Schools in Dubai-Updated List

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Dubai Schools-update

I have previously written a post on Schools in Dubai. This list contained names of around 70 schools in Dubai. However, there are more than 250 schools in Dubai.

Many parents have personally thanked me and asked to update the list of schools in Dubai as it does not have comprehensive list.

I was recently sent an email containing list of schools in Dubai. And below is the list.

Hope this is an update to my existing list. Please click on the name of the school and it will lead you to the website of the school.

List of Dubai Schools(Click on the names for School Website) Telephone Number Level-Curriculam Board
Abacus Quest Point UCMAS  +971-4-3373875  primary-UCMAS
Adab Iranian School  +971-4-2633405 -Iranian
Al Ahmadiya School  +971-4-2260286 -UAE
Al Ameen School  +971-4-2677100  K-10-Islamic / UK IGCSE
Al Andalus School Dubai  renamed
Al Anwaar Kindergarten  +971-4-3945753 -UAE
Al Anwar Private School  +971-4-2739360 -Arabic
Al Arqam Private School  +971-4-3400888  K-12-Arabic/UAE MOE
Al Baraah Kindergarten  +971-4-2857231 -UAE
Al Diyafah High School  +971-4-2671115  K-12-Indian/UK A-level, IGCSE
Al Eman School Dubai  +971-4-2858589 -Arabic/UAE UAE GSEC
Al Farooq Pakistani Islamic School  +971-4-2643848  K-10-Pakistan FBISE
Al Furjan School  planned  K-12-US
Al Hesn Private School Dubai  +971-4-2648844 -UAE
Al Ittihad Private School Jumeirah  +971-4-3945111  K-12-Arabic/US SAT
Al Ittihad School Mamzar  +971-4-2966314  K-12-UAE/US SAT
Al Jeel Al Saeed School  closed closed Sep 2005
Al Khaleej National School  +971-4-2822707  K-12-UAE/US HS Diploma
Al Khansa School for Girls  +971-4-2664266 -UAE
Al Majd Indian School  closed  K-10-Indian CBSE SSLC
Al Manarah International Boarding School  planned  secondary-International IB
Al Mawakeb School  +971-4-2851415  K-12-Arabic/US SAT, DELF
Al Mawakeb School Barsha  +971-4-3478288  K-12-Arabic/US SAT, DELF
Al Noor Centre for Children with Special Needs  +971-4-3404844  K-12- Special Needs
Al Qeyam Model School  +971-4-3409707 -UAE
Al Rashid Al Saleh School  +971-4-3376126  K-12-Arabic/UAE UAE
Al Sadiq Islamic English School  +971-4-2634083  K-12-Arabic/UK
Al Salam Private School  +971-4-2679594  K-10-Arabic/UK IGCSE
Al Shorouq Private School  +971-4-3440765  K-12-Arabic/UAE UAE
Al Thuraya School  +971-4-2824964  K-12-Arabic/UAE
Al Wasl School -Arabic/UAE UAE
Al Worood School Dubai  +971-4-8859418  primary-Arabic/UK
Allama Iqbal School  +971-4-3384284 -Pakistan FBISE
Ambassador Education School Dubai  planned -Indian
American Academy for Girls Dubai  +971-4-2887250  K-12-US AP
American Community School Dubai  planned
American Football Academy Dubai  +971-4-3431443
American International School Dubai  +971-4-2988666  K-12-Arabic/US/Canadian US/UAE HS Diploma
American School of Dubai  +971-4-3950005  K-12-US AP, HS diploma
Amity School Dubai  proposed -Indian
Apple International School  +971-4-2638989  primary-Indian/UK
Arab Unity School  +971-4-2886226  K-12-Arabic/UK A-level, IGCSE
Arsenal Soccer School Dubai  +971-4-8096679
Badrah School Dubai Waterfront  planned  K-12-International
Bangladesh Islamic School  closed?  primary-Bangladeshi
Barcelona Soccer School Dubai  +971-4-4347404
Beacon Education  +971-4-3498806
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan School Dubai  proposed -Indian CBSE
Boathouse School Palm Jumeirah  planned  primary-
Bradenton Academy Dubai  +971-4-4251111  K-12-US IB?
British Institute for Learning Development  +971-4-3945907  K-10-UK Special Needs
British National Curriculum School  closed  K-12-UK
Buds Public School  +971-4-2888143  K-12-Indian CBSE
Cambridge High School Dubai  +971-4-2824646  K-12-Arabic/UK A-level, IGCSE
Cambridge International School Al Quoz  planned  K-12-UK
Cambridge International School Dubai  +971-4-2824646  K-12-UK A-level, IGCSE
Cambridge International School Dubailand  planned  K-12-UK
Cambridge International School Jumeirah Village  planned  K-12-UK
Canadian International School Dubai  planned -Canadian BC HS Diploma
Central School Dubai  +971-4-2674433  K-12-Indian CBSE, AISSC
Child Early Intervention Medical Center  +971-4-4233667 -Support Services Special Needs
Child Learning and Enrichment Medical Centre  +971-4-3440737
Choueifat Dubai  +971-4-3999444  K-12-Choueifat/UK/US SABIS
Choueifat Dubai Green Community  K-12-Choueifat/UK/US SABIS
Collegiate American School  +971-4-4271400  primary-US Common Core Standards
Crescent School Dubai  +971-4-2988866  K-12-Indian CBSE, Kerala
Deans International School  closed  K-12-US AP, SAT
Deira Homeland School  not found
Deira International School  +971-4-2325552  K-12-UK IB, IGCSE
Deira Private School  +971-4-2641595  primary-UK NC
Deira Private School Garhoud  closed
Delhi Private School Dubai  +971-4-8821848  K-12-Indian CBSE
Downs Syndrome Dubai -Support Group Special Needs
Dubai American Academy  +971-4-3479222  K-12-US IB
Dubai American Scientific School  +971-4-3392444  K-12-US
Dubai Arab American School  +971-4-2882222  K-10-UAE/US
Dubai Autism Center  +971-4-3986862 Special Needs
Dubai British School  +971-4-3619361  K-12-UK A-level, IGCSE, GCSE
Dubai Carmel School  +971-4-2675424  K-12-Arabic/UK IGCSE, O-level
Dubai Center for Special Needs  +971-4-3440966 Special Needs
Dubai College  +971-4-3999111  secondary-UK A-level, GCSE
Dubai Community Health Center  +971-4-3953939 -Support Services Special Needs
Dubai English Speaking College  +971-4-3604866  secondary-UK A-level, GCSE
Dubai English Speaking School  +971-4-3371457  primary-UK NC
Dubai First School  +971-4-3380333  K-12-UAE/US UAE GSEC
Dubai Gem School  +971-4-3376661  K-12-Indian/UK A-level, IGCSE, O-level
Dubai International Academy  +971-4-3684111  K-12-UK/US IB DP, MYP, PYP
Dubai International School  +971-4-2823513  K-12-Arabic/US SAT, UAE
Dubai International School Nad Al Sheba  +971-4-3385530  K-12-Arabic/US SAT, UAE
Dubai Investment Park Schools
Dubai Modern Education School  +971-4-2885115  K-12-UAE/US
Dubai National School  +971-4-3474555  K-12-UAE/US HS Diploma / UAE
Dubai National School Al Twar  +971-4-2988555  K-12-UAE/US HS Diploma / UAE
Dubai Pearl Private School  +971-4-2688387 -UAE/MOE
Dubai Scholars Private School  +971-4-2988892  K-12-Indian/UK O-level, A-level
Dubai Secondary School  +971-4-2966602 -Arabic/UAE
Dubailand Taleem School  planned  K-12-UK/US
Dulwich College Dubai  planned -UK IB, A-level, IGCSE, GCSE*
DWC High School  +971-4-2089700  secondary-UAE/US
Dyslexia Dubai  +971-4-3446657 -Support Group Special Needs
Education Development Solutions Dubai  +971-4-2847011 -Support Services Special Needs
Ehsan Iranian Special Needs School  +971-4-2988173 -Iranian
Elite English School  +971-4-2688244  K-10-Indian CBSE
Emirates English Speaking Centre  closed -Indian Special Needs
Emirates English Speaking School  +971-4-3947355  K-12-Indian CBSE
Emirates International Autism Center  planned Special Needs
Emirates International School Jumeirah  +971-4-3489804  K-12-UK/US IB, IGCSE
Emirates International School Meadows  +971-4-3629009  K-12-UK IB, IGCSE
English College Dubai  +971-4-3943465  K-12-UK NC, GCSE, A-level
English Medium School Dubai  +971-4-3377503  K-12-Arabic/UK A-level, O-level
ETA Star Education  +971-4-2888404
Euro School Dubai  planned  K-12-Indian
European School of Dubai  +971-4-2678726  primary-UK NC
Foremarke Hall School Dubai  planned  primary-UK
French School Dubai  renamed -French
GEMS Our Own School Al Warqa  +971-4-2800075 -Indian CBSE, iCBSE
GEMS Schools  +971-4-3477770
GEMS World Academy  +971-4-3736373  K-12-UK/US IB DP, MYP, PYP
German International School Dubai  +971-4-3386006  K-12-German German International Abitur
German School Dubai  renamed  primary-German International Abitur
Global Indian International School Dubai  K-12-Indian Montessori, ICSE, IB
Golden Indian Private School  closed 1999 -Indian closed
Grammar School Dubai  +971-4-2824822  K-12-Indian/UK A-level, IGCSE
Green Field Kindergarten  closed 1999 -Indian closed
Greenfield Community School  +971-4-8856600  K-12-International IB DP, MYP, PYP
Greenwood International School  +971-4-2888000  K-12-Arabic/US SAT
Gulf Indian High School  +971-4-2824455  K-12-Indian CBSE
Gulf Model School  +971-4-2544222  K-12-Indian CBSE, Kerala
Home school Dubai  K-12-
Horizon College Dubai  planned  secondary-UK
Horizon School Dubai  +971-4-3422891  primary-UK NC
IFA Rugby Academy Dubai  +971-4-3371698 -Sports
Indian High School Dubai  +971-4-3377475  secondary-Indian CBSE
Indian High School Garhoud  +971-4-2823555  primary-Indian CBSE
Institute of Applied Technology  +971-4-2122888 -UAE
Institute of Applied Technology Dubai  +971-4-2122888  secondary-UAE UAE MOE
International Academic School Dubai  +971-4-2800993  K-12-Arabic/US HS Diploma
International Football Academy Dubai  +971-4-3371698 -Sports
International Indian High School Dubai  primary-Indian CBSE
International School of Arts and Sciences Dubai  +971-4-2800459  K-12-US
International School of Choueifat  K-12-Choueifat SABIS
International Talent Academy Dubai  K-12-International IB DP, MYP, PYP
International Wing Chun Organization School Dubai -Wing Chun Kung Fu
Iranian Boys School Dubai  +971-4-3389953  K-12-Iranian
Iranian Girls School Dubai  +971-4-3961234  K-12-Iranian
Islamic Studies and Holy Quran School  +971-4-2228667
Jain International School Dubai  rumoured -Indian
Japanese School Dubai  +971-4-3449119  primary-Japanese
Jebel Ali Primary School  +971-4-8846485  primary-UK NC
Jebel Ali School  +971-4-8846485  secondary-UK A-Level, GCSE, NC
JESS Arabian Ranches  +971-4-3619019  K-12-UK IB, GCSE
JSS International School  +971-4-3612917  primary-Indian CBSE, ISCE
JSS Private School  K-12-Indian CBSE, ICBSE
JSS World School  renamed  K-12-Indian CBSE, ICBSE
Jumeirah Baccalaureate School  +971-4-3446931  K-12-International IB, IBDP, IBMYP, IPC, IGCSE
Jumeirah College  +971-4-3954950  secondary-UK A-level, GCSE
Jumeirah English Speaking School  +971-4-3945515  primary-UK NC KS1 KS2
Jumeirah International School  planned
Jumeirah Primary City School  renamed WPS  primary-UK
Jumeirah Primary School  +971-4-3943500  primary-UK NC
K12 International Academy  +971-4-3748247  K-12-US/Home School US/UAE HS Diploma
Khadija Iranian School Dubai  +971-4-3961072  K-12-Iranian
Kids First Medical Center  +971-4-3485437 -Support Services Special Needs
Kings College Dubai  planned  K-12-UK NC GCSE, A-Level
Kings School Dubai  +971-4-3483939  primary-UK NC FS KS1 KS2
Latifa School for Girls  +971-4-3361065  K-12-Arabic/UK A-level, GCSE
Little Flock English School  +971-4-3448044  primary-
Little Flower English School Dubai  +971-4-2667620  primary-Indian CBSE
Lycee Francais International Dubai  +971-4-3368552  primary-French
Lycee Francais International Georges Pompidou  +971-4-3260026  secondary-French
Lycee Francais International Meydan  planned  primary-Arabic English French IB
Lycee Georges Pompidou Ecole primaire Dubai  +971-4-3374161  primary-French
Lycee Libanais Francophone Prive  +971-4-2640800  K-12-French
Manchester Soccer School Dubai  closed
Millennium School Dubai  +971-4-2988567  K-12-Indian CBSE, iCBSE
Millfield School Dubai  planned -UK
Mirdiff Private School  +971-4-2883303  K-10-Arabic/US
Modern High School Dubai  +971-4-3263339  K-12-Indian CISCE, ICSE, ISC
Modern Renaissance School  closed Jun 2006  primary-UK closed
Modern School and Nursery  +971-4-2613069  primary-Indian/UK
Mothers of Children with Special Needs Dubai -Support Group Special Needs
Mu Idris English High School  not found
National Charity School Dubai  +971-4-2824499  K-12-Arabic/UAE MOE
New Arab Unity School  +971-4-2884844  K-12-Arabic / US
New Indian Model School Dubai  +971-4-2824313  K-12-Indian CBSEi, CBSE, SSLC
New World Private School  +971-4-2610033  K-12-UAE
Nibras International School  +971-4-8853330  K-12-Arabic/US SAT
North American International School Dubai  +971-4-2884844  K-12-Arabic/US
NumberWorks n Words Mirdiff  closed 2011
NumberWorks n Words Springs  closed 2011
Oundle School Dubai  planned  K-12-UK GCSE, A-Level, IB?
Our Own Community School Al Warqa  renamed -Indian CBSE, iCBSE
Our Own English High School Dubai  +971-4-2361335  K-12-Indian CBSE
Our Own High School  +971-4-2800077  K-12-Indian CBSE
Our Own Indian School  +971-4-3391188  K-12-Indian CBSE
Oxford School Dubai  +971-4-2543666  K-12-Arabic/UK A-level, IGCSE, NC
Pakistan Education Academy  +971-4-3370126  K-12-Pakistan FBISE SSC, HSSC
Pakistan English School  +971-4-3930898 -Pakistan FBISE
Pakistan National High School  not found -Pakistan
Pakistani Embassy School Dubai -Pakistan
Pan American Academy Dubai  planned  K-12-Canadian BC HS Diploma
Philadelphia Private School Dubai  +971-4-2646202  K-12-Arabic / US
Pristine Private School  +971-4-2674299  K-12-UK IGCSE, AS, A-levels
Private Religious Institute  +971-4-3495095 -UAE UAE
Queen International School  +971-4-2652600  K-12-Arabic/UK AS-level, IGCSE
Raffles International School  +971-4-4271200  K-12-UK/US IB, A-level, US
Raffles International School North Campus  renamed
Raffles International School South Campus  +971-4-4271200  K-10-UK/US IGCSE, A-Level
Raffles International School West Campus  renamed  K-12-UK/US
Raffles World Academy  +971-4-4271300  K-12-UK/US IB, IGCSE
Rajagiri International School  +971-4-2800691  primary-Indian CBSE
Rashid Paediatric Therapy Centre  +971-4-3400005 Special Needs
Rashid Primary School  +971-4-3361187  primary-Arabic/UK
Rashid School for Boys  +971-4-3361300  K-12-Arabic/UK A-level, GCSE
Reach Out Dubai  +971-4-4489173 -Support Services Autism Special Needs
Real Madrid Football Academy Dubai
Regent International School  +971-4-3608830  K-12-UK IB, IGCSE, NC
Regent School Dubai  renamed  primary-Indian
Repton School Dubai  +971-4-4269393  K-12-UK IB, IGCSE
Royal Dubai School  +971-4-2886499  K-10-UK NC, GCSE, A-level
Russian School Dubai  +971-4-2641515  K-12-Russian
Safa School  +971-4-3884300  primary-UK NC FS KS1 KS2
Salman Farsi School  +971-4-2988121  K-12-Iranian
School of Modern Skills  +971-4-2887765  K-10-Arabic / US UAE
School of Research Science  +971-4-2988772  K-12-Arabic/UK A-level, IGCSE
Senses Dubai  +971-4-3948765 -Support Services Special Needs
Sharjah American School Dubai  +971-4-2801111  K-12-Arabic/US AP, SAT
Sheena Wilson Centre Dubai
Sheffield School Dubai  +971-4-2678444  K-12-UK GCSE
Sheikh Rashid Pakistan School  +971-4-2988303  K-12-Pakistan FBISE SSC
Silicon Oasis GEMS School  renamed GWA  K-12-UK IB DP
Silvery Indian School  +971-4-2665448  primary-Indian
SNF Children Development Center  +971-4-3349818  K-12- Special Needs
St Andrews School Dubai  +971-4-3945907 Special Needs
St Marys School Dubai  +971-4-3370252  K-12-UK A-level, IGCSE, GCSE
Star International School Al Twar  +971-4-2638999  K-10-UK NC
Star International School Barsha  not planned
Star International School Jumeirah  +971-4-3483314  primary-UK NC
Star International School Mirdiff  +971-4-2884644  primary-UK NC
Star International School Mizhar  not planned
Star International School Qusais  not planned
Stepping Stones Center Dubai  +971-4-3635433 -Support Services Special Needs
Sultan Al Owais Public School  +971-4-2966068 -UAE
Swedish School in Dubai  K-12-Sweden
Teens 4 Positive Action -Support Group
The City International School  +971-4-2899722  K-12-Pakistan/UK A-level, IGCSE, O-level
The Indian Academy Dubai  +971-4-2646746  K-12-Indian ICSE
The Kindergarten Starters  +971-4-2824090  primary-Indian CBSE
The Philippine School Dubai  +971-4-2844465  K-10-Philippines
UAE Downs Syndrome Association  +971-4-3671949 -Support Group Special Needs
UAE Downs Syndrome Support Group -Support Group Special Needs
Union International Indian School  planned  K-12-Indian ICSE
United International Private School  +971-4-2543888  K-10-Philippines RBEC
Universal American School  +971-4-2325222  K-12-US IB, US HS diploma
Uptown K12 School  renamed  K-12-
Uptown School  +971-4-2886270  primary-International IBPYP
Uptown School  +971-4-2515001  K-12-International IB, IBPYP, IBMYP
Varkey Group  +971-4-3477770
Varkey International School  renamed OOIS  K-12-Indian CBSE, SSLC
Wellington Academy Dubai  K-12-UK NC, IB
Wellington College Dubai  not planned -UK A-level, GCSE
Wellington International School  +971-4-3484999  K-12-UK IB, AS / A-level, I/GCSE
Wellington International School Palm Jumeirah  planned  primary-UK NC
Wellington Primary School  +971-4-3433266  primary-UK NC FS1-2 KS1-2
Westminster School Dubai  +971-4-2988333  K-12-Arabic/UK A-level, IGCSE
Winchester School Dubai  +971-4-8820444  primary-Indian / UK NC
Winchester School Dubai Oud Metha  +971-4-3374112 -Indian / UK EYFS, NC, AS, A-level
Zabeel School  +971-4-3374821  secondary-Arabic/UAE


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2 Responses to “Schools in Dubai-Updated List”

  1. Susan Whistler

    Feb 16. 2014

    Dear Emirates Diary,
    Thank you for listing Uptown School.
    Could you please remove Uptown High School and Uptown Primary School. We have changed our name from Uptown Primary School to Uptown School to reflect that we now offer Pre-k to Grade 10 and our school offers both Primary and Secondary IB education. We are an IB world school for IBPYP and IBMYP.

    Thank you,
    Susan Whistler, Communications and Marketing for Uptown School.

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    • Deepak M

      Feb 16. 2014

      Thank you Susan. I will update the list to reflect the changes.

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