How to Apply for Emirates ID Fine Exemption: A Simple Guide

Emirates ID Fine Exemption: Three Situations to Apply for Exemption

Renewing your Emirates ID is crucial, but what if you’ve faced delays and fines? Good news – there are situations where you can request for Emiratesd ID fine exemptions. The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security (ICP) outlines the scenarios where you might be eligible for this relief.

Who Can Apply for Emirates ID Fine Exemption?

People can get exempted from Emirates ID delay penalties in certain situations, as outlined by the ICP. Here are the cases:

  1. Being Away for Over Three Months:
    • If someone has been outside the country for more than three months, and their ID expired after leaving, they can apply for exemption.
  2. Deported Individuals:
    • Individuals facing deportation by order, administrative decision, or judicial ruling, or those whose passport got seized during pending cases, may be eligible. They need to prove this with a letter or receipt from the relevant authorities.
  3. No Previous ID Before Nationality and Family Book:
    • If someone didn’t have an ID before becoming a citizen and obtaining a family book, they can apply for exemption.

How to Apply for Emirates ID Fine Exemption?

You can apply for emirate id fine exemption through:

  1. ICP Customer Happiness Centres
  2. ICP’s Smart Services Website or App: Visit Opens in a new tab.or use the ‘UAEICP’ app on Apple and Android devices.
  3. Registered Typing Centres: Head to the typing centres registered with ICP.

Applying Online:

Follow these steps when applying Emirates ID Fine Exemption online:

  1. Complete ID Renewal Form: Fill out the renewal form online and submit the required documents. The system will show overall fees, including delay penalties.
  2. Payment Section: In the payment section, choose ‘exemption from Emirates ID delay’ and select one of the three reasons mentioned earlier.
  3. Document Submission: Provide necessary supporting documents to prove your case.
  4. Submit Exemption Request: Submit your request for exemption. You’ll receive an email and SMS notifying you of ICP’s decision.

Getting out of late renewal fees for your Emirates ID won’t cost you a thing.

Important Points to Remember

  • The government is reminding both citizens and residents in the UAE to renew their ID cards within 30 days of expiration. If you miss the deadline, there will be a late fine, and you’ll get a text message notification before your card expires.
  • Your renewal application will be saved as a draft until you get the results of the exemption request.
  • The exemption application is free of charge, but you’ll need to pay for the Emirates ID renewal once your exemption is approved.

The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security requires everyone to apply for an ID card through their application process. Don’t forget to renew it when it expires. You can apply through the smart service on their website or at approved printing centers in the country. If you’ve faced delays due to specific circumstances, don’t worry – you may be eligible for an exemption. Follow these simple steps, and soon you’ll be on your way to renewing your Emirates ID without the burden of fines.

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