How to Claim the Three-Month Cash Payout in case of Job Loss in ILOE Scheme

Claim Your Three-Month Cash Payout After Job Loss with ILOE Scheme in UAE

Workers in the UAE can now claim compensation through the Involuntary Loss of Employment (ILOE) scheme if they lose their jobs for reasons other than disciplinary action or resignation.

To be eligible for compensation under the UAE Unemployment Insurance Scheme (ILOE), you need to meet the following conditions:

  1. Subscription Period:
    • You must have subscribed to the unemployment insurance scheme for a continuous period of at least 12 months.
  2. Premium Payments:
    • Ensure timely payment of all insurance premiums as per the prescribed frequency.
  3. Unemployment Evidence:
    • Provide proof of unemployment, and it should be for reasons other than resignation.
  4. No Disciplinary Dismissal:
    • You should not have been dismissed from your job for disciplinary reasons, as per the laws governing labor relations in the private sector and human resources in the federal government.
  5. Timely Claim Submission:
    • Submit the claim within 30 days following the termination of the employment relationship or when the court rules on the labor complaint.
  6. No Absconding Report:
    • You should not be the subject of an existing absconding report.
  7. Authenticity of Claim:
    • The claim must not be fraudulent or deceitful, and the workplace should not be fictitious.
  8. Cease of Compensation:
    • Compensation payouts will stop if you are hired by another employer.
  9. Exclusion of Strikes or Protests:
    • Loss of employment should not be related to strikes or non-peaceful protests, regardless of the extent of damage caused.
  10. Legal Residence:
    • It is necessary for the insured individual to have a legal residence in the country.

Submit your claim within 30 days after losing your job, and make sure your employer cancels your work permit, as advised by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE).

Steps to claim the three month cash payment through the ILOE Scheme

Here are the steps to claim the three-month cash payout online:

Step 1: Login to Your ILOE Account

  • Visit Opens in a new tab.and click on ‘submit your claim.’
  • Choose ‘Login with One-Time Password (OTP)’ and enter your mobile number and Emirates ID.
  • Request OTP, enter the code received, and click on ‘Submit.’

Step 2: Fill in the Claim Submission Form

  • Access your personal dashboard showing policy details and payment history.
  • Click ‘Claim Submission,’ confirm details, and proceed.

Step 3: Confirm Contract Termination Details

  • Confirm cancellation details like the reason and date.
  • If correct, select ‘yes,’ if not, select ‘no’ and provide explanations with supporting documents.

Step 4: Select Payout Method

  • Choose between bank transfer or cash through exchange houses.
    • For bank transfer: Provide bank details.
    • For cash payment: Select the exchange house, enter Emirates ID and passport number.

Step 5: Submit the Claim

  • Click ‘submit claim’ after entering payment details.
  • Receive updates via email and mobile, or check the claim status on the ILOE website.

Compensation Details:

  • Compensation is 60% of the ‘subscription salary.’
  • Category A (basic salary up to Dh16,000): Maximum claim benefit is Dh10,000/month.
  • Category B (basic salary above Dh16,000): Maximum claim benefit is Dh20,000/month.
  • Compensation is provided for up to three months or until finding a new job or leaving the UAE.

Payment Timeline:

  • Licensed service providers must make payments within two weeks after claim submission.

Contact Information:

  • For updates or queries, contact the ILOE call centre at 600599555 or email [email protected].

To claim compensation, ensure you’ve been part of the scheme for a year, paid your premiums on time, lost your job for reasons other than quitting, and follow the rules when submitting your claim. Additionally, your job loss should not be due to disciplinary issues or non-peaceful protests, and you should have a legal residence in the country.

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