The Progressive Office Tool called “Teamwork”

The Progressive Office Tool Called Teamwork

Whether you are an experienced professional or a recently graduated job seeker, the sooner you understand the importance of teamwork the better it is. Team spirit is a key quality that all professionals must strive to possess. It is not always about being on a team, you may also work with an individual to complete a task and the collaboration and support you offer is called teamwork. Since being able to cooperate with your co-workers is vital for getting ahead in life, the following article will discuss about why teamwork in necessary for a better career growth.

Teamwork as the Building Block of a Successful Workforce

teamwork 1A cohesive team in the office helps increase efficiency at the workplace and boost employee morale. Having set objectives and assigning special duties to employees in a team makes them feel significant and allows them to work for a common objective. Subsequently, this helps the organization perform better and enhances productivity. Effective teamwork can lead an organization to great heights as it will always be successful in accomplishing the organizational goals.

Famous author Max De PreeOpens in a new tab. has defined teamwork as an art, the elements of which include knowing how to deal with conflict and dealing with change. The needs of a team are best accomplished when the individual needs of people are met. Even though all organizations talk about this term, teamwork is seldom achieved as not all entities are committed to nurturing and fostering this important feeling. To become a member of a team, an employee must be made to feel included and engaged in activities that are of more importance than their daily responsibility.

Working Towards Team Development for Better Teamwork

teamwork 2Wiley-Blackwell’s Journal of Organizational BehaviorOpens in a new tab. states that employees tend to be more satisfied at work when working in a teamwork environment and several other studies and studies have cited that satisfied employees have a better career growthOpens in a new tab. in an organization that fosters teamwork. Teamwork also helps companies increase retention ratesOpens in a new tab..

Here’s how an organization can improve the work culture in the office and boost team spirit. The following elements, if worked upon carefully, can make a huge difference in fellowship and teamwork.

Implement Leadership

It is crucial that in an organization the role of supervisors is well defined. This helps in designing a better team structure and creating a disciplined work environment. A manager can support teamwork and offer the required information to employees that can help them do their job effectively. Managers can help serve as the mediators as they can set and implement the ground rules for the entire team.

Offer Flexibility

teamwork 3

Employees will be professionally satisfied when they are given the opportunities to grow and develop new skills. A company should design its culture to so that all teammates can participate to deliver their work. This will allow all members to rotate their tasks for a while and give the other person some support. Providing group members with the flexibility to divide responsibilities among each other and offer assistance will not only relieve them from boredom and repetition, it will also allow the workers to imbibe knowledge and learn different skills.

Cater to Their Needs

As per Gregory P. SmithOpens in a new tab., an international business consultant, employees are more content in a workplace that makes an effort to set up a fulfilling environment. Teams should be designed so that individual members on the team can be giving and compatible. The formation of a team should be done while keeping in mind the social needs of the workers. While maintaining deadlines and achieving company goals is important, the workplace must be made more relaxing and pleasant when employees join in for a common cause. People tend to engage more when they are part of a group towards which they feel a personal responsibility.

Allow Them the Sense of Achievement

Rochester Institute of TechnologyOpens in a new tab. reports that individuals get satisfaction from their work when they get a sense of accomplishment. But most of the times the extroverts in them team tend to take over which leaves the less outspoken employees with little or no responsibility. This may lead to a feeling of dejection and dissatisfaction when they are under-appreciated or neglected. Thus, all duties must be divided equally and fairly to promote harmony and fairness. This will eventually help foster team spirit when each member begins to make measurable and considerable contributions.

Author bio: A writer by profession, Devika Arora is currently focusing her writing on the extensive domain of career building and job search. She has written various articles and blogs for the benefit of professionals and job seekers in the Gulf region. The above article is a compilation of facts and discusses about teamwork in the office.

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