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Let’s first agree with the fact that popular recruiters in DubaiOpens in a new tab. or HR personnel on an average receive not less than 500 resumes or CVs when a job is advertised. How long do they have until your CV(Curriculum Vitae)/Resume grabs their attention?

I believe less than 20 seconds!

With this in mind, in most cases, your CV becomes the only tool to communicate your pitch to the recruiter or the HR personnel!

And how do you design your CV that grabs attention?

Below infografic will shed light on what you should be doing to design a CV or Resume that makes you rank higher than your competition(Other job seekers). It also sets out points on what you should or should not do with your Curriculum Vitae(CV)/Resume.

Follow the rules set out in this picture and I am sure you will get results!


Source: topcounsellingschools.orgOpens in a new tab.


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3 thoughts on “How to design a GREAT RESUME that GRABS ATTENTION!

  1. Thanks for the info.. I have a college degree attested… How much salary should be my next offer? Do I have to pay my current employer anything?! Like for the visa?! And about the ban?!

  2. Dear Mr. Deepak

    I badly need your help.

    I’m with a Bachelor’s degree. Came here with a visit visa. Applied for a job. Got in on October 22, 2012. On my 4th month probationary period now. I found out that there was a difference on my basic salary stated on my Offer Letter and on my employment contract I”ve seen at MOL website dated Dec. 2012 (which I cant remember signing). Then they let me sign another employment contract with no Arabic Translations and whole lot of discrepancies from what was offered to me. I know it was a mistake signing them. But I was really confused. Can I still resign from the company?! Without Ban? Or having to pay them for the Visa costs?! Please reply. I really need your help. I’m pretty stressed.

    1. If you are on probation period you can resign at any time without giving notice to the company.
      Before resigning make sure you have attested degree and also it will depends upon the new offer you are getting from the other company. There are certain job category plus salary slab from MOL to avoid ban.

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