How Can You Get your DEWA Deposit Refund in Dubai?

DEWA Deposit Refund in Dubai-Simple Steps

DEWA, which stands for the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, requires customers to pay a deposit when they first set up an account. Like many utility companies worldwide, DEWA mandates a deposit from its customers as a security measure when initiating a new account.

This deposit acts as a safeguard against any potential unpaid bills or damages to the property related to utility services.

If circumstances change and you find yourself needing to relocate within Dubai or leave Dubai entirely, you’re entitled to retrieve this deposit. The refund process, though straightforward, involves specific steps to ensure the return of your money in a timely and efficient manner. The steps below guide you through this process.

Requirements for DEWA Refund:

  1. Vacate the Property: Ensure you have left the property that was connected to DEWA services. In simpler terms, make sure you’ve moved out of the place where you used DEWA’s electricity and water.
  2. Update Contact Details: It’s essential to keep DEWA informed about your current contact information. So, if you’ve changed your email address or phone number since you first registered with DEWA, update them.
  3. Settle Outstanding Bills: Before requesting a refund, ensure you’ve paid all your DEWA bills. If there are any pending payments or dues, DEWA will typically deduct them from your deposit before refunding the remaining amount.

By following these initial steps, you set the groundwork to smoothly request and receive your DEWA deposit refund.

Steps to Get Your DEWA Deposit Refund:

If you’ve recently left a property in Dubai or changed homes within the city, you’re likely wondering how to retrieve your DEWA deposit. Here’s a straightforward guide to help you through the process.

  1. Log into DEWA’s Website:
  2. Find the Refund Option:
    • Click on the menu button (usually at the top left).
    • Select ‘Billing’ and then click on ‘Request for Refund’.
  3. Apply Online:
    • Click ‘Apply Online’ on the next page.
    • Pick how you want your refund: directly to your bank or through Western Union.
    • If you owe DEWA money, pay that now.
  4. Submitting Details:
    • If you pick IBAN, provide a bank document showing the IBAN number and the account holder’s name.
    • You’ll receive a one-time verification code on your phone or email. Enter this code where prompted.
    • Click ‘Submit’. You’ll see a confirmation message and also get an email with a reference number.
  5. Choosing Western Union:
    • If you opt for Western Union, select how you want to get the verification code: via mobile or email.
    • After entering the code, confirm your application. You’ll receive a confirmation message.
    • Note: Western Union is handy if you’re outside of Dubai, as you can collect your refund from any Western Union branch worldwide. However, there are limits on the amount you can receive:
    • IBAN: Up to AED 200,000.
    • Western Union: AED 20 to AED 18,000.
    • For amounts above AED 200,000, you’ll receive a cheque.
  6. Tracking Your Refund:
    • You can check the status of your refund on the same DEWA page.
    • Look for the ‘Track Refund’ section. It usually takes between three to six days to process the refund, depending on your chosen method.

DEWA Deposit Refund Fees and Duration

When customers opt for IBAN or another account transfer method, DEWA does not impose any charges. However, for refunds processed through cheques and Western Union, customers will encounter the following fees:

  • Cheques: AED 20 + VAT
  • Western Union: Either AED 18.37 or 1% of the entire DEWA deposit refund (whichever amount is greater).

Regarding the time it takes for DEWA to process these refunds:

  • Cheques: Approximately 6 days
  • IBAN or Western Union: Around 3 days

Ensure you’ve met all the criteria, choose your preferred refund method, provide the necessary details, and then wait for your money to be refunded!

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