What are the Key Changes in Labour Complaint Process : 5 Improvements Benefitting Workers

Changes in UAE Labour Complaint Process to Help Workers – What You Should Know

Starting January 1, 2024, the UAE has updated its labour complaint process to assist private sector workers who haven’t received their entitled benefits. The changes are part of Federal Decree-Law No. 20 of 2023.

Key Changes in Labour Complaint Process:

  1. MOHRE’s Decisions are Now Legally Enforceable: Before, MOHREOpens in a new tab. mediated in disputes. Now, their decisions are legally enforceable through a ‘writ of execution’ for claims under Dh50,000.
  2. Right to Appeal: Employers or employees can appeal MOHRE’s decisions within 15 working days. The Court of Appeals will give the final verdict, and an appeal can pause MOHRE’s decision.
  3. Limit on Claim Value for Labour Disputes: MOHRE can make binding decisions for claims under Dh50,000. This speeds up resolutions for minor disputes. For larger disputes, MOHRE remains a mediator.
  4. Statute of Limitation for Labour Claims: There’s a one-year limit to raise employment claims with MOHRE, starting from the date the issue arises.
  5. Salary During Disputes: MOHRE can make employers continue paying the employee’s salary for up to two months if the dispute caused the salary suspension.

If Dispute Isn’t Resolved:

If the disagreement between the employer and the employee remains unresolved after 14 days, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) takes the next step by forwarding the dispute to a court for further examination and resolution.

Types of Labour Complaints:

The updated law encompasses a range of labor-related grievances, including situations where employees may have concerns about unpaid wages, wrongful termination, disputes over leave entitlements, disagreements regarding employment contracts, and instances of workplace discrimination. This comprehensive coverage ensures that a diverse array of employment-related issues can be addressed through the legal framework.

These changes aim to make the process quicker and fairer for workers in the UAE.

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