10 Legal ways to Resign from Your Job without a Problem In UAE!

Resigning? Important steps to follow!

Are you planning to move forward to achieve a new opportunity, or whether you are not satisfied with your current job, or you are going to launch your own startup? The answer is simple……don’t worry, focus on your plans, analyze your situation and make a proper decision for your potential & career growth, don’t feel guilty while searching for a new opportunity, believe in yourself, work hard to achieve a bigger pay cheque and promotions. Nowadays, getting a good job in UAE requires struggle, but suddenly it breaks you down, when you decide to resign from your current job role, mostly people tend to prefer a glamorous life style in UAE which requires good amount of cash to attain the said life style.

Recently, a survey was conducted in Middle East, which investigated that almost 40% of the professionals working in multinational organizations in Information Technology, Web Design & Development Companies and Digital Marketing Agencies in UAE examined that since past 5 years the Middle Eastern countries are acclaimed with 2 jobs with 30% are having more than 3 jobs. Furthermore 60% of the employees targeted that they are continuously seeking for new jobs even though they are employed. Keeping a detailed insight on the UAE Labor LawOpens in a new tab., professionals are introduced in new sections of their careers in everyday life. Further information can be obtained from BaytOpens in a new tab., a top Middle East job seeking website.

resign in uae

Here in this article we have targeted some of the best possible ways to resign from your current job without having any hurdle or problematic situation in UAE.

#1 Prior To Disclose Your Decision, Keep In Mind Your Rights:

Always remember always go through your legal rights keeping in mind the steps of UAE Labor Law, read it properly because it contains your annual compensation, gratuity fund, and medical allowance etc. Make sure you aren’t leading yourself in violation of rights, such as confidential information sharing agreements you made with your employer.

Make a wise decision, because it matters a lot, as your personal growth is identical with your decision-making strategies. Please refer to UAE Labor law hereOpens in a new tab..

#2 Provide A Satisfactory Notice:Opens in a new tab.

Keep in mind, always consult with your organization or company’s policies and processes for the appropriate notice period and be affirm that you are not under any compulsion. However, if you are determined to surpass your priorities then it might be a good idea to stretch your sign of willingness of doing work with greater ease of transitions to complete your tasks.

The question arises what would happen if you’ll leave without serving your notice period? The answer is you might be banned from serving in the UAE for a time span up to one year. Further Information refer this articleOpens in a new tab.

#3 Maintain Positive Intentions While Leaving:

Leaving your workplace with positive attitude is the best way to be considered at a very first place. Reluctantly, even if your interaction with your supervisor isn’t good enough. Always make a wide spectrum of courteousness when you resign from your job, by choosing right timing, behavior and polite tone. It is recommended not to let your colleagues and coworkers to get aware of your decision to quit until you have officially informed your managing director or Human Resource Officer.

#4 Provide your boss a letter of resignation:

Don’t forget to write a proper resignation letter that should explain your reasons of leaving your job. Because your boss will definitely need your resignation letter for paperwork purposes. UAE Law also allows submission of resignation via email.

Letter of resignation is an important document that you’d be required to present at the time, when you are hired for a new job. If you fail to provide resignation letter you might lose your availed opportunity, which will lead you towards discrimination and problematic situations.

#5 Ask For Help To Find An Alternative Replacement:

One of the graceful gestures is to ask for assistance to find an alternative replacement for yourself, most frequently it is a good pay back as no one knows the details of your job better then you know, as you would have keenly spent most of the time in completing your tasks.

Asking for help will also maintain a mutual integrity and respect among your previous peers and colleagues, because asking for assistance is a key of keeping a fruitful relationship with your previous organization. Subsequently, it will give you an edge over other applicants if the company wishes to hire you for remote or a part time work to provide services to the clients based in domestic and international places.

#6 Deliver Your Work Properly:

Deliverance is the most versatile part of everyone’s life, you must be able to handover your work in a furnished way, all of the relevant tasks should be completed in a precise way, in order to make it understandable, you’ll need to make your documentation as informative, descriptive and easier to understand so it will possess a good mutual sympathetic behavior among your colleagues after your resignation.

Always Remember, UAE Law discourages incomplete and inadequate work, you must complete your assigned work in a courteous and positive manner. If you find any barrier regarding the completion of your work always ask your team to assist you before your resignation, if you leave your work under process, you might fall under risky situation.

#7 Deliverance Of Your Important Projects:

Make sure you won’t miss any of your assigned essentials. You will have to complete all of your important projects; always keep in mind you’ll be remembered in positive way. You will have to complete all of your assigned work in a professional and organized way in a particular transition. If you are not having any additional work or a full-time job that expects, you to stay as longer until the important project has been completed. Eventually, if you have started your new job after a particular notice period, you can always take a decision to avail an offer via phone calls or emails during your weekends for a little time period after your resignation to cultivate the conversions if the company needs your help or assistance for a next call.

The projects consisting of variety of domains especially web design and mobile application development requires consistency and dedication to complete assigned projects in a versatile way, because web design & digital agencies in Dubai requires proper and organized work in timely manner.

#8 Always Be Ready To Negotiate:

Once you’ve made your mindset to resign, then don’t try to negotiate always keep in mind to combat the strategical decisions, if you are willing to compensate for your next level. Likewise, be affirm once you have finalized your decision, always stay focused on your final decision.

Mostly people try to take advantage of resignations as fragment to negotiate in an improved way or payment procedures. In other terminologies, it’s a way to forcefully attempt an employer to be a counter-offer. Hence, it is a risk-taking process to indulge. Keep in mind, a counteroffer is never guaranteed to be considered underneath and it will significantly examine your potentiality and trustworthiness if you possessed this attitude while planning for resignation.

#9 Calculate Your End-Of-Service Salary (Gratuity):Opens in a new tab.

Don’t forget to calculate your gratuity is very important. You must now how to calculate the total summation of your final salary, firstly understand the concept of total sum and try to identify any mistake made by your company.

The payment of gratuity is basically calculated on your current salary paid into your bank account excluding allowances and bonuses. It might vary depending on your contractual period, whether it was limited or unlimited.

UAE Labor law comprises both limited and unlimited contractual employment period. During your employment in any company, a limited time period also referred as fixed contract is when the employee confirms to stay in a company for couple of years with a specific date of end-of-period. Make sure, not to resign before the end of this contractual period might cause some defined problems such as; a labor ban, violation of labor rights or compensation of payment to the company’s higher authorities.

Whereas, an unlimited contractual employment period requires no compulsion of period, and therefore you can resign at any time within your period of contract employment. Furthermore, a notice period consisting of one to three months of time period is accepted for expiration of your contract from either side as well.

# 10 Greet Your Colleagues While Leaving:

Always keep in mind not to behave rudely while leaving, you must greet your colleagues with positivity and be calm to all of the people whom you have spent your employment days. Focus on the encouragement when you are offered a farewell, also do not use this as an opportunity to figure out it as your new paying procedure or reformation of your previous complaints or objections. Be delightful with your peers share your contact details with them so they may contact you in the coming future.

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