9 ways to spot a JOB SCAM?

Spot a Job Scam

Consider this:

You have been hunting for a job in Dubai for quite sometime. You find a very enticing opportunity in a Gulf News classified or a Dubizzle listing about an opening that suits your profile perfectly. You apply for the position and almost immediately you receive a feedback or a call from the consultant asking you to visit their office for an interview. What do you do?

At the second thought you must be careful with regard to such arrangements. A growing economy such as UAE may be a breeding ground for Job Scams!!

How do you protect yourself? How to spot a job scam?

There have been thousands of  individuals who have been conned by job scams through websites asking them to pay money to find a ‘suitable job’.

Here are clues to Spot a Job scam:


1. Sounds too good to be true

If the job position ad claims to offer facilities that sound out of the world, it most probably is a scam.

2. Experience is not mandatory

Although the job involves handling technical aspects, the job ad claims that experience is not mandatory. This most probably is a clue that the job advertised is a scam. In UAE especially, most of the jobs require some kind of experience.

3. High salaries offered

Although the job is of Accountant, the advertised salary is higher than the market offerings. What do you think is happening here?

4. You need to pay a registration fee!

The business model of recruitment agencies is not dependent on the registration fees paid by the job seekers. Recruiters get paid from companies for placing good candidates in companies who they have contract with. If a recruitment agency, a job portal seeks registration fees or wants you to wire money to their account, this is perfectly a JOB SCAM!

5. The job is waiting for you:

Acting upon the desperation of the job seekers, the recruiter mentions to you that you are the perfect match for job and the employer is waiting for you to sign the contract. Guess what? This is a scam in all senses.

6. You are being sent email through a generic email

You have been in touch with the recruiter but notice that the communication is done over generic emails such as @yahoo.com or @gmail.com. These are personal emails. Companies seldom use personal emails for communication.

7. Grammatical mistakes in the advertisements

This is a perfect giveaway! When you find that there are obvious mistakes in the grammar in the ad copy, the company that advertised may not be a professional company and most probably a scam.

8. The recruiter is in URGENCY!!

A red flag should be raised when the recruiter asks you to visit them immediately and sounds very urgent.

9. Fake sounding testimonials

You visit the recruiters website which has a page for testimonials and these testimonials sound very spammy with all the praises and adjectives mentioned in the page praising the recruiter for their services. Most often, the relationship with recruiters will not go to an extent where the candidates fill out testimonials on recruiters website. This should raise an alarm of a purported Job Scam.

So be careful! Do not be conned into a Job Scam however strong your urge is or desperate you are.

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