How much salary do MBAs earn in Dubai?

Top Paying MBA Jobs in Dubai

A Master’s degree in Business is one of the top post graduate courses. The popularity of the course is because of a number of reasons. Higher salaries, better carrier opportunities, better business networks, new skill set acquisition and a holistic view of the business world are some of the major benefits that you acquire with a MBA degree.

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The Job Market in Dubai & Middle East

Though the oil and petroleum industry is facing an all time low, the other industries in the Middle East have seen a yearly growth and positive hiring outlook. The Middle East especially Dubai and  Abu Dhabi are known to offer higher salaries than rest of the world and if you have an MBA degree. You can expect to have one of the top paying jobs in the Middle East if you have MBA degree. The numbers increase as years go by.

The Advantage of Adding MBA to Your Resume and qualification

There is no one stop for an MBA graduate. With specialization in finance you can choose to build your career in financial management, be an analyst or a financial consultant, with marketing specialisation, you could work at any company in roles such as marketing, advertising etc. The limits to an MBA degree holder are immense, only if you pay heed to your career.

You can choose to work in a number of industries. The industries that have the most demand for MBA’s in Dubai and Middle East include:

  • Engineering and Construction;
  • Banking and Finance;
  • Electronics and Communications;
  • Healthcare;
  • IT and Telecom.

And, if you have a MBA, you can easily get working into any of the above mentioned industries.

Money Matters: Top Paying MBA Jobs in the Middle East

Understanding the importance of a MBA degree in your resume and the growing industries in the Middle East, you should now look for top paying jobs in the Middle East.Opens in a new tab.

For the Experienced Professionals

  1. CEO’s

If you have a considerable number of experience (25 years and above) in an industry with an MBA or a double MBA, you definitely fit to be one of the top members of the organization. To be a CEO, you need to have an MBA degree, a good number of experience and good connections to catalyse the process.

Pay Range: DH 70,000 – DH 120,000

  1. CFO / Finance Manager / Finance

A function within Finance is most sought after for MBAs with Finance as specialisation. You could become a finance manager, credit manager, Head of Credit within a bank, CFO etc. To reach to such level, you may need considerable amount of experience and rise through the ranks.

Pay Range: DH 35,000 to Dh 90,000

     3. Business Development Manager

The technology industry is a sea of number of opportunities. A professional with experience and a professional outlook can land you to a job of development manager. An MBA is a must with the required qualifications for a development manager or larger roles in the industry.

Pay Range: DH 33,000 – DH 75,000

For the Mid-Experienced Professionals

    4. Construction Manager/Power Plant Manager/Engineering Manager

Engineer? And, looking for the next step in your engineering career? An engineer with an MBA degree can find a job as a construction manager, power plant manager or an engineering manager. These roles demand a relevant experience and an MBA acts as a catalyst speeding up your reach.

Pay Range: DH 23,000 – DH 70,000

    5. Public Relations Director/Executive Director/Advertising Creative Director

Get a degree in marketing or business and move up the career ladder. You reach this position when you have a reliable amount of experience in the field. Mostly directors start off a graduate trainee. An MBA degree in marketing is a must for this job.

Pay Range:  DH 35,000 – DH 68,000

    6. Sales Manager

A MBA is not a prerequisite, but it sure helps.

Pay Range:  DH 30,000 – DH 50,000.

Plan your career and take the next big move by adding a MBA from a reputed business school and you will eventually reap the benefits of the MBA degree and the experience you have built.

For further information on salaries and pay grade, you should read the latest release of salary guide by Robert HalfOpens in a new tab. to research and understand how much do various industries pay to MBAs with experience.

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