Looking for Jobs? Read the Recruitment Trends and Outlook in Dubai & UAE!

Recruitment: What’s the trend?

Employment and recruitment in the UAE has experienced something of a slump across the last couple of years, but is set for a more positive outlook in the current year and near future. Dubai especially is home to a highly competitive jobs market and even as opportunities increase it is still essential to make your CV stand outOpens in a new tab. if you’re job hunting. There are various recruitment trends underway in the UAE, especially in Dubai for various reasons, which are worth tracking if you’re looking for a new job in Dubai or UAE.

recruitment in dubai

Recent Recruitment Growth

In the fourth quarter of 2016 the demand for employees across many industries increased by 30%Opens in a new tab. compared to the same period a year earlier. This followed more negative previous three quarters, with the number of jobs on offer falling by 9% in the first quarter of last year, for example.

Jobs growth grew to a four-month high in November as recruitment and the number of opportunities increased. Rather than being a one-off event and simply appearing positive after such a poor period, this trend is predicted to continue into 2017. Figures for the first quarter won’t be released until after the end of March, to provide proof that the trend has continued.

Reasons for the Recruitment Resurgence

Various factors have a big impact on recruitment levels and trends in the UAE, with low oil prices being blamed for many companies in the nation having to reduce their payroll. A resurgence in the value of oil will therefore provide many firms with increased revenues which can be invested in fresh talent and deliver a boost to the jobs market in the UAE.

Another big reason for the increased growth is due to the lead up to Expo 2020. This is a six-month long expo set to take place in just over three years time in Dubai. The government has committed $8 billion in capital spendingOpens in a new tab. to build roads, rail lines, airports and an exhibition centre, while Dubai itself is believed to be investing $18 billion in preparation. This is set to create thousands of jobs, with momentum believed to really begin in 2017 as the expo draws ever closer.

Industry Opportunities

Expo 2020 is due to drive growth in the hospitality, aviation and telecommunications industries especially, with more job openings set to appear in the near future. However, given the importance of oil to the region, a lot of opportunities in operations, sales and engineering will be introduced, targeting both job seekers in the country and from the international market.

Many of the other jobs that have experienced a boost in advertising have been in technology based roles. For example, Apple has opened new vacancies for applicants in the UAE, while its fintech sector is growing with the popularity of online trading platformsOpens in a new tab., bitcoin and other financial technologies. Given its large financial sector as well, it makes sense for this industry to grow in tandem with it.

Working in the UAE

Seeking a position in any of the aforementioned industries is a great place to start if you’re looking for a job in the UAE. Opportunities are expected to increase, but it is essential you have the right skills. Some of the top skills employers are looking for in the UAE include; statistical analysis, algorithm design, SEO marketingOpens in a new tab., web architecture, user interface design and many more.

With recruitment expected to grow in the UAE this year, now is the time to look at advertised job rolesOpens in a new tab. if you want to change or start a new career in the country.

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