8 commandments for Job hunters!

Job Hunting Commandments!

Most of us, if not all come to the UAE on a visit or tourist visa for Job Hunting! And majority of us have no guarantee to find a satisfying job. But there are few commandments that I would like to share with you today for a successful job hunting exercise.

Below are the most important 8 commandments and best tips for job hunting in Dubai UAE:


1. Hunting for Job is a serious Job: 

When we arrive on a visit or tourist visa, we have a maximum of 3 months to look for a job or go back to our country of origin. Everyone must give maximum attention to getting job. I have seen few people just trying their luck in a field that is totally unrelated to what their skills are! Job hunting in itself is a serious job. Treat it that way to start off with a successful job hunting expedition. Like hunting in a forest, hunting for a job comes with surprises. You may or may not find a job that you like or you may find no job at all. It is really challenging.  Treat job hunting like a real job. Set aside most of your day time for hunting purpose.

2. Keep your skills and knowledge upto date:

Your knowledge and skills are what matters when you are performing on the job. So when you are preparing for interview or job hunting, make sure that your skills are upto date. An accountant without any doubt these days should be comfortable with Microsoft Excel and other accounting software. A banker should have relevant knowledge in his field of banking like Risk Management, Relationship Management, Trading and so on. Keep your academic certificates in order. Enroll for new classes that provide you niche knowledge. This will not only prepare you for tomorrow but will also help you get promoted on the job.

3. Stand distinctive from competitors: 

It is better to name your resume or CV file in the following manner: {First name Last Name} Resume. Whenever you find a new job opening make sure to “Save as” you resume or CV file in the following manner: {First Name Last Name} Resume for ABC Company. This gives a message to the employer that you are not sending your resume at random to all the job positions and that you know where your CV is going. I also make it a point to mention the position that I have applied for in the Company. This way I make sure that when they sort or search their database, they may find me easily.

4. Be easily searchable: 

By this I mean that you maintain your profile online in professional site like Linkedin.comOpens in a new tab. and others. This will not only provide you with free online visibility but also will send you automated positions advertised on the portals. Maintain your profile in Bayt.comOpens in a new tab., Gulftalent.com and other professional job sites in UAE. Make sure you complete your profile on these sites to match your profile. Companies and recruiters use this information to search for new candidates.

5. Network with other job seekers, recruiters and Employers:  

The best way to follow someone online is Linkedin.com. You can follow your target companies, interact with the recruiters and many other individuals. I believe no one will mind providing advise if you ask. Do not outright ask for openings as you might sound out of  place. But make subtle requests for information on on various openings and what is the best way to apply for these openings.

6. Protect your reputation: 

Never ever whine about anyone especially your ex employer about the things that happened to you. Especially do not do this on Facebook or other social networks. This might not only put you in bad light but will also spoil your reputation.

7. Never lie on your resume:

Lying on resume will land you up in many uncomfortable situations. Never lie about your past experience or your extra-curricular activities or academics.

8. Treat your new job as a Temp assignment: 

In today’s economy nothing is permanent. Do the best to you job. Give your best. Your boss will definitely recognise your abilities.

Happy Job Hunting in Dubai!

Reference: usnews.comOpens in a new tab.


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10 thoughts on “8 commandments for Job hunters!

  1. Am vivian from Nigeria and l have been practicing as a medical lab scientist in Nigeria, want to relocate to Dubai but also to get work in the area of my specialty pls help

  2. hi,i got offer letter from sharaf electronics and labour contract is also signed on24february. now i am in visit visa and it will expire on 25march 2016. the hr told that my visa process will be done without exiting uae. so my doubt is that how many it will take to complete the process? what is the next step after signing the labour contract?

  3. My name is Muhammad umar i need a job for hunting i am a good hunter i love hunting if you need a hunter then please follow me and contact me ,i am already live in uae .My contact # 055-7884402 #052-5937238 My email # [email protected]

    1. Muhammad,
      What kind of hunting are you good at?? Hunting wild animals is not legal here in UAE.

      In any case, Kindly register your CV on the following links and may be some company may ‘head hunt …..
      1. http://emiratesdiary.com/gulftalent
      2. http://emiratesdiary.com/baytcv
      3. http://emiratesdiary.com/submit-your-cvresume

  4. My name in Muhammad umar i am leaving in pakistan hunting is my hobbie i am a good hunter i love hunting

  5. I am Darwin Penuela. Graduate of Mechanical Engineering i have 2 years and 2 months of working experience. Anybody can help me looking for a job that fits my qualification??..my contact # 0507807129 or email [email protected] please me find a job thank you…

    1. Darwin,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:
      1. http://emiratesdiary.com/gulftalent
      2. http://emiratesdiary.com/baytcv
      3. http://emiratesdiary.com/submit-your-cvresume

  6. I am nancy from india i completed M.tech .I am interected in teaching field.I am a fersher.can i get job in colleges as lecturer ?i want to know about list of engineering colleges or universitites in dubai,give your suggestion.

  7. I am sharath kumar. i am an Indian from Kerala looking for a job as
    customer care executive with 2 yrs exp in Mphasis HP company in India / Receptionist/ cashier.. Fluent in English/Hindi/Malayalam..My Visa Expires On 17/03/2013…. My Contact no#0555460380 or Email Me @ [email protected]………………….plz Help Me…………………..

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