What Are the Rent Increase Rules in Dubai? A Simple Guide for Tenants

Dubai Rent Increase Rules Explained: Essential Guide for Tenants

If your rental contract in Dubai is up for renewal, you might be wondering whether your landlord will increase the rent and by how much. Dubai’s rental market is regulated by the Dubai Land Department (DLD)Opens in a new tab., which ensures that rent increase rules are followed.

This guide will explain the important steps to understand possible rent increases, how to use the RERA Rental Index, and your rights as a tenant under Dubai law.

Whether you’ve lived here for a long time or are new to the city, knowing these rules can help you handle the rental process confidently.

Rent Increase Rules in Dubai-How to check amount of increase – Rera Rental Index

Using the RERA Rental Index:

  • Go to the Dubai Land Department’s website: RERA Rental IndexOpens in a new tab.
  • Choose to check your current residential unit using your Title Deed Number or by providing details like the type of property, number of rooms, and current rent.
  • Enter the contract end date, property type (apartment or villa), and area.
  • Complete the Captcha and click ‘calculate’.

    The calculator will then provide you details of …

    • Current Guidelines: The tool will show you the current rent increase rules in Dubai.
    • Average Rents: It will also provide average rents for similar properties in your area.
    • Maximum Allowed Increase: You’ll see the maximum amount your rent can be increased based on the guidelines.

    Notice Period:

    Your landlord must give you at least 90 days’ notice before your contract renewal date if they plan to increase the rent. This is required by Dubai Rental Law (Article 14 of Law No. 26 of 2007).

    If Rent Increase Exceeds Limits:

    If your rent increase is higher than what’s allowed by the RERA Rental Index, you can contact the Rental Dispute Centre at the Dubai Land Department. Their toll-free number is 800 4488. This center helps resolve disputes between tenants and landlords.


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