Thank you – is now 2 years, 300 posts, 3000+ comments

2 Years, 300 Posts, 3000+ comments, 300+ Facebook Followers

I launched EmiratesDiary.comOpens in a new tab. 2 years ago and I am happy the way the siteOpens in a new tab. has grown from the humble beginnings to one of the most popular niche blogs among individuals in UAE.

Today there are thousands of visitors vising Emirates Diary on a daily basis from countries other than UAE like India, United States, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Philippines, Bangladesh and many other countries.

emirates diary

I initially started Emirates Diary to experiment blogging and to learn web designing.

I am very happy with the results:

1. Help the people looking for simple solutions to their issues.

2. Learn web designing.

The site has now garnered a good number of following among job seekers, employees, employers and professionals.

The site also makes little money through ads which takes care of the basic requirements of the site like hosting, internet costs, CDN hosting and so on.

I have received umpteen email with appreciation for what I am doing. I have also received email criticisms. I have tried to improve on those!

Emirates Diary will continue to grow with your support. 

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Deepak is a passionate blogger with interests in bitcoin, online marketing, and writing.

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