Cheapest Hotels in Dubai (List)

List of Cheapest Hotels in Dubai – Budget Hotels – 1 Star Hotels Dubai

Hotel NameTelephoneEmailBook Now
Africana Hotel2590089[email protected]Book Now
Al Akhlas Hotel2269885[email protected]Book Now
Al Amana Hotel2546135[email protected]Book Now
Al Ammari Hotel2669294[email protected]Book Now
Al Andalus Hotel2722113[email protected]Book Now
Al Arraf Hotel2250700[email protected]Book Now
Al Awras Hotel2290904[email protected]Book Now
Al Baha Hotel2271267[email protected]Book Now
Al Daghaya Hotel2353046Book Now
Al Dar Hotel2214330[email protected]Book Now
Al Hashemi Hotel2233333[email protected]Book Now
Al Jazeera Hotel2262322[email protected]Book Now
Al Karnak Hotel2268799[email protected]Book Now
Al Karwan Hotel2252211[email protected]Book Now
Al Kawakeb Hotel2712283[email protected]Book Now
Al Khaima Hotel2260585[email protected]Book Now
Al Maha Hotel2250222[email protected]Book Now
Al Marwa Hotel2289991[email protected]Book Now
Al Noor Hotel2737208[email protected]Book Now
Al Qaid Hotel2222238[email protected]Book Now
Al Rabia Hotel2733663[email protected]Book Now
Al Ras Hotel2266448[email protected]Book Now
Al Sabkha Hotel2351666[email protected]Book Now
Al Shamal Hotel2290111[email protected]Book Now
Al Thuraya Hotel2234455[email protected]Book Now
Al Uroba Hotel2266190[email protected]Book Now
Al Wehda Hotel2222308[email protected]Book Now
Ana Palace Hotel2255488[email protected]Book Now
Antalia Hotel2287100[email protected]Book Now
Atraf Hotel2279000[email protected]Book Now
Blue Diamond Hotel2262121[email protected]Book Now
Burj Nahar Hotel2221666[email protected]Book Now
Central Paris Hotel2233121[email protected]Book Now
City Gold Hotel2263600[email protected]Book Now
Country Hotel2256200[email protected]Book Now
Deema Hotel2733745[email protected]Book Now
Deira Palace Hotel2290120[email protected]Book Now
Deira Park Hotel2239922[email protected]Book Now
Deyafa Palace Hotel2712003[email protected]Book Now
Diplomat Hotel2715502[email protected]Book Now
Down Town Hotel2260777[email protected]Book Now
Dream Land Hotel2288300[email protected]Book Now
Easy Hotel Jafza8875757[email protected]Book Now
Emirates Hotel2220191[email protected]Book Now
Everest International Hotel3931808[email protected]Book Now
Evin Hotel2222434[email protected]Book Now
Florida Hotel2268888[email protected]Book Now
Galaxy Plaza Hotel2257444[email protected]Book Now
Golden Palace Hotel2353737[email protected]Book Now
Golden Pearl Hotel2734111[email protected]Book Now
Golden Sea Hotel2258555[email protected]Book Now
Golden Star Hotel2256676[email protected]Book Now
Grand Hotel Deira2250025[email protected]Book Now
Grand Sina Hotel2518181[email protected]Book Now
Green Sea Hotel2255518[email protected]Book Now
Gulf Star Hotel2275550[email protected]Book Now
Hawaar Hotel2727884[email protected]Book Now
Hiway Hotel2733499[email protected]Book Now
Homa Hotel2228777[email protected]Book Now
Imperial Palace Hotel2211344[email protected]Book Now
Index Hotel2291555[email protected]Book Now
Juba Hotel2258880[email protected]Book Now
Karoon Hotel2222922[email protected]Book Now
Kinshasa Hotel2715656[email protected]Book Now
Lapaz Hotel2268800[email protected]Book Now
London Hotel2733888[email protected]Book Now
Maaeen Hotel2290085[email protected]Book Now
Manhattan Hotel3259000[email protected]Book Now
Marhaba Al Baraha Hotel2711717[email protected]Book Now
Marhaba Hotel2257766[email protected]Book Now
Marhaba Inn Hotel2255133[email protected]Book Now
Mariana Hotel2259333[email protected]Book Now
Melody Queen Hotel2275551[email protected]Book Now
Miami Hotel2295335[email protected]Book Now
Najm Al Khaleej Hotel2256555[email protected]Book Now
New Avon Hotel2261233[email protected]Book Now
Nile Hotel2713313[email protected]Book Now
Novi Hotel2256662[email protected]Book Now
Parasol Hotel2276868[email protected]Book Now
Parkway Hotel2294777[email protected]Book Now
Prince of Stars Hotel2250606[email protected]Book Now
Qasr Al Siyaha Hotel2255855[email protected]Book Now
Rahab Hotel2723705[email protected]Book Now
Red Palace Hotel2255527[email protected]Book Now
Relax Hotel2732226[email protected]Book Now
Remas Hotel2561990[email protected]Book Now
Riga Hotel2217555[email protected]Book Now
Royal Creek Hotel2291771[email protected]Book Now
Royal Paris Hotel2215000[email protected]Book Now
Royal Prince Hotel2239991[email protected]m.aeBook Now
Ruby Hotel2291444[email protected]Book Now
Rush Inn Hotel3522235[email protected]Book Now
Saeed Hotel2288945[email protected]Book Now
Sahil Hotel2268111[email protected]Book Now
Salalah Hotel2294153[email protected]Book Now
Season Hotel2216111[email protected]Book Now
Shalimar Park Hotel2722422[email protected]Book Now
Shangrila Hotel2215550[email protected]Book Now
Silver Sand Hotel2358666[email protected]Book Now
Sima Hotel2253635[email protected]Book Now
Simba Hotel2727000[email protected]Book Now
Spectrum Hotel2221704[email protected]Book Now
Sport Hotel2724666[email protected]Book Now
Sport Hotel Branch2240111[email protected]Book Now
Sumaiya Hotel2218080[email protected]Book Now
Sutchi Hotel2242500[email protected]Book Now
Sweet Palace Hotel2230334[email protected]Book Now
Syaj Hotel2289666[email protected]Book Now
Tamarind Hotel2265944[email protected]Book Now
Tehran Hotel2222392[email protected]Book Now
Time Palace Hotel3532111[email protected]Book Now
Transworld Hotel2241166[email protected]Book Now
Tylos Hotel2277000[email protected]Book Now
Vasantam Hotel3938006[email protected]Book Now
Victoria Hotel2269626[email protected]Book Now
Vienna Hotel2218855[email protected]Book Now
West Hotel2717001[email protected]Book Now
White Fort Hotel2221130[email protected]Book Now
White Sand Hotel2272557[email protected]Book Now
Zagy Hotel2242999[email protected]Book Now
Zahrat Al Madaen Hotel2261234[email protected]Book Now
Zain East Hotel2711771[email protected]Book Now
Zariana Hotel2257999[email protected]Book Now

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