List of Top Online Food Ordering sites in UAE

Order Food Online in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

How often have you not felt hungry and you were stuck in office and could not go out to your favorite restaurant to have the food. 

Well, you are saved. Because, UAE and especially Dubai is seeing a plethora of options for you to order food, just with a click of a button right from your computer or your smartphone. 

Whether you are craving Indian food, Chinese Food, Italian Food, Continental Food….there are plenty of options for you to get your food ordered online and delivered to your choice of address in UAE.

I know, you will tell me, ‘why can’t I just pick up the phone and call them?’ But have you thought of that moment when you may need to hold the line?? And how about if the person on the other end of the phone did not understand you and placed a wrong order? It has happened to you….right!!

So, you are better off with a menu served to you and you select right from there what you want to have. With the growth in the internet penetration and data package, it has become quite easy to order your food online these days.

These sites are responsible to take your order, transfer the order to the restaurant and deliver your food, right at your doorstep. They are also responsible for any grievance that you have.

So what are you waiting for? Click on their website and order your food now!

Below I am providing you with the List of 6 Top online food ordering sites in UAE:

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Order Food OnlineWebsite
24H.aeOrder Food Now
Eat EasilyOrder Food Now
Food On ClickOrder Food Now
MfoodOrder Food Now
TalabatOrder Food Now

Screenshot of the Online Food Ordering sites


Eat Easily


Food On Click






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  • Yalla Eat ( ) recently launched by a new company and very professional management. Yalla Eat already got many restaurants on board and operating quite well in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other parts of Emirates. Foodies in UAE must check Yalla Eat website to find the best restaurants and deals for Online Food Ordering which offer delivery and collection with pre-order features.

    I must say Yalla Eat is the future of Online Food Ordering in UAE and all Other GCC Countries.

  • deliveroo is a great website to add in here. excellent service and very professional and punctual.

  • I would like to share my comment about Yalla Eat website ( ) which is launching very soon, they are introducing very latest technology in Online Food Ordering in all over UAE. I believe there was another Yalla Eat website exist in 2013 and running by some one else and closed down but the new Yalla Eat website is nothing to do with the existing website because the new Yalla Eat website is running by completely new team of professionals and managed by a well reputed company in UAE.

    I cant wait for the new website of Yalla Eat to be launched so I will be able to order food Online the way I Like !!!!

  • Food Zilla and Yalla Eat’s websites don’t exist anymore?
    Food zilla is getting directed to a website called zittyperks and