Which are the best sectors to find jobs in UAE ?

Top Sectors for Jobs in UAE 

As the Middle Eastern economy records a boom, the overall job scenario across various sectors is expected to generate several employment opportunities. The following post takes a quick look at some of the top sectors where job employment is the maximum.



Often termed as the country of expatriates, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has a high human development index as compared to other Middle Eastern and Asian countries. Of late, the UAE was ranked as the 14th best region for business development by the World Bank mainly due to its souring economy, an overall conducive working environment and most importantly a tax free economy. No wonder, that working in the UAE is definitely of consequence. 2009, turned out to be a fruitful year, when UAE’s annual revenue touched a peak of US$400 billion. As per CNN, Abu Dhabi announced as the richest city of the region.

Today, UAE boasts of a diversified economy. Every sector is not only booming but also offers amazing job opportunities. From engineering and manufacturing to banking, hospitality and travel now have a plethora of job opportunities. Even after the world economic crisis, the economy is back to being normal with more expats thronging to the region every year.

Experts are of the opinion that 2014 would be good year for the overall economy of the region. Five months down the line in 2014, economic surveys have predicted that the job market of the UAE will be promising. Certain labour intensive sectors will be the highest grossers for 2014. 

Engineering and Manufacturing Jobs in UAEOpens in a new tab.

As the economy gains momentum, the overall job market scenario in the Middle East, especially the UAE is predicted to witness a growth in the job markets. Sectors like Engineering and Manufacturing are predicted to witness a growth in the upcoming months. These labour intensive segments are predicted to witness a huge growth thereby generating a lot of employment opportunities.

Tourism and Hospitality Sector Jobs in UAEOpens in a new tab.

Presently ranked as one of the most sought-after tourist destination in the Middle East region, UAE offers high-end services in terms of tourism and hospitality. With an overall boom in the economy, the tourism sector also experienced an upsurge. Needless to say that the job prospects in the overall sector has grown considerably and thus creating a lot of job opportunities in the near future. The extravagant and the moneyed latest face of this sector have created a multiple job opportunitiesOpens in a new tab..

Education and Teaching Sector Jobs in UAE

Well, if you thought it was all about engineering and manufacturingOpens in a new tab. that is experiencing a boom, now it is time that you think otherwise. Yes, the education sector within the Arab world is growing at a rapid pace. In a recent report published by Deloitte, the Arab World has registered a huge gap of teachers; and in order to eradicate this huge gap, by 2015, the Middle East would require more than 75000 teachers both at elementary levels and high school level. Shortage of education professionals in the region is a stemming issue and needless to say that the sector has a huge demand for teachers in the coming economic year.

Banking and Finance Jobs in UAEOpens in a new tab.

Alternately, the banking and finance sectors of the region have also been doing great in the recent past, thereby creating a demand for an increased number of professionals. A rapidly growing sector, the banking and the finance industries have been creating ripples within the economy. According to certain reports published by consultancy firms like KPMG and Ernst and Young (E&Y), it was found that the domestic banks have been dominating the economy of the region to a great extent. Islamic banks like Emirates NBD (UAE), Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (UAE), Bank Muscat, (Oman), Gulf Bank (Qatar) have been taking away all the laurels. Combined together, these banks have been contributing nearly 25% of the country’s GDP.

On the other hand, the Information Technology (IT) sector of the region has been equally creating ripples. Several IT companies, right from multinational companies to the domestic ones have been not only been generating employment opportunities but also contributing substantially to the GDP of the country.

About the author:

Sampurna Majumder is a professional writer who enjoys creativity and challenges.  Barely a year into new media, she has written several posts, articles and blogs for prominent websites where one can find all kinds of information pertaining to the world of employment in the Middle East. The above post throws light on the several sectors where you can find employment opportunities in the Middle EastOpens in a new tab..

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