9 Skills That Can Get You a Job in Abu Dhabi!

The Current Scenario of Job Market

The job market of Abu Dhabi is not at its all-time high. According to a report by Morgan McKinley, the vacancies in 2016 have gone down by 22%.Opens in a new tab. The job seekers are facing a hard time getting the right jobOpens in a new tab. due to the slow market and increase in the number of job seekers annually. The UAE witnessed about 31% increase in the number of job seekers by January 2016.

The year 2016 remained more challenging for the job seekers and consultants. The major reason behind this scenario is the downfall in the oil and petroleum sector. The decreasing value of oil has inevitable effects on the economy of Abu Dhabi.

The Positivity in the Job Market

Even with the slowdown in the market, there still exists positivity in the market where the employers are looking for high calibre candidates. In a situation like this, you should have the right skills that are required to grab a job.

job skills

Industries That You Can Work For

Though, the UAE is an Oil and Petroleum dominant country, cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai have a number of other industries that are growing. Some of the industries growing in the UAE are:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate and Construction
  • Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Logistics
  • Export

What does it TAKE to become an ideal Employee in Abu Dhabi (or anywhere else for that matter!)?

An ideal employee should have the following skills to grab a job in Abu DhabiOpens in a new tab. or any other Arab country:

  1. Team Player

Most of the employers in the UAE require employees who have the ability to work in a team. Most of the employers stated that they value team players over and above any other skill.

  1. Communication Skills (Ability to Speak in Arabic and English)

An employer in the UAE looks forward to someone, who can communicate well in English as well as Arabic. An employer looks communication skill as one of the most important skills required to work in the UAE.

  1. Competency

An ideal employee anywhere round the globe is required to be efficient in the job they are hired for. Similarly, Abu Dhabi has employers both local and MNCs looking for candidates who have the ability to deliver work efficiently. This can be best reflected in your resume where you can show your previous experience and state numbers to prove efficiency.

  1. Ability to Lead

Be it any sector that you choose to work in, you should have the ability to lead and take things forward. Employers in Abu Dhabi sponsor an expat and they expect them to be trained well before they hit the real world. Your abilities and skills like this would help you take the step forward.

  1. Adaptability

Working in Abu Dhabi requires you to work with people of different cultures. Your skill to adapt well in a multi-cultural scenario can get you an edge over others. In your application you can show the employer that you have an experience of working with different set of people and leading them.

If you do not have a work-experience, use your graduation experience to display the same.

  1. Having Negotiation Skills

A number of employers in the Emirate feel that business deals are acquired with a kind of persuasion. Persuasion skill is a must trait to grab a job in the current scenario of the job market.

  1. Ability to Commit

You should have the ability to support the long-term strategy of stability and successOpens in a new tab. that is a part of Abu Dhabi’s agenda towards its diversification into a non-oil based economy.

  1. Ability to Handle Work-Pressure

With cultural diversification and great opportunities, employers in Abu Dhabi also have great work pressure that the employees need to handle. 39% of the employers in the entire UAE value this skill and would love to have someone who has the ability to remain cool-headed even in the pressurized working conditions.


The conclusion here is that if you have the right skill sets, it becomes easier to get a job in Abu Dhabi. Even if the economy slows down due to fluctuations in oil prices, the Emirate has a number of plans to diversify and be known as the centre of all trades like Dubai.

About the Author:

Swati Srivastava is an avid writer who loves to pen down her ideas and professional tips for job search, finding your career goal, and working abroad. Currently she is works for Naukrigulf.com. Reach her on LinkedInOpens in a new tab./TwitterOpens in a new tab./G+Opens in a new tab.

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