The Tools and Resources I use everyday.

Working and running a blog has its own challenges. The top most one is TIME. It is through time management and use of efficient tools and resources that I am able to run this blog smoothly. Not only in blogging, these tools are useful for you even your day to day life to be efficient, to increase productivity and automate regular tasks.

I received few emails asking me how do I manage my time between work and this blog. Today, I thought I would share with you the Tools and Resources I use to drive my life and this blog. I thought it will be helpful for everyone to use these resources, most of which are free to use. I will keep on adding resources as and when I use new ones. 


Few of the links in this article are Affiliate links. Which means if you subscribe to these services using the below links, I receive small commission at no extra cost to you. Understand that, I personally use the below mentioned products and services and I recommend them because they are useful and helpful.




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WordPress is a #1 blogging platform and all my sites are proudly built on WordPress. I recommend it to you as well because they are free, open source and easy to use even for a novice. When I started blogging, I had no idea what WordPress was. However, within a short period of time, I learnt a load about them just by working on Emirates Diary. Please note, I am taking about self-hosted WordPress and not You could use as well. However, you will not have the same control you would have with WordPress self hosted website. 


Theme junkie wordpress themes

I started off my blog with Free themes available with in the WordPress theme repository. However, I felt there was no support when I used Free themes. That changed, when I started using Theme Junkie WordPress Themes. They have beautiful designs and superb customer service.  They are the  best source of user friendly WordPress themes. Even a beginner like me was able to use their themes without any troubles. Their  themes and designs are professional, user friendly and search engine optimised themes.

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If you are motivated to start your own blog and share your thoughts, I have covered this in another post.

Read: how to start your Blog here.


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GULF TALENT is job site to search and apply for jobs and is a good source that I recommend for you register. You may register for FREE at Gulf Talent, create your profile and apply for jobs. Not only that, Gulf Talent sends you regular updates when there is a job matching your profile.

baytcomdubai is a good resource for job seekers to search and apply for jobs in the Middle East. They have some tremendous resources. Register yourself, Post your CV, Search for a Job. If you are are employer you can register on to look for qualified candidates. If you have your own site where you would like to use services, register here.


udemy online courses

I believe that if you have to improve and achieve success in life, you need to be a person who learns new skills and updates existing skills. I am a big fan of learning and updating myself with knowledge. And for this purpose, I take at least 2 courses per month online to keep myself updated on Personal Development, Learning Advanced Excel, Learning Advanced Powerpoint, Project Management, Study about latest Business Trends etc. I use one and only source for online Courses and that is…… Udemy.

Udemy is the best an most user-friendly online course platform I have found there. They have a fantastic iPhone app through which I can learn while I sit on my sofa. They are also available on desktop through their website. It has made my whole learning and development process so much easier. If you have to achieve great results, you must sign up for their courses. The course are presented through video and text format for easy learning. I have found great results and would like you also to gain this.

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I travel quite often and whenever I travel I make sure I stay at the reliable Hotels. For this purpose I use to Book my Hotels.



Lately I have started using Airbnb when I travel abroad. 

Airbnb is so much better than booking hotels and other hassles because of the user-friendliness of their website. If you are traveling anywhere abroad on a budget, consider booking through Airbnb. 

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I read a ton of resource online. Sometimes, I may find something useful which I would like to refer at a later stage. This is when I use Evernote. I maintain my notes, scribbles, PDF’s, scanned documents through Evernote. It’s FREE.  

I use this tool to jot down my ideas, brain storming and organise my links. Evernote also syncs with your phone app and is so easy to bookmark interesting topics which I find online to read or refer at a later stage. I experimented with Google Notes and One Note. But Evernote is so much better!

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google drive

I have recently started using Google Drive and moved on from Dropbox. Google provides you cheap online storage which can be synced to multiple computers, mobile devices. For a monthly fee of $1.99, I receive 100GB storage!

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If you have ever received an email from me, it would be from a Gmail account which I have been having for the last 10 years. When it comes to emails, Gmail is the best email application.


Google AdSense: I use Google AdSense to monetise my websites. 

Google Analytics: I make use of Google Analytics to track visitors on my sites.


I use Camtasia to capture recordings on the screen. I use this for various tutorials that I prepare. It’s very easy to use. I use mainly to host my videos.


  1. I am, Office Administrator, HR Officer, Secretarial, Sales coordinator, Logistic Professional with over 10 years of proven work experience in UAE looking for job. Currently on Notice period. Having valid UAE driving license. Residing in Sharjah.
    Appreciate your assistance.
    Thank you.

  2. I was working as a asst. accountant in my company and then my team promote me to sales department as a key account manger.
    I got pregnant after 1 month of promotion & I asked them to keep me in previous position.because with sale job i was getting so much problem and much difficulties.
    But now my company management forcing me continuously to do the sales job other wise i have to leave the job.

    So Please kindly advice me , what I have to do in this kind of situation.

  3. What should be a maximum term to put on non-competitor clause in Labor contract, either while exiting the company or by renewal of visa.?

  4. Dear Sir/ Madam,
    This is Kamran having 6 six years of experience .
    •1 year practical experience as”Maintenance Engineer”in knitting & Toe closing department in a reputed manufacturing unit Kamal Hosiery Mills Faisalabad, Pakistan.
    •4years practical experience as ”Sr. Mechanic” in knitting & Toe closing department in a manufacturing and export unit Interloop Limited, Lahore, Pakistan.
    •3 Months Internship as “Trainee supervisor” in Fauz Engineering Limited, Lahore, Pakistan.
    •3 Months practical experience as “Pipe Fitter” in Descon Engineering Limited, Lahore, Pakistan.
    •Holds Professional DAE in Mechanical Engineering.
    •Excellent computerized and automatic machine proficiency.
    •Expertise in handling reputed ERP including Oracle; as well as user level knowledge of Web Designing and MS Office applications.
    Excellent multilingual interpersonal skills with proven ability to communicate complex issues clearly and concisely
    I am looking forward to hear from you. Thanks for your time.

    Profound Regards
    Muhammad kamran
    Mobile: +971-56-5628788
    Email: [email protected]

  5. Hello,
    I have been employed since 19-10-2016 on unlimited contract and my Employer is delaying all my benefits ever since then. I have been paid my first salary after 2 months, Emirates ID application is cancelled since my Residence VISA is stamped after almost 3 months ie on 15-01-2017, because of these unsatisfactory work conditions I had decided to quit and Emailed my Employer my Resignation on December stating 1 month of notice period and that ends on 17-01-2017. Still I am working with them, and salary for the month December is not credited yet. Am I legally approved to quit without ban? Where should I visit for the contract termination and VISA cancellation? Is there anyway my employer could delay all the process? Should I work with them anymore?

    Thank you.

  6. Currently, I am processing my Canadian Permanent Resident application and as part of the process, Canadian immigration requests to provide UAE Good Conduct Certificate.

    Can you please let me know whether I can apply for the Good conduct certificate if I lived on Visit visa for 6 months in UAE. Please respond back at the priority. I lived on visit visa in UAE from 10 May’2006 to 07 Oct’ 2006.

    • Good conduct certificate is issued only for resident visa holders. For further information you can contact Dubai Police Head quartes(near Al Mullah Plaza/Qusais)

  7. RFS HR Consultancy is a recruitment company established in 1989 providing quality personnel to all fields of expertise in the Middle East. RFS provides complete recruitment solutions; with more than 20 years of experience we are able to outsource the right talent for your Organization. We have also partnered with other region in arranging manpower, which includes, Pakistan, Nepal, Kenya and India. RFS is also partnered to provide long and short-term Contract Staffing.

    We provide exclusive and qualified manpower recruitment for sectors like:

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    · Group of Companies.

  8. Good evening sir, i want to kw if is right for one to work in a company and got injured yet the manager did not response to the person’s welfare. Secondly is it right to work in a company that force one to sign a contact paper without negotiating salary rate with the person? Thirdly is it right to work in a company where there is no safety materials, no medical card. Yet pays 900 AED a month. A graduate for that matter. Is it good? Because am seriously confused in this particular job i engaged myself into

  9. Dear, Deepak.

    My name is Donggwan Kim from South Korea.
    Thanks for your valuable articles and recommendations.
    It is my daily activity to visit your blog since I have come to Abu Dhabi.

    I would like to recommend you ‘TRELLO” which helps to organize and manage the tasks.
    go check it out.

  10. sir
    I am holding Nepalese citizen passport and working in India in pvt college as lecturer
    i am Msc. In Psychiatric Nursing from india New delhi.
    i am interested to work in the any field of health sector like – hospital nursing / college/ nursing tutor/ trainer/ supervisor./nursing superintendent/lectu
    kindly Assit me for best offer for the job.

    Thanks and regard
    Md. shamsad Alam

  11. Hello Deepak,

    I resigned on 4th September 2016 for a notice period of 60 days and that completed on 3rd November 2016. After one week my service company locker was stolen from office and my name was also there for inquiry. Now this case still pending and company is also not giving me my settlement. So please advice me what is UAE labour law regarding this matter. Because I am not getting my settlement and even salary so this is very difficult for me to stay here without getting money.

  12. Instead of Camtasia, try My Screen Recorder. My Screen Recorder is one of the best screen recording software. It records your screen and audio from the speakers or your voice from the microphone – or both simultaneously. The recordings are clear and look great when played back on your website, uploaded to YouTube or used in your presentation. One thing often overlooked – It will record directly to standard compressed format that works with any video editor or any tool, no conversion required. And, the file sizes are small, making them easy to upload or distribute.

    • No no company has the right to do that it is very clear please try to read the Labor CODE Law ARTICLE .

  13. Respected sir,
    i want some information my visa will expire in 21-dec-2016 i am working in sharjah under unlimited contract 07-dec-2014 i already submitted my resign on 20-nov-2016 to 21-dec-2016 but my CEO not agree and force me for work on 15-jan-2017 i have some family problem in my home country is it possible can company force me for work after the expiry of my visa.i need some help give me some suggession what i do i request too each and every one in the company but no any body help me about this query.kindly reply me as soon as possible,


    Umair Iqbal

  14. Dear Deepak,

    Sub: Changing the company without competing Limited contract period.

    With reference to the above I have certain questions in my mind, I hope you will help me out.
    Previously I was working with company A (Having unlimited type Contract), and now I am currently working with company B (Having limited type Contract), so when I joined to company B…company A ban me for six month since my visa was Clerk, now company B issued Site supervisor Visa which I am carrying (just to avoid Ban) and assure me to issue Engineer visa once Visa ban was I am waiting for update in Engineer Visa.

    Now I don’t want to continue with company B due to some unpleasant situation.

    So I have questions like, can I change company B to any other company without affecting anything…?

    PS: I am about to complete 4 months with Company B.

    Hoping for your response at earliest.

    Thanks & Regards

    (Q S Engineer)
    United Arab Emirates
    GSM: +971 506642747

  15. Dear Sir/Madam,

    My self Jose venish; having 2 years of experience
    as a HR Assistant in a sanjay enterprises in India.Completed my
    MBA(Management of Business Administration).

    I am currently looking for HR Assistant Position, marketing field in
    your esteemed Organization.

    I have enclosed my CV with this mail.

    //Thanks and Regards//
    L.Jose venish,
    +971 525456643

  16. If you really need a loan from an online legit lender, contact this firm on their email, because they helped me with mine.

    E_MAIL: [email protected]

    Sonia Sanchez.

  17. 2006to2014 i work in another company 3month ago i change company without exit . how much time i need to work to avoid ban.i want to quit as soon as possible

  18. As salam o alaykum
    My problem me join company time 22/6/2015 and concil time 17/9/2016 mr pero speak my 45 day cut me poor men sir please help me you help you can you help me

  19. As salam o alaykum
    My problem me join company time 22/6/2015 and concil time 17/9/2016 mr pero speak my 45 day cut me poor men sir please help me

  20. Dear Deepak,
    How are you doing? Hope everything is well at your end. Currently I am seeking a role in finance. I have been working in the banking sector for quite a long time. Could you please provide me with the list of companies in HR in DIFC to whom I can forward my resume or if you can take the lead. Would really appreciate if you can please help me.

  21. I am Antony Jolly currently in Dubai came for visiting visa(ends June 26). I completed my Bachelor in Mechanical and Masters in Mechatronics with First Class. I worked in one of Mechanical production industry for 9 months. Now am looking for an entry level career in field of Mechatronics. If am getting a chance, that would be a great opening for me.
    Here I have attached my resume for reference…
    Salary is negotiable

  22. Dear Sir/Madam

    I am Arun.P, writing this cover letter for getting a job in DAFZA. I have 3 years of experience in sales and marketing in Oman and also have oman valid license. I am very well versed in business development, sales, strategic planning, relationship development, contract negotiation and market positioning.
    I am even ready to relocate. I would be very obliged to you if you arrange for an interview as soon as possible. You can easily contact me through my mail Id or my personal phone number mentioned above.

    Thanks for taking the time to consider my application.
    [email protected]

  23. Udemy and Airbnb are new to me, thanks. Do yo have any recommendations for affordable distant learning courses in UAE.

  24. Hi deepak,
    Wish you Happy new year 2016.
    For me 2015 is a very big tragedy so many bad things happen in my life. But, during that time I got some boost from your blogs and emails.
    wonderful job my friend thank you so much. I hope this year going to be good, let see.
    I am also using online storage device for google drive since 2007 Onwards.

  25. Hi Deepak

    I just passed a new job interview. But during the interview, I lied I of my previous job description. Am scared what will happen when they find out latter on my passport. Please advice.

    • firstly , you suppose to not lei , anyway , Now contact directly to HR personally and explain them truth , I am sure they will consider you
      Just try ,

  26. sir deepak i will just ask that how many months is the exact notice after filling a resignatiion letter? i work as a Limited contract..

  27. sir deepak now im resigning in the company but the company did not aprove my letter.. and my company is telling me to haave 3 months notice of this fact sir? 3 months? not 1 month only? pleade help..i need to go home asap…

  28. Dear Deepak,

    Need your help.

    The following are facts:

    1. Joined a real estate company in Dubai in 2007 (main land)
    2. Complete 7 years 11 months with the same company.
    3. Current designation is Manager – Finance
    4. My CA certificate is certified as per the Labour laws requirement
    6. My first contract was limited, next two contracts were unlimited and the current one is limited which is expiring on 15/8/15.
    7. Current salary is more than AED 25K.
    8. Got an offer from a different company, better salary (main land). Accordingly I resigned and served 45 days in lieu of compensation. My existing employer has accepted my resignation.
    9. My existing employer will put 1 year ban – breaking limited contract (only 1 month was left)

    Please advise me whether 1 year ban is applicable if yes, whether it can be lifted…..

  29. sir..i would ask any opinion from you..because i want to take emergecy leave from my company because my grandmother died ..but my company did not allow me to leave. is there any way i can leave in this situation? because i really need to go still 9 months in the company..

  30. Type of Contract: Un limited

    I have joint my job in this company 05 April 2011 and successfully completed for 2 Visa (4Years).

    Recently I renewed my 3rd Visa and contract.

    Unfortunately I resigned my job with a 30 days’ notice period.

    Just I want to know, I need to pay for my Current Visa and labor card renewal fees to company?

    Kindly advice.

  31. Hi All,

    Filipino here. So I just got this new job here in Musaffa, Abu Dhabi as a call center agent, and successfully submitted all the requirements for Security Clearance processing to our HR earlier today, July 6, 2015.

    Although I was advised by them that it should only take 2-3 weeks for the processing, I am quite unease after browsing through some forums that say 2 weeks to 2 months.

    You see, I already submitted my resignation last July 1, 2015, and I’m currently tendering my 30-day notice period to my current employer. I also bought a ticket in advance (promo) that dates August 10, 2015. I was really decided to go and leave the AE, all though my family and friends are against it. But what to do, my job doesn’t pay me enough and my benefits sucks too. Luckily I found this very promising job, yet I am scared to make a decision when the travel date arrives and still I am not able to get the results for the security clearance, sign my contract and have my visa processed by my soon-to-be employer.

    My new employer is under semi-government category, so I do not worry about getting a ban since I came from private. But I wanted to know though if anyone here can give me an insight as to the processing period. The forums I’ve read are way back 2014, but I’d like to have some inputs from those who have processed their security clearances recently, and how much time did it take?

    I would be very grateful for some info!



    • Rey,
      Yes, security clearance can take anywhere between 14 days to 60 days and beyond!
      And this is mandatory for Government and Semi government organisations.

  32. Hai Deepak,
    Just a quick clarification, I applied residence visa for my wife and daughter in abudhabi, I got visa for my daughter, unfortunately my wife visa got rejected, is there any reason for this, no explanation given by immigration. Please advise.

  33. Hi Deepak,
    I’m a General Medical Practitioner with 3.5 years experience.
    Currently processing my DHA license. Hope to complete everything by July. I’ve applied to several hospitals to no avail. How do I get employers to notice me?
    Can you recommend any reputable recruiter?

  34. i want to resign from my campony becuse our salary is always delayed…sometimes it reach to 12th day of the month….is my employeer can ban me or the government….im still 6 months in the company

    • Beth,
      yes, ban is possible.
      But you could file a complaint for delay in salaries with MOL.

      • I have a question regarding leave salary.
        If an employee has joined the company 1st Jan 2014 and goes on annual leave for 30 days from 1st Jan 2015 till 30th Jan 2015
        The rejoining date will be 31st Jan 2015.
        Please let me know when he will be due for his next leave. Will the leave be due again from 1st Jan 2016?

        Is the next leave calculated again from 1st Jan 2015 or the rejoining date from 31st Jan 2015.

        need to properly clarify this as the company calculates from rejoining date

        Read more:
        Follow us: @deepakmachado on Twitter | emiratesdiaryuae on Facebook

  35. Dear Sir,
    i checked on MOL and i got my status that work permit under process

    From MOL i got my labor card number ‘Transaction No,Person Code . i want to know how much time it takes for the process work permit process .
    i am worried nearly 17 day over i have exited the uae i was on visit . i have given a call to company i got response that its under process .

    waiting for your valuable reply …..

  36. If you are on a limited contract with basic salary of 2,000 AED and after less than 5 years you resign, would you be entitled to annual leave encashment as part of your EOSB? If yes, how is it calculated? Would you also be entitled for annual leave ticket encashed? If yes, how is that calculated on pro-rata basis? Also, if you are calculating calendar leave days, do you add the weekend? example: if you take off on a Thursday and come back on a Saturday to work, is that one day or two days off your annual leave entitlement?

  37. Hi Deepak,
    I am in abudhai under visit visa(Entry from 26/03/2014 to 19/06/2015).I stay along with my wife who works here as physiotherapist , Total Salary 5000.I would like to change my visa into residence visa under my wife hospital during this duration.Related to this i would like to ask some doubts.
    1. Can my wife sponsor me?
    2. if so,Do i have to exit for changing the visa?

    thank you waiting for your response

    • Manish,
      1. I don’t think your wife can sponsor you. But please check. You will also need valid tenancy, marriage certificate attested.
      2. NA.

  38. Hi Deepak,

    I have been working in company under creative city from August 2013, I was given a termination notice in a meeting on saturday nothing in written should i ask for an email or letter termination notice.

    I don’t knw how the compensation should be calculated what am i eligible to receive? Should the company pay me salary fro the one month I am under noritce.

    Please help

  39. Hi Deepak,

    I have limited contract. if i resign i get 6 month automatic ban and my company is giving 6 month additional ban labor ban. However, I my new employer is saying that when company requests a ban it will be immigration ban. is it correct?

  40. HELLO SIR,
    I would like you to guide me to understand my situation, so that I can work in Dubai.
    my story I am a doctor by profession, Internal medicine specialist, I applied for the practicing licence in last year july 2014 ,cleared my exam got eligibility letter, and took a offer, they procured practicing licence in their name in july, I joined organization LLC company in November, and due to personal reason, I had to rush back to India, I contacted my employer, they said ok with mutual agreement they said you can go back, we will cancel your visa, they did I returned back on 2 nd December, I think my licence is valid for 1 year, now I am applying for job again as my family front is alright, but I dont have any NOC which Interviewer are asking for, I tried to contact them but no response from their side,
    1. how to approach this situation ?
    2. also my licence is being showed as active on the official website of DHA, so is it possible ?
    3. I can also appear in repeat exam but since my licence is active, whats need to be done in such situation ?
    4. it is going to expire in july 2015 should I wait till that time or what?
    5. How can I track my status is their is any ban on me, or not ?
    6. what is my status as law permits their ?

    • Deepak,
      1. You will have to contact them. Why don’t you visit their office if you are in UAE.
      2. Yes.
      3. No idea about this!
      4. No idea.
      5. You should contact MOL.
      6. Again no idea.
      Please note that I am not a lawyer to provide legal views. You must consult a lawyer for your queries. In most cases, MOL should help though!

  41. I would like to get your kind help to solve my issue regarding Visa in Dubai.
    My concern is, Last year March 2014 I Left Dubai without resign from my last Company. I went like Emergency to My home Country and did not go back Dubai. Now Since last 6 months I am working in Qatar. But now I got good job in Dubai. So kindly Clarify me even not canceled my last visa in Dubai can I Get another Visa in Dubai for new Job.
    If I must need to canceled my last visa and need to exit please tell me the procedure .
    I think my last company will not support me as I left that time without notifying them.

    I expect your kind Clarification to solve my issue

    • R,
      The company could have listed you as absconded. In this case, you would have been blacklisted and I don’t think it is possible for you to work and live in UAE.
      Yes, you would have lost the trust of your company by not reporting on your last exit and intentions.
      I see no solution unless you come to terms with your company.

      • If so, is there any alternative to remove from absconding list and please guide me how can i get new Visa for Duba work and residence.

        • R,
          To remove yourself from absconding list, you should file a request with your employer who filed case and come to agreement with them.
          Also, surrender yourself to the authorities.

  42. Sir,
    I have applied for a sales executive job in uae through placement agency in india an i am selected but they are now delaying . I am planning to go there on visit visa and search for job. is it possible to get there in uae and search job. I have more than 10 years of experience in this filed and 1 years of gulf expereicnce. On visit visa if i get a job i have to exit and re enter to the country or i ca chnge to my residencey visa without exit please do adivice me

  43. Sir,

    How many times a person can come to UAE through tourist visa?
    I already came 2 times. If i need can I come third time also? (after 30 days?

    • Siyan,
      There is no limit on how many times you could enter UAE on tourist visa as long as you do not do any illegal activities.

  44. Hi Deepak,
    Please let me know, as i cancelled my spouse residence visa (AUH) without stamping a month ago and now i want again to apply her a residence visa, is that fine or there is any kind of time restriction. Thanks

    • Agnel,
      It is fine for residency visa.
      But make sure to contact immigration prior to taking the step.

      • My application for residence visa got rejected, would like to know will i get back the amount i paid..Thanks

        • Agnel,
          Which amount are you talking about?
          The visa fees? Yes, there will be some deductions.

  45. Hi Deepak
    My daughter has resigned from her company due to constant issues on shift changes, holidays being cancelled and genereal working conditions.
    Her company has told her that she has to serve a 2 months notice period, any leave she has planned is cancelled automatically on resignation and that they will impose a years ban on her.

    The 2 year contrcat is due to finish in Oct/Nov 2015

    Is this correct, or can she appeal to anyone?

    Regards John

    • John,
      What kind of contract is she on? LImited or unlimited.
      In case of breaking limited contract, she may face 1 year ban.
      WIth regard to notice period, this should be as per contract.
      Any accumulated leaves are to be encashed and should not be cancelled.

  46. hi sir,

    Im working in ajman freezone visa. my boss were going to cancel my visa. I want to clarify if i required to pay him.

    thank u

  47. Dear Deepak

    I have made a complain on on 1st of feb to MOL against the company that I worked due to not paying my two years leave salary ,Gratuity and overtime from MOL they send a SMS to come on 19 February

    my question is will they sort it out on the same day or will take some more time to solve the problem because it very expensive to satay in Dubai already my contract is over and my salary is only 1800 in this only i have to look after my family and my self

    plz advice me thank you

  48. hi brother

    it s Lola again…
    Hope you are okk.

    PLEASE HELP : I started this new job in 4th of jan. 2015 & didn t get my salary yet and also have come to know that some people haven t been paid for 3 moths for some of them… but also being told that 270AED will be deducted from my salary.. I want to resign, do I have to give notice?? will labour cost will be deducted as it says in the offer letter which I signed while still in my home country. don t know if legal or illegal???



    • Lola,
      under probation, you need not give any notice period.
      Visa cost, should not be deducted. IT is illegal.
      Labour contract will take precedence and not offer letter.

  49. Dear Deepak,

    I would like to get your help regarding my visa in Qatar. I went Nepal from Dubai on last march without resign and dint go back Dubai . now I am in Qatar working one of the reputed company. My concern is, wil it be any problem for visa stamping on my passport for PR because of not cancelled visa of Dubai. Please kindly clarify.

  50. Hi,
    I need help with identifying my type of contract, as nowhere does it say that it is limited or unlimited.
    In part 10(from my contract) it says that : Your contract of employment is open ended and as per government regulations your employment visa will be valid for 2 years and is renewable. so is it a limited or unlimited contact? Only the date of joining is given in the contract.

    Can I change my job if i get better offer from other companies, without getting any ban? I hold high school certificate and a bachelor’s degree that i think, can be useful in this situation.

    And please do advice me on how avoid bearing the costs of visa the company spent for me.

  51. A im HVAC technician
    Gulf experience in 7years and India 4 years
    Now working in Dubai airport
    Mobile no. 00971563591482
    Mobile no.00971525114392
    Mail I’d. [email protected]

  52. Somebody has told me that I can go to the Labour and complain.But I don’t want to go through that part. I have sent my manager an e-mail regarding the said matter, He spoke to him. But he did not changed. He’s rude.I hope you can help me about this matter.. I just want to know what’s the right thing to do.Thank you

  53. Hi Sir..

    Hi. I just want to ask a lot of questions that bothered me. I’m currently working in a construction company and will be finish my contract on the 3rd of march this year. I applied and got hired as an office secretary but unfortunately, they are giving me works for an office boy, to the extent that even buying their personal needs such as cigarette foods, They are asking me to do so. And one of the staff fell his pipe down from the building and he even asked me to go down and bring it for him. And the owrst part is that when he’s mad one time, He asked me to make a coffee for him and when I did, he asked again and again, till I make a 6 coffees, 2 teas in all. And it was not all at once, it was after by the first one and then next.. so on and so forth. And he did not even drink those. I’m really having hard time, and now I’m just having more than 2months remaining to stay in this company, but still he’s not stop on giving me hard time. He’s always shouting and humiliating me infront of clients.I want to know what action can I do regarding this matter.. Thank you in adv ance.

  54. Deepak , do u or any one on blog have any idea for how much deposit is required for investor visa other than fees. plz advise

  55. DEAR SIR,

  56. Hi,

    My Company applied for work visa. It was issued but without Surname. They again submitted application for name rectification and then later since it took long time when they followed up with saif zone, they were informed the Visa is under security clearance. It is almost 7 weeks now and no response. How long does it take usually for the security clearance procedure


  57. Hi Deepak,

    I have a query. I am working a construction based company on a limited contract and I am under probation. The probation time is 06 months. I have only completed 2 months of that. Now I received an offer from another company with higher salary and that company is holding unlimited contract. Can I join the new company while resigning from the present company during probation period?

    Also will there be a ban?

    Expecting your prompt response in this issue.

  58. What can i do i have a new job and i want to resign to start a new one eithout ban.what do i neef to visa is limited with this

      • Dear Deepak,

        I have been reading your blogs from few days.
        I will explain you my situation, I came on employment pink visa in UAE on 13 th February.
        Now I decided to resign from the company as due to medical reason and also it is very unprofessional and I will not have any career growth.
        I have submitted my medical certificates and I have planned to go back to my country.
        Also it been more than 7 days I have went to work as they ask me to wait till they move me to another property. But before that I resigned and waiting for the cancellation.

        the company is LLC

        I haven’t signed any contract and not performed any medical.

        They are asking me to pay the visa costs. I have been reading and listening that employee do not have to pay anything. I have emailed MOL as well and waiting for their answer.

        Do you think I l still get a ban? as I read somewhere No UAE RESIDENCE VISA MEANS NO BAN.

        What if I get another offer from free zone or any other company. If they send me the employment visa to my home country will they able to recruit me or not. by any chance If I can pay the ban fees how much it should be.

        I sent the reference to the HR manager related from your blog regards to the visa costs, that it is illegal to ask the employee to pay. He is saying it is not in UAE labour law. It is a blog. Could you please help and if possible send me the reference from MOL.
        In Short;
        Visa costs?
        change to another employer?

        Looking forward for your reply soon.
        Thank you
        Looking forward for your reply soon.

  59. What can i do i have a new job and i want to resign to start a new one eithout ban.what do i neef to visa is limited with this company.

  60. hai deepak…..u r doing a great help for the needy.. Regarding the family visa for abu dhabi, i came to know mariage certificate atestation is required…its is not done til now…My name is abid abdulla in both mariage certificate and my pasport and evrywere…but my wife’s name is sulfa p.c in evrywhere except in her pasport and in our sons’s pasport .there it is sulfa question is will it become a problem wen i go for the mariage certificate atestation bcz of this silly changes in name?? I am working in abudhabi ,my designation is follow up clerck,salary is 6500 dirhams…birth certificate of my son also reqired rit? Atested? Am i eligible for the concerned? Waiting for ur valuable replyyyyy. God bless uuuuuu

  61. dear sir,
    iam working in my company for 2 yrs since nov2012,now my labor visa is already finish and ive decided not to renew it,im in a limited contract and ive signed a 4 yrs contract to my company,would i get a labor ban or can other company may issue me new labor visa

    thank you waiting for your response

  62. Hi,

    Please also note that I am living with my family and children for last 4.5 yrs in dubai. kindly let me know, how to go about it?

    If my current employer is making any issue with me, what should I doand where can I approach?

    waiting for reply.


    • Yousuf,
      put a deposit at immigration for your family, cancel your visa, apply for your new visa and transfer your family members under you.

      • Dear Deepak M.

        First of all I would like to thank you for your suggestions and support and appreciations ..

        Dear sir ,
        I’m working in a hotel in Dubai, Under the Residence Visa , and I have agreed with three months notice period as per my contract, but i can’t wait until 3 months I want to leave the company as soon as possible due to the some family problem , I have talked to every one in the company but they won’t able to help me out .. .. since three days I stop going to work .. yes i do want get termination but kindly tell me will company take any legal action against me except “Termination” ..or will i receive any ‘Ban’ ?? or any thing restrictions ?
        if possible kindly inbox me your business contact number .. i think can personally describe the situation very well ,

        looking forward
        warm regards
        H. Singh

        • Hukam,
          If you do not report to work continuously for 7 days, company can impose absconding case. So please go to work.
          With regard to emergency leave, your company has to agree with you.
          Excuse me, I do not share my number.

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