Happy New year (a bit late….!) plus The Resolutions

New Year…. a Fresh Start!

It’s a new year and I am just back from an extended vacation. The new year greeting comes a bit late, however, it is better done than not done at all.

I wish all the readers a very prosperous and successful new year 2014. May all your unfulfilled dreams of 2013 come true in 2014!


The Resolutions

For most of us new year brings with it the most boring duty. RESOLUTIONS!!

Well…I kept few resolutions in 2013.(Read hereOpens in a new tab.). However, I am sad that they were a FAULURE!!. And hence, this year I made a decision.


By doing this I will do myself a huge favour of not getting disappointed at the end of the year.
But some of you feel that this is not right and does not set a good example!!

Yes for sure.

But what I have done to myself is give short term goals which I will evaluate on weekly basis. By doing this I will make sure to be in check.

What have I planned on doing?

By short term goals I mean the following:

  • Eating less in restaurants and more at home.
  • Walking, exercising more often.
  • Keeping the spending in check.(especially the credit card…).
  • Write more often on the blog.
  • Spend more time with friends and family.

These are few specific short term goals that I wish to achieve. They will not remain constant. I will evaluate, add, remove them as I go along.

Have you made any resolutions? Let me know.

Happy year ahead.

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Deepak is a passionate blogger with interests in bitcoin, online marketing, and writing.

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