Ultimate CV or resume writing tips

How to write CV?

Many a times, candidates make some basic mistakes while writing or sending CVs to the recruiters.

Below tips would help them avoid certain basic mistakes:

Tip 1: Make it personal

One of the big mistakes that candidates do is to send a generic email to hundreds of email addresses. Instead of this use mail merge to send the same amount of emails but personalised to the individual that you are writing to.

Tip 2: A catchy subject line goes a long way!

The subject line is one of the things that needs to be to the point and catchy. It must signify what kind of CV the person will be viewing. An example would be like this: “MBA Finance with 8 years’ of experience in Credit and Risk Analysis.” This gives in one sentence what the recruiter is looking for: Your qualification, years of experience, and your functional area. Someday the recruiter might search his inbox for keywords “credit analysis”. And chances are that your CV might be seen.

Tip 3: Use real names while addressing

All of us loved to be called by our names. Even your recruiter. Address the email to him/her as “Dear Matt” or “Dear Pooja” rather than, “Dear Sir/Madam.”

Tip 4: Do not make it seem that you are desperate (although you may be!!)

When contacting the recruiter for the first time, do not send your CV. Quiz him/her on the general issues, job openings and when a chance arises, mention that you are looking for a job and you are interested in applying for the particular job opening that you discussed.

Tip 5: Get your CV evaluated by professionals

Getting your CV evaluated by professionals will not only ensure that the CV gets a face-lift but it will also have certain keywords that otherwise would be missing in your CV. Clicking on the below link would take you to a relevant CV evaluation site:

Win more interviewsOpens in a new tab.

Tip 6: Save your resume with your name and functional area

While saving your CV, make sure that it is saved as follows. “Arjun Bhupati Credit Analyst.doc”

This is good when the recruiter searches the inbox or saved documents for particular key words. Chances are that your CV will be reflected on the top of the search.

Implementing these CV Writing Tips tips will take you a long way in securing a job in UAE.

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