7 strategies for you to land a job in UAE!

Expat Guide: In UAE Without Job? Here are Strategies to Find Jobs in UAE!

Undoubtedly, the United Arab EmiratesOpens in a new tab. is one of the top countries in the Middle East and North Africa to live in. Apart from this, UAEOpens in a new tab. is ranked fourth in the list of countries with competitive and best compensation figures. With a high net migration rate, UAE has a prospering range of industries with some of the high-paying employment options that are totally tax-free.

You planned and landed in this dynamic country and now living here without a job. The hunt to get the best of job opportunity here in can be extremely arduous if you have no source of income.

A typical job search and its results may take about 3 to 6 months to come up and this time period require a strategy so that you are not left abandoned with an empty pocket and a  miserable life, asking for a job.

Here’s a strategy to Find Jobs:

  1. Reap Benefits From Job Boards

You are on a job hunt and while taking on this journey, you must have created your profile on a number of job boardsOpens in a new tab.; so this is the time to reap benefits from this option. Make sure that you keep on updating your CV online every second day. This will increase your visibility to the recruiters and your chances of getting calls will surge automatically. Apart from this, you can make job search through these boards better by enlisting facts about your professional experience, education and industries you are targeting clearer and in a crisp manner.


  1. Make Solid Leads & Revive Old Relations

Time flies unquestionably when you are in a dynamic nation like the UAE. You have places to go, places to shop and beaches to see. Therefore, you should understand the value of time and therefore use it to the fullest. Do a bit of time management and do extensive lead making by creating online profiles and utilizing social media platformsOpens in a new tab. like LinkedIn and Twitter.

Apart from this, you can make headway by reviving relations with acquaintances that you may have in the UAE. Meet them over a coffee and discuss your plans to get settled in the country. Such interactions can definitely help you in entering the right company under the right aegis.

  1. Follow a Set Routine

Employers may take some time to revert with a word on your candidature; therefore, make sure for the empty time of the month is utilized in a better way. You applied today on a particular vacancy and now there are at least 15 days in your hands till the time you get a response sit back and make a routine. Utilize this time by going out, meeting people, understanding culture and tasting the cuisine. Believe it or not, such activities will help in in settling down faster in your job.

  1. Research On Industries

The Global Inc is undergoing heavy technological and operational makeovers; therefore, any little change can deter the employment generation rate here. As a serious job seeker, it’s necessary that you continue with your researches and keep yourself updated with the happenings in the industries that are high on generating high-paying career options in UAEOpens in a new tab..

Moreover, you can also target other industries as well apart from the ones that are on your wish list. There are certain sectors that are expanding their horizons and are marking their foray into various verticals; so a fortune is in store here as well.

  1. Go For Part Time Career Options

You have to earn to make your stay here in UAE without problems and for this very thing you need some bucks in hand. It is not possible to get monetary help from near ones and positive results out of your job search program may take time. UAE is a dynamic nation and expensive too; so to ease out your daily needs and accommodation requirement, you can join some vocational or part-time career optionsOpens in a new tab. like music, book sellers house, restaurant’s crew etc. This is not your dream job but such options can help you live with ease and catalyze job hunt. (However, be careful to know the legality involved. Part-time jobs may require a work permit in UAE)

  1. Follow-Up With Companies

You are doing all the right things and implementing all the right job search strategies. But amid the tasks that you are undertaking, do not forget to follow up with the recruiters. These are companies where you have sent your candidature to and sometimes the need is to do cold calling or a formal mail follow up.

Another case is that you got to know about a job opening in a company; the plan of action demands you making a call to the recruiter directly and letting them know that you are available for interviews.

Before We Go

Strategizing yourself well is the need of the hour if you are on a job hunt as an expat in the UAE. Money is not everything and managing your time well here with some of the best learning options in hand can make your stay here in Arab worth remembering and mentioning.

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Vineeta Tiwari is a professional writer and blogger who has a keen interest in emerging economies and their effect on the job market. She has also written a range of career guides and related articles for job seekers from all over the world.

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