Property craze catches up Dubai. Once again!!

emaar-property-launch-videoDubai is ubiquitos with its properties….And when the launch is from Emaar, there is go to be some crazeOpens in a new tab.. Don’t believe how crazy are property buyers in Dubai?!

World is mired up in crisis but not us in Dubai!!! Apparently police was called to control the situationOpens in a new tab. as 1000s of people turned out. Guess most of them are property brokers trying their hand at flipping as soon as possible.

Watch the video:





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2 thoughts on “Property craze catches up Dubai. Once again!!

  1. Good Day, I signed the 2 years contract,but after 6 months, they said I was terminated! The reason is , they said the business is getting down! but why I did not receive any termination or notice paper from them,and until now and I’m still working to this company waiting the cancellation, My Question IS: Do I have the right to complain this matter or? I don’t know what to do? Do I have a ban? Are they possible to pay me for the damages?

    1. Julieta,
      Were you under probation? If yes, company has all the rights as per ARticle 30 of UAE Labour Law to terminate you.
      The compensation depends on company. However, you should get ticket to your home country and accrued leave.
      You will have automatic ban, but ask for an NOC from your company.

      You should register CV at following sites:

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