6 Job Hunting Tips Never To Forget in 2017!

Job Hunting Tips for Dubai in 2017

The ‘New Year’ comes with new opportunities as well as some new challenges. Moving ahead in your career by learning from the last year’s failures and planning career progression makes a right approach to begin your New Year. The UAE is one of the most popular global job destinations that entice job seekers from different parts of the world. Therefore, finding a job in UAE continues to be a preferred option for many job seekers.

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New researches and employment trends reveal numerous career opportunities in the UAE in various sectors. However, knowing how to search a job is equally important as acquiring the right qualification for a specific position. If you are one of those preparing to dive into the competitive job market in UAE this year, pay attention to these job search tips to move one step closer to your job offer in 2017.

Job Search Tips for 2017

With several projects in the pipeline for Expo 2020, UAE job market predicts a positive outlook in 2017. Therefore, to gain momentum in the flourishing job market, start planning now. Here are some useful job search tips:  

  • Build a strong cover letter and a customized CV:

When applying for a full-time job with different companies, a tailor-made CVOpens in a new tab. is the first thing you should think about. Sending a common CV for all the different job roles is the biggest blunder mostly committed by the job seekers. Therefore, as per the job description shared by different employers, tweak your CV slightly to include the important job keywords. This helps your CV to easily pass through the scanner and get shortlisted for interview.

  • Create a Plan to Reach Employers:

It is vital to channel all your efforts in a direction that helps you to get the desired results. Therefore, plan your job hunt by preparing a list of companies in the UAEOpens in a new tab. where you wish to work. Working in a focused direction increases your chances of being successful. Research more about the companies to gain in-depth knowledge about what does the company do, what products/services it offers, and what are the available positions. Next, start applying to the job openings on the company’s websites. Taking help of reliable online job portals is also recommended to get quick responses.

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  • Enhance your online presence:

In today’s Internet age, not only the job seekers find their future employers online, but employers also search their prospective employees on professional networking sites like LinkedIn. In fact, the maximum number of companies in MENA research new hires online before shortlisting them for an interview call. Therefore, as the time demands, it is necessary for job seekers to build online presence to score a job offer.

  • Evaluate and develop your skills:

We all possess one or another skill but how well we can assess our own capabilities and apply them to our chosen field of work is important. Therefore, to grab your desired job in this competitive job market, evaluate your abilities and skills and do not hesitate to take an extra mile in developing the new skills. If required, go for certifications relevant to your industry or job role. Never stop learning to keep yourself abreast of what employers want to see in their next potential candidate.

  • Prepare for your job interview:

Once you start applying for jobs, it’s imperative that you should start preparing for interviews also. This includes preparing the mock interviews, practicing phone interviewsOpens in a new tab. and preparing answers to some common interview questions. This helps to stay prepared in case you get any interview call on a short notice.

  • Follow a right follow-up plan:

Every beginning should have a proper ending. In case of job hunting, every job application or interview must include a proper follow-up. However, there is a proper method to follow up with the employer as a job candidate who always pesters and gives multiple reminders in the name of follow-up is a big turn-off for hiring managers. The proper strategy is to send a ‘Thank You’ emailOpens in a new tab. to the recruiter and asking in the end about the status of the interview. Leave your contact details for further communication.

The UAE always remains a hub for global jobseekers. This is true in terms of not only attracting the new talent but also retaining the best people. Hence, start preparing for your job search if you are looking forward to experiencing a quality lifestyle, tax-free income and job security.

All the best!

About the Author:

Swati Srivastava is an avid writer who loves to pen down her ideas and professional tips for job search, finding your career goal, and working abroad. Currently she is working for Naukrigulf.com. Reach her on LinkedInOpens in a new tab./TwitterOpens in a new tab./G+Opens in a new tab.

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