How to Get an Alcohol License in Dubai: Easy Steps

Liquor License in Dubai

Interested in obtaining an alcohol license in Dubai? Whether you’re a resident or a tourist, understanding the process and regulations is essential. Dubai, known for its dynamic lifestyle and diverse expatriate community, has specific laws regarding the purchase and consumption of alcohol.

Let’s look into a simple guide on how to acquire an alcohol license in Dubai, including eligibility criteria, application procedures, and other pertinent details.

Why You Need an Alcohol License in Dubai?

If you intend to consume or store alcohol in your residence in Dubai, having an alcohol license is mandatory as per the law.

Application Process for Alcohol License in Dubai

There are two methods to apply for a liquor license in Dubai:

  1. Offline Method:
    • Visit an MMI or African + Eastern store.
    • Present your Emirates ID.
    • Provide necessary personal details.
    • Your application will be processed, and upon approval, you can purchase beverages.
  2. Online Method:
    • Visit the official African Eastern websiteOpens in a new tab..
    • Click on ‘Apply for license’.
    • Fill out the required personal details, including your Emirates ID number.

Importance of Alcohol License in Dubai

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city with a thriving nightlife scene, where alcohol is readily available. However, regulations govern its purchase and consumption, making an alcohol license essential for legal compliance. Having a liquor license permits residents to purchase, transport, and store alcohol in their homes legally.

While consuming alcohol in licensed establishments like restaurants and pubs doesn’t necessitate a liquor license for tourists, purchasing alcohol does require a temporary license.

Rules for Obtaining a Liquor License in Dubai

  • Minimum age requirement is 21 years.
  • The license holder must be non-Muslim.
  • UAE residents must possess a valid Emirates ID.
  • Tourists need their passports with a Dubai entry stamp.

Validity and Price

A Dubai alcohol license is valid for one year and is free of charge since January 1, 2023.

For Tourists

For tourists visiting Dubai, obtaining a temporary alcohol permit is straightforward. Simply visit any MMI or African + Eastern store with your passport bearing the Dubai entry stamp. There, you’ll need to fill out a form acknowledging your tourist status and understanding of Dubai’s alcohol regulations regarding purchasing, transportation, and consumption.

This permit remains valid for 30 days, allowing tourists to enjoy alcohol responsibly during their stay in the city.

Getting an alcohol license in Dubai is easy. You can apply either in person or online. Whether you live in Dubai or you’re just visiting, it’s important to follow the rules about alcohol to stay out of trouble.

Remember, drinking and driving is a big no-no in Dubai. Make sure you know the dos and don’ts to have a fun and safe time in this lively city.

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