Robot Fun After School: Kids’ Robotics Training in Dubai”

Fun with Robots: After School in Dubai Made Exciting!

Getting into robotics after school is like jumping into a cool adventure where you get to play with futuristic technology. It’s a way to learn about cool robots and smart machines when regular school is over. You get to do fun and hands-on activities that help you understand how robots work.


It’s not just about learning; it’s like having a blast while also getting better at fixing problems and being creative. So, exploring robotics after school is basically like going on a super cool and exciting learning journey!

Benefits of Engaging in Robotics Education:

  1. Engage in fun and interactive learning experiences through hands-on exploration of robotics.
  2. Boost your creative skills by designing and building your own robots, encouraging innovative thinking.
  3. Develop problem-solving abilities by tackling challenges in programming and constructing robots.
  4. Gain a solid understanding of technology and its applications, preparing for the digital world.
  5. Foster teamwork and collaboration through group projects focused on exciting robotic challenges.
  6. Enhance critical thinking skills by analyzing problems and creating efficient solutions in robotics.
  7. Build a foundation for potential careers in technology, engineering, and robotics-related fields.
  8. Boost self-confidence by overcoming challenges in building and programming robots.
  9. Apply STEM concepts in real-world scenarios, reinforcing learning in science, technology, engineering, and math.
  10. Cultivate a passion for continuous learning and adaptability in the rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Robotics Training Centers in Dubai

Find the perfect place for robotics training by discovering suitable centers and getting in touch with them using the provided contact details.

Fun Robotics

At Fun RoboticsOpens in a new tab., the emphasis is on making the initiation into robotics both enjoyable and accessible. Kids of all ages can dive into the basics of robotics through programs designed to be engaging and, most importantly, fun.

If you’re eager to explore the exciting world of robotics at Fun Robotics or a similar learning center in Dubai, here’s what you need to know.

For any questions or details, reach out to them at +971 4 338 8354 or drop an email at [email protected]. You’ll find the learning hub at Safestway Building on Sheikh Zayed Road.

Unique World Robotics

Discover a world of excitement at Unique World RoboticsOpens in a new tab., where learning goes beyond the ordinary. This special place helps schools set up cool robot labs, organizes awesome robot exhibitions, and offers super interesting courses created by really smart people.

You can find Unique World Robotics in Al Karama, Dubai, and they’re open until 8:00 PM. If you want to know more, just give them a call at 056 525 6319.

Brainy n Bright

Step into the world of STEM brilliance at Brainy n BrightOpens in a new tab., proudly recognized as the Best Global STEM Institution in 2021 and 2022. The dedicated team of world-class coaches is committed to assessing, mentoring, and preparing students for leading competitions worldwide.

Conveniently located at Platinum Business Centre on 206 – 7 Baghdad Street, Al Nahda 2, Dubai.

For inquiries or appointments, simply give them a call at 04 340 1055 or visit Join Brainy n Bright in shaping the future leaders of STEM, where brilliance and innovation converge!

The Logix Engine

The Logix Engine,Opens in a new tab. is a cool place that makes learning about logic super fun! They uses the latest ideas from STEAM to create special courses. These courses mix the usual and the new, making learning really interesting.

You can find them at Aspect Tower – Office 402 in Business Bay, Dubai. If you have any questions or want to join the fun, just call them at 052 196 4931.

Pure Minds Academy

Pure Minds Academy,Opens in a new tab. where they offer cool programs for kids aged 4 to 16. Since 2015, They’ve been helping kids become awesome innovators and leaders. Their STEM and life skills programs make learning fun, encouraging kids to explore and be curious.

You can find us at Office 1205 Grosvenor Business Tower in Dubai.

Emerging Stars

Emerging StarOpens in a new tab.s, where they believe every child can learn and succeed. Located at Barsha Business Square – Office 303 in Al Barsha 1, Dubai, They use customized teaching methods to equip students with tools for ongoing success. Their innovative approach focuses on subjects like ROBOTICS, CODING, ABACUS, and SOI for holistic child development.

Opens daily at 12:00 PM. Contact us at 050 903 0941.

Minds Ahead Institute – Motor City

Minds Ahead Institute,Opens in a new tab. where they believe in next-generation learning that goes beyond traditional knowledge. Their focus is on helping children acquire and master skills critical for the future, including critical thinking, decision-making, problem-solving, creativity, and self-confidence.

Find them at Detroit House, 613, 6th Floor, Motor City, Dubai.

Open until 6:00 PM. For inquiries, call us at 056 733 6699.

Edoxi Training Institute

Embark on a journey of discovery for your kids at Edoxi Training InstituteOpens in a new tab., where Robotics classes in Dubai bring logic to life. Through this engaging course, your child will not only develop problem-solving skills but also delve into various technologies, nurturing their creativity. Upon completion, your child will earn a certificate, showcasing their newfound skills.

For more information and enrollment, contact us at +97143801666.

Science Explorers

Join Science Explorers in Dubai for exciting robotics classes designed for various age groups.

  • Level 1 (Ages 5-10): Young minds become engineers, collaborating in design teams to develop and program robots.
  • Level 2 (Ages 11-13): Kids use LEGO® in robotics classes to create robots exploring volcanoes, icy slopes, and the ocean depths.
  • Level 3 (Ages 14-15): Utilizing LEGO® robotics, kids build space rovers and journey through the solar system, diving into machine learning.
  • Level 4 (Ages 16-17): The pinnacle of fun – building robots with LEGO® Robotics, facing challenges from scaling walls to navigating waves.


  • Jumeirah: +971 505528993
  • Business Bay: +971 505528993
  • Mirdif: +971 505528993
  • Al Barsha: +971 505528993

So, that’s the fun world of robots for kids in Dubai! After school, these cool places teach amazing robotic skills and let you play with robots. It’s super exciting! If you want your child to have a blast and learn cool things, sign them up for robot fun today. Let the adventure begin!


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