New design coming to Emirates Diary!

New design on Emirates Diary

I started Emirates Diary with the aim of sharing my experience with those searching for job tips, looking for information on gratuity, my experiences in UAE, Jobs in UAE  and many other topics.

Emirates Diary has now grown into a site with sizable following in UAE and Asian countries. I am happy to say that, now my unique monthly readership hovers around 50K+ with more than 75K page views.

I am continuously looking to improve the site by providing useful information on various aspects related to jobs, making a better CV, pictures from UAE and so on.

Soon you will see that Emirates Diary will have a new look and feel with new design. This is done to help readers get easy access to the site. I am looking to help readers using their smartphones to get a better look and feel of the site by incorporating responsive website design. The site will have less of images and more of content!

See you soon!

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