fire Control Pump Sets.
     Proper communication to the client through Emails and updating about the site condition.
     Quick decision maker and very proactive problem solving skills.
    Electrical Engineer M/s. Al Mutaheda Security & Safety Equipments Installation and Building
    Maintenance, (13th January, 2013 up to 20th August, 2013)
    Company is the contractor of installation and maintenance of fire alarm system and building
    maintenance. My duties include:
     To manage & involve in the project activities from conceptualization to finalization.
     Preparation & finalization of engineering technical specification from design aspect for Electrical
    and Fire alarm system.
     Installation, commissioning and testing of Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting system.
     Building Maintenance, Operation & Maintenance of Electrical System at site.
     Supervision of all sites activities and office management.
     Planning all Services activities carried out by contractor including providing technical inputs &
    coordination with site management activity.
     Monitoring projects with respect to cost, Resource Deployment, Time over-runs and Quality
    Compliance to ensure execution of projects within the time & cost parameters.
    Site Engineer-Electrical M/s. Khalid Salahud-din & Co. (1st July, 2009 to 5th January, 2013)
    Company is the contractor of installation of Electrical system and Fire alarm system. My duties include:
     Planning, installation and trouble-shooting of Electrical systems; Fire alarm system and Fire
    fighting system.
     Preparation of Electrical drawings on AutoCAD software.
     Involved in site activities as well as the site management.
     Handles and co-ordinates with the site team.
     Preparation of daily based site activity report and official meetings testimonial.
     Involved in preparing different quotations and service order forms for the contractor.
     Monitors all the material at the site, its consumption, utilization and requisition to purchase of
     Prepares documentations such as monthly reports, transmittal and other related paper works
    and communications.
    BS Electronics Engineering
    (Attested From UAE Embassy)
    Comsats Institute Of Information Technology 2009
    H.S.S.C F.B.I.S.E Islamabad 2004
    S.S.C Rawalpindi Board 2002
     Awarded bright scholarship during bachelor program from SHAHEEN FELLOWSHIP
     Awarded merit based scholarship from Comsats Institute of Information Technology.
     Awarded merit based scholarship from Pakistan Ordinance Factories (POF) during school life.
    COMPUTER LANGUAGES C/C++, Fortran, Visual Basic, Verilog, VHDL, Assembly
    SOFTWARES Office Automation tools , Adobe Photoshop, Autocad
    SIMULATION TOOLS MATLAB, Modelsim, Emulator 8086, GMwin for PLC, Microwind
    COMPUTER NETWORKS Routers and Routing Protocols, Switches
    OTHERS Effective presentation, Interpersonal and Communication skills, Group
    tasks and Technical Report Writing
    Urdu (Native) English (Fluent) Arabic (Good)
    Nationality : Pakistani
    Father’s Name : Muhammad Pervez
    Date of Birth : July 21, 1986
    Passport : BD2851631
    Driving License: UAE driving license

    1. Muhammad,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  37. Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I am M.Com, B.Com, Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting (CIMA UK) , CMA Final (UK) , APFA (PIPFA Pak) having more than 08 years of diversified experience with CA Training (ICAP ) in Audit , Accounting, Finance ,Tax and Corporate in Manufacturing, Textile, Trading, Hospitality, Services and FMCG sectors. I am well equipped with ERP knowledge SAP, Oracles, Tally and Peach Tree etc. Complete Accounting and have strong command over MS office especially “Advance Excel.” My detailed resume will be forwarded as required and I can be a value able asset for your organization.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon

    Warm Regards,

    Shahid Ali


    1. Shahid,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  38. Prince Prasad
    Address: P. O Box: 54482 Database Desig Desktop Technologyn
    Dubai airport free zone Enterprise Systems End User Support
    U.A.E Fault Analysis, Field Support, Help Desk,hostbaed system
    Cell: 0569703803
    +919496806416Information Technology (IT)
    Email Address: [email protected]
    Visit Visa Valid Till: 11.3.2015

    To establish a challenging, rewarding and growth-oriented career that would help me synergize my experience with the objectives of the organization challenging Technical & Administration position with a progressive company that will effectively utilize my expertiseand experience in helping Technical thrives. Extensive work in IT related Technical Projects, System Support and Administration.

    2011: Bachelor of Technology in Computer science (kerala,india)

    Technical Qualification

     CCNA PC Technology
     Hardware and networking
     SQL
     .NET.
     HTML.


    Name of Company: Jet Airways India Limited
    Designation: System support and security assistant
    Duration: 14.11.2013 to till date
    Place: (Calicut , india)


     Performing routine audits of systems and software
     Monitor network communication
     Os reinstalling and troubleshooting (windows XP, windows 7,8,,8.1,and ubundu)
     Analyzing system logs and identifying potential issues with computer systems.
     Troubleshooting software problems

    Name of Company: ELW Technologies Pvt Ltd
    Designation:software engineer and system administrator
    Duration: 6.8.2012 to19.3.2013
    Place: (Cochin,india)


     Developing new technologies
     Testing
     Rectifying system and network issues

     Installation of hardware
     System support

     Installation and maintains of software

    Name of Company: Biscon media solutions pvt Ltd
    Designation: network administator
    Duration: (2.7.2011 to30.7.2012
    Place: cochi,india

     Identifying problems and then suggesting technical .
     computer-based Solutions.
     Ensuring robust network backup and recovery capability.
     Working with IP routing protocols.
     TCP/IP networking and hardware maintenance and repair.
     Configuration and testing of any new hardware and software.
     Upgrades,installs and troubleshoots networks ,networking.
     Hardware and software

     Integration of advanced technologies
     Met deadlines consistently
     Received many appreciations from key stake holders.


    EnglishTamil,Malayalam ,Hindi
    Passport no :j6373768
    Date of Birth : 27.3.1990
    Place of Birth : pathanamthitta

    I hereby certified that the above statements are true and correct with all my knowledge and also to the help of our Lord. After you’ve reviewed my resume, I would welcome an opportunity to discuss your company’s goals and talk to you about the value that I can bring to your Company. More Power and Positive energy blessed.

    Prince Prasad

    1. Prince,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  39. Royston Rebello

    The Mangaer

    Dear Sir,
    Sub: Application for the HR and Admin position.

    With respect to the above subject, I would like to offer my services for the above said post. I am post-graduate MSW (HR) full time and have a work experience of 3.5 years, I am young and energetic and I will carryout any work that is entrusted to me by my superiors to the best of my ability. Given an opportunity, I will prove my worth, dedication and interest to the best of your satisfaction.
    I hope that you will consider my application favourably and provide me an opportunity to work in your esteemed organization.

    Thank You,


    Royston Rebello

    1. Royston,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

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  41. To whom it may concern,

    My outgoing personality, my experience, and my completed education make me a strong and excellent candidate for a position required.

    I have more than two years of experience as an Administrative Staff with Puregold Price Club in the Philippines and now I am currently employed as a Customer Service assistant with Dubai Airports. I am confident that my combination of practical work experience and solid educational experience has prepared me for making an immediate contribution to your company.

    Furthermore, My background and professional approach to business will provide your company a highly productive administrative and will surely deliver a harmonious working relationship that understand the level of professionalism and communication required for long-term success in the field.

    I will be available anytime to a potential meeting date and time. I am looking forward to meeting you then.

    Very sincerely yours,

    Michelle Jean C. Tejano

    1. Michelle,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  42. Dear Sir,
    Having known the advertisement given in website by your company, I would like to apply as administrative assistant position.
    I am Sreekumar, 31 years old, graduate from Bachelor Degree in Arts of Economics from Calicut University in India on September 2009. I’m proficient in PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Adobe Reader. I have 3 years of experience working as an administrative secretary during which time I have performed a number of different office duties. Presently working as a Secretary cum Administrative Assistant in MACE Trading LLC in Dubai.
    Enclosed I attached my resume that can describe details of my qualifications. I hope my skill and ability can be one of your company’s profits. I am waiting for hearing good news from you. You can contact me at +971 52 730 6043, or sent me email on my email id. Thank you for your attention.
    Sincerely yours,

    1. Sreekumar,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  43. if any vacancy in your company please consider me now i am working a company in dubai deiara as a accountant

    1. Sayyid,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:


        Mukkada, Kottayam
        Mob: +9715 02501301 (UAE)
        Mob: +974-77718062 (Qatar)
        Mob: +91-9544172426 (India)
        E-mail id: [email protected]
        Skype id: jobykunnam369


        To find a suitable job that will fit for my qualification, to enhance the knowledge and skills that I gained from my previous work experience

        A broad base of skills, combined with the great thirst of knowledge will be my driving force to deliver results to any organization. My ability to see problems from several angles will allow me to solve problems on my own as well as functioning well within a team environment.

        Educational Qualification:

         Bachelor of Arts (Tourism & Logistics) (2007)
         VHSE (2004)
         SSLC (2002)
         IATA & FIATA
         Galileo & Amadeus

         Retail purchase, Sales, Procurement, Administration, Logistics & Supply Chain
         Skills of the ERP System including Microsoft Dynamic Nav (Inventory , Logistics & Finance)
         Working Experience in Mycom ERP System (Inventory , Logistics & Finance)
         Microsoft Office Package

        Technical Skills:

         Platforms: MS Office, Windows-98, Xp
         ERP: Microsoft Dynamic NAV, Mycom

        Experience details:

         Ansar Group of company Doha, Qatar/UAE( Ansar Mall, Ansar Gallery, New world Center)
        Inventory / Warehouse coordinator (Feb 2010 to Dec 2014)

         Pafex Cargo Pvt Ltd. (Part of FEDEX INTERNATIONAL)
        Track finder, Data entry (Apr 2007 to Feb 2010)

        Network skills:

         Creating remote desktop connection.
         Creating & managing user account & profile.
         Having Extensive Knowledge about LAN Setup & Configuration.

        Personal Information:

        Address Kunnampallil (H)
        Kerala, India.
        Name of Father A.K. Joseph
        Religion Christian
        Gender Male.
        Age & Date of birth 27 yrs, 14 – April – 1987.
        E mail [email protected]
        Martial status Single.
        Nationality Indian.
        Languages known – English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Sanskrit, Arabic (Not fluent)
        Hobbies Music, Study about New technology, visit new places,

        Job Description:

        1) Ansar Group of company Doha, Qatar (Feb 2010 to till Date)

        Inventory & Warehouse Coordinator
         Monitors and maintains current inventory levels; processes purchasing orders as required; tracks orders and investigates problems.
         Records purchases, maintains database, performs physical count of inventory, and reconciles actual stock count to computer-generated reports.
         Receives, unpacks, and delivers goods; re-stocks items as necessary; labels shelves.
         Processes and/or approves invoices for payment.
         Processes and documents returns as required following established procedures.
         Performs routine clerical duties, including data entry, answering telephones, and assisting customers.
         May serve as cashier and handle cash and cash-related payments.
         May lead, guide, and train staff employees, interns, and/or volunteers performing related work; may participate in the recruitment of volunteers, as appropriate to the area of operation.
         Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.
         Knowledge of supplies, equipment, and/or services ordering and inventory control.
         Ability to reconcile stock counts to report data.
         Ability to analyze and solve problems.
         Ability to prepare routine administrative paperwork.
         Ability to receive, stock, and/or deliver goods.
         Clerical, word processing, and/or office skills.
         Knowledge of university invoicing procedures.
         Making the purchase order, sales invoice, Goods received notes, Purchase return and sales return, Quantity adjustment, Cost adjustment, maintaining every inventory related reports for inventory software.

        2): Pafex Cargo Pvt Ltd. (Part of FEDEX INTERNATIONAL) (July 2007 to Feb 2010)

        Track finder, Data entry

         Creating the Barcodes in product master for inventory software, to attend the problem calls, logged by the users on day-to-day basis by being the first point of escalation.
         To attend the problem calls, logged by the users on day-to-day basis
         Creating Delivery Notes, Booking consignments, POD sorting,
         International Courier Delivery,
         Taking Report of entry, check with actual consignments,
         Have a good relationship with the customer, interaction with vendors.
         To configure new user profiles and be able to edit them on the systems for the existing staffs.

        Passport Details:

         Passport Number : G87915820
         Place of issue : ERNAKULAM


        I here by, declare that all the given information about me is true to the best of my Knowledge and belief.


        1. Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  44. I am interested in any kind of job position.
    My resume is enclosed for your review.
    Given my related experience and excellent capabilities,
    I would appreciate your consideration for any job opening.
    My skills are an ideal match for this position.

    Sheikh Majid Building Room # 306 Business Bay Dubai, UAE
    Mobile Phone: 055-2121-844 /0561402950
    E-mail: [email protected]

    To gain competent professional advancement in reputable company where my knowledge and experience in customer service and other related functions could substantially add value to the growth of the organization.
    British and American Accent Trained as well.

    Work Experience/s:

    Date : May 2014- Present

    Responsibilities: ADMIN

    • Sorting out the post
    • Answering the phones
    • Ordering office stationery supplies
    • Greeting clients
    • Typing
    • Filing
    • Managing diaries

    Responsibilities: PURCHASE OFFICER

    Do multi tasking LPO, meeting with the suppliers, arranging quotations and invoices, documentation, requisitions, etc… Reviews documents and data (e.g. incoming requisitions, past purchases, reconciliations, inventories, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring completeness and accuracy of purchasing process.
    • Reviews and authorizes purchase orders within assigned limits for the purpose of facilitating on-site ability to acquire required supplies and/or equipment.
    • Responds to inquiries of staff and administration regarding purchasing procedures for the purpose of providing information, direction and/or referral for addressing inquiry.
    • Processes requisitions into approved purchase orders for the purpose of updating and distributing information and/or acquiring resources in compliance with established guidelines.


    Technical Expertise
    • Assist and liaise with Mangers regarding the completion of administrative recruitment processes.
    • Obtain specific information from Managers to assist with the construction of adverts for
    newspapers and websites.
    • Load job ads onto the Ahrens website, external on-line recruiting websites and arrange internal
    notifications to Ahrens employees.
    • Maintain the file of resumes.
    • Assist candidates with the application processes and questions.
    • Respond to queries in person, by phone and email from various stakeholders such as recruitment
    • Manage and collate job applications and responses to all applicants within a timely manner.
    • Screening and short listing candidates for interviews
    • Arrange interviews, to be conducted in person, via phone or internet.
    • Maintain the Recruitment Status Report.
    • Attend meetings as required to provide updates on recruitment progress and determine needs.
    • Ensure completion of all documentation as per the recruitment standards and processes.
    • Forward required documentation to Managers and HR Officer to enable offer of employment to be
    made to successful candidates.
    • Assist sponsored employment through migration agents as directed
    • Coordinate the immigration processes for new and existing employees
    • Perform other related administrative and reasonable duties as instructed.
    Customer and Communication
    • Keep candidates informed of the progress, next steps and provide timely feedback on their
    • Communicate with and update Managers throughout all stages of the recruitment process.
    • Answer enquiries from employees regarding employment opportunities.
    • Liaise with HR Officer and Payroll Officers on new employee information.

    Position : Property Consultant
    Date : October2012- January 2014

    • Source property inventories from property owners and real estate agents.
    • Source potential investors and establish/maintain a good work relationship.
    • Advice and discuss various opportunities of property services.
    • Attend to inquiries (of the following nature: leasing, sale, re-sale, property valuation, Dubai Property Tour…etc) professionally, to maintain a high standard of service, and to update the Sales Excel Sheet constantly.
    • Collect full details of property which includes photo shooting, arranging viewings, showing the property to potential tenants, etc…

    Company : ET Phone (PHILIPPINES)
    Position : English Teacher (TEAM LEADER)
    Date : April 2012-Oct. 2012

    • Teaching correct usage of the English language in oral and written communication.
    • Educating students on proper spoken and written use of English to enhance their career options.
    • Exposing students to historical and contemporary literature in English.
    • Teaching effective and retentive reading skills.

    Company : Resort World Manila (PHILIPPINES)
    Position : (VIP Host/ VIP Services)
    Date : July 2010- Feb. 18, 2012
    • Greet guest and patrons personally and on the telephone
    • Present menus and take orders and offer appropriate seating arrangement
    • Ensure the quantity of menus is sufficient to cater to the number of guest.
    • Maintain clean and organized tables and work area.
    • Manage event related work including setting up tables and maintaining both exterior and interior of the restaurant.
    Company : CJ Call n Talk Phone English Center (PHILIPPINES)
    Position : Human Resources Manager/ QA
    Date : February 2010- July 2010
    • Maintain the work structure by updating job requirements and job descriptions for all positions.
    • Maintain organization staff by establishing a recruiting, testing, and interviewing program; counseling managers on candidate selection; conducting and analyzing exit interviews; recommending changes.
    • Prepares employees for assignments by establishing and conducting orientation and training programs.

    Company : Design Intervention (PHILIPPINES)
    Position : Marketing Officer
    Date : April 08- July 08

    • Preparing planning and project managing the publication of all publicity material to maximize brand promotion creating and developing new innovative ways to communicate the company message to their existing customers.
    • Contributing to the annual sales and marketing plan. And evaluating the effectiveness of all marketing activity.
    • Developing and implementing an internal marketing program.

    College: Bachelor of Science in Psychology
    Secondary: Holy Child Academy
    Elementary: North Central School

    Personal Information
    Date of Birth : May 08, 1983
    Nationality : Filipino
    Civil Status : Single
    Religion : Catholic
    Language : Fluent in English ORAL AND WRITTEN (American and British ACCENT)
    Visa Status : EMPLOYMENT VISA


    1. Fitz gerald,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  45. Dear Sir,

    I am looking for an opportunity to excel my professional career in Finance and audit field in Gulf countries with ready to go passport and willing to come.

    Presently i am an Member of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and also enrol with Institute of Chartered Certified Accountants of England & Wales (ICAEW)with 12 exemptions out of 14 papers

    In Professional career, I have more than 3 years of diversified experience in Audit and Accounts. I am presently Internal Auditor in a largest construction company in Pakistan and reporting directly to Manager Audit.

    Further referencce: Resume

    Mufaddal Shabbir
    Phone: +92-347-3878452
    E-mail: [email protected]

    1. Mufaddal,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:


    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Dubai Mob No: 0509251767

    To seek a competitive place in any organization in Accountant, Site Administration, Timekeep-ing Payroll, HR assistant and office assistant field that utilizes my knowledge’s and provides me with versatile and challenging responsibilities.

    Seven Year Experience in,Accounting, Payroll Administrator, Time keeping
    Worked As a Senior Accountant in HaiAndulus District, Tripoli Libya
    A Leading Import and Export Security Equipment in purchase and sales from Libya
    (From 1st Jan 2014 to Still Working)

    Worked as a Administration Assistant in Hamriya Free Zone, Sharjah.
    A leading Import and Export Company of UAE
    (From 23rd Nov 2010 to 13th Jan 2014)

    Worked as a Account Assistant in Dubai, Airport Project (Terminal-3)
    A leading construction group and multi divisions in the region of UAE
    (From 15thFebruary 2008 to25thMay 2010)

    • Maintain Cash Book Day to Day Activities, Prepare Sales Invoice daily basis,
    • Maintain the Petty Cash book, Follow up the Creditors & Debtors of the company, Main-tain of Purchasing & Sales Register,
    • Maintain the Absenteeism, Absconding, Terminated, On leave & Overstay Report in timekeeping Department,
    • Prepare a sundry creditors pending bills and sundry debtors due list,
    • Prepare Bank Reconciliation Statements every Month Other Organizational activities. (BRS).

    Time & Attendance Administration

    • Coordinate with all site of Time keepers
    • Monitoring Laborer hours with JDE &Kronos software
    • Allocates the work force (Both staff &Labour) to various site/location/supervisor as in-structed by the Project Manager
    • Collects allocation sheets from site-in-charges and gives to QS Dept. for cost coding
    • Audits the ‘clocked’ hrs. of tradesmen and editing /adding the cost code
    • Approves the OT as per the overtime sheet signed & approved by Project Manager.
    • Prepares the hired tradesmen monthly timesheets and get approval to pay from Project Manager
    • Random site checks to make 100 % output from the workforce by not allowing workers to take extra rest/break hrs and late reporting, early leaving etc.
    • Maintained proper records of employees proceeding on leave, returning from leave, ab-sconded, resigned and terminated etc.
    • Manpower Manning sheet, Leave, Absconded & Termination list maintaining
    PLANT Coordination (Logistics Management)

    • Requisition for Plants and Equipments -Hire /off hire /Replacement /Movement/ Extension etc. and follow up with National Plant
    • Prepares breakdown reports and coordinating with mechanics (NP) to get it done.
    • Prepares Monthly Time sheets for all Plants (both NP and External Hired) and get it ap-proved by Sr. PM
    • Cross-checks the external hired plant invoices with actual and get approval to pay from Project Manager
    • Arranges internal plant movement and allocating as per PM’s instruction
    • Transportation arrangement for both laborers and staff.
    • Heavy duty and Light duty vehicle arrangements for all site activities
    • Coordinates with NP for vehicle/machine service and repair.

    Other related works

    • Prepare the Daily / Weekly / Monthly Progress reports for consultant, planning and safety Dept.
    • Prepare the weekly forecast for planning the weekly program and follow up to get the addi-tional resource required
    • Prepare gang wise report weekly
    • Co-ordinate with H R, Admin for:-
    o Leave, Air ticket booking and Leave benefits
    o Medical reimbursement and other reimbursements
    o Passport and Visa requests & enquiries
    o Release of Salary / HRA arrears etc.
    o Salary distribution for both laborers and Staff.
    • M.Com at A.V.C. College, Bharathidasan University, India. (2004-2006)
    • B.Com at A.V.C. College, Bharathidasan University, India. (2001-2004)
    • DISM – Diploma In Software Management, Aptech Computer Education (2002 to 2004)
    • MS Office(Word, Excel,Access, Power Point& Outlook Express)
    • Accounting Software (Tally –6.3, 7.2, 8.1 & ERP-9 Latest 4.8 Version)
    • SAP Software (JDEdwards, KRONOS & AS400) Version 5.2
    • Internet Suring Knowledge

    • IRDA – Insurance Regulating Development Authority
    • Typewriting – Lower First Class (40wpm)


     Self starter with an optimistic attitude
     Strong initiative and creative on the job
     Hard working and commitment to the job concerned
     Self confidence and effective communication.
     Ability to master the situation
     Ability to work under pressure
     A solid team player who is always willing to help others

    Date of Birth & Age 18thMay1983& 30
    Sex Male
    Languages Known: English, Tamil, Hindiand Malayalam
    Nationality Indian
    Passport Details No: F8906017
    Visa Status 90 Days Visit Visa, Expiry Date: 18-02-2015
    Marital Status Married
    Interests Reading books, Sports, Music
    Address in UAE Al Muteena Opp. to JMART Supermarket, Deira Dubai.


    Mr. Sirajuddin (Chief Accountant), Al Naboodah Contracting LLC
    Contact: 0097150 5485684 Relationship: Reporting Manager

    Mr. Sadiq Mohamed (Accounts Manager), Ajman Municipality Govt.
    Contact: 00971559424755 Relationship: Brother

    Mr. UthumanGani (Accountant General), Reetaj General Trading LLC
    Contact: 00971554466256 Relationship: Friend

    Mr. Mohamed Yasin (HR/ Licensing Officer), Al Noor Hospital (Corporate Office)
    Contact: 00971501204494 Relationship: Friend


    I hereby the Declare that all the above given information are true to the best of my knowledge. If given opportunity, I will give the best to achieve the objective of the organi-zation.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Place: Deira Dubai,
    (Mohamed Faizil M)
    Date: 09-12-2014

    1. Mohamed,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

    Email Id: [email protected]
    Mobile: 050-7061692


    To work hard with full determination and dedication to achieve organizational as well as personal goals.


    B.Tech., (Information Technology) from Jeppiaar Engineering college, Anna University, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.


    Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA-2012)


     Installing, Configuring and administering Windows 2003, 2008R2, 2012 Server.
     Installing, Configuring and administering DHCP & DNS in Windows 2003, 2008R2, 2012 Server.
     Installing, Configuring and administering Group policies in Windows 2003, 2008R2, 2012 Server.
     Installing Active directory /DNS in windows 2003, 2008, and 2012 server.
     Manage Active directory site and services.
     Create and manage trust using AD Domain and trust.
     In domain levels:
    • Monitoring and Managing of Active Directory services, Replication.
    • Active Directory Users and Groups management.
    • Monitoring of DNS Records and DHCP server.
    • Creating standard Backup policies and taking back-up of the servers. Restoring the data as per the customer request.
    • Creation of user home directories and migration of user data from various servers and domains.
    • Remote administration of servers for any problem across offices related to Microsoft Windows operating system.
     Maintaining RIS SERVER IN 2003, WDS SERVER IN 2008 and 2012 SERVER OS.
     Using ipv6 in all services in 2008R2 and 2012 server.
     Active directory migrations.
     Configuring WSUS server in 2003, 2008R2 and 2012 server.
     Installing and Configuring DFS
     IP Addressing and sub netting
     Configuring VPN,NAT, Access Control List and Password recovery


    Windows XP, windows 7, windows 8


    Windows server 2003, 2008, 2008R2, 2012


     Troubleshooting and Server issue
     Designing Network and Implementation


    TITLE Identifying and Disseminating Health Care Information through Machine Learning
    DESCRIPTION The main objective for this project is identifying and classifying relevant medical information in short texts. If the user enter the diseases and symptoms, ML approach will retrieve the diseases name, medicine name, follow up, treatments.


    Date of Birth : 18-12-1991
    Father’s Name : Abushalibu H
    Permanent Address : 88/c, Edayakadu, New Street,
    Madukkur(Post) -614903.
    Marital Status : Single
    Gender : Male
    Religion : Islam
    Mother Tongue : Tamil
    Language known : English ,Tamil
    Nationality : Indian
    Visa Status : Visit Visa valid upto January 2015


    Passport no : J2917281
    Date of issue : 21st June 2011
    Date of expiry : 20th June 2021


    I Admire that the above given statement are true to my best of my knowledge an ability.

    (Mohamed Meerasha A)

    1. Mohamed,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  48. Dear sir/madam,
    Greetings for the day.
    Myself Ramees. I am an accomplished professional B.COM with more than 2 years of experience in Finance, Accounts, and Customer service. My career has provided me with the opportunity to work in areas of Finance & Accounts. I am a self-starter, energetic and having much interest in accountancy. Having experience in the field of accounts I am confident to take up any job assigned in this area. In the following page please find my CV which itself will provide details of my experience in accounts and processing. I further would like to confirm that if given a chance to work in your organization, I will be an asset for the organization. I do hope you will find my background and experience to be of serious interest and would welcome an opportunity to discuss my application further in an interview. I am at visit visa and its validity is on 20 Dec 2014. Knowledge of Accounting software: – Prolific and Tally ERP9. Available to Join Immediately I am looking forward for an early response
    Thanks and Regards…
    Ramees Vazhayil..

    1. Ramees,
      Kindly register your CV at below sites:

  49. Good Day Sir,

    It is with great interest that I am forwarding my CV/Resume for your consideration. My professional career history record, demonstrates attributes that make me a valuable asset to your company.

    My CV/Resume is enclosed to provide you with details of my skills and accomplishments, but I am certain that a personal interview would fully reveal my desire and ability to contribute to your organization.
    I believe that I am well suited to work in an environment where cultural sensitivity, teamwork and resourcefulness are essential. My background, personality, language and my skills would contribute greatly to your company.

    Thank you for your time and consideration, and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

    I look forward to speaking with you soon.

    Best Regards,

    Mohammad Ishaq Siddiqui

    Cell: 055 – 3894071

    Cell: 055 – 3894071
    E-Mail: [email protected]

    Goals and Ambitions:
    Having worked all these years in different organizations, I have garnered substantial skills in Technical Support and Customer Service. I have good knowledge of processes and administration, having jointly set up operations in some of my roles. I have good interpersonal and communication skills. With a drive and determination to work hard and succeed, I am looking at a career that will offer the challenges I need and will enable me to utilize all the acquired knowledge and talent to the organization’s and my advantage.


    • Experienced (10+ years ) as Network Engineer/Administrator/Support/Design
    • 3 + Years Experience as IT Manager @ Al Khaleej Groups of Hotels & HL Groups of Hotels.

    • Can administer and develop network in Windows NT4, 2000 & 2003 & 2008 and 2012 (Configuration of: PDC, BDC, DHCP, WINS, DNS, FTP, RAS servers-TCP/IP.
    • RAID implementation-Profile-Policy establishment and Network Documentation)
    • Experience in providing solutions to network congestion and skilled in designing, installing and commissioning LAN / WAN using Cisco – Link Sys Router and Watchguard & SonicWall Firewall, With VPN solutions, Barracuda, Solarwinds Monitoring Software and modern networking technologies Product.
    • Thorough understanding and working experienced of TCP/IP protocol.

    EDUCATION: Bachelor of Art’s, From Lucknow University 1995.


    Electronics Engineering, From CMS Computer, Mumbai, India.
    Computer Engineering in Software, From Goyal Computer, Lucknow, India.
    Computer Engineering in Hardware & Networking, From Goyal Computer, Lucknow, India.
    Compaq Tech Certified Engineer, ASA from Delhi, India.) 2002
    3Com Certified Solutions Associate,Online Wireless, From 3Com University,London. 2003
    Watch Guard Certified System Professional, from WatchGuard Company, Dubai. 2009
    Certified SonicWALL Security Administrator From SonicWall, Dubai. 2010
    Cisco Certified Network Associates, From, Lucknow, India. 2010

    Currently working as an IT Manager @ Al Khaleej Groups of Hotel and H L Groups of Hotels as listed below:

    Al Khaleej Palace Hotel, Al Khaleej Holiday, Al Khaleej Hotel,Sun & Sand Downtown Hotel, Sun & Sand Hotel, Phoenicia Hotel and Sun and Sky Al Rigga Hotel.
    Job Responsibilities:-
    • Installations and Configuration of all Microsoft Products and Hotel Management Application:
    Like: Fidelio & IDS Fortune Next 6I (Maintaining Front Office, Back Office, Sales & Catering & Outlet and Workstation).
    Maintaining Wireless Network @ All Properties with 4ipnet.
    Working on SMS & E-mail Marketing also.
    Managing CCTV Camera’s.

    Worked as Senior Network Engineer from 30th of Nov 2010 30th may 2011 at Think Software Services L.L.C.
    Job Responsibilities :-

    • Installations and Configuration of Microsoft Products:
    • Windows Server 2003 & 2008, Exchange Server 2003 & 2007 & 2010
    • Server Installation: – HP, IBM, DELL and Cisco.
    • Installation and Configuration of Sonicwall Products.
    • Firewall TZ 100, NSA 240, NSA 2400, CDP 210.

    Worked as a Network Engineer from 15/03/06 till 22/03/2010.
    At G W C Networks L.L.C. (Dubai, UAE).
    (Channel Partner of: Cisco, SonicWall, Juniper, Fortinet, Barracuda and Expand Network).
    Job Responsibilities:-

    • Installation and Configuration of Microsoft Products:
    • Windows Server 2003, Exchange Server 2003 & 2007, Windows Vista, Windows XP Pro, Home and Windows 2000 Pro.
    • Server Installation: – HP, IBM, and DELL.
    • Installation and Configuration of Sonicwall Products:
    • Firewalls TZ150, TZ170, TZ180, PRO 1260, PRO 2040, PRO 3060, PRO 4060, PRO 5060 with Standard & Enhance OS for Security and VPN. View Point Reporting Software.
    • Installation & Configuration of Cisco Products:
    • Routers 800 Series, 1700 series, 2600 series, 2800 series. Switches catalyst 1900, 2950 & 3550, ASA Firewall 5510, Wireless Access Point AIR-LAP1232AG-E-K9.
    • Maintaining Annual Maintenance Contract of Corporate Clients.
    Like:- Emirates Driving Institute, Guerlain, Data Direct, Kema, IDS and Silus Electrical & Switch Gear.
    • Installing Server and Desktop Pc on LAN/WAN with Router and Firewall with VPN Connectivity.
    • Experience in providing solutions to network congestion and skilled in designing, installing And commissioning LAN/WAN using Router and Firewall and modern Technology product.

    Project Details :-
    Project Managegement Development & Consultancy L.L.C. ( DIC ):-
    HP Compaq Server ML 370 O/S Small Business Server 2003 with full implementation of Active Directory Integration and DNS Services.
    Installations and Configuration of Exchange Server 2003 with more than 50 Users on single Network.
    Sonicwall Firewall PRO 2040 Installation and Configuration with Complete Antivirus through Firewall and creating policies to stop Internet Services according to company policy and VPN configuration.

    Realtime Advertisement L.L.C. ( AL Qouz ).
    HP Compaq server ML 370 O/s Small Business Server 2003 with full implementation of Active Directory integration and DNS Services.
    Exchange Server 2003 Installation and configuration with more than 150 Users on single Network.
    Linksys Router Installation and configuration with port forwarding to connect Terminal Services and VPN from any where.
    Sonicwall Firewall TZ 170 Installation and Configuration with Complete Antivirus through Firewall and creating policies to stop Internet Services according to company policy and VPN configuration.

    Akron Transport & Trading L.L.C. ( Fujaihra )
    HP Compaq server DL 380 O/s Windows Server 2003 with full implementation of Active Directory integration and DNS Services.
    Exchange Server 2007 Installation and Configuration with POP3 Connector
    Linksys Router Installation and configuration with port forwarding to connect Terminal Services and VPN from any where.
    Sonicwall CDP 2440i Installation and configuration with user based policy for entire network backup.

    Worked as a Network Administrator at United Bank Of India from 15/01/05 to 28/02/06.
    Job Responsibilities:-
    Manage ISBS Bank Application programmed by TCS on Oracle.
    Manage Multi Branch Banking System to all over India Transaction.
    Worked as a Computer Technician, From 9 July 2002 to 2nd November 2003.

    Jumbo Electronics Co Ltd. LLC, Dubai, UAE.
    It is a Network servers/Desktop support oriented organization-offering services in Win NT 4.0, 2000 & 2003 Enterprise server and Novell Servers, Standard Cabling Structure.
    • Manage client server applications on different hardware.
    • Responsible for Client data backups on Windows 2000 & 2003.
    • Experience in providing solutions to network congestion and skilled in designing, installing and commissioning LAN/WAN using Cisco switches/routers and modern networking technologies.

    Network Support Engneer 17th July 2000 to 28th Feb 2002.
    It is a Desktop network support oriented organization-offering services in Desktop network, Peer to Peer Network in WIN95, Win NT 3.5 and Novell 3.11 & 3.12 Servers.
    • Maintain Servers / Workstations (DELL,COMPAQ,IBM)
    • Manage LAN/WAN projects with routers.
    • Responsible for Client data backups in NT 4.0 & Novell 4.x. & 5.x.
    • Responsible for Installation/support on NT servers (PDC, BDC, Proxy 2.0) & Novell.

    Network Engineer at Unit Trust of India, Mumbai, India. From 5th Feb 2000 to 6 July 2000.
    My duties include supervision/support of Network (LAN / WAN).
    Job Responsibilities
    • Performing support/Daily Routine Check on WAN equipment.
    • Server Installation, Compaq Proliant ML 350/400/5500/8500.
    • IBM RS 6000 with Novell 5.x.
    • Maintaining IBM Netfinity Server with Installation and Updating of Different Core Applications. (Lotus Notes Release 5.0 etc).
    • Coordinate and Communicate effectively with Regional Support Group for Bank applications.

    Experience I have relevant experience in all type of external devices. Lead a team with 24 engineers at TCI, UTI for installing LAN with 2 servers and 1500 Nodes with Windows NT 4.0 & Novell 5.x

    Father’s Name : Ashfaq Hussain Siddiqui
    Address : 191/36, Bagh Sher Jung, Lucknow. (U.P.) India
    Date-Of-Birth : 10-05-1974
    Marital Status : Married
    Passport Number : F-4919804
    Visa Status : Employment Visa
    Driving License : Valid UAE Driving License
    Languages : English, Urdu, Hindi


    Name Company Designation Mobile No.

    Nizar Nadir Surani Star Link Senior Network Engineer 055-5898579
    Jamshed Afridi Transguard LLC Senior Network Engineer 052-8003692
    Sayed Zahiruddeen NTDE Senior Network Engineer 050-5076250

    I declare that all the information given above is correct and true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

    Thanking You Signature


    1. Mohammed,
      Kindly register your CV at below sites:

  50. To
    The HR Manager,
    I am interested in applying in your organization and can join on immediate basis.
    I am a post graduate in Marketing with Science background, with more than 13 years of experience sales and marketing. My expertise’s are in the field of business development in existing or new market, marketing and brand management, events/exhibitions conferences/Seminar, advertising, customer handling, media planning, event operations, networking and PR.
    My recent last job was with Zylog systems, an IT company as Marketing Manager –GCC responsible for launching and developing Zylog products in the Mena region.
    Expert in developing strong sales and marketing strategies with effective implementation in a new or existing market for any product, corporate identity building, creating strategies and campaigns ; integrated marketing plan with right media mix of ATL AND BTL mediums with a result oriented approach towards effective sales, lead generation, brand position and management.
    Close dealings and understanding with advertisement and PR agencies, stake holders, partners and vendors and having excellent qualities of negotiations, team and resource handling.
    I am self-motivated person;who believes ‘nothing is impossible’.
    I would prove to be the smart and sharp mind person with immense potential to implement your programmers’ and complete goals systematically.
    I am enclosing my CV for your reference and look forward to hear from you.

    Kusum Rawat

    1. Kusum,
      Kindly register your CV at below sites:

  51. Dear sir,

    My name is Mufeed V.K. I have completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering in the year 2012. I am presently residing at (UAE Visiting Visa-Transferable). You may contact me for any present vacancies available (056 74 74 131).

    I have also completed:

    Ø Diploma in Non Destructive Testing ASNT Level II (RT,UT,MT & PT) from St Johns Institute Kerala
    Ø Post graduate diploma in Process Piping Design & Engineering as per ASME B31.3 from St Johns Institute Kerala

    I have worked in South Malabar Steels & Alloys (P)Ltd, Pattambi,Kerala,Indiafrom March 2013 to September 2014 as a Assistant QC Engineer.
    You may find other necessary details in my CV attached.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thanking You.

    Yours Faithfully,
    Abudhabi, UAE
    Mob: 056 74 74 131
    Email :[email protected]

    1. Mufeed,
      Kindly register your CV at below sites:

  52. Seeking a position in Finance & Accounts aspiring to be a leading professional, where I can utilize my skills to maximum and to lead the organization to ever heights.

    contact details:

    syed ibrahim
    Hor al anz, dubai

    1. Syed,
      Kindly register your CV at below sites:

  53. Dear HR Manger,

    I would like to express my interest in a position as Accountant in your company.

    As an experienced B. Com graduate with 4 years of accounting cum administration experience, I believe I am a strong candidate for the Accountant position at your company.

    My maturity, accounting experience, and eagerness to constantly expanding my knowledge through research and also from the driven professionals who surround me will make me an excellent Accounting executive. I would love to begin my career with your company, and am confident that I would be a beneficial addition to your Company.

    I have enclosed my resume, and looking forward to here from you ASAP.


    Mohammed Ayaz

    Mohammed Ayaz
    Email: [email protected]
    Cell: 0527051865

    1. Mohammad,
      Kindly register your CV at below sites:

  54. Hello I am Mohd Rehan from India I have 7 Years Experience in IT but i have interested in airport jobs..please call me if there is any vacancy.

    [email protected]

    Curriculum Vitae

    Phone: 0506773904
    E-mail:[email protected] ____________________________________________________________________________
    Seeking a position to utilize my skills and abilities in the Information Technology Industry, a job where growth prospects are unlimited and individuality is recognized by work, and to achieve professional satisfaction by meeting higher responsibilities and involving in competent work areas.
    Professional Summary:
    Worked in Information Technology for providing technical solutions and troubleshooting to customers. Capable of adapting new and changing environments quickly. Perceived by managers and peers as valuable and reliable team player.
    Total Experience : 7+ Years.
    Key Skills:
    1. Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, windows 2008, Windows 2012, Windows Vista, Windows7.
    2. Applications: Symantec Endpoint Protection, Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition, MS-Office 2000/XP/2003/2007, MS Outlook 2003/2007/2008, Adobe Acrobat Writer, Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Outlook Express.
    3. Services: IIS, apache, DNS, DHCP, Wins, Active Directory Services etc.
    4. Network Protocols: TCP/IP, LAN/WAN
    Professional Experience
    Employer: Neuronimbus Software Services Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi India.
    Infrastructure: Dell and IBM Desktops, and D Link switches & Wireless routers
    Duration: Nov 2006 – Present
    Designation: Network Administrator
    Job Profile:
    • Installation & configuration of Operating Systems like Windows 2003/2008/XP Professional. And 2000 Professional.
    • Configuration and Troubleshooting of outlook 2003
    • configuring and troubleshooting of the different application like Ms-office,
    • Providing Remote support by using Dameware mini control and NT Utilities
    • Responsible for all types of Troubleshooting over the all Pcs.
    • Acting as first level contact and handles first level escalation.
    • Manage Wi-Fi network in the Office
    • Install and configure the Printers Scanners (Canon3670, 2800) Over LAN & network.
    • Creating backup and restore the Mails in M.S. OFFICE OUTLOOK.
    • Establish the connection between switches &Laptop (Desktop).
    • Install all new hardware, systems, and software for networks
    • Install, configure, and maintain network services, equipment and devices.
    • To Install and manage Active Directory(AD)
    • Manages all system back-up and restore protocol.
    • Plans and supports network and computing infrastructure.
    • Documents network problems and resolution for future reference
    • Manage user accounts, permissions, email, anti-virus, anti-spam
    • SQL Server Installation, Importing and Exporting database, SQL Server Troubleshooting Backup and Restore Client Connectivity.
    • Windows installing in window /web application in Asp.Net, SQL Server 2000/2005/2008.
    • To Maintain, troubleshoot & Management of windows Server 2003 and Server 2008.
    • To install software’s like AUTO CAD, 3DMAX, ORACLE, VISUAL STUDIO, etc.
    • Install operating systems like Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.
    • Responsible for maintaining Systems and Networking Domain Controller, DNS and DHCP Server etc.
    System Support:
    Configuration and troubleshooting HP, IBM, HCL and Dell Desktops and HP, IBM, DELL and TOSHIBA Laptop, Network printers, Configuring and Troubleshooting Office applications and various client software.
    Professional Training:
    • Completed Diploma course In Hardware & Networking from Oxford Software Institute New Delhi.
    • Completed Diploma course in Hardware & Networking from STI Aligarh.
    • Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) training from Netmetric, Hyderabad.
    • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA Routing and Switching) training from Netmetric, Hyderabad.
    Academic Qualification:
    • BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application)
    • Intermediate
    • Matriculations
    Personal Details:
    Name : Mohd Rehan
    Date of Birth : 01-10-1983
    Father’s Name : Mr. Mohd Shafijan
    Passport Number : L-6376082
    Place of Issue : Ghaziabad
    Valid up to : 12/12/2023
    Nationality : Indian
    Marital Status : Single
    Personal Skills and Strength:
    Comprehensive problem solving abilities, excellent verbal and written communication skills, Ability to deal with people diplomatically, Fast learner, Team facilitator. As an individual, I consider myself conscientious, honest.
     Able to work and stay focused under pressure.
     Get along well with colleagues.
     A strong will power with desire to contribute and succeed.
     Ready to do things differently if it aids better results.
     Ready to work in night shifts.

    REFERENCES: Available on Request
    Dated: Mohd Rehan
    Place: Dubai

    1. Mohd,
      Kindly register your CV at below sites:

  55. This letter is to express my interest to the position of Accountant announced by your esteemed organization. The opportunity presented by you is very appealing, and I believe that my experience and education will make me a competitive candidate for this position.
    I am currently working in Auto trader as an General Accountant since March 2014.I have previously worked with Universal Construction as an Assistant Manager from January 2012 to March 2014.I am a ACCA-affiliate and Bachelor in Commerce . I have good communication and interpersonal skills, and have worked on ERP-Tally, ERP-Construction & CMC Computerized accounting software. My CV is enclosed for your kind consideration.

    I hope that you will review my job application and consider me for the competition of the advertised position. I can be reached anytime via my cell phone/ email.
    Thank you for your time & consideration.
    Haseeb Wasti.

    1. Haseeb,
      Kindly register your CV at below sites:

  56. Bikash Kumar Pradhan
    United Arab Emirates
    [email protected]
    Valid UAE Driving License

    To build my career with an organization that will utilize my Financial Accounting and logistic coordinator skills to benefit mutual growth and success.
    professional Financial Accounting and logistic coordinator with over 9 years of experience in all aspects of accounting & financial management, acknowledged for sound decision-making, talents borne of intense analysis, business acuity, Payroll (WPS), auditing, forensic accounting, import & export corporate finance. Ongoing education, and big picture vision. Strategic, methodical and reliable; enjoy the challenge of resolving long-term issues eluding prior incumbents, and influencing revenue positive outcomes. Enthusiastic and accountable leader and independent worker. Recognized for calm demeanor in mediating conflict, and tireless pursuit of delivering consensus amongst stakeholders with diverse agendas. Persuasive and concise communicator.
    • Asset Disposition & Asset Management • Banking & Investor Relations
    • Confidential Records Management • Bank & Statement Reconciliations
    • Customer Retention Strategies • Accounting Information Systems
    • Liability & Cash Management • Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable
    • Operations and Financial Analysis • Multicultural Understanding

    Accountant & Audit Assistant 2011 to Present
    GHI Formwork LLC, Engineering Solution & Trading, U.A.E
    • Analyzes in detail the goals, objectives and programs of the audited entity and determines level of compliance with those originally approved by the Legislature
    • Inventory maintains.
    • Assessed companies through ratio, trend and payment analysis
    • Assisted project financial appraisal, risks analysis, and post auditing
    • Compiled and updated information in the Credit Clearing House database
    • Determines audit objectives, strategies, programs and procedures for specific audit assignments.
    • Handling and maintenance of various books of accounts
    • L/C Creation & Custom Documentation & Process
    • Logistics and procurement
    • Monitored financial activities, including capital budgeting, banking, hedging, risk analysis, and cash flow forecasting
    • Prepares audit working papers in accordance with professional standards in order to provide adequate documentation for audit findings, conclusions, and recommendations
    • Preparing & scrutinizing of ledgers, Bank Reconciliation process, Sales report
    • Researches and analyzes pertinent state laws, rules, regulations, policies, procedures and reports, and available audit data applicable to entity audited
    • Supervising and controlling the accounts activities & coordination with all the units regarding maintenance of accounts
    • Supported management team through analysis of different operations

    Accountant 2008 to 2010
    Ever shine Steel Industries LLC. (Scaffolding & Formwork Manufacturer), U.A.E
    • Assisted in accounts receivable and accounts payable functions
    • Communicated externally with sales tax auditors and outside audit firms
    • Conducted month-end transactions, reconciled bank statements, credit card statements, and daily sales
    • Ensured and maintained ethical accounting practices
    • Oversaw annual audit for site
    • Provided exceptional level of support concerning accounting initiatives
    • Provided training to develop and enhance quality customer relations
    • Resolved vendors’ payment issues
    • Spearheaded financial management functions on a daily basis including asset management, cash flow management, and expense reporting
    • Supervised Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable department
    Accountant (Regional Accountant) 2008 to 2010
    B. L. Kashyap & Sons Ltd. (Reputed Construction Company), India
    • Documents financial transactions by entering account information
    • Guides accounting clerical staff by coordinating activities and answering question
    • Maintains accounting controls by preparing and recommending policies and procedures
    • Maintains financial security by following internal controls
    • Prepares asset, liability, and capital account entries by compiling and analyzing account information
    • Prepares payments by verifying documentation, and requesting disbursements.
    • Reconciles financial discrepancies by collecting and analyzing account information
    • Secures financial information by completing data base backups
    • Substantiates financial transactions by auditing documents.
    • summarizes current financial status by collecting information; preparing balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and other reports.

    Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com), – (Hon’s) 2005
    Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, India, –

    High school Certificate 2002
    Concil of Higher secondary Education, India
    • Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Phoenix Educational Institute, Dubai

    Personality –
    • Ability to work under pressure
    • Conflict Resolution.
    • Effective written and verbal communication skills
    • Leadership.
    • Planning.
    • Problem Solving.
    • Public Relations.
    • Public Speaking.
    • Quality and Productivity Improvement.
    • Think Out-of-Box.
    Computer & IT –
    • Accounting package Quick Books, Simple Accounting, Tally, ERP
    • Microsoft Office™ (Word™, Excel™ PowerPoint™) Windows™ (8™,Vista™, XP™)
    • Adobe
    Language –
    • English-Fluent
    • Hindi-Fluent
    • Odia-Fluent
    • Bengali – Fluent

    Available upon request

    1. Bikash,
      Kindly register your CV at below sites:

  57. hello good day

    my name is mbah julius akum.
    am from Cameroon am a plumber
    am look for a job from any domain contact me if you
    have one my contact is
    [email protected]

    1. Mbah,
      Kindly register your CV at below sites:

  58. Dear Sir/Madam

    My name is Lowell B. Sumile, I am applying for any available position in your company. Given my background and experiences, I know that my skills and qualification may prove my ability to fill the job you will offer.

    I was previously engaged in Sales, Customer Service, Procurement, Production-Outsourcing and Clerical Position. The key strengths that I possess for success include, but are not limited to, the following:

    · A God fearing individual
    · Provide exceptional contributions to customer service for all customers.
    · ​Result oriented person​ ​ and always keep focus on positivity to be more productive.​
    · Strive for continued excellence.
    · Strong communication skills and computer proficient
    · I am a self-starter, Works independently, efficient and fast
    · Eager to learn new things, ambitious and hardworking
    · I can make a sound decisions, troubleshoot and ability to solve problems

    You will find me to be well-spoken, energetic, confident, and personable, the type of person on whom your customers will rely. Please find my CV for additional information on my experience.

    I hope that you’ll find my experience and interests intriguing enough to warrant a face-to-face meeting, as I am confident that I could provide value to you and your customers as a member of your team. I can be reached anytime via my cell phone,055-6450433.

    Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about this employment opportunity.

    Respectfully yours,

    Lowell B. Sumile



    1. Lowell,
      Kindly register his CV at below sites:

  59. Dear All

    Packing Material supplier

    We are the leading stockist of packaging material and machinery in Dubai, United Arab Emirates we hold ready stock of packing item such as Stretch wrapping film, Stretch film jumbo rolls, Polyolefin shrink wrap film rolls, (POF Shrink Film), PE shrink film, plastic sheets, High barrier films, polyethylene sheet rolls, construction sheets, plastic garbage bags, trash bags, Biodegradable bags, Recycled plastic bags, Bopp clear packing tape, printed tapes, Masking tape, Automotive tape, Aluminum foil tape, FSK tape, Non Detectable printed tape, Warning tape, Detectable warning tapes, Plastic strap, strapping belt, carton sealing tape, Fsk Sheets, Plastic garment hangers, Laundry iron hangers, Wire hangers, cloth hangers, PVC coated wire hanger, for more details about our products please contact our sales team [email protected]

  60. Dear all,
    I would like to take the opportunity to introduce to you our company, GFE Consultancies and Multi Services is a privately held limited liability company for over 20 years. The company was formed to make advantage of the need to provide high quality applications, feasibility documents, and PRO services. The company principles utilized their existing contacts and the combined customer base to generate contracts. The long-term company development plan focuses developing contracts through strategic alliances and a comprehensive marketing program.

    GFE Consultancies is dedicated to providing PRO services in a timely manner and with an ongoing comprehensive quality-control program to provide 100% customer satisfaction. The company’s principal officers see each contract as an agreement not between a business and its customers, but between partners that wish to create a close and mutually- beneficial long-term relationship.

    GFE Consultancies and Multi Services experience in this field is unprecedented, which allows us to provide a full service which we implement from start to finish in.

    for more info contact us.
    Shop no. 7, Maysoon Building.
    (opposite of Lamcy Plaza).
    Oud Metha, Dubai UAE.
    T: 04 334 3811.
    F: 04 334 3812.
    P.O Box: 123558.
    E- mail: [email protected].



    1. Faraz,
      Kindly register at below sites:

  62. Dear sir/madam,
    please find the attachment herewith,the CV of my career experience, and i have two year experience in dubai as an accountant with administration
    With regards,

    1. Fahmi,
      Kindly register at below sites:

  63. Arabian accounting and administration office on visit visa.
    Knowledge of all accounting system as like ERP, Quickbooks, Peachtree, Sap.
    Experince with Account receivable, accounys payable, payroll, Wps plus administration works.
    Email : [email protected]

    1. Mohamed,
      Kindly register at below sites:

  64. hii deepak.
    i need to apply for jobs in dafza. how can i do that?.by mailing my cv or by directly contacting?how can i mail my cv?i got no connections out there.plss reply

  65. i need to change my job.wot i want to knw is vl i face any ban coz its been only 6 months working as an accountant.pls advice me hw can i get a job vth out a matter private or freezone

  66. hi am mohan kumar living in fujairah .am a fresh grraduate seeking job as accountant or hr currently working as an accountant in funiture centre, i stay with my brother in qusais

  67. Respected Sir,

    I would like to introduce myself as an IT Professional and Solution Architect carrying almost 16 years experience as an IT Professional, with extensive exposure in Wings, BaaN, Oracle HR, Financial and Other ERP with 8 plus years experience and excited about an opportunity to associate myself with an esteemed organization like yours and looking eagerly for a suitable position wherein I can utilize my experience and expertise with full potential and advancement.

    I am well versed in following modules like Financial Accounting:- Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, Cash Management and Bank Reconciliation, Project Accounting, Budgeting, Assets Register, General Ledger and Subsidiary Ledger, Inter-companies reconciliation, Stock and Inventory Management. Apart of that I have experience and expertise in Implementation of Retail Management and POS System, HR and Payroll Management, Assets Management, Sales and Distribution, Procurement and Order Management, Stock and Inventory Management, Time Attendance Integration and Implementation, Weighing Scales and Weigh Bridge Integration, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Online Order Management System, Shipping Management, Textile Sales Management, School Management, Hospital Management, Automobile Service Centre Management Moreover, I have got excellent working experience in Financial Accounting, Retail, Hotel and Restaurant Implementation as well expertise in different kind of hardware communication and integration.

    As a professional well experienced in various organizations within Dubai and Jebel Ali, I am eager for new challenges and feel confident of the skills that I can bring to your organization. My CV is attached herewith and I look forward hearing from you soon.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Rashid Malik
    Mobile: 050-6754047
    Email: [email protected]

    Rashid Malik
    Mobile: 0097150-6754047
    Email: [email protected]

    Seeking a good position with potential advancement and full utilization of my skills, experience and experties as an IT Solution Architect, ERP Consultant (Functional) and IT Project Leader in an Enterprises Resources Planning environment involving Solution Implementaion, third party software integration, different kind of hardware and software communication and integration as well IT Technical Support, System Maintenance and Administration. Keen to work for a mutually beneficial association with a renowned and dynamic organization possessing global outlook, where I can explore my experience and expertise as an IT Professional.

    Educational and Professional Qualification:

    Higher Education in Software Engineering:
    Year 1994 to 1996 from Aptech Institute of Computer Technology:
    Specialization in C++ (OOPS).

    Diploma in Computer Application:
    Year 1994 from Uptron ACL Academy of Computer Technology

    Bachelor of Science:
    Year 1987 to 1991 from Gorakhpur University, (U.P, India)

    OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7/8, Windows Server 2000, 2003 and Active Directory 2008
    SCO Unix.
    4GLs: PL/SQL, SQL, C, C++(OOPS), BASIC and Visual Basic.
    RDBMS: Dbase III+, Visual Foxpro, MS Access, MS SQL and ORACLE.
    Oracle Tools: SQL* Plus, SQL* Form, SQL* Menu, SQL* Net, SQL* Report, SQL* Graphics.
    Networking: Novell Netware, Windows NT 4.0, Windows Server 2000, 2003 and 2008.
    SSAD: Structured Systems Analysis and Designing.
    Applications: Exchange server, MS Office 2003, 2007, Remote Desktop Access Citrix Meta Frame Server and Client.
    Others: Good working and implementing experience in different kind of ERP Solution. Computer Hardware, Software and Network trouble shooting, LAN/WAN Networking, Structured Data Cabling, VPN setup and establishment as well System Administration and Maintenance.

    Additional: System Analysis, Business Analysis, ERP Implementation, All kind of hardware communication and Backend Integration (Weigh Bridges, Weighing Scales, Biometric Time Attendance etc.) as well CASIO ECR macines backend Solution Development, CCTV Security System Installation, Biometric Time Attendance Integration and POS Solution Implementation .

    Microsoft Dynamics Seminar in GITEX 2011
    Microsoft CRM and RMS Seminar in GITEX 2011
    Windows Server 2008 by Microsoft in GITEX 2009
    Windows Server 2003 by Microsoft in GITEX 2004
    CITRIX META FRAME XP by Solutions Middle East
    Windows 2000 Server by Microsoft in GITEX 2002
    Windows NT 4.0 Server by Microsoft in GITEX 1997

    Work Experience (17 Years)

    DIGITiz Technology LLC (U.A.E):
    Since Sep 2012 to Date as IT Solution Architect

    I am carrying almost 17 years experience as an IT Professional and Solution Architect where I have Implemented various ERP Solutions including following modules as well very good knowledge about different kind of hardware communication and integration (Weigh Bridges, Weighing Scales, Biometric Time Attendance, CASIO ECR machines etc.)

    Job Responsibility:
    • Project Estimation and Costing
    • Scope of Work assessment
    • Current IT Infra structure assessment
    • Current available resources
    • Company’s Organization Structure
    • Man power resources
    • System Analysis
    • Gap Analysis
    • Project time frame assessment
    • Paper work and Documentation
    • System Deployment and Implementation
    • Changes Management
    • Staff Training and Schedule Management
    • Solution Delivery and Project Handover
    • Client’s Account Management

    BS Computers LLC (U.A.E):
    Since May 2004 to Aug 2012 as IT Solution Architect

    As an IT Solution Architect and Project leader my responsibility to lead a team of 20 plus IT Technical Experts and Professionals as Programmers, Developers, Network Engineers and Technical Support who assist in delivering a complete Turnkey Solution including IT Infra Structure and ERP Solution.

    Functional Domain Skills and Expertise:
    • Financial Accounting System
    • Inventory & Logistics Management
    • Retail Management and POS Solution
    • Assets and Real Estate Management
    • Hotel and Hospitality Management
    • F&B and Restaurant Management
    • HR and Payroll Management
    • Sales & Distribution Management
    • Order Management and Goods Procurement
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Manufacturing and Production
    • Project Management
    • Customer and Supplier Relationship Management
    • Cargo and Shipping Management
    • Customs and RMA Management
    • Documents Management
    • CASIO ECR Backend Solution
    • Weigh Bridges and Weighing Scales Integration
    • Biometric Time Attendance Implemetation.

    Dubai Cable Company (Jebel Ali):
    Since July 2002 to April 2004 as IT Support Engineer

    Overview of IT Support in DUCAB:
    • IT Helpdesk support (more than 300 users including Roaming users).
    • Windows NT 4.0 and Windows Server 2003 Administration.
    • Exchange Server 2003 Implementation and Administration.
    • Worked on Omini, Veritas Exec 8.5 and Arc Serve backup system.
    • Daily backup for File Server, Exchange Server, SQL Server and Web Server.
    • VPN Server and Client installation and configuration for roaming users.
    • Installation and configuration of HP Jet direct print server.
    • Network support, Hardware and Software troubleshooting.

    Worked on:
    • Symantec enterprise security VPN Server/Client.
    • Funk Proxy Host/Client for LAN desktop support/Remote access.
    • Raptor Mobile Fire Wall 6.5 for Windows NT/Windows 2003.
    • CITRIX META FRAME XP Server and ICA Client.
    • HP Server K Class 9000 and D Class 9000.
    • Compaq Server ML340, ML350, ML370 and ML570.
    • Routers, Gateway, ISDN Modems, Hubs and switches (10Base T, 10/100Mbps).
    • HP Jet direct EX Plus3 print server and Data Switch.

    Frank’s International (Dubai):
    Since July 2000 to June 2002 as System Administrator

    Job Activities in Frank’s:
    • Installed and Implemented Domain Server (PDC and BDC).
    • Responsible for Network Administration and Maintenance.
    • Inventory control for Desktop PC, Notebooks and accessories.
    • Log maintenance for software license and copyrights.
    • Responsible for purchasing of desktop PC, notebooks and accessories
    • ARC Serve, Veritas and Omni backup for Novell Netware, Windows NT and UNIX.

    MACOLA : Installed and Implemented Financial Accounting, HR & Payroll Management System based on Btrieve database with following modules. Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Order Entry, Inventory Management, Currency Manager, Bank Book, General Ledger with all kind of Financial and MIS Reports as well Payslip Generation, Loan and Advance Management, Leave, Holidays and skill’s Management.

    Mesh Computers LLC (Dubai):
    Since July 1998 to June 2000 as System Administrator

    Job Activities in Mesh:
    • Network designing (LAN & WAN) and structured data cabling.
    • Installed and Implemented SITATEX messaging system for AIRILIA.
    • Installed X.25 and Gateway Server and ALCATEL VAM-NG for leased line.
    • VPN Server and Client Installation and configuration for customers.
    • Firewall Installation and configuration for customers.
    • Responsible for providing customer support and IT Helpdesk.
    • Good working experience about CASIO Cash Registers and POS System.

    • Routers, Gateway, Bridge Hubs, Switches, ISDN, ADSL Modems.
    • Worked on Compaq Servers ML340, ML370 and ML 570.
    • HP Server K Class 9000 and D Class 9000 as well HP Jet direct EX Plus3 print server.
    • CASIO POS machine, Cash registers, Hand terminals and data collectors.
    • Zebra, Datamax Oviation 2 and Uticoder (2104T, 2106T) barcode printers.

    Systems Hardware Inc (Jebel Ali):
    Since July 1996 – Jun 1998 as Software Developer

    I was responsible for System analysis, Database designing and Application development for Financial Accounting, Stock and Inventory control, Customs handling, Warranty and RMA Maintenance as well HR & Payroll Management Modules.

    Skills Used:
    • Visual Fox Pro 6.0, Foxpro RDBMS, Foxpro Report Designer
    • Software for CASIO Hand terminal and data collector.
    • Software for Barcode labeling and printing.
    • RMA Management for faulty goods tracking and replacement.
    • Financial Accounting, Inventory Control and Customs Management.
    • Administration of Windows NT and Mdaemon Email System.
    • Daily backup for NT File Server and Email System.
    • Novell Netware, Windows NT, Windows NT 2000 sever and UNIX Server.

    Project Details: Successfully implemented more than 20 projects and few of them as stated.

    Project NMC Hospital: April 2012 – July 2012

    NMC Health Care is one of the most respected and dominant business houses in the UAE engaged in business sectors ranging from healthcare, trading (marketing and distribution) and information technology. Apart from these main business sectors, NMC Healthcare also has affiliate companies serving business sectors such as healthcare, financial services, pharmaceutical manufacturing, hospitality, real estate and media. From its inception in 1975, NMC Healthcare has evolved into an integrated healthcare company with a wide network of hospitals, medical centres, and pharmacies across the UAE.

    NMC Healthcare provides a comprehensive range of healthcare services, supported by experienced medical professionals cutting across various disciplines, covering the entire gamut of medical diagnosis and treatment. Over the years, NMC Healthcare has earned reputation as a world-class medical institution synonymous with genuine care, concern and commitment.

    NMC Health Care project was Installation of Biometric Time Attendance Machine at 35 outlets in all over UAE as well Integration with their ERP System having HR and Payroll Management System.

    Project Kanmo Trading LLC: Aug 2009 to Jan 2010

    Kanmo Trading LLC has multiple Textile Trading Showrooms in all over GCC Countries like Oman Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi, India and Nigeria where we have implemented a centralized VPN based online Retail and whole sales management System including Financial Accounting, Inventory Control, Material Management, Order Management, Retail Sales, Customer Relation Management, HR and Payroll System.

    Project Al Shamadan Trading LLC: Nov 2008 to May 2009

    Al Shamadan Trading LLC has multiple Garments Trading Showrooms in different shopping centers and malls all over Dubai. We have implemented a centralized VPN based online Retail Management and POS System having Financial Accounting, Inventory Control, Material Management, Packaging, Order Management, Retail Sales, Customer Relation Management, HR and Payroll Management Integrated with Biometric Time Attendance System.

    Project Arab Ududpi Chain of Restaurants: Oct 2007 to Sep 2008

    Arab Udupi Restaurants is a Chain of Restaurants having 15 outlets located in Abudhabi, Dubai and Sharjah and more than 600 Employees in different cities where we have implemented complete Restaurants Management ERP System having Food and Beverage management, Financial Accounting, Inventory Control, Recipe Management, Material Management, Food Production which is integrated with their frontend POS System and central kitchen where they do food production as well we have integrated all their product receiving and food supplying area to maintain their day to day stock and inventory.

    A part of that we have installed and implemented Biometric Time Attendance System in all Outlets, Warehouses and Stores which was linked and integrated with their HR & Payroll Management to maintain employee’s daily attendance sheet.

    Project Karachi Darbar Group of Restaurants: Sep 2006 to July 2007

    KDR is a Group of Restaurants having 25 outlets located in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman and more than 1000 Employees in different cities where we have implemented complete Restaurants Management ERP System having Food and Beverage management, Financial Accounting, Inventory Control, Recipe Management, Material Management, Food Production which is integrated with their frontend POS System and central kitchen where they do food production as well we have integrated all their product receiving and food supplying area to maintain their day to day stock and inventory.

    A part of that we have installed and implemented Biometric Time Attendance System in all Outlets, Warehouses and Stores which was linked and integrated with their HR & Payroll Management to maintain employee’s daily attendance sheet.

    Project Emirates Boats Manufacturing: Jan 2006 to Aug 2006

    Emirates Boats LLC is a Dubai based Company established in 2005. Covering a surface of 12,000 square meters, their facility is setup to reduce the production time and increment the quality of their boats. It is one of the strong references that make Emirates Boats LLC one of the most prestigious boat manufacturers in the Middle East. Emirates Boats LLC concentrates on building and designing a high quality fast hull to ensure performance and safety of our valued customers. With a work force of almost 150 persons assigned at different section, they build almost the 100% of their final product inside their facility using the most advance materials and latest technology.
    Emirates Boats Project was setup of complete IT Infra Structure including Structured Data Cabling and Networking including installation of Windows Server 2003, Active Directory, File Server, RAS Server, Exchange Server 2000 and SQL Server 2000 as well implementation of ERP System having Financial Accounting, Inventory Control, Payroll Management, production and Manufacturing as well CCTV Security System and Biometric Time Attendance with Payroll Integration.

    Project Umm Al Quwain Beach Resort Hotel: May 2005 to Nov 2005

    Umm Al Quwain Beach Resort Hotel is based in Umm Al Quwain and established in 2004 covering approximately an area of 25,000 square meters and having huge resort and biggest liquor retail outlets inside the premises where we have done complete IT Infra Structure including Structured Data Cabling, Wired and Wireless Networking including installation of Windows Server 2003, Active Directory, File Server, RAS Server, Exchange Server 2000 and SQL Server 2000 as well complete ERP Solution including Financial Accounting, Inventory Management, Order Management, Hotel Management, Online Booking Management, F&B Management, Recipe Management, Material Management, Room Booking, House Keeping, Laundry Management, Phone Exchange Management, HR and Payroll Management, Retail Management with POS System Installation and Implementation in all retail outlets.

    Special Skills:
    Novell Netware, Windows NT 4.0, Windows Server 2000, 2003 and Active Directory 2008, MS Exchange Server, MS SQL Server, Backup Application, Server Antivirus Implementation, SCO Unix, Remote Desktop Access Citrix Meta Frame Server and Client, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.0 and 8, Structured Data Cabling, LAN/WAN Networking and Designing , VPN Setup, Hardware and Software troubleshooting and maintenance.

    Very good functional and technical working experience on ERP Implementation, specially Retail Management, POS Solution, Financial Accounting, Stock & Inventory control, Order Management, Logistics and Procurement, HR & Payroll, Hotel and Restaurant Management as well deep knowledge about CASIO ECR Backend Solution development.

    Personal Information:
    Father’s Name Mr. Malik Irshad
    Date of Birth 02nd June 1970
    Marital Status Married
    Nationality Indian
    Religion Islam
    Driving License Valid UAE license

    Postal Address:
    Building Zahrat Al Mamzar # 102
    Area Al Khan, Tawun Mall
    City Sharjah, U.A.E
    Mobile 0097150-6754047
    Email [email protected]

    Reference: Available on request.

    Yours Sincerely

    Rashid Malik

    1. Rashid,
      Kindly register at below sites:

  68. Fareed Ahmed Shaikh

    Postal Address:-

    Flat #8 Al Musalla area near Irani school ( Dubai)

    :: Mobile : 00971563195722

    Email address: [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Date Of Birth : 02/01/1988

    Marital Status : Single

    Visa Status : Visit visa (valid till 30.Oct.14 )
    Available for interview

    A bright and talented finance graduate who is looking to join a commercially- focused, forward thinking company. Excellent communication skills with an ability to interpret and communicate financial data to non -financial colleagues.
    Brief Profile:

    Lead Auditor @ Mushtaq and Co Chartered Accountant.(2 Years)
    ( Assets verification, Receivables Verification Payables verification, Expenses verification Legal and Purchase verification)
    Accounts Executive @ SM food makers January 10 to July 12 ( 2.5 Years)
    (Receivables Management Payables Management, Expenses Management, Cash Management)
    ACCA (UK Certified Chartered Accountant) Finalist.
    Commerce Graduate.
    Diploma in Accounts & Business

    Key Strengths and Software Awareness Major Clients as lead Auditor
    • Tally ERP 9
    • QuickBooks
    • Microsoft Advance Excel 2007
    • Peachtree
    • Cash flow management
    • Preparation of Financial Statement and Closing of Accounts
    • Audit of Financials Statement • Queeta Textile Mills Ltd
    • Faysal Spinning Mills Lltd
    • Nadeem Power Generation Pvt Ltd
    • Sukkur Blood & Drug Donating Society
    • Shezad Corporation Pvt Ltd
    • Bakht Bhari Chiniot Hospital
    • Allied Hub Industries Pvt Ltd
    • Hilton Pharma Pvt Ltd
    • Chiniot General Hospital
    Professional Experience/Audit Trainee @ Mushtaq and Co Chartered Accountant.from 01/July 2012 till now

    Responsible for various areas including; expenses, , reconciliations and dealing with financial queries. Also be required to cover for other staff in the assist in various matters.

    • Established and maintained working relations with clients. Tested pecuniary systems. Executed all approved audit programs. Documented fieldwork. Formulated reports for manager. Studied balance sheets and audit accounts. Recognized risk factors and assessed general reporting systems.
    • Prepared Balance Sheet reconciliation and Fixed Assets Accounting. Performed general accounting activities as required. Conducted intercompany invoicing and reconciliation. Recognized errors and variations and took necessary actions. Maintained accounting systems and processing payrolls.
    • Preparation of draft financial statements to a standard fit for review from trial balances including notes to the financial statements.
    • Verification of sales& purchases with sales tax return & making the reconciliation for any difference in trail balance & return.
    • Verification of Export & Local Sales With related Documents
    • Verification Of Import & Local purchases With related documents
    • Review of Monthly Budgets of locations, as per the procedure and company policies
    • Review Analysis of Actual outcomes with Budgets and report variances.
    • Review of debtors’ ageing analysis and reconciling with revenue and total debtors
    • Preparation of Debtor’s Analysis Report.
    • Review of Cash books, Credit Notes/Debit Notes.
    • Review of Debtor’s ledger & G/L system.
    • Review of reconciliation of intercompany transactions & balances.
    • Review of the Annual Forecasted Budget of assigned locations.
    • Recalculate the deprecation of property plant & equipment.
    • Verification of Hospital receipts Donations & Other income.
    • Verified the hospital payments such as Hospital utilities
    • advertisement expense, doctors salaries & Doctors % of per patient
    • Phycial verified the closing stock of hospital supplies, medicine
    • Review data regarding assets, liabilities, income, and expenditures.
    • Verifies journal and ledger entries of
    • cash and check payments, receivable
    • and payable purchases, expenses, and trial balances.
    Accounts executive at SM food makers January 10 to July 12
    Job Description
    • Preparation of Bank reconciliation
    • Preparation of debtors’ ageing analysis on monthly basis
    • Preparation of financial statement.
    • Review of Cash books,
    • Maintain & update Debtor’s ledger & G/L system
    • To update the Price & Discount structure of assigned branches and distributors.

    Professional Education
    • ACCA (Chartered Certified Accountant UK)
    • Commerce Graduate 2010
    • Advance Diploma in Accounting & Business
    3rd position in Inter Commerce Board Hyderabad
    Other Competencies
    • Able to co-ordinate and manage all aspects of Payroll and VAT Administration. Able to prioritize individual workloads according to deadlines.
    • Confident attitude with a proactive approach to your work. Good knowledge of IRIS accounts production software. Ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.
    • Experience of offering tax, accountancy & business development advice to clients. Up to date with all current accounting and taxation legislation.
    • Possessing commercial acumen.
    • Able to work as part of a team or alone.
    • Can produce sole trader ship, partnership and limited company accounts from both manual and computerized records.

  69. Dear Sir/Madam,
    My name is Rizwan and I am a Pakistan passport holder. I am living in Dubai since 1998 and I have good knowledge of Dubai. I have completed my 12 years of schooling in 2011 and then joined university. I am studying BS-IT and I have learned PC skills like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Sql queries, Computer networks and Data communication,, C, C++, MS office, Windows xp, windows 7, windows 8, Email and Internet. I have excellent typing skills in english, arabic and numerics. I have 2 years experience in du telecommunication company as a document management coordinator and quality assurance. I am searching for job in IT field or in administration. I will be glad if someone shorlist me.

    Thank you and Best Regards,
    +971 55 615 1945
    [email protected]

    1. Rizwanullah,
      Register your profile at below sites:

  70. Dear Sir,

    I am Arundhathi, an MCITP certified engineer, seeking for a relevant job based on my educational qualifications. I have completed my B tech degree under Cusat University. And I have successfully completed orientation in platforms such as Microsoft windows, Cisco IOS and Redhat enterprise Linux. I believe my experience as a Junior System administrator will contribute to my role as an IT professional. Utilizing the fields such as managing and configuring Switches, Routes and Microsoft Server platform including Active directory, network infrastructure and server 2008 and 2012 . Kindly go through my profile and consider me if it suits your company.

    Arundhathi Sudhakaran

    1. Arundathi,
      Register at below sites:

    2. Arundathi,
      Kindly register at below sites:


  71. I am looking for a challenging opportunity of Finance Manager / Financial Controller /Accounts Manager /Financial Analyst.

    Presently I am working with Aerotech Aviation Group FZCO (Dubai) as Finance Manager – Airlines chartered/Aircraft leasing / Cargo and Logistics / Properties business.

    ACCA & ACMA qualified. Fourteen years of diverse experience in the areas of financial planning & analysis, financial due diligence, accounting & auditing, project financing, project management, manufacturing operation control, feasibility studies, planning & budgeting, Liaising with banks & auditing firms, human resources.

    Warm Regards,,
    Suleman Punjwani
    [email protected]

    1. Suleman,
      Register at below sites:

  72. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Subject: Application for an Aircraft Dispatcher or Client Servicing Post in your company.

    I would like to express my sincere interest in response to the position in your respective Organization. I’m 29 years old Kenyan, who have recently qualified as an FAA Certified Aircraft Dispatcher (in Sheffield School –USA Florida), I have over 6 years experience in UAE in a media company (Gulf News) whereby I have experienced working in a fully computerized environment, worked in corporate client servicing team, whereby I have met all sorts of high profile client / Senior Management Personnel from various companies and advice / guiding them on our services. I am passionate and willing to learn more and thus given the opportunity, I would like to prove myself and gain further experience on how to operate and expand my capabilities. I have a good communicational and interpersonal skills in which has improved my ability and increased my level of responsibility. I have been able to developed and train my abilities to grasp the systematic operations in relation to my work for the past years where I have enough experience in my previous jobs. I holds a valid UAE D/L and have excellent knowledge of all UAE locations.
    I hold FAA Aircraft Dispatcher diploma, international flight planning certificate, ETOPS certificate, EWINS certificate, Tally ERP 9 certificate, ICDL certificate and sales & marketing diploma.

    I’m flexible, hardworking and motivated, seeking long-term success objectives. As a result I would appreciate If given the chance to prove my competency.

    I would be grateful if you would contact me for a vacancy in your organization.

    Thank you for taking the time in reading my resume.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Yours Sincerely,

    David Thuku

    [email protected]


    1. David,
      Register at below sites:

  73. My Name is SANA ULLAH & Cell #+971-567577869
    Expected Salary: 3000 AED
    Mail id : [email protected]
    This cover letter expresses my interest in joining any organization. I have completed my Master Degree at the Comsats University Islamabad-Pakistan, majoring in Business and Administration. I have developed excellent writing, interpersonal communication and leadership skills. Present working at Blue Line Passenger Transport LLC Dubai-United Arab Emirates. As indicated on my enclosed resume, I am working as Transport Assistant Operations .In addition to this practical experience; I worked as an Administrative Assistant in Chanab Group of Colleges Tramri Chowk- Islamabad Pakistan.
    I am confident that my degree, along with my 3 years experience in the industry, makes me an excellent candidate for your training. I hope this opportunity will provide me with an insight into the workings of your organization. More specifically it will familiarize me with communications and other related fields which shall further help me moving towards a career exploring my interests within this field. My eagerness to learn makes me enthusiastic about joining your organization. I appreciate your taking the time to review my credentials and experience.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  74. I am an M.COM graduate, International Finance (Calicut University, Naipunnya Institute of Management and Information Technology, Kerala, India) with PGDBM ( Vinayaka Missions University, Salem ,Tamil Nadu, India, approved by DEC, IGNOU, New Delhi).

    I am looking forward to working in an environment which provides ample opportunities for growth and development. I will be pleased to meet with you to explore how my skills could best meet your needs.

    Thank you and I am looking forward to a positive response from your side.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Divya Smijo
    Mobile: 971-552736289

  75. Dear Sir/ Madam

    I’m Ranjith from India. I am a Post Graduate in Commerce and have more than 7 years experience in the field of Accounts Management.

    I had worked in UAE in the recent past.. and familiar with UAE rules and regulations.. I am looking for a job in freezone.

    Nationality : Indian (Keralite)
    Age: 29 years. Married.


    Passport Number : G6342279
    Date of Expiry : 10/02/2018

    I can speak English and Hindi.

    Previous Roles: General Accountant, Accounts Manager, Accountant., Accounts Asst.

    Duties Done:
    Finalization of accounts, P&L, B/S, Bank reconciliation, Cash flow, A/P, A/R, MIS, Tax payment, Banking operations, Cheque management, LPO, Invoice, Payroll, budgeting, Administration, Branch accounts, Import- Export documentation, TT payments, negotiation, sourcing, purchase, supervision, etc.

    Key Skills: Strategic Planning, financial analysis, risk mgt., team building, economic assessment, resource mgt., controlling budgets, excellent hand in business & corporate laws, Tally ERP, Peachtree, MS Office, Internet, Windows, Trouble shooting, graphic designing, etc.

    I can support admin dept also. I am an effective planner and organizer.

    The accompanying resume can give you an idea of my potential for making a worthwhile contribution to your company.


    Now I am in India.. I am coming to Dubai on visit by the end of this month. If there is any suitable vacancy, I would like to attend the interview. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Yours truly,

    Ranjith K P
    Mob: 0091 9446447293 / 00971 526159980
    Skype: eswar.ranjith

  76. hi i have transport company in dubai all kind of buses and cars available for rent with driver and with out driver daily monthly basis for pick and drop full day and half day service
    please call any time 0509091183

  77. Hi, I am currently working in Dubai as a sales executive in a real estate company in Dubai . I have more than 5 years UK Sales and customer service experience in UK . I have very strong communication and also hold bachelors degree .
    My Phone number is :0558849239
    Email :[email protected]

    Kindly please let me know if there is if i suit your company .
    Warm Regards
    Hassan Akhtar


    First name(s) / Surname(s) SHAHID AFSAR
    Address Al Muteena Road, Deira Dubai UAE
    Contact 0501854450
    E-mail [email protected]
    Visa Status Visit
    Nationality Pakistani
    Date of birth 10th April, 1981
    Gender Male
    Marital Status Married



    Dates April, 2013 to Aug, 2014
    Position held SAFETY TRAINER
    Name of the organisation I.Q PASS Education ,Abbottabad
    Type of Sector Private
    Main activities and responsibilities

     Teaching about IMS i.e. ( OSHAS 18001 : 14001)
     Training about control of workplace risks.
     Incident investigation & auditing. Arranging Safety inspections & Tours.
     Preparing trainees for risk assessments,

    Dates June, 2001 to December, 2012
    Name of the organisation Pakistan Air Force
    Type of Sector Government
    Main activities and responsibilities

     Preparation and analysis of safe practices at work site and safe work procedure.
     Initiate and institute a schedule of job site inspection, observation thoroughly equipment flow, maintenance, material handling and personals hygiene.
     Conduct routine safety inspection of workplace to ensure all safe operating rules and regulations are complied with.
     To ensure occupational health and safety in general and fire safety in particular at air fields, fuel bulks, construction sites and buildings containing explosives/non-explosives chemicals.
     Responsible to provide training regarding occupational safety, fire prevention, fire fighting, and also maintenance, supervision and installation of fire services.

    Dates January, 2011 to Feb, 2012
    Position held (Additional Duty) SECURITY SUPERVISOR
    Name of the organisation Pakistan Air Force
    Type of Sector Governmental Organization
    Main activities and responsibilities

     Responsible to make contingency plans, conduct investigation, prepare reports, provide training and liaison with civil police & security agencies to ensure secure environment by using both traditional and modern investigation techniques .
     To assist his superior and coordinate with team in managing fool proof security.


    Title of Qualification Master in Criminology
    Date 2006-07
    Grade A
    Name of Institute University of Karachi, Pakistan

    Title of Qualification Master in English Literature
    Date 2004-06
    Grade B
    Name of Institute Punjab University, Pakistan


    Title of Qualification Basic First Aid Course
    Date 21st to 26th July, 2014
    Grade Pass
    Name of Institute Ayub Teaching Hospital, Pakistan

    Title of Qualification International General Certificate OHS
    Date 04 July, 2012
    Grade Distinction
    Name of Institute NEBOSH, UK

    Title of Qualification Certificate in Fire Prevention and Safety
    Date 26th Nov, to 7th Dec,2012
    Grade Pass
    Name of Institute National Institute of Fire Technology

    Title of Qualification Diploma in Safety Management
    Date 2011-12
    Grade A
    Name of Institute Pakistan Institute of Modern Studies

    Title of Qualification Training in Basic and Advance Fire Fighting
    Date 09 Jan, to 1st June, 2001
    Grade Qualified
    Name of Institute Administrative Trade Training

    Title of Qualification DAE, Mechanical
    Date 1997-99
    Grade C


    Mother tongue URDU
    Other language English

    Understanding Speaking Writing
    Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production

    Very Good Excellent Very Good Very Good Very Good

    Technical skills and competences: Knowledge of international standard of occupational health and safety management. Vast experience in fire safety, installation and maintenance of all type of fire equipment.

    Social skills and competences : I have worked in governmental and non-governmental organisation in different capacities like trainer, supervisor and coordinator.

    Organisational skills and competence: Worked as a safety supervisor which involves organizing teams to carry various activities.

    IT skills and competences Proficient in Internet surfing, MS Office
    .Additional information Reference will be furnished on demand.

  79. P
    First name(s) / Surname(s) SHAHID AFSAR
    Address Al Muteena Road, Deira Dubai UAE
    Contact 0501854450
    E-mail [email protected]
    Visa Status Visit
    Nationality Pakistani
    Date of birth 10th April, 1981
    Gender Male
    Marital Status Married

    Work Experience

    Dates April, 2013 to Aug, 2014
    Name of the organisation I.Q PASS Education ,Abbottabad
    Type of Sector Private
    Main activities and responsibilities

     Teaching about IMS i.e. ( OSHAS 18001 : 14001)
     Training about control of workplace risks.
     Incident investigation & auditing. Arranging Safety inspections & Tours.
     Preparing trainees for risk assessments,

    Dates June, 2001 to December, 2012
    Name of the organisation Pakistan Air Force
    Type of Sector Government
    Main activities and responsibilities

     Preparation and analysis of safe practices at work site and safe work procedure.
     Initiate and institute a schedule of job site inspection, observation thoroughly equipment flow, maintenance, material handling and personals hygiene.
     Conduct routine safety inspection of workplace to ensure all safe operating rules and regulations are complied with.
     To ensure occupational health and safety in general and fire safety in particular at air fields, fuel bulks, construction sites and buildings containing explosives/non-explosives chemicals.
     Responsible to provide training regarding occupational safety, fire prevention, fire fighting, and also maintenance, supervision and installation of fire services.

    Dates January, 2011 to Feb, 2012
    Position held (Additional Duty) SECURITY SUPERVISOR
    Name of the organisation Pakistan Air Force
    Type of Sector Governmental Organization
    Main activities and responsibilities

     Responsible to make contingency plans, conduct investigation, prepare reports, provide training and liaison with civil police & security agencies to ensure secure environment by using both traditional and modern investigation techniques .
     To assist his superior and coordinate with team in managing fool proof security.
    Academic Qualification
    Title of Qualification Master in Criminology
    Date 2006-07
    Grade A
    Name of Institute University of Karachi, Pakistan
    Principle Subjects Crime and Criminal Behaviour, Organisational Behaviour, Qualitative and Quantitative Research, Genetics, Criminal Investigation, Violence and Terrorism, Penology.

    Title of Qualification Master in English Literature
    Date 2004-06
    Grade B
    Name of Institute Punjab University, Pakistan
    Principle Subjects History of English Literature, English Drama, Poetry, Prose, Novel, American Literature.

    Professional Qualification
    Title of Qualification Basic First Aid Course
    Date 21st to 26th July, 2014
    Grade Pass
    Name of Institute Ayub Teaching Hospital, Pakistan
    Principle Subjects Burns, CPR, Choking, Sever Bleeding, Fractures, Stoke, Shock, Rescue

    Title of Qualification International General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety
    Date 04 July, 2012
    Grade Distinction
    Name of Institute National Board of Examination in Occupational Safety and Health, (NEBOSH)
    Principle Subjects Health and Safety Management (OSHAS 18001:2007), Control of International Work Place Risks, Health and Safety Practical Application
    Master log certificate Numbers 00140407/382851, IGC1/00140407/ 379180, IGC2/00140407/ 380059, IGC3/00140407/ 381019

    Title of Qualification Certificate in Fire Prevention and Safety Officer
    Date 26th November to 7th December2012.
    Grade Pass
    Name of Institute National Institute of Fire Technology, (NIFT). Pakistan
    Principle Subjects Fire Hazard and Control, Handling of Dangerous Substances, First aid.

    Title of Qualification Diploma in Safety Management
    Date 2011-12
    Grade A
    Name of Institute Pakistan Institute of Modern Studies, (PIMS). Pakistan
    Principle Subjects Health and Safety Management, Construction Safety, Safety of Fuel and Hazardous Chemicals.

    Title of Qualification Training in Basic and Advance Fire Fighting
    Date 09January to 01stJune, 2001
    Grade Qualified
    Name of Institute Administrative Trade Training School, (ATTS),Kohat, Pakistan.
    Principle Subjects Chemistry of fire, Aircraft fire fighting, Rescue and evacuation drills, Domestic fire fighting, Maintenance and installation of fire fighting equipment

    Title of Qualification Diploma of Associate Engineer (Mechanical)
    Date 1997-99
    Grade C
    Principle Subjects Machine Design, Machine Works, Thermodynamics, Hydraulics
    Name of Institute Government Polly Technical Institute, Abbottabad, Pakistan

    Personal skills and competences

    Mother tongue URDU
    Other language English

    Understanding Speaking Writing
    Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production

    Very Good Excellent Very Good Very Good Very Good

    Technical skills and competences Knowledge of international standard of occupational health and safety management. Vast experience in fire safety, installation and maintenance of all type of fire equipment.

    Social skills and competences I have worked in governmental and non-governmental organisation in different capacities like trainer, supervisor and coordinator.

    Organisational skills and competence Worked as a safety supervisor which involves organising teams to carry
    Various activities.

    IT skills and competences Proficient in Internet surfing, MS Office
    .Additional information Reference will be furnished on demand.

  80. (Now with Family Visa)
    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am Reshma Nair,I have a total of 8 months experience in Sales and Customer Service in india.

    I am confident that with my extensive knowledge in Support along with my good communication skills and customer relationships – I am able to perform and meet the requirements set for the position related to my career experience.

    In addition to a result-driven approach, you can be assured that I would uphold the highest level of work detail and ethical standards as an employee. I am flexible and adaptable to both new situations and challenges.

    My CV is enclosed to provide you with specific details concerning my backgrounds and qualifications. I would appreciate the opportunity for an interview for a job suitable on my experiences.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    1. (Now with Family Visa)
      Dear Sir/Madam,

      I am Reshma Nair,I have a total of 8 months experience in Sales and Customer Service in india.

      I am confident that with my extensive knowledge in Support along with my good communication skills and customer relationships – I am able to perform and meet the requirements set for the position related to my career experience.

      In addition to a result-driven approach, you can be assured that I would uphold the highest level of work detail and ethical standards as an employee. I am flexible and adaptable to both new situations and challenges.

      My CV is enclosed to provide you with specific details concerning my backgrounds and qualifications. I would appreciate the opportunity for an interview for a job suitable on my experiences.

      Thank you for your time and consideration.

      reshma nair
      [email protected]

    2. (Now with Family Visa)
      Dear Sir/Madam,

      I am Reshma Nair,I have a total of 8 months experience in Sales and Customer Service in india.

      I am confident that with my extensive knowledge in Support along with my good communication skills and customer relationships – I am able to perform and meet the requirements set for the position related to my career experience.

      In addition to a result-driven approach, you can be assured that I would uphold the highest level of work detail and ethical standards as an employee. I am flexible and adaptable to both new situations and challenges.

      I would appreciate the opportunity for an interview for a job suitable on my experiences.

      Thank you for your time and consideration.

      reshma nair
      [email protected]

  81. Project and Planning Engineer (Pipeline Projects)

    I am Praveen koramchirath, I have Two (2) year experience in Project & Contract management, undergone six months SAP training, Business Planning & Support Analyst, and responsible for supporting key business processes to deliver projects with MGL’s Safety Value Goal, Top Quartile cost performance, schedule, and quality performance. To prove myself dedicated, worthy and energetic in a progressive organization that gives me scope to apply my knowledge and skills and be a member of a team that dynamically works towards success and growth of the organization . Mahanagar Gas Ltd. (A Joint Venture of GAIL & BRITISH GAS) in Mumbai india .Project and Planning Engineer (Pipeline Projects) on August 2012 – August 2014
    Co-ordinate with Engineering Consultant, Review, Interface with other disciplines and Approve engineering deliverables. Additionally perform/plan In-house engineering as required. To ensure proper documentation for Project activities, Contracts and associated facilities including clearing of bills etc. Engineering for procurement of materials in accordance with ASTM, ASME, API codes & standards prevailing in the Industry. Monitor & Control time / resource / cost / quality / parameters, ensure adherence to project procedures and perform Engineering Quality Audits. Facilitate internal and external (ISO 9001:2000,OHSAS 18001:2007) auditors in auditing, and carrying out technical site audits. Steering diverse initiatives towards accomplishment of organizational goals & vision pertaining to the overall execution of the Projects,

    Praveen k
    E-Mail: [email protected]
    Mob: 0527102045

  82. Hi there,
    I am interested in applying for a suitable post in your reputed company. My areas of interest are Network and Telecommunications.
    An eager learner, I pride myself on my ability to successfully take on new challenges and develop everexpanding areas of expertise.
    I would be pleased to have the opportunity to discuss future employment and look forward to speaking with you. Feel free to contact me at the address and phone number listed.
    Thank you for your consideration.

    [email protected]

  83. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Over 10 years of experience in installing, troubleshooting and maintaining computer hardware & Networking, software which can surely add value to the working of your company. I also have a strong background in systems engineering, networking and security which would surely fulfill your company’s requirements.

    As I am looking for an opportunity in your organization for the post of System Support & Security Engineer. I believe my background and experience will help me be an asset to your company in a very short time. I am equally comfortable working independently or as part of a team and am highly motivated to provide an excellent project on time and under budget.

    For more detailed information please refer to my enclosed resume. I look forward to hearing from you.

    I am very thankful for your time and consideration.

    Yours Sincerely,

    E-Mail: [email protected],
    Mobile: +971 (0) 55 564 7964

  84. Hi
    I have been part of leading MNC’s Finance division (A.P Moller Maersk Group) for last 3.8 years have expertise in Accounts payable, receivable, treasury, accounting and reporting on SAP. Currently I am in Dubai and looking for a job and my visa is valid till 29-Sep-14. You can contact me at this no.0554694996 for interview.
    Best Regards
    Zubair Rafiq

  85. Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I am Krishnendu, Nationality Indian. Right now I working in a Money Exchange Company in UAE. Now, I want to change my job profile if I get a better opportunity.And for your kind information, I’m complected my Bachelor Degree and more than 6 years exp in Sales and Marketing (mainly Retail Sector, India). And I have a good knowledge MS Office and more than 2.5 years, working as a Senior Cashier cum Merchandiser.

    Respected Sir/ Madam, please inform me if is there any suitable vacancy based on my exp. in any Sector…

    You can contact me through Email:- [email protected]

    Thanks & Regards,
    [email protected]

  86. I am a professional having Graduation degree and i am finalist with ACCA having 3 years of accounts and finance experience from Pakistan with hands on knowledge of Tally ERP 9, QuickBooks and Ms-Office Suit(Word, Spreadsheet, Power Point etc). I can handle accounts from financial transactions to financial statements level.
    I am currently available in Dubai, UAE and having valid tourist visa until September 16, 2014 and can be extended for more 20days.
    I request to consider me for job in Accounts and Finance.
    I am willing to relocate.
    Thank you
    Best regards
    Hamad Qasim
    Cell UAE: +97-1-55-6270267
    [email protected]

    Building No: 76, Satwa, Dubai – , UAE.
    Dubai Mobile: 050-5359863, India: (+91) 98 94 033782
    E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]
    Skype: shahul23hameed

    Educational Details:
    Bachelor of Computer Application (B.C.A) –2001 to 2004
    R.D.B College of Arts & Science, Papanasam, Bharathidasan University, Thiruchirappalli. Tamilnadu.

    Personal Details:
    Gender : Male
    Marital Status : Married
    Date of Birth : 22-Jul-1981
    Nationality : Indian
    Religion : Islam (Muslim)
    Languages : English, Tamil
    Driving License : India & S’pore

    To work with an esteemed organization to build upon my existing abilities on problem solving and result oriented approach, while contributing positively to the growth of the organization.

    Professional Experience:
     Rio Logistics (S) Pte Ltd,
    Working as a Senior warehouse Executive From Sep’ 2009 to Mar’ 2014. No: 1 Penjuru Lane, S’pore 609217. Ph: +65 6863 4644.

    LOGISTICS Coordinator Job Responsibility:
    1) Planning, Organizing and Ensure overall smooth running of Warehouse Operations & Functioning of the logistics division including stock planning, Inventory control, customer service & fleet management.
    2) Setting up service level (delivery timing, delivery window) norms for key customers across various channels.
    3) Responsible for moving shipments from different destination as per customer orders.
    4) Coordinate with the origin office for shipment pick up, packing, documentation and booking details so that shipments arrive on time.
    5) Oversee all aspects of Air freight and Sea freight documentation and system entry.
    6) Schedule distribution services, shipping and administrative activities to ensure customer requirements are met in an efficient manner
    7) Organize and conduct weekly meeting with the UNDER my team to review performance, service failures, and operational problems.
    8) Supervising the handling and coordination with various agencies like Customs, Shipping Lines and Port Authorities.
    9) Managing Bulk Cargo operations.
    10) Handling post shipment and post documentation matters.
    11) Communicate & Handle all Customer’ Enquiries, Complaints and Requirements.
    12) Work Allocate to all Staff for Operation Daily Activities.
    13) Coordinate with Operation, Warehouse & Transportation Team.
    14) Supporting documents for Customs (E-Mirsal2) Imp/Exp & DG Goods (Air/Sea/Road).
    15) When needed will prepare Customs Permit (E-Mirsal2) for Import/Export.
    16) Prepare Invoices & Quotation for all Customers.
    17) Manage inbound Shipment from different countries such like (USA, London, France Qatar & UAE) to make sure that the raw material available all the time to avoid any Delay.
    18) To board Vessels for all the supplies.
    19) Manage and Reduce cost of Expenses for shipping Operations.
    20) All record documents keeping Files.
    WAREHOUSE Manager Job Responsibility:
    1) Follow international Standard procedure for Warehouse.
    2) Managing day-to-day warehouse operational activities
    3) Managed different types of Warehouse: (Air/Sea/Bonded/Off-Landed/Local-Storage).
    4) Warehouse space arrangement.
    5) Coordinate with Operation & Customers.
    6) Maintain Good housekeeping practice of the warehouse and surrounding area.
    7) Manage all warehouse (3PL, 4PL), fleet assets and all distribution contracts to meet all the supply chain demands.
    8) Performing warehouse management function, physical custodian of goods which includes, managing receipts, proper storage and appropriate delivery.
    9) Directly reporting to the department head daily, weekly and monthly reports.
    10) Manage and job allocating staffs (labor, forklifts) according to the day to day operations.
    11) Inventory reports update and publish to all customers & Operation Team.
    12) Check damages and Physical count all In & Out shipments.
    13) Monthly Twice will prepare cycle count reports & Vs book for warehouse.
    14) All shipment should be following FIFO/LIFO methods depend on Shipment & Materials.
    15) Manage the inventory level for the stock and the raw material and taking the necessary action to avoids out of stock situation
    16) Filed all incoming/outgoing shipments for future reference.
    17) Reduce Cost of Expensive for Warehouse and all Trucks.
    18) When needed will meet all customer directly for Requirements & Suggestion.
    19) All safety issues for warehouse Staffs
    20) Arrange for SGS inspection and Fumigation, B/L Collection and any other services needed to fulfill outward shipment requirements.
    21) Ensure efficient use of warehouse Equipments.
    22) Keep compliance with all safety, Hygiene and Health Standard/Procedures.
    23) Labeling for all Incoming & Out going Shipments.
    24) Prepare Salary & Over-Time Reports for Warehouse Department.
    25) Prepared Invoice & Quotation (Warehouse & Transport) for all customers.
    26) Correct documents received from Operation for collection & Delivery shipments.
    27) To verify Customer Name, Ensure Date & Quantity of delivery.
    28) Take responsibility for off-site warehouse operations.
    TRANSPORTATION (Fleet) Job Responsibility:
    1) Development and implementation of Fleet, Distribution and logistics business processes and SOP in collaboration with the Commercial and Finance functions.
    2) Monitor and approve all the billing of transportation.
    3) Perform fleet planning, considering the economic aspects for fleet composition, vehicle selection & Inspection, maintenance and replacement.
    4) Maintenance reports for All trucks & Company Vehicles.
    5) Keeping Time managements for all trucks Drivers should be follow On SOP.
    6) Work Allocations for local collection & Delivery to Truck drivers.
    7) Manage and Reduce Over-Time for all truck Drivers & Warehouse staff.
    8) All Truck report publish to all Management Staffs (Truck Road Tax, Insurance & Permit).
    9) Follow & monitoring all truck drivers for All collections & Delivery On SOP.
    10) When needed will arrange HIRE (Outside) TRUCK (RENTAL)..
    11) Reduce Cost of Expensive for LOCAL & INTERSTATE TRUCK.
    12) Prepare Daily inspection/Maintenance Checklist for All Trucks.
    13) Prepare incidence/8D reports for traffic violations, Shipment delay and accidents.
     Tradenet Services Pte Ltd (Under Worked DHL Global Forwarding Air Cargo Complex).
    Worked as a Documents Processing Officer For S’pore Customs From Aug’ 08 to July’ 2009. Singapore 388371. Ph.: +65 9880 1320.
     Nilgiris Super Market Pvt. Ltd
    Worked as a Warehouse Supervisor for FMCG Products From January’ 2006 to Jun’ 2008.
    Chennai – 600004, South India. Web:

  88. Dear Sir,
    I am Aisha Muneer, My nationality is Pakistani, I am here in Dubai for husband sponsorship.
    And I am seeking for a job. My qualification is with 2 years Diploma in computer science. I have Dubai 10 Years’ experience in Administrator & H.R (Free Zone Visas works) job and Accounts activities, and also have a UAE driving Licenses.
    Respected Sir, Please inform me if have any relevant vacancy vacant in your kind business.
    I assure you that i will perform my duties deliberately, sincerely, punctually as well as regularity.
    You can inform me through my email: [email protected] and my Mobile #: +971503850403
    Thanks for giving me time.

  89. Hi good evening
    i am looking for a job
    here is my details


    Anand Kumar
    Contact No: 0529754774
    Address : Khalidiya road, Abu Dhabi 46043
    E-mail : – [email protected]


    To work for an organization where my work should be valued & growth is possible, where i can enhance my skills and represent my work and my organization towards new achievements.


    Passed 10th from U.P Board in 2007

    Passed 12th from U.P Board in 2009

    Graduate(Bachelor of Arts ) from C.S.J.M University Kanpur.(2009-2012)


    Diploma in International Air ticketing & Tourism Course from INDIAN INSTITUTE OF AIRWAYS TRAINING. — 07/06/2010
    Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA

    Diploma in International Airlines & Travel Management with Computerised Reservation System from AIRCRAFT TRAINING MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE a unit of Bihar Aviation Training & Services Ltd. – Jan2011
    Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA

    Diploma in Computer Application from Eleaca Institute.
    Basic knowledge of MS office. — Aug2008
    Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA


    Process Associate
    Air India Reservations (02nd Feb. 2011 to 10th Feb. 2012)
    Gurgaon, Haryana, INDIA
    Where I used to work on SITA Reservations software. My main responsibility was making reservations, modifying existing tickets, cancelling tickets, checking fare rules & type, revalidation & re-issuance
    of tickets & tele check-in.
    Process Associate
    WNS Global Services Pvt. Ltd. under Travelocity sales process. (8th May 2012 to 9th Feb 2014)
    Gurgaon, Haryana, INDIA
    The main responsibility was answering customer’s calls and handling their queries.
    Making flight hotel & car reservations according to their choices & modifying tickets.
    The job greatly improved my communication skills, & provided a very good understanding of sales and customer service.

    Sales Agent
    Majid Al Futtaim Finance under Najm Credit card sales. (3rd June 2014 to present)
    Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Areas of Expertise

    Travel & Tourism – Air Ticketing
    Hotels reservations – Sales
    Air hotel & car reservations – Customer service
    Customer satisfaction – Objection handling


    Making plans before doing any work, keep myself equipped into my work, remains proactive while under pressure & hard working person.


    Father’s Name : Mr. Suresh Kumar
    Date of birth : 22nd May 1993
    Language knows : English & Hindi
    Gender : Male
    Nationality : Indian


  90. Name & address


    Personal Details

    Father’s Name


    Date of Birth






    Driving licence No



    J 3146073

    Marital status




    Languages known

    English, Malayalam, & Tamil, Arab


    Playing foot ball &

    Listening Music




    0558434150, 0919047311230

    Career Objective

    To be a self motivated next generation leader with the ability to adapt rapidly changing technologies with a strong desire to undertake challenging job and to work with the team to achieve the goals of the organization.

    Work Experience

     Logistics supervisor (2012 – still working) – Green Apparels Pvt Ltd
    Tirupur, Tamil Nadu.

     Logistics supervisor & Account Officer (2011 – 2012) – Green Apparels Pvt. Ltd. Tirupur, Tamil Nadu

    Educational Qualifications

     Master of commerce & INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS from Dr. N G P College Coimbatore, in the year 2011. ( IB)

     Bachelor of Business Management from Bharathiar University Gudalur, in the year 2008, (BBM)

    Technical qualification

     Diploma in office administration (DOA),

     Tally 9.0, C,C++, Internet &

     Won many prices in school level and college level competitions.(co curricular) ,

     Participated in logistics management meets and various inter college competitions

     ,DCA (MS office) and visual basic,


    I hereby declare that the above-furnished information’s are true to best of my knowledge.

    Place: Bur Dubai

    Mohammed Nazarudheen.

    Visa status : visiting visa, july 15 – aug 23..

  91. Dear hiring manager,

    I am searching for a reputed Bank which want to enhance its business immediately .I have been giving my expertise to many national and international banks for last 5 years’ have got excellent experience as a Sales Executive, personal loan banker and always satisfied my customers and always been there for the customer’s assistance achieved my given targets by using smoothing ethics with captivating smile.

    I have started my job career with Citibank, N.A by performing and hitting given targets of credit cards, personal loan, even I have been awarded a Top performer certificate of personal loan by the Country manager of Citibank, N.A very next day I was promoted as a Branch Banker in which walk in customers had to be entertained by me for personal loan & credit cards even that time with a renewed pledge I left no stone unturned to come up with their expectation. Last but not least it would be my pleasure to be considered for upcoming challenges to perform.
    Throughout my sales and marketing career I won top sales awards, and trained other sales representative’s specific sales techniques to increase their sales. I enjoy working with the public, as well, demonstrating products, and educating others in their uses. I believe I would excel in banking product sales because I truly find sales a challenging and rewarding career.I enclosed my resume along this letter for your review. My contact number is (+971555160951)
    May I arrange an interview to further discuss my qualifications? I am available for an interview at a mutually convenient time.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Muhammad Faisal Badamdi

  92. Dear Sir / Madam,

    My Name is Marshal Antony, currently situated in Dubai and looking for a suitable job in Human resource.

    I have a total of 11 years experience of which I have 8 years of HR experience working in Multinational companies (MNC’s) like IBM, Thomson Reuters and Fidelity. I am sure my experience and skills will be of great value and assistance for your organization.

    My expertise are in the area of HR Delivery, Recruitment, Compensation & Benefits, Change Management, Process improvement, Organization Development, Coaching & Mentoring, Mergers & Acquisitions, Leadership Development, Transformation, Shared service Delivery & Audit and Compliance.

    I look forward to speaking with you on the employment opportunity you have.

    Best Regards,
    Marshal A Antony
    Ph: 0551369007

    1. Kindly apply through job portals or job agencies:

  93. I am a CA INTERMEDIATE holder having 11 years experience in ACCOUNTS/FINANCE/AUDIT( Two years in Dubai as Manager Accounts/Finance.looking for a job in UAE. If you have any opening according to my profile ,a prompt reply would be appreciated.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Satheesh Kumar
    [email protected]

  94. TO

    The HR Manager
    P.O.BOX NO:

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I would be very excited to apply for the position of ACCOUNTANT. I have a vast knowledge and experience in the industry and with my skills, I can perform core tasks of this job very well. Therefore, I would like it very much to have an opportunity to become a part of your team.

    As Senior Accountant with French MNC (M/S.BUREAU VERITAS),Abu Dhabi, I believe I can perform the tasks effectively. In particular, I have good skills in doing AP,AR,GL, Intercompany Reconciliation, Bank Reconciliation, Fixed Assets, Project Margin Report, Monthly & yearly Finalization of Accounts,MIS Reporting,Assisting FM in Forecasting and Budgeting,Pivot Chart and Power Point.

    I appreciate your taking the time to review my credentials and experience.If you may need any additional information or have any question, please contact me. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


    Mohammed TAHA M.H

    P.O.BOX NO:1181,DUBAI. (U.A.E)
    Contact No:050-7253351/055-8075915
    E-mail : [email protected] / [email protected]

    Seeking a challenging position in Accounts / finance within a dynamic and progressive organization, focusing on primary growth & development and that provides a supportive environment to a motivated, innovative and creative executive, equipped with strong academic & professional qualifications and comprehensive practical experience.
    • Over 14 years of experience in Finance & Accounts in French MNC (Bureau Veritas),U.A.E.
    • Self motivated and respected team player with the willingness to deal with multiple assignments and can work under pressure & meet deadlines.
    • Ability to execute all aspects of financial accounting functions such as AP, AR, GL, Credit Control, Bank Reconciliation,Intercompany Reconciliation, Project Margin Report,monthly & yearly finalization of accounts,MIS Reporting.
    • Ensure General Ledger entries are accurate and are in line with company procedures. and IAS.
     Senior Accountant -M/s.BUREAU VERITAS,U.A.E – (Apr’99 TO Jul’13)

    Company Profile : Bureau Veritas is a global leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) services. Created in 1828.
    Specialties :
    Testing, Inspection, Certification, Quality Assurance, Health, Safety, Environmental, Social Responsibility,Marine,Industry,Commodities,Construction,In-Service Inspection and Verification,Consumer Products,Government Services & International Trade Classification Society, Certifying Body – (ISO 9000,ISO 14001), Surveyors, Third Party Worldwide Inspection, Internal & Lead Audit Course Training.
    Month End Closing
    • Monthly closing Journal Entries – Salary,Rent, Accidental,Medical & SchooL Fees,etc.
    • Process monthly Payroll,experience in WPS processing & preparing Bank Letters for Salary.
    • Computation of Leave Salary, Gratuity , Bonus, Air Ticket & Sponsorship Commission on monthly Basis.
    • Maintaining Fixed Assets Register and Passing Depreciation entry every month.
    • Maintaining Employee Advance Account and reporting to Finance Manager before the Salary disbursement.
    • Preparing Internal Debit Notes & Credit Notes for Regional Management Staff Salaries & other Expenses.
    • Monthly Journal Entries for Accrued Income & expenses before the closing.
    • Monthly Bank Reconciliation before the closing.
    Account Payable
    • Ensuring all purchase Invoices are verified and booked on daily basis with correct BU,GL and contract No. Obtaining approvals and process payments as per ageing and agreed credit terms.
    • Back to Back Booking of Group entity Invoices to the correct contract, reconciliation of AP balances between group entities through ICS-Cartesis web based software and making worldwide payment after taking approval from Project Manager.
    • Obtaining External supplier statement of account and reconciling with our Ledger account, resolving suppliers queries before making the payment.
    • Review and post unposted batches, checking A/P to GL Integrity
    Account Receivable
    • Posting Invoices from SOP to GL,Reporting Sales to Operation Manager, Finance Manager & CEO every month.
    • Accounting receipt,Generating outstanding Statement,sending Reminder letters to the client every month and regular follow up by phone and mail.
    • Resolving client queries and giving feed back to the operation manager for the Technical Issues & Reporting Bad Payers List to the CEO.
    • Interagroup AR balance Confirmation and Reconciling with their books of account every month.
    • Case by Case Client Bad debt Provision & Release of Bad Debts Provision journal entry on monthly basis before the month closing .
    • Distribution of Departmentwise Debtors aging analysis to all Departmental Manager, FM & CEO every month and Monitoring Departmentwise DSO.
    • Review and post unposted batches, checking A/R to GL Integrity
    Other Activities
    • Computation of Employee Final Settlement as per U.A.E Labour Law.
    • Assisting FM in Quarterly Forecast & Annual Budget,3y Plan,Variance Analysis,Pivot Table and Powerpoint.
    • Calculation of PSC and updating in the system,Distribution of Project Margin Report, Employee Utilisation Rate to all BL Managers, FM & CEO.
    • Quarterly Reporting in MAGNITUDE Consolidated Bundle to HO.


    • Travelled to BAHRAIN & Kuwait to Finalize the accounts of the branch Office.
    • Successful in independently handling accounts of the company up to finalization for the first five years.

    • B–Com (Bachelor of Commerce)
    • MS Excel, MS Word, Internet & Lotus Notes.
    • ERP (JD Edwards – Finance ,Sales Order Process & Time & Expenses Module)
    • ACCPAC


    • Key user Advance Training attended in HO, France.
    • Languages: English, Hindi,Urdu & Kannada
    • Passport No : L 3510929
    • UAE Driving License
    • Visit Visa – Expiry Date : 07/07/14
    • Nationality – Indian

  95. Dear Sir/Madam, Assalaamu Alaikum,

    I have done BS (IT) – Honors and acquired 13 Years diversified experience as performed jobs in various organizations in several roles, suitable for Office Assistant, Executive Secretary & Administration positions as having expertise to manage complete Office Operations and can also handle IT (Graphic Designing, Networking, etc.), HR, Finance & Business Development related matters.

    I would be of immense asset for your establishment; and proven to be of quick thinking novice, self-motivated team player and an admirable employee. Furthermore, I am accessible for an appointment with your fine firm at your earliest convenience.

    Muhammad Nauman
    [email protected]