3 Reasons why your Resume was trashed?

Why I did not get that call from Recruiter?

So you found a good job posted in a job site or a new paper classified! You apply for the job and hear no response from the advertiser and the recruiter. 

Ahm….you are on the brink of depression. There was nothing you could do you think?!! Think again.

Understand that a headhunter gets on an average 250-300 CV’s per job that is advertised. What do you think that happened that made the recruiter to thrash your CV?Opens in a new tab.


There are 3 basic reasons why your resume was not considered:

1. You may not be meeting  the Basic requirements for the job

First of all, have you read the requirements of the job responsibilities? Do your skills and experience meet the requirements advertised? Many just send the their CV to any and every vacancy that they come across. You may be wasting your time as well as the time of the recruiter. On an average, recruiter has 20 to 30 seconds on a CV to spend. Keep this in mind. Always.

2. You may not be a Cultural fit

Recruiters put a lot of emphasis on whether the candidate is a cultural fit as well as he/she matches the job skill requirements. Recruiters often complain that the candidates do not provide a well rounded CV but rather send the same CV over and over again for different jobs. You must tweak your CV so that you present yourself more attractive to the recruiter. You need to make a connection between your skills and the job requirements. Rather than mentioning in length about your job responsibilities, mention what you achieved in your past jobs. Back it up with necessary statistics. Like a Technical Sales Manager may mention that: Increased sales 3.5x in the year 2013 which resulted in the bottom line growth of 65%. Mention your interests/hobbies that are genuine.

3. You Don’t pay attention to details

Saleem, a recruiter mentions, “Most often I get resumes that are riddled with spelling errors. If I come across a single spelling error, that CV is directly going to thrash.” Yes, this is serious. Make sure you make no mistake in spellings and grammar. This is a huge turn off for any recruiter. Take professional help if you are unable to proof read your Resume. Other mistakes are in the cover letter which is addressed “To whom it may concern.” For any particular vacancy, make sure to address the email or cover letter to the person. Send every detail that is requested in the job ad like CV, Cover Letter, Work Samples etc. 

Applying for a job in is a huge responsibility. Don’t mass email your CV. Follow the above simple rules to get your CV readable and if you are a right fit, the recruiter will definitely be on your side.

Reference: Mashable.comOpens in a new tab.

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