How To Set Up Business in Dubai CommerCity (DCC), UAE?

Setting up Business in Dubai CommerCity (DCC):

Dubai CommerCity is the first and leading free zone dedicated to the growing e-commerce market in the Middle East and North Africa (MEASA) region. Dubai CommerCity is the leading e-commerce enabler facilitating regional and international businesses to capture the exponential e-commerce growth opportunities in the MENA region.

Ecommerce License in Dubai is a preferred business license type for eCommerce companies aiming to expand the business into the local UAE Market. Dubai CommerCity Free Zone is the best solution for setting up an E-Commerice business.

From the highest level of personalized customer service, to dynamic, seamless procedures that focus on specific business requirements. Setting up a company in Dubai CommerCity has exceptional competitive advantages and offers a unique value proposition to support its clients in helping them grow and further scale their business. It provides an environment that stimulates creativity and progressive development with the aim of attracting more foreign direct investments to Dubai.

All businesses operating in the Dubai CommerCity Free Zone must have a physical presence within the Free Zone. All businesses must then be registered and licensed to operate within the Dubai CommerCity Free Zone. There are two registration options: registration as a Branch of an existing entity, or incorporation of a new DCC limited liability company (DCC-LLC).

Dubai CommerCity is located in Umm Ramool, at the center of the regional trade route and is specially designed to enable fast e-commerce fulfillment across the region.

Company Structures at Dubai CommerCity (DCC):

  1. Free Zone Company
  2. Branch offices
  3. Public Limited Company

Types of Licenses Available for Dubai CommerCity (DCC) :

  1. E-Commerce Licence
  2. Trade Licence
  3. Service Licence
  4. General Trading Licence
  5. Freelance Licence
  6. Dubai Licence with DED

Business Activities Permitted in Dubai CommerCity (DCC):

  1. Mining and Quarrying
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Construction
  4. Equipment Repair

Facilities offered at Dubai CommerCity (DCC):

  1. Business Cluster
  2. Logistic Cluster
  3. Social Cluster
  4. E-Commerce platform and services
  5. E-Commerce strategy consulting
  6. Customs Consulting

Advantages of Company Set up in Dubai CommerCity (DCC):

  • Full ownership of companies
  • World-Class Business Community for Ecommerce Companies
  • Customized Office Spaces with logistics and warehouse facility
  • Shared Warehouses and modular light manufacturing units
  • Modern Amenities and infrastructure – food courts, art galleries, shops, and quality amenities
  • High-speed network connectivity
  • The company set up process is easy, straightforward and fast.
  • There is no requirement for minimum capital investment.
  • 100% direct tax free
  • No restriction on currency
  • Smart services platform
  • 100% repatriation of capital & profits
  • Strategic Business location
  • There are no corporate or personal income taxes
  • Easy to sponsor dependants.

Documents Required to Register Company in Dubai CommerCity (DCC):

  • An application form for business setup in DCC Authorities
  • Passport copies of Shareholders, managers and secretary
  • A description of the company’s activities
  • The company’s articles of association.
  • Business Plan
  • Board resolution
  • Manager’s specimen signature

Steps to be followed on registering the company in Dubai CommerCity (DCC):

  1. Decide on a company name
  2. Decide on business activity to obtain the license form the DCC List
  3. Submit the application form
  4. Fee Payment & Legal Document Submission
  5. Sign E-Agreement
  6. Get an initial approval from the authority
  7. Issue E-Agreement
  8. Get an office space
  9. Apply for the UAE Residence Visa
  10. Open a Corporate Bank Account

Cost of setting up a company in Dubai CommerCity (DCC):

Dubai CommerCity’s pricing model is flexible; different pricing and package deals are offered based on the nature, size and activity of the business. The cost of setting up Business Licence in Dubai CommerCity (DCC) would start from approximate 15,000 AED however it may depend on other requirement such as your location, business activities, company size, operational costs and the package you select for your company formation.

To make it easier, once you have your business plan ready in your hand, you can always take help from the expert business setup consultants in Dubai UAE, who will help you with every step of the process, from choosing a business activity and company name to registering with the relevant authorities, easily opening corporate bank accounts and processing visa applications.

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