We have been doing it wrong (in toilets)!!

Best way to relieve in Toilets!

It seems like my grandpa was right!

Indian style toilets (squat) are best when it comes to relieving in toilets.

We have all been taught to sit and relieve us in the modern day toilets. However, this is wrong, if scientists at Stanford University Pelvic Floor Clinic are to be believed.

Here is the Problem:


Squatting relaxes your muscles in just the right way to create optimal inner plumbing movement and can potentially combat some pretty serious diseases like Colitis and Colon Cancer.

squatty potty

In India, most of the toilets erstwhile were on the floor which meant you needed to squat to relieve your bowels. And I used to enjoy those.

However, don’t be disheartened!

Now you can poop right with Squatty Potty, a step stool that allows you to sit on the toilet with perfect squat posture. Despite being full of water-plopping sound effects, the ad is pretty convincing.

Visit: Squatty Potty for more information!

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