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Miracle Garden Dubai

I was fortunate to visit Dubai’s latest “Miracle Garden” located near Arabian Ranches.(Actually, on opposite side of the Arabian Ranches). My first reaction when I saw at least 15 people in front of me waiting in the queue was ‘jaw drop.’ I was wondering what people were doing in the middle of the week in a flower garden!

However, my surprises were laid to rest when I went inside and saw the quality of the garden and freshness of the flowers. I was truly amazed at the sheer volume of the flowers and plants that were grown in such a short span of time in the middle of the desert!

Anyways my primary reason was to take my family and take some awesome pictures of Miracle Garden.

So here are the pictures of Miracle Garden Dubai. Hope you enjoy them.

3 Responses to “Miraculous ‘Miracle Garden’ Dubai-Pictures”

  1. salvacion dormido

    Jan 28. 2014

    dear sir,

    i have been working in km trading company, i just ask sir because my company tell to me my last duty in work this jan.31, but in my pataka feb.8,2014, is it ok sir to follow that said to me.i need poh your answer , thank you so much and god bless.

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  2. Irshad Ali

    Apr 22. 2013

    Dear Sir,

    I have been working for Jumeirah Beach hotel since last 17 years as a Information Technology Specialist, I would like to bring my Grand Daughter who is with my Wife after her mother was divorced, my son is not living with us, I would like to bring my wife and also my Grand Daughter, Is it possible to sponser her, I have been provided with company accomodation and other benefits. please let me know if it is possible.



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