7 tips to create a Great place to Work! (infographic)

Tips to create great place to work

We all need that peace of mind! According to a recent survey conducted it is estimated that nearly 67% of the employees are stressed at their work. Now, the reasons for this stress is not only their work place but their personal lives as well. It varies from family problems, children’s school, education, societal pressure and so on. HR departments play a vital role in understanding that every employee (including them) is undergoing a tremendous mental and sometime physical stress. 

Many companies have taken concrete steps to de-stress the employees by making their work place a Great Place to Work. It is no rocket science and every company can do this.

In the past I wrote about Great Place  to work in UAEOpens in a new tab. and I am sure these companies do follow some of these tips.

Below are the 7 Tips to create a Great place to work, so that the employees feel at home and contribute more by being productive.

  1. Be Flexible
  2. Communicate
  3. Recognize Success
  4. Offer Development Opportunities
  5. Build Trust
  6. Give and Receive Feedback
  7. Provide a sense of Purpose

Below infographic sheds more light on how to convert a normal, boring work place to a great place to work.


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