So you would like to Learn Basic Arabic!

Hey there, thank you for clicking on “Yes, I am interested to Learn Basic Arabic.”

You are a champ and are an eager learner. I appreciate your interest to learn Arabic. If you are living or working in UAE or Middle East, knowing Arabic can help you a lot in getting a job, negotiations and many other benefits.

The course that you will receive is not prepared by me. But I have put in effort in collating it for you to make it easier and helpful.

Over the coming days, you will regularly receive emails from me daily with one lesson.

Please open the email daily and take 10 to 15 minutes, learning something new. The course can also be taken at one go in a week. But I highly recommend that you take the course on a daily basis, 5 times a week: Sunday to Thursday. If you are regular at it, you will surely learn something new, something beautiful.

I wish you all the best and Shukran.