How Can an Expat Build Strong Professional Network in the UAE?

Building your professional network in UAE

UAE is one country in the Arab that is flocked hugely by expats for job and that too on a huge basis. Cultural shock, different societal tendencies and alienated laws are some of the issues that are commonly faced and somehow hinder a successful job hunt. In such scenario having the right in one’s life can be fruitful and gained Information can make an expat stand out from the crowd.

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Here are some of the surefire ways that will ensure a sturdy network, built in an apt way:

  1. Prepare to Fail If Not Prepared

While on a job hunt, an expat may have to attend a networking event, which is a normal activity that happens in any major job fair. This can be one of the best opportunities to nail some of the best of people in his network. An expat can prepare a checklist and can begin the conversation in the same flow but it is better if it doesn’t look like a ‘person reading a book’s chapter” sort of. 

  1. Dress to Impress

Dressing appropriately can prove to be fruitful for a migrant who has visited UAE for making a career and go further in life. Keeping in mind the strong traditional values that drive the society here, it is important that both men and women to dress simply yet elegantly. The color tones should not be shockingly bright and mixing of styles should be avoided. Such natty ways can definitely assure success and enable an expat to secure any of the high-paying jobs in the UAEOpens in a new tab..

  1. The Unspoken Language

Body language is one powerful medium of communicating the current state of mind that it can either ruin the situation or make it merrier. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an interview or an event; all that is important is to have a relaxed body language. Fidgeting or being too bold, both can be a turn-off as this transmits unprofessional vibes. UAE is a place that regards culture above their lives and respecting the decorum can assure a successful networking attempt.

  1. Desperation is Ugly

An expat should understand that he is in some different country and expecting people to behave in the same way as in his own native nation is just out of the question. At a professional event where people from various industries are present, it is good if the newbie makes a mark without showing any desperation or forced introduction. Mingling with people and talking career can be a good option.

  1. Lasting Relationship Matters

Building relationship takes time and demands a lot of efforts as well. An expat should keep a note of people he meets in such events or accidental meet-ups and try connecting with them on a good time basis.

Probable way-outs could be keeping a tab on upcoming events, reaching out to them through social mediums like Facebook or Linkedin or learning about their businesses and then approaching them for any professional prospects.

  1. “Keep In Touch!”

The expat can ask for business cards and ask them to meet over a coffee or some religious event. Emiratis are religious and this fact can help an expat to grab a chance to meet them again. A meet-up can also happen at some industrial mega affair.

Before We Go

Networking is an overly used cliché but holds an invincible significance for a new entrant in the UAE, who aims to launch a career in here. Going by the saying “It’s not about what you know, It’s about who you know, an expat can assure better job prospects and way-outs to achieve a good and sturdy network of people.

Author Bio: Vineeta Tiwari is a professional writer and blogger, who follows and writes about global economy and different employment markets. Striving to carve a niche for herself in the communication domain, she has written a range of employment related articles for exclusive gulf job search portals like Naukrigulf.comOpens in a new tab..

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