How can you get your UAE Labour Card (Work Permit) Number? Updated 2022

Where can you find your labour card number?

A labour card or work permit is issued to all employees in the UAE by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) or the free zone in which you might be working.

You may need your labour card number, or a copy of your labour card, when you are applying for certain services in the UAE like filing a salary complaint. You may also need these details when you are applying for certain visa services, to provide details of your employment.

You can find your labour card (work permit) number through :

  1. The official MOHRE smartphone application – ‘MOHRE UAE’ on the App Store and ‘MOHRE’ on the Google Play Store
  2. A Tas’heel service centre. Tas’heel centres facilitate all transactions related to MOHRE.

Follow these steps to find your labour card (work permit) through the App:

1. Download the MOHRE app.
2. Log in using your UAE Pass.Opens in a new tab.
3. Tap on your profile, which will show your photograph along with the title ‘Employee’
The app will then show you all the details related to your employment, including your Labour card number, issue date and expiry date.
You can also view a digital copy of your labour card by scrolling down and tapping on ‘View Labour card’.

The app also provides other details and documents that are on the MOHRE system, including your passport copy and employment contract.


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