How Can You Check Your UAE Travel Ban Online?

Your Easy Guide to Checking UAE Travel Ban and Understanding Immigration Status

Living in the UAE offers a unique experience with its vibrant expat community. However, it’s essential to be aware of potential travel ban Opens in a new UAE that could affect your plans. In this guide, we’ll explore the reasons for travel ban in UAE and how to check your status.

UAE Travel Ban

A UAE travel ban restricts individuals from entering or leaving the country until specific conditions are met. This precaution is in place for various reasons, such as ongoing criminal investigations, immigration law violations, unpaid debts, rent disputes, and more.

Reasons for Travel Ban in UAE:

A travel ban in the UAE can be enforced for administrative or legal reasons, either initiated by executive bodies such as the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security (ICP) or through court orders. Here are the different scenarios that could result in a travel ban:

  1. Ongoing Criminal Investigation: If you are under investigation for a criminal offense in the UAE, authorities may impose a travel ban to prevent you from leaving the country until the investigation is concluded.
  2. Violation of Immigration Laws: Any breach of immigration laws, such as entering the country illegally or overstaying your visa, can result in a travel ban.
  3. Unpaid Financial Debts: If you have outstanding debts or financial obligations in the UAE, authorities may impose a travel ban until the debts are settled.
  4. Rent Disputes: Disputes related to rental agreements, such as non-payment of rent or landlord-tenant issues, can lead to a travel ban until the matter is resolved.
  5. Employment without a Valid Work Permit: Working in the UAE without the proper work permit or visa is against the law and can result in a travel ban.
  6. Overstaying on the Visa: Remaining in the UAE beyond the authorized period on your visa can result in a travel ban until you rectify your immigration status.
  7. Leaving the Country without Notifying Your Employer: If you leave the UAE without informing your employer or canceling your work permit, you may face a travel ban until the situation is addressed.
  8. Global Outbreak of a Disease: During a global health crisis, such as a pandemic, authorities may impose travel bans as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of disease.
  9. Previous Deportation: If you have been deported from the UAE by competent authorities in the past, you may face a travel ban preventing your re-entry.
  10. Travel Ban from GCC Countries: If you have been banned from entering other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, such as Saudi Arabia or Qatar, UAE authorities may impose a similar ban.
  11. Involvement in Criminal Activity Reported by Interpol: Being involved in criminal activities reported by Interpol can lead to a travel ban in the UAE.

Types of Travel Ban in UAE:

The different types of travel bans in the UAE:

  1. Immigration Ban: This type of ban prevents individuals from entering the country. It is typically imposed in cases involving criminal offenses, where individuals are not allowed to cross the UAE’s borders.
  2. Permanent Residency Ban: A Permanent Residency ban is enforced in cases of serious labor offenses. This ban may restrict individuals from obtaining or maintaining permanent residency status in the UAE.
  3. Financial Ban: Individuals with outstanding debts, loans, or financial obligations in the UAE may face a financial ban. This ban restricts their ability to travel until the financial issues are resolved, such as settling debts or fulfilling financial obligations.

Each type of travel ban serves as a measure to ensure compliance with laws and regulations in the UAE, emphasizing the importance of adhering to legal requirements to avoid facing such restrictions on travel.

Checking Your Travel Ban Status in Dubai:

Residents in Dubai can use multiple methods to check their travel ban status.

  1. Through Dubai Police:
    • Visit the Dubai Police website.Opens in a new tab.
    • Navigate to the “Services” section.
    • Select “Criminal Status of Financial Cases.”
    • Click on the “Access Service” option in the top-left corner.
    • Provide your name and Emirates ID card number.
  2. At a Police Station:
    • Residents may personally inquire at a police station if there’s a filed criminal complaint in financial cases. Dubai Police stations operate from 07:30 am – 10:00 pm.
  3. Through a Lawyer:
    • Hire a lawyer to conduct a thorough check on your behalf if you suspect a potential travel ban.This option is recommended, especially if there’s a likelihood of an arrest warrant being issued against you.

Please Note:

  • If a travel ban is detected, you’ll be notified to visit any Dubai Police station with your Emirates ID, passport copy, and an “authority letter.”
  • Download the Dubai Police smart app (available for Android and iOS) to check the UAE travel ban status online.
  • Checking through the Dubai Police website and app is free of charge.
  • For further inquiries about the travel ban, contact the Dubai Police Criminal Investigation Department at 901 or via the provided email address on their website.
  • Smart Police stations offer assistance 24/7.

Checking Travel Ban Status in Abu Dhabi:

Residents in Abu Dhabi can use the Estafser e-service to check for any claims filed against them in public prosecution.

  1. Estafser e-service:

Ensure a hassle-free travel experience by familiarizing yourself with items banned at Dubai Airport. Be aware of restrictions on carrying sharp objects and certain medicines to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

If you’re living in the Northern Emirates or any other emirate besides Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you may need to contact the General Directorate of Residents and Foreigner Affairs (GDRFA) or seek legal assistance to check your travel ban status.

It’s essential to understand that checking your UAE travel ban status is crucial, especially if you’re planning to travel within or outside the UAE. By being aware of your status, you can avoid any potential issues or complications at the airport.

The duration and cost of removing a travel ban can vary depending on the specific circumstances of your case.

Overall, staying informed about your travel ban status and understanding the process to check and potentially lift it can help you navigate any challenges related to traveling to and from the UAE.

Checking the legal aspects of travel bans in the UAE is a straightforward process. Whether checking online or in person, the system is designed for transparency and fairness. Stay informed, explore travel options, and enjoy the convenience of public transport for a fulfilling life in the UAE.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Lifting a Travel Ban in the UAE

If you’re in the UAE and need to cancel a travel ban placed on you, here’s a simplified guide on how to do it:

  1. Visit the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) Opens in a new
  2. Use your UAE Pass to log in.
  3. Once logged in, look for a section called “Case Management,” then find “My Cases” to see any legal cases you have.
  4. Click on the case you’re concerned with to view its details.
  5. Here, you can choose to add or remove a lawyer if you need to.
  6. Look for a button labeled ‘Request’ to start your cancellation request.
  7. Fill out the form with your case details. You might need to pay a fee, depending on your situation.
  8. Upload any documents related to your case.

To make a payment (if you have to pay fines or debts before your request is considered):

  • Go to the payment section on the MOJ website, enter your application’s reference number, and follow the instructions to see how much you owe and to make the payment.

After payment, your request to cancel the travel ban will be processed, which might include a judge’s approval.

You can also print your application from the MOJ website by going back to “My Cases,” clicking on the relevant case, and downloading a PDF document to print.

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