List of Forex Exchange Companies in UAE

Forex Exchange Companies in UAE

Exchange companies are an integral part of UAE Economy. Most of us being expatriates here, money exchange companies play a vital role in transferring remittances from UAE to the destination countries. In the UAE there are more than 130 registered money exchange companies as per UAE Central Bank. Billions of amount of currencies are remitted from UAE to other countries and Exchange houses play very important role in this.


Besides handling money exchange/foreign exchange transactions, the exchange companies in UAE also handle payments such as Credit Card payments, Utility Bill payment, WPS Processing, Etisalat/Du payments and many other related payments.

Exchange companies also are employment generators. There are regular requirements for Cashiers/Tellers, Officers to handle front office, Treasury handling officers and many other roles. It is a good opportunity for job seekers to apply directly at the exchange companies for vacancies available. 

The reason for this post is to cover the list of money exchange companies in UAE.

Below is the list of UAE Exchange Companies/ Forex Exchange companies

Sl NoMoney Exchange CompaniesWebsite
1Abdul Latif Exchange LLC.No
2Ahmed Al Amery Exchange Co.No
3Ahmed Al Hussain Exchange Est.No
4Ain Al Faydah Exchange Al AinNo
5Al Ahalia Money Exchange BureauWebsite
6Al Amal Expres Exchange DuabiNo
7Al Ansari Exchange L.LC.Website
8Al Azhar ExchangeNo
9Al Bader ExchangeWebsite
10Al Buloushi Exchange Al AinNo
11Al Dahab ExchangeWebsite
12Al Darmaki Exchange Est.No
13Al Dhafra Exchange (P.S.C)Website
14Al Falah Exchange CompanyWebsite
15Al Fardan ExchangeWebsite
16Al Fuad ExchangeWebsite
17Al Gergawi Exchange LLC.Website
18Al Ghurair ExchangeWebsite
19Al Ghurair International ExchangeWebsite
20Al Hadha ExchangeNo
21Al Hamed ExchangeNo
22Al Hamriyah ExchangeNo
23Al Jaber ExchangeNo
24Al Jarwan Money Exchange SharjahNo
25Al Jazira AexchangeNo
26Al Masood ExchangeNo
27Al Mazroui Exchange EstNo
28Al Modawallah ExchangeNo
29Al Mona Exchange Co. LLC.No
30Al Muqren ExchangeNo
31Al Mussabah ExchangeNo
32Al Nafees Exchange LLC.No
33Al Nahdi ExchangeWebsite
34Al Nebal Intl. ExchangeNo
35Al Neel Exchange SharjahWebsite
36Al Ne'emah Exchange Co. LLCNo
37Al Noor ExchangeNo
38Al Rajihi Exchange Company LLC.
39Al Rasheed ExchangeNo
40Al Rayyan ExchangeNo
41Al Razouki Int'l Exchange Co. LLC.Website
42Al Rostamani Int. ExchangeWebsite
43Al Salam Exchange CentreWebsite
44Al Shorafa ExchangeNo
45Al Zari & Al Fardan Exchange LLCNo
46Al Zarooni ExchangeWebsite
47Alfa ExchangeWebsite
48Ameen ExchangeWebsite
49Arab Link Money Transfer P.S.C.Website
50Arabian Exchange CoNo
51Atlantis ExchangeNo
52Aziz Exchange Co. LLC.No
53Baniyas ExchangeNo
54Belhasa Global ExchangeNo
55BGW International ExchangeNo
56Bhagwandas Jethanand and SonsNo
57Bin Bakheet Exchange Est.No
58Bin Belaila Exchange Co.LLC.Website
59Capital ExchangeNo
60Cash Express Exchange Est.No
61Central ExchangeNo
62City Exchange LLC.Website
63Cosmos ExchangeWebsite
64Daniba International Exchange LLC
65Day Exchange LLC.Website
66Delma ExchangeWebsite
67Desert ExchangeNo
68Dinar ExchangeWebsite
69Dirham Exchange Co.No
70Economic exchange CentreWebsite
71Emirates & East India Exchange SharjahNo
72Emirates India International ExchangeWebsite
73Exchange Centre LLC.No
74Express ExchangeNo
75Expert ExchangeNo
76Federal ExchangeWebsite
77First Gulf Exchange CentreNo
78Future Exchange LLCNo
79GCC ExchangeWebsite
80Global ExchangeNo
81Gomti Exchange LLC.No
82GoodWill ExchangeWebsite
83Gulf Express ExchangeWebsite
84Gulf Int'l Exchange Co.LLC.No
85Habib Exchange Co. LLC.SharjahWebsite
86Hadi Express ExchangeWebsite
87Hawl Al Khaleej ExchangeNo
88Horizon ExchangeWebsite
89Inter ExchangeNo
90International Currency Exchange (ICE)No
91International Development ExchangeNo
92Joyalukkas ExchangeWebsite
93Jumana Exchange Est.No
94Kanoo ExchangeWebsite
95Khalil Al Ferdan ExchangeNo
96Khalili Exchange Co. LLC.No
97Lari ExchangeWebsite
98Lee La Megh Exchange LLCWebsite
99Libra Exchange (earlier known as newyork)Website
100Lulu Int'l ExchangeWebsite
101Malik ExchangeWebsite
102Mawarid Exchange L.L.CWebsite
103Mesrkanloo Int'l ExchangeNo
104Multinet Trust Exchange LLC.Website
105Muthoot ExchangeWebsite
106Nasim Al BarariNo
107National Exchange Co.No
108Oasis Exchange Al AinNo
109Omda ExchangeNo
110Onyx ExchangeWebsite
111Orient Exchange Co. LLCWebsite
112Premier International ExchangeWebsite
113Progoti Exchange Co.No
114Redha Al Ansari ExchangeWebsite
115Reems ExchangeWebsite
116Royal Exchange Co. LLC.No
117Royal Star ExchangeWebsite
118Sa’ad ExchangeNo
119Sabah ExchangeNo
120Sajwani ExchangeWebsite
121Salem ExchangeNo
122Sana'a ExchangeNo
123Send ExchangeNo
124Shaheen Money Exchange LLC.No
125Sharaf Exchange LLCWebsite
126Sharjah Int. ExchangeWebsite
127Smart ExchangeWebsite
128Sultan Al Thahab ExchangeWebsite
129Sundus ExchangeWebsite
130Tabra & Al Nebal ExchangeNo
131Tahir Exchange Est.No
132U.A.E. Exchange Centre LLC.Website
133Union ExchangeNo
134Univarsal Exchange CenterWebsite
135Wall Street Exchange Centre LLCWebsite
136Yase ExchangeWebsite
137Zahra Al Yousuf ExchangeNo
138Zareen ExchangeWebsite
Source of data: UAE Central Bank 

How to get best exchange rates at Forex Exchange Companies?

Money exchange companies are on the look out for more business and  this means if you use little research, you will end up getting the best exchange rates.
  • The amount of forex exchange rates depend on how large the amount is. Larger the better! Therefore, if you have a large amount to send, you are at an advantage.
  • Call up the call centre or the helpline of your favorite exchange companies to enquire about the rates. The rates displayed on the main board may not have been updated. It makes ‘money sense’ to always enquire at more than 4-5 exchange companies before making your decision.
  • Don’t go to the exchange houses when they are crowded. Go at an odd time when you can discuss with the agent on what are the best the best rates. 
  • Always bargain and ask for the best rate. The general public rates are for normal walk-in customer. If you keep quiet the agent may assume that you are happy with the board rates. It does not take much skill to ask for best rates. The officers at the front desk of the exchange companies do have some prerogative to provide you a better rate than that is displayed on the board.
  • Be friendly and make good friends at the Exchange companies. This is no brainer! 
  • Be consistent in sending your money and enrol for any membership that may be available at the exchange house you prefer.

Hope these strategies will help you get the best exchange rates for your hard earned money.

Do you have a trick that has helped you in the past to get the best rates? Share it with other readers!

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