Can I come on visit/tourist visa and look for a job in Dubai UAE?

Tourist Visa and Job Search

It is illegal to work on a visa other than a valid employment visa in UAE meaning you can not arrive in the UAE on visit or tourist visa and work.

However, you may arrive on a visit or tourist visa and search for jobs in the UAE. (This is much better than many other countries where in order to work, you can not arrive on visit/tourist visa and look for a job.)

But once your visit visa or tourist visa expires, you will have to exit the country prior to the expiry of visa. On the other hand if you are able to secure an employment, you will still have to exit the country or pay necessary fees to convert your tourist/visit visa into employment visa.

There are applicable costs for this. It happened to me as well. I arrived here on visit visa for 3 months in the year 2005 and was hired by a local bank. (Lucky me!). They did not allow me to work till my employment visa was stamped.

If any employer asks you to start working on visit/tourist visa, he is not complying with the Labour Laws of UAE. You as well as the employer might get into trouble.

 If you choose to work without a valid employment visa in the UAE, you:

  1. Will not be in compliance with the Labour Laws of UAE. Incase of any dispute between you and the employer, you have no say in anything.
  2. Run into the risk of being fined and deported if caught while working without a valid employment visa. You will also be blacklisted so that you may never return on an employment visa to the UAE.
So be careful.
Never agree to work on visit/tourist visa if you are looking for a long-term employment in the UAE or any of its emirates.
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12 Responses to “Can I come on visit/tourist visa and look for a job in Dubai UAE?”

  1. Henna

    Oct 21. 2014

    Hi Deepak,

    My finance lives in Pakistan and is going on a visit visa to Dubai in December. He has his Pakistani bachelors in computer science and is currently enrolled in an online university to complete his Masters in IT. He is looking for a network engineer/system administration position… do you think its possible that he should be able to find a job? He has 7-8 years of experience.

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  2. MJ

    Oct 08. 2014

    Hi. I am on visit visa. Well on the top of my visa is written tourist. Do you know if I can extend my visa?? My visa expires on 11th Nov but the agency have given me the return ticket of 15th October. I have not got any job yet.

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    • Deepak Machado

      Oct 09. 2014

      what is the length of your original visa? Is it long term or short term?
      You may have to pay fine if you exit country post expiry of visa.

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  3. ahad jamshed

    Sep 08. 2014

    hello deepak i am ahad jamshed from pakistan.i am coming to dubai on visit visa for a job in this month september 2014. i am bachelors in computer science.i want any administrative, offiice assistant, graphics and video editing job or anyother related job such as sales or marketing. deepak do u know any links in dubai for helping to find a job or any requirtment company in email address is [email protected].
    your reply is appreciating me
    thank you
    Ahad Jamshed

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  4. Fareeda

    Aug 15. 2014

    Hi Deepak , I am fareeda from India. I am having 10 years of teaching exp and planning to come to Dubai in the first week of sept on visit visa. After coming over there which is the best thing for me to search a teacher job. Should I consult an agency or is there any way to get hired……
    Hope you will respond to me and suggest me the right way.

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  5. Alexandra M.

    May 23. 2014

    I just wanna asks, my friend working in a syrian house here in uae. The family of her boss have a longterm visa, but they are stayed here for more than 6 months. Is that possible?

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    • Deepak Machado

      May 26. 2014

      if they are staying without a valid visa it is illegal

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  6. Adil

    Mar 13. 2014

    Hi I am on a visit visa in Dubai and found a job here the company told me that they have started my visa process and say that I have to exit and then come back in few days ! Can I just trust them ? Is there no way to check if they have processed my visa or not ?

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    • Deepak M

      Mar 16. 2014

      I dont think you can check personally. If they say that your visa is under process you need to trust them. Since it is a visit visa you need to exit the country to come on new employment visa.

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