Future of Work!

What is it like to Work in the FUTURE?

The market these days is so dynamic that the technologies and things that worked in the last year may now be obsolete. Just think about Recruitment! Few years back, you had to carry your CV and deliver them to the door of prospective employers or fax it to them; a practice now defunct!

Then came an era where recruitment agencies worked hard for companies to source employees.

And now there is LinkedInOpens in a new tab., which individuals use to look for jobs and employers utilise to recruit prospective candidates.

When it comes to workplace, the dynamics there too have changed. From a brick and mortar set up, nowadays you could expect your employees to be situated far from the office at a remote location and do the same work.

The below presentation sheds light on the Future of WORK! What would it be to work in a company in 2020 or 2030.


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  1. Without giving a prior notice my company informed me on the last day of my labour contract expiry date that they are not renewing my contract. So am I eligible to get a compensation??. My visa will expire only on december.

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