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How to land Jobs in UAE?

Post the economic crisis the job hunting scenario and strategies have drastically changed in the UAE. If you think there is a clear-cut strategy as to how to land in a job in the UAE, I am afraid you are wrong. Job Hunting is a combination of various factors and can not be attributed to one or two factors. Keeping this in mind I have put across certain strategies that you could employ while hunting for a job in the UAE.

Post-recession, where are the Jobs in UAE?

Some of us may be sceptical that there are not enough jobs available in the market. Well, you may be wrong again! The current day market is such that the opportunities arise out of lack of particular talents in the market. Having said that, I assure you that, UAE being a multi-cultural and multi-faceted economy, opportunities might arise from where you do not look at!

Erstwhile, Dubai was seen as the front-runner in the job arena although Abu Dhabi employed people mostly in traditional industries such as Oil and Gas, Trading etc. But post-recession the tables have turned in favour of Abu Dhabi which has been aggressive in expanding its economy from traditional industries.

This does not mean that opportunities have died out in Dubai. No, Never. Dubai continuously is emerging and I know of my friends who have been employed by companies in Dubai recently.

Best time to for a start-up rather than land Jobs in UAE?

I have often heard that recession is the best time to start-up with your own company. It makes sense. If you are hiring there will be enough talent pool to choose the best at a reduced salary packages, you have suppliers who will be open for negotiations, rents are falling and so on. So if you feel that there is a gap in the market that you could fill in, this is the time.

DCCI(Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industries) is planning on several initiatives on encouraging start-ups. I heard this on the radio recently in an interview.

Preparing your Job search for Jobs in UAE !

Step 1

Your CV

First impression is the best impression. And this is true. Is your CV market worthy? How would you add value to a prospective employer? Do you have required skill set?

Get your CV evaluated by professionals. This might cost you some Dirhams.

Here are some tips to writing a Killer CV and Sending CV to recruitersOpens in a new tab..

FREE CV ReviewOpens in a new tab.

Step 2

Shortlist recruitment agencies in the UAE.Opens in a new tab.

Majority of the sourcing in the UAE is done by the recruitment agencies. Prior to arriving to the UAE, it would be helpful to contact the recruitment agencies with your profile and query them on how and where your profile fits. Most of them are friendly and approachable. Here is the link to the various recruitment agencies in UAE.

 Step 3

Shortlist the companies in UAE.

Next step would involve you really shortlisting where do you want to work! This is important as you would not like to work in a company that you believe will not offer you conducive working environment.

For the ease here is the list of Freezone companies in the UAE.Opens in a new tab.

Step 4

Register yourself at job sites.Opens in a new tab.

There are umpteen number of job sites available where companies and recruiters actively leads for specific rolls. So it makes absolute sense in having your profile on these sites with your latest employment profile.

Here is a list of Job Sites in the UAE

Step 5

What about job search engines?

Yes, these sites scour the web and present you with the latest job posts at various other sites. www.careerjet.aeOpens in a new tab. is one good example that I have come across. There may be other sites. Do inform me.

Proceed Further for Jobs in UAE

I believe the information provided helps you in preparing yourself to what your objectives are and where you want to be. The information above would equip you with the necessary arsenal when attacking the job market in UAE.

Tap into your Personal Network

Do no undermine your personal network. Speaking to your contacts at various contacts on whether there are any available vacancies suiting your profile should be one of the basic steps in looking for a job.

Further, keep informed yourself with latest trends in the job market, economy and so on. For example, a rise in digital marketing would mean the requirement for graphic designers and allied job categories. So you need to keep your senses wide open to the market trends.

Have your profile on Linkedin and other professional websites.

These strategies and tips will help you certainly to land for Jobs in UAE.

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