5 ways to refocus on your career in 2017!

How to enhance your career?

What’s one thing that you want out of your job? For some it’s money, for some it may be satisfaction. But one thing is for sure….everybody wants a successful career. Including me. If I look back into my career so far, there have been many ups and downs. Well, life is but a bed of roses!!

At your job you may be into sales, at home you are a home maker, in the society you are volunteer! You wear different hats. Life can show you its pretty side as well as the not so pretty side. You may have been busy with personal life, that you have forgotten to take care of your career. How do you now move back into your career track and make it happen. You’ve always wanted that promotion, training, new responsibility. How would you achieve this? Here are 5 nifty ways in which you can refocus on your career.

career refocus

#1. Set achievable goals:

Winning does not need to be big. Even small wins can set your future for growth. When you set small achievable goals, once you have achieved them, you put a solid foundation. Set small goals. May be you could say that, ‘I want to complete that PMP course (click here for online courses)Opens in a new tab.‘. Or you could say, ‘I want to attend that conference.’ Whatever your goals, keep them small and achievable according to your ability. And when you have achieved those, you will be happy about yourself.

Have you heard of SMART goals? Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely. Keep these as your guiding force. When you have achieved your small goals, you would be making solid progress.

#2. Take more responsibilities:

Is there a company gathering happening? Volunteer yourself to be part of organising committee. Is there a company outing happening? Say ‘Yes’ to contributing in any way. If there is an opportunity like this, raise your hand to take responsibility. This may entail working a bit more or taking on responsibility. You see, anybody will do the normal job responsibility, but it is in these matters that you can set yourself apart!

#3. Share what you are doing or what you learnt:

By taking responsibility, you do not need to be a ‘YES MAN.’ Are you attending a conference? Let your colleagues know. It may sound silly, you sharing what you do. You see, you are building your career here. And sharing your ideas, thoughts among your colleagues and friends is the right thing to grow.

#4. Build a strategic network:

You do not need a large network. More so, you should aim to have a strategic group of small network. Focus on few people who you believe will enhance your life. As said, ‘You are the average of 5 people you spend your time withOpens in a new tab..’ Build this solid network. Make sure you meet up these individuals, regularly for lunch or coffee. Personal meetings are much better than phone conversation.

#5. Look beyond your organisation:

Your career need not be limited to your own organisation. You could look outside your organisation for inspiration. Keep abreast of new trends in your industry and related industries. Follow well known people and thought leaders on Twitter, Facebook etc. Inculcate their ideas and learn from their life. It need not be millionaires! Start reading books from people who you believe will enhance your career and life. Take an online course. To be great or to have a great career, you need to open up your mind and expand your thinking. Think big and you will see the changes that will start occurring in your life and career.

With this, I wish you a great career and life in this year.

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