10 Tips for your LinkedIn profile to be found by Recruiters? (Infographic and Video)

Have a Perfect LinkedIn profile for a better Job Prospect

You will surely agree with me that LinkedIn has become an essential tool recruiters and headhunters to look for candidates. I am sure most of us do have a LinkedIn profile that shows our employment history along with our Education details and other details. But do you ever get a message, call or an email from any recruiters?

If yes, Congratulations. You are doing something right. If not, then there is some tweaking that you can do to your LinkedIn profile so that it is optimised for the recruiters and headhunters to find you easily when they search the LinkedIn with certain keywords.

LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world. Professionals, employees, companies use it as a tool to their own advantages. LinkedIn offers a convenient way to maintain a good online profile. Believe me, LinkedIn has become a ‘go to’ solution for recruiters and HR departments to dig out suitable profiles on the professional network these days. LinkedIn has a potential to disrupt the recruitment industry and it has already shown its worth to employers and recruiters.

How do recruiters find you on LinkedIn? (VIDEO)

How to Optimise your LinkedIn profile to be found by Recruiters? (Infographic)

You will have to pay attention to the below details when creating your LinkedIn profile as per the infographic. Have a look at the below infographic and try to make your profile similar.

  1. Headline
  2. Add your industry
  3. Publishing posts
  4. Include your job keywords
  5. Display rich media in your profile
  6. Be precise with the job titles
  7. Add your Skills
  8. Join Relevant Groups
  9. Show your volunteer experience
  10. Be specific about your Education

how to optimise your linkedin profile

How to optimise your LinkedIn profile? – (Video)

I am sure implementing these LinkedIn strategies will definitely yield a positive results for your job search. 

What are you waiting for? If you have a LinkedIn profile, optimise it. If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, create one nowOpens in a new tab..

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