Detailed Guide to Applying Jobs at Dubai Duty Free

Jobs at Dubai Duty Free

Living and Working in Dubai is a dream for many! There are opportunities in the employment sector for whoever is focussed and has necessary skills that the market requires. Sometime it comes down to using job sites effectively, interacting with Recruitment agencies, Applying directly at company sites, Building your network and many others.

Dubai is a Tourism and Travel hub with largest airports in world and highest number of visitors coming to visit as tourists and job seekers. And where do they land first? Dubai Airport. What do they pass through? Dubai Duty Free!!

Yes, it is Dubai Duty Free  that is one of the first thing and the last thing that visitor, residents experience when they arrive or exit Dubai Airports. Having said that Dubai Duty Free has another secret: It is one of the largest employers in the UAE, with more than 6000 employees from more than 45 nationalities. Surely Duty Free is a multicultural environment and the business has been steadily increasing over the years with records broken each year.

Why you should apply for Dubai Duty Free Jobs??

There are many reasons:

  • DDF offers competitive salaries depending on your experience and skills;
  • You are provided with required training through induction and on the job;
  • Free transportation from Dubai and Sharjah;
  • You are provided with health insurance;
  • Annual Ticket;
  • Uniform and laundry services;
  • Participation in different events organised by DDF;
  • On job scope for development – (I know of people who have joined as Sales Executives and have reached managerial positions!);
  • The brand value on your CV;
  • And many other perks.

Vacancies (Jobs) in Dubai Duty Free

All the recruitment in Dubai Duty Free is handled through their online career portal. Currently, I can seen couple of vacancies listed on the siteOpens in a new tab. for expatriates (non-UAE Nationals):

ddf jobs

UAE Nationals have continuous job openings in Dubai Duty Free.

duty free jobs for uae nationals

How to apply for Jobs at Dubai Duty Free?

Before you could apply for jobs, you will need to register on the site of Dubai Duty Free because all the recruitment is carried out through online channel. It was confusing for me to apply for jobs as there was no place to register first. Seems you will have go through the vacancies listed.

Here are the steps to apply for jobs at DDF:

Step 1: Registration

On the Careers pageOpens in a new tab. of Dubai Duty Free,Opens in a new tab. you will find link to Non UAE Nationals. Click on that:

dubai duty free jobs

Step 2: Vacancy Page

Once you have click on the Non – UAE Nationals link, it will lead you to the Vacancies page. To register, you will have to click on the relevant vacancies that you would like to apply for:

duty free jobs dubai

Step 3: Registration Link

Once you have clicked, you will be presented with links to register or login. If you have already registered previously, you will need to use, Login. If you are applying for the first time, click on register:

duty free dubai jobs

Step 4: Questionnaire

At this stage you are asked for a critical feedback from your side. DDF wants to make sure only genuinely interested candidates apply for jobs by giving the terms and conditions of the jobs upfront, so that you are aware. Read the terms and conditions carefully and select that you agree to and click to continue:

ddf jobs

Step 5: Actual Registration

At this stage, you will need to provide your personal details.

duty free job application

Step 6: CV & Photo

At this stage you will need to upload your scanned passport size photo(not more than 40KB) and CV.

dubai duty free cv

Step 7: Education and Work Experience

Part 1: Education Details: Enter your Educational qualification details:

ddf jobs

Part 2: Work Experience

If you have work experience, you will select, Yes and enter your employment details:

jobs in ddf

Part 3: References

DDF needs your reference who can verify your details. Please enter them. Once you have done, click Save and Continue:

ddf jobs

Step 8: Additional Questions on Nationality and Visa

Part 1: In this step you are required to fill in your personal details:

duty free dubai jobs

Part 2: Employment within DDF

DDF has immense opportunities within their company. Hence you are asked to provide your interested areas to work. Fill in the details with proper explanations. Make sure you write in detail about your qualification to handle the jobs and your experience in the same. Once you are done, click on Save and Continue.

duty free dubai

Step 9: Declaration

In this step you will declare that the information you have provided is correct and Duty Free will use to for their internal purposes. Read carefully and Submit your Application.

ddf jobs

Once you have submitted, you will receive the following message:

jobs at dubai duty free

That’s not all!

Once you have completed all the steps, Dubai Duty Free recruitment team will send you an online assessment as part of their recruitment process. You are required to complete this mandatorily. I will not post about it here as it will not be right to game the system.

DDF Email regarding online Test

duty free dubai

Contents of the email

Please read the email carefully and complete the test through the link provided. I am not going to provide details of the test. Also do not take anyone’s help with the test. It is against the policies of DDF recruitment.

jobs at dubai duty free apply email 1

You see how professional this set up is?? For many, to work at Dubai Duty Free, will be a dream come true. Wish you all the best.

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