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Would you like your message to be read by thousands of targeted individuals? Emirates Diary receives more than 100,000 visitors a month with page views in excess of 230,000 monthly. Although the visitors are from more than a 100 countries more than 90% of the visitors are from UAE, GCC, Indian Sub continent, Africa and US.

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Why advertise on Emirates Diary?

  • Highly targeted and niche demographic with visitors ranging from age 22 to 45.
  • Clean and neat website.
  • Highly relevant content.
  • I am easy to work with.

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Ways to Advertise:

You have 2 main options to advertise on the site. There are other options to advertise on the site.

OPTION 1: Sponsor Emirates Diary Website:

By becoming a sponsor of, you will receive exclusive advertising spots on the site. 

Homepage/All Pages Rectangle – 300 * 250 (as highlighted in yellow in the below image)

This is a lucrative and permanent spot on all the pages and posts of the site with a high visibility. 

Monthly Fees for this spot is US$719. Sign up here for AdvertisingOpens in a new tab..


OPTION 2: Post Sponsor

Leader Board – 728*90 –  Above all posts

This ad loads on every post that is read and hence a very high and lucrative space for you to advertise on this site. This is highlighted in the below image:


Monthly Fees for this spot is US$919. Sign up here for AdvertisingOpens in a new tab..

Option 3: Sponsor the entire site

With this Option, you will get an opportunity to showcase your product, brand on the entire site, which includes 728*90, 300*250 and 336*280(bonus).

Monthly Fees to sponsor entire site is US$1989. Sign up here for AdvertisingOpens in a new tab..

Ad Creatives

You are responsible to submit the Creatives for the ads. Below are the details you must adhere to:

-Max File Size: 25KB – JPEG, PNG, RTF

-HTML is allowed.

-Links will be ‘Followed’

Google Adwords Targeted placements

If you use Google Adwords to manage your advertising, you could select Emirates Diary as a target site to place ads on the site.

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Feature your Recruitment Agency, Job Site, Deal Site, Nursery etc

You can Feature your Recruitment Agency, Job Site or Deal Site for only US$ 39 per month or US$ 429 per annum. To add visit the below pages.

Guest Posts

Emirates Diary also accepts articles related to Jobs relevant to UAE to be published. If you would like your articles published, drop me and email or contact.Opens in a new tab.


I have a database of more than 12000 CVs with me and get 40 CVs on a daily basis. If any CV writing services companies or a recruitment agency, is looking to tap into this market, this is a good opportunity.