How To Keep Family Visa While Changing Your Job in UAE?

If you are planning to move jobs, transfer your visa from one sponsor to another having your family under your sponsorship, you do not need to worry. The UAE’s immigration authorities have provided the option of a hold service where you can keep your dependent’s visa on hold until you transfer your visa from your existing sponsor to the new sponsor. The visa can be put on hold for a maximum of 60 days.

You can apply for this service :

  1. by visiting an Amer service center in Dubai or
  2. at the service center of the Federal Authority for Identity and citizenship (ICA) in any other emirate.

What is the process of placing family visa on hold?

The procedure is simple:

Step 1: Your labor card needs to be canceled by your existing employer.

Step 2: Visit an Amer centre or an ICA customer happiness centre and place in the request for putting your family visa on hold.

Step 3: Cancel your existing employment visa.

Step 4: Send the cancellation request to your new employer and Request to process your new residence visa application

Step 5: Once it is stamped, you can remove the hold on your family’s visa.

Once you submit your new residence visa copy to the Amer or ICA center The deposit amount will then be refunded.

What are the documents required to hold family visa in Dubai?

If you are transferring sponsorship between a mainland company to another mainland company, these are the documents you would need to submit:

  1. Holding application
  2. Labour cancellation documents from current employer
  3. New company offer letter from MOHRE (salary and profession)
  4. Sponsor and dependents’ original passport & Original Emirates ID

The residence visa for the sponsored should have a minimum validity of 3 months

The visa can be put on hold for a maximum of 60 days.

Fees for keeping your family visa on hold:

  • Holding application – Dh75
  • Refundable deposit – Dh2,500
  • Each passport’s holding fee – Dh141

If the hold is lifted before 60 days, the deposit amount will be refunded. Otherwise, the amount will be lost.

A security deposit is not required when holding the visas of family members of Golden Visa holders.

Transfering your family visa from Freezone to mainland:

  • Holding application
  • End-of-service document
  • New company offer letter from MOHRE
  • Sponsor and dependents’ original passport

Can the family member travel if their visa are on hold ?

The dependent visa must be valid for at least 6 months to have them put on hold. Family members whose visa are on hold are not able to travel during the new visa process of their sponsor and it is required for dependents to be in the country during the process.


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24 thoughts on “How To Keep Family Visa While Changing Your Job in UAE?

  1. My current designation is office supervisor and now I’m changing my visa to another company and my new designation is Partner Visa, Please confirm the charges and any additional documents for Partner Visa to hold a family visa.

    1. Hi since you are changing the visa from company to Partner visa I would suggest you to check with immigration on this

  2. Hi, My Employment Visa is from Fujairah freezone, So myself and my family has 3 years visa, which is still valid for 2.5 years. If I resign and cancel my visa, and register my own company and get the investor / general Visa from my own company in fujairah freezone iteself, So this this Scenario, is it possible to put on Hold my families’ visa during my visa transition ?

    Please guide.

  3. Hai,
    For Abu Dhabi visa holders currently, can hold family visas for 60 days or else 30 days ??

    1. Hi As far as I know it should be 60 days, however, you may check with the immigration.

  4. hi, presently I am working in Ajman emirate and my new employment is in Sharjah emirate and I want to put the visas of my family on hold.
    is it possible to hold the visas of the family if my new visa is in another emirate?

    1. Hi, since it is a different emirate it may not be possible , however you may please check with your new company PRO on this matter.

  5. If I change jobs but my family is on holiday visiting family abroad, can I put their visas on hold when they get back and ask my former employer to hold my visa until I’m ready to get the visa with the new employer (let’s say the time period is a month).

  6. How long the process of Holding Visa? Its been 1 week and still showing in process online. How long to recieve a payment request message?

    1. Have you received the payment request message already and how long did it take? I’m also waiting for the same. thanks

  7. Hi,

    I am changing my job from mainland to freezone and my family is on my sponsership , can I hold my family visa

    1. Hi, I believe it is possible. However, you may check with the freezone authority or the HR on this.

  8. How I can get mohre typed offer letter, because about this my new employer said, can be given only when new visa is applied after existing visa cancellation.

    Please help

    1. Hi, you will be able to get the Ministry of Labour contract only when your new employer apply for your new visa.

  9. hi
    Do you know if the family member can travel if their visa are on hold during the process of having the new Visa with the new company?

    thanks in advance


    1. Hi, as far as I know if the visa is from different Emirate, i believe you need to first cancel it. In any case you may check with the immigration on this.

  10. My client would like to hold his family in order to change his employer. Can this be done at an Amer center or they have to do the holding at the immigration itself? The sponsored are Wife, Child, Mother and House Maid. Is the Mother and Maid also entitled for visa hold? Please advice.

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