Just 4 steps to Build your own BLOG!

How to build a website or blog like EmiratesDiary.com?

I believe in sharing the knowledge that I have acquired or learnt. I started EmiratesDiary.com couple of years back with the hope of learning something new and I can comfortably say that I have learnt good amount of tech-stuff while I built this website.

EmiratesDiary.comOpens in a new tab. has provided me with fresh outlook on life.

In the process of learning I also make a some money through ads that are displayed on my site. Although not a huge amount of money, they support my expenses.


Do you want to build your own BLOG? It is very easy.

It just takes 4 STEPS. I will teach you 4 simple steps in which you can start your own blog or website.

STEP 1: Book your Domain name.

A domain name is the web address that you use to visit a site. For Example: www.gulfnews.com or www.dubai.ae or www.emiratesdiary.com

The most famous domain registrant are GoDaddyOpens in a new tab. (Currently 35% off)  and NamcheapOpens in a new tab..(I use both for different sites)

Use of following link to BOOK YOUR DOMAINBook with GoDaddyOpens in a new tab.. Book with Namecheap.Opens in a new tab.

$2.95 .Com at GoDaddy.com!Opens in a new tab.

Namecheap.com - Cheap domain name registration, renewal and transfers - Free SSL Certificates - Web HostingOpens in a new tab.

STEP 2: Subscibe a HOSTINGOpens in a new tab..

A hosting company is the company which provides a resting place for your website. Like how you have your computer with folders. A hosting provider is the one that provides a place for you to host your website.

My hosting provider is HOSTGATOROpens in a new tab. and BLUEHOSTOpens in a new tab.. You can BOOK your Hosting from the following links. Book hosting with HOSTGATOROpens in a new tab.. Book hosting with BLUEHOSTOpens in a new tab..

234x60 animatedOpens in a new tab.

STEP3: Install WordPressOpens in a new tab.

WordPress is a popular content Management System(CMS). Don’t get overwhelmed! It is a simple software which publishes your articles. Your hosting provider will give you access to install this software and it’s very easy. Use the quick install option to install WordPress.

STEP 4: Start Writing

The 4th and the most important step is to start writing articles and publishing them.

There you are!! You have built yourself a brand new website.

What are you waiting for?? Start writing your first article and let me know.

Note: In case you are stuck at some point, let me know. I will help you out.

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