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Use the below form to submit your Featured Guest Posts to Emirates Diary. Prior to that, please go through the Guidelines for Guest Posts:

My Editorial Guidelines: 

  1. Authors must have a track record of writing great content.
  2. All my outgoing links are ‘no-follow’ unless they are sponsored. Maximum of two links will be provided per site. 
  3. The content you submit must be detailed and unique with proper bullet points. Minimum word count of 1000 is required.
  4. I am very picky with the articles submitted through guest post. Submission is not a guarantee for publishing.
  5. Once the content is published it becomes the property of Emirates Diary.
  6. Articles submitted must adhere to the niche of the portal.
  7. Submissions must be accompanied with a relevant original image. Without this, articles will not be published.
  8. If your post is rejected, we will automatically refund your payment.


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