Employment sponsorship system in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

An employee’s or an expat resident’s sponsor for the residency is their employer. The company may be situated in Freezones or outside the Freezones. The residency length has been reduced to 2 years recently from 3 years which used to be, which could be renewed.

The laws of UAE require all the expatriates to be sponsored by a UAE based company or a UAE national. The UAE national could be a direct sponsor while applying for a domestic servant or indirect sponsor while he is a majority partner in the business or the organisation. In most of the cases the UAE national is a sleeping partner meaning that he is not involved in the day to day running of the business.

This is not the case in Freezones where the respective authority acts as the sponsor. There is no requirement for a UAE national partner in the Freezones.

Expatriate residents also could sponsor a domestic servant provided they fit into certain pre-requisites.


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9 thoughts on “Employment sponsorship system in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

  1. I did come in uae under the sponsorsip of private office of sheik but working under employement contract with a company , there is no contract between me and my sponsor , during my probation period i did resign from the company becausr they did fail to fulfill the contract agreement. The contract states that during the probation period each part can terminate the contract. The company did accept my resignation but now when it comes to cancel my visa they ask me to pay them all recruitment costs and my return ticket if not they will put one year ban in my passport for any kind of visa not only working visa. Please advice me what can i do. Is their action legal? Can they put me one year entry ban?

    1. Nicole,
      Is it mentioned in your contract that you should pay the visa costs upon cancellation.
      If it is not written, it is illegal to collect the costs.

  2. I m dr working in dubai want to sponser my daughter for residence visa what test will be conducted

  3. I came to UAE as a house wife. I completed my graduation last year. Truly telling that I have no experience but looking forward to get good job. Try to help me on finding a good job.

  4. hello dear
    i have experience as sale & retail , american companies
    such as The body shop, Victoria,s secret, Hollister co, Loccitane co, macy.
    also cosmetoogy degrees ,at rafael beauty academy at u.s .
    citizen of u.s.a .

    1. Hi Samadi, upload your CV here: http://emiratesdiary.com/submit-your-cvresume . And keep on searching and submitting your CV personally to the retailers.

      1. Hello Deepak M says,
        I would just to ask you something, regarding uae residence visa. i’m former domestic helper back 2001, but i didn’t finish my 2 years contract due to my father was died, my employer was agreed that i am going home even i have only few month with them. but the problem now i didn;t go back to my employer anymore. and i tried to applied tourist visa in dubai but was rejected due to the residence visa not been cancelled.

        would you please advise any idea how to fix my concern matter.

        Julieta Dagoplo

  5. I have 8 years experience as a Financial Administrator.
    I have 2 Years Branch/Operations management experience.
    1 Have 3 and a half years experience as a Traffic Safety Officer.
    I am currently looking for a sponsorship to the UAE

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