Wishes of Eid Al Adha

Eid Mubarak

Team Emirates Diary would like to wish everyone Eid Mubarak. Most of you have holidays from 3rd October up to 5th of October which is combined with the weekend.

Some fortunate ones have holidays up to 6th of October.  I have read that few schools are closed for 9 days.

Wish you all a good break. 

EID MUBARAK-04-10-2014


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26 thoughts on “Wishes of Eid Al Adha

  1. Good day sir. i was given one month visa instead of 3months visa by my nephew, which i didn’t know on time, eventually when i got a job that required me to exit i found out that i av over stayed for 52 days, i went to emirate office at the Dubai airport and met with one man who took me to the immigration at aw eel and promised me that i will be given one year ban, my retina was taken and i left to my country. it is over a year now and i want to know if am eligible to enter dubai again. best regards sir

  2. Hi i left dubai last year july and i havent finish my two years contract and i wanna go back to dubai what could be the possible thing to do?

  3. Hi deepak,
    I am a nurse and working in a dental clinic for 1 year and 2 months under limited contract.I would like to resign.Can i still work in freezone if my current company will impose a ban?

  4. Hi Deepak. Good day to you Sir. My husband is already overstay here in Dubai for 5 months. His passport is in Al Aweer Immigration. Now there is a company willing to provide him a work visa. We wanted to go to Al Aweer to get his passport and to pay the full amount of fine for his overstay. My question is, if we will go there along with the PRO and company offer letter will they not detain/put my husband in prison?

  5. Hi Deepak,

    Just want to ask if there is any employment or immigration ban for individuals who overstayed for 3months. All fines are paid. Reason for overstay is due to new employment offer but they didnt provide new visa.


  6. Hi Deepak,

    Found your site so interesting.

    Just want to ask regarding overstay. Myself gone to overstay due to the fact that I grab another employment offer. However, my new employer did not provider me visa. Therefore, I decided to leave UAE after overstaying for 3months. Is there any ban impose in overstaying? I paid all the fines at the immigration during my departure date. So I want to know if I have employment ban or immigration ban.

    Thank you,

  7. Hi deepak my mother was working in dubai in 2012 and she returned to india without cancelling work visa which was due for another 8 months. No she wish to come on travel visa.have applied twice but got cancelled. Please help me with the procedure

  8. Dear Deepak,

    Last year November 18,2015 I joined my company. Unexpectedly they call up for a meeting january 13, 2016 and we were all surprised that our general manager told us that in that day itself, will be out last working day and they didnt even gave us a notice period. In my termination letter it says ” this conclusion agreement came about due to the need of restructure and make redundant certain aspects of our manning levels for financial performance purposes and this is in effect a no fault termination”.. they gave us NOC and said we dont have ban. But today we went to MOL and said we have 1 year ban. Please help me what to do sir.


  9. Good Day Sir Despak,
    I am very greatful that u have this kind of site. Im a cleaner and finish my contract for two years. Right now im here in the Philippines can i have a chance go back again in dubai because my brother tried to apply me again for visit visa he gone to agency ther in dubai to aplly but the agent told my brother its not allowed anymore because of my previous visa was cleaner and they said that cleaner is a low profession so immigration will not issue visa for me anymore which makes me so sad..thank u so much please grant me reply.i wish i can visit dubai again.
    God bless u

  10. Hi sir/madam i have ban for 1 year my old company is Arkan Security this is free zone i finish 20 months and i got another job advise me this is my contact number 0525881269.

  11. Hi sir..
    I was a servant visa and after 1yr my employer cancelled me. I didnt went home after cancellation and i find work.until 1company hired me and give me visa..this sales representatives but they cant stamp in my passport because they said i have ban. I overstayed for almost 2yrs until police catch me and put in jail for almost 2mos and they said my previous employer in servant visa file me a run away case.i was deported last october 29,2015 and they took me iris scan and finger prints. Sir is there possibilities that i can enter again in uae. And what kind of ban i get from this situation. Hoping for your kind reply..thank you.

  12. Hi Mr Deepak,

    I’ve been working in a private company for a year now. This last Ramadan, my employer required us (Filipino workers) to work full time despite giving the rest of the employees the mandatory Ramadan office timings. This coming Eid Al Adha, we were told to work full hours again, no holidays at all. Is this reasonable? Can we do something — perhaps letting the authorities know about this, or we should just do as we are told. Thanks.

  13. Good day sir,

    I’m still working here in my company as a cleaner visa but for now I had been promoted as a waiter last year..I’m still 1year and 2months here sir but sad to say I want to take my resignation letter due of contract violation of the company against in me.. the company told me that if I’m going to resign I will pay them worth of 6,000.00 dirhams and I will be banned for 1year sir. Is this applicable for me to pay sir?? And I want to ask also sir if I’m going to resign do I have banned also sir? Thank u sir I hope u can answered my problems and concerns regarding for this matter.godbless

  14. Hi deepak,

    I am a bachelor graduate and I am working In private hospital In admin department my contract is 2 years limited. My question is if after one year if I go on vacation and not return back will I be ban for permanent. And after some time if I get Job in free zone will still the permanent ban is applied on me.

      1. hi Mr.Deepak,

        i heard that Pakistani nationals are banned in UAE since 20 April 2015,

        kindly can you give me the conformation on that .


  15. Hi deepak,

    I am a bachelor graduate and I am working In private hospital In admin department my contract is 2 years limited. My question is if after one year if I go on vacation and not return back will I be ban for permanent. And after some time if I get Job in free zone will still the permanent ban is applied on me.

    1. Charles,
      your company may report you as absconded. And why would you do such a thing??
      You may end up in trouble if you do such thing!

  16. Hi,I am working in clothing store.I am not interested to work there anymore b,coz they gave more pressure.I finally decided to leave job and ask for resign but from head office they said pay the visa fee..and I will return your passport,so in this situation what can I do?I am still in provision period,I have been completed 4 month work there..

    1. Suresh,
      There are 2 rules being broken by your company:
      1. Keeping passports. Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/can-employer-keep-passport
      2. Companies can not ask for visa fees reimbursement. Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/reader-mailbag-pay-visa-costs-resign

  17. Hi I’m working as a receptionist in clinic and I have completed 5months and I have 6 months probation period I’m not happy and I want to leave knowing that my contract will expire until July 2016 do I get ban if i will resign if I find better offer or if I transfer my visa on husband’s visa. Please I need your advise .

    1. Sakina,
      Labour ban is applicable to everyone irrespective of whether you are on husband visa or no.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/types-bans-uae

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